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tongdy control


tongdy control

HVAC thermostat


A Quality Product from
tongdy control [View Profile]
beijing - China

Description :
u Deluxe design HVAC thermostat

u Easy to use and provides you with a more comfortable living environment and saving energy

u Special design of double temperature modification avoids measurement to be influenced from heating inside, Provides you accurate temperature control.

u Two parts design makes electric load separate from the thermostat. Individual output and input terminals with rated 16amp make the electric connecting more safe and reliably.

u Pre-programmed for your convenience. Two program mode: Program a week 7 days up to four time periods and temperatures each day or program a week 7 days up to two periods of turning-on/turning-off each day. It must meet your lifestyle and makes your room ambiance comfortable.

u Programs are permanently held in non-volatile memory in the event of a power failure.

u Attractive turn-cover design, most frequently used keys are located on the LCD for quick and easy access to information. Program keys are located on the interior to eliminate accidental setting changes

u Large LCD display with many messages for quick and easy readability and operation such as measurement and setting temperature, clock and program etc

u Both Internal and external sensor are available to control room temperature and set a highest limit of the floor temperature

u Constant hold temperature setting allows continuous override program

u Temporary temperature override

u Holiday mode makes it keeping on a saving temperature during the presetting holidays

u Unique lockable function makes all keys locked to eliminate accidental operation

u Low temperature protection

u Temperature either F or C display

u Internal or external sensor available

u Infrared remote control optional

u Backlight of LCD optional

u RS485 Communication interface optional

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tongdy control

HVAC thermostata, CO2, CO, VOC, O3 monitor/controller/transmitter

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