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Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Energy Saver-CESS


A Quality Product from
Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Gandhinagar - India

Description :
Createing New Energy Culture:

First Time in the World, Electrical power saving technology on principle of electrical power efficiency improvement. CESS-“Cosmotor Electricity Saving System” is Domain of Power Saving i.e. Generating the new era of Electric Power Saving. The new technique for electric power efficiency by CESS helps you in saving your valuable money for utility fees. And it’s safe without voltage drop damage.. Mechanism for Electric Power Efficiency: 1. Power loss due to reactive electric power eliminated causing power factor improvement. 2. Due to reduction in “Reactive Current” the transmission losses are reduced improving power transmission efficiency. 3. Since “NO DROP” in voltage, the final output after conversion is more, e.g. light, heat, torque, kinetic energy etc.

CESS Principals:

If the specific boundary energy from CESS emitted, Balance Wave, flow on the electric current, this wave can eliminate internal/external loss factors of electricity such as reactive electric power, leaking electric current, oxidizing effect, heat generation and can improve power factor, electrical transmission efficiency, conversion efficiency. As those results, you can have electric power energy, maintenance cost, and utility fee. Is there any good idea to save utility fee safely without drop damage? Yes, CESS can do it.

Product Applications :
Medium & Large scale factories

Small retail stores

Mobile base station for telecom sector

Schools, Institutes & Govt. buildings

Public lighting facilities

Public places like hospitals, sport complexes, hotels markets, churches etc.

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Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

1.Servo voltage Stabiliser 2.Linear voltage stabiliser 3.Step-static voltage stabiliser 4.Static voltage stabiliser-IGBT based 5.Online UPS 6.AC Drives 7.Ultra Isolation transformer 8.Battery Chargers 9.Energy saver-CESS 10.Telecom AVR

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