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mobile electronic


mobile electronic

spy pin hole camera connected to your mobile phones


A Quality Product from
mobile electronic [View Profile]
mumbai - India

Description :
A unique spy pin hole camera connected to your mobile phones.

The spy pin hole camera is connected with a free cable to the mobile phone.

After starting the mobile in the recording mode, shooting starts with the spy pin hole camera, without be detected.

Audio and Video imaging can be done with spy pin hole camera.

Recorded data can be easily transferred through data cable or Bluetooth Wireless Connection to your PC.

The mobile phone will be used as a normal one.

TEL#.:28768573/40108573 MOB.:9820398464

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mobile electronic

Dear friend, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that confidential information is The key to running a successful business profitably .Vital leads, references and Private data form the basis of many well-timed decisions. Such information can Also prove disastrous for your business if leaked out. Information is not only vital To businesses, but also plays an important role in relationships. Very often, the Individuals you trust the most are the earliest to defect. Many broken homes are A victim of mistrust and untimely intervention. Therefore It becomes necessary to Take preventive measures while the time being in order to prevent any such Possible damage. It is with this concern and relevant preventive measures in mind that I write To you about our company and its products. Is a manufacturer of Spy Invent Miniature security products for organisations and homes. We provide corporate, Organisational as well as individual level security solutions With a range of over 150 products, that are geared for different security and monitoring requirements, Ultimately giving you peace of mind. We understand that spying requirements of People differ from case to case & from time to time, hence instead being limited To these products We are also open to designate the products as per your typical Requirements, if any. Our solutions can be easily installed in the most popular & daily-used Devices such as mobile phones, wall clocks, paintings, desktop items, thus Providing excellent cover without compromising on monitoring quality and Delivery. The mechanism in our devices can be triggered by a simple phone call Or in the higher range of products, by motion-sensor detectors. The beauty of Our products is that they can be activated and can receive alerts without the Slightest audible or visible signal. Moreover The sound and video quality of our Products offer great reproduction and can be stored for future access. If you suspect information being leaked from your organisation or are Doubtful about specific departments/individuals or merely want to keep watch On their functioning, just give a chance and Spy Invent find out how flexible the Technology has been made in order to compat with your security & supervision Related needs. Our products will not only help you identify the erring parties but Also will prevent future untoward incidents from jeopardizing your business Interests. We also represent ourselves as providers of detective services in Mahara- Shtra region, especially in Mumbai, with hi-tech advance security solutions & spy Products as well as an experience of over 10 years in the field. You may also Contact us for any of your queries requiring special detective & investigative Skills. We would be glad being of service to you. We respect confidentiality as well as the faith invested by our clients & assure That you may confidently share their concern with us if any, as at to SpyInvent Earn client’s trust is the earning greatest of all which is long lasting. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, For Spy Invent

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