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Soarland & Hexin Technology Limited


Soarland & Hexin Technology Limited

16-Port RS-485 Hub


A Quality Product from
Soarland & Hexin Technology Limited [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
TD-1216 16-Port RS-485 Hub is a professional design for star-shaped wire layout in complex electromagnetic environment, RS-485 bus, large-scale systems. The RS-485 bi-directional transparent hub transmission, can divide one-way RS-232 bus or RS-485 bus into 16-way RS-485 bus, or put 16-way RS-485 signals all together to one-way RS-232 bus or RS-485 bus. And each port has optical isolation, short circuit, open circuit protection. In the system failure time, the built-in controller can cut off a timely faulty port, to ensure that every port of RS-485 Hub can work independently. every port can connect up to 32 nodes, extend the 1200 meters RS-485 signal. it is good choice to change the simple structure of RS-485 bus.

features :
* Private input RS-232 and RS-485 2 port, 16 output RS-485 port.
* Baud rate 300~115200bps auto adaptation, eliminating the trouble of manually set the baud rate.
* Each RS-485 port has lightning protection and surge protection funcation.
* Each RS-485 port work independently.
* Support two kinds of external power supply.
* More than 5 TD-1216 can be cascaded.
* Each port can be accessed by 32 standard RS-485 devices(nodes).
* Support zero-delay auto-conversion transmit and receive.
* Unique auto-detection circuit.
* Supports hot-swap function, plug and play.
* Able to adapt to the user of any application software.
* can be used as 16 units RS-232 to RS-485 converters.

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Soarland & Hexin Technology Limited

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