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Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipments Co., Ltd


Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipments Co., Ltd

8 E1 to Ethernet Converter:MUX8E1-T


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Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipments Co., Ltd [View Profile]
changzhou - China

Description :
8 E1 to Ethernet Converter:MUX8E1-T


8*E1 to Ethernet Converter



The maximum permitted transmission delay among the first E1 to the eight E1 is 16ms (on condition to keep the frame in order), which can permit the device running stably in every kind of completed networks.

Every E1 line only occupy 64Kbps of channels spending when Ethernet data transmission. The factual available bandwidth of every E1 is 1.984Mbps.

Automatically inspecting the number of the available channels of 8 lines E1 and automatically distributing bandwidth.

LAN interface supports 10/100M full duplex, self-adaptive mode. So the device must be linked with Ethernet Switch or PC. And it is required that it\'s connected port must support self-adapting mode (full duplex/half duplex).

Support CRC error code threshold setting of every E1 branch. When error code rate of some branch is over the threshold, the system will automatically turn off and separate the E1 branch.

Turn off the separation function to achieve single-direction separation, which means it only cuts off the branch which is over the error code threshold in E1 lines, while transmission in the other direction is not influenced. It can carry out the dissymmetry of the two direction of Ethernet data transmission to be sure that there has the largest data transmission efficiency.

Support local system to reset the remote system

Detailed line alarm direction output, automatically deal with all kinds of line problems.


MUX8E1-T is a kind of high-performance, self-educated long-range Ethernet bridge. With low cost, it is fit for bridge connection or LAN stretcher or subsection. MUX8E1-T can learn automatically MAC address in the connected LAN and only transmit the target address to the frame of another LAN. Its 10/100BaseT interface can run in full duplex Ethernet with topology. With transparently sustaining in WAN lines, alterable speed rate will reach up to 15.872Mbps(8 lines E1). There can be one E1 line (1984Kbps); two E1 lines (3968Kbps); three E1 lines (5952Kbps); four E1 lines (7936Kbps); five E1 lines (9920Kbps); six E1 lines (11904Kbps); seven E1 lines (13888Kbps). Transmitting speed rate of E1 line is 2048kbps (transparent channels E1, unframed).

The transmission lines of MUX8E1-T must be transparent and unframed, which is specially fit for satellites and other wireless broadcast.



Automatically learning and refreshing

Transmitting alignment: 32k*16bit ;

Receiving alignment: 32k*8bit

802.1Q VLAN


Comply with IEE802.3/Ethernet

Work mode:
Full duplex/half duplex self-adapting

Data rate:

Physical Interface:


Line speed rate:
2048kbps (lucid channels E1)


Line coding:

Line framing:
G.703 (no frame)

Data communication rate:

E1 output stability:

Transmitting lines:

Highest data communication rate:

8 lines E1 transmitting time out:

Transmitting mode:
Synchronous full duplex;

HDLC (high-class data chain)

Line interface:

Transmitting specialty:
Comply with G.703

Line clock)

Power supply:
AC 220V +/- 10%,50Hz; 48VDC

Power consumption:


0 ~95%



I\'m Cenny, a sales manager of Bell Data Communication Equipments Co., Ltd , a China local manufacturer . Our products brand is VeeCOM.
Our major products series are:G.703 E1 to V.35 and ethernet Converter,Fiber optic Equipment,DSL CPE,fibre media converter,ADSL SYSTEM,PDH SDH Multiplexer,Bridge,G.SHDSL Modem,Switch router,E1 T1 equipment,wireless modem

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Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipments Co., Ltd

Our major products series are telecom equipment:Fiber Optical equipment/G.703/E1 to V.35 and ethernet Converters/fiber Media Converter/TDM OVER IP/wireless modem/DSL CPE/ADSL SYSTEM/Modems/Switch/E1&T1 equipment

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