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AMWEI Thermistor


AMWEI Thermistor

Ring lug NTC thermistor surface temperature probes


A Quality Product from
AMWEI Thermistor [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
Ring lug NTC thermistor temperature surface temperature probes are designed for screw in place applications. Most of these temperature probe housings are standard ring terminals or ring lugs with the thermistor potted in the barrel of the lug, popular for temperature measurement, control, and monitoring of small motors, heat exchangers, and fluid pumping systems, semiconductor heatsinks, enclosure panels, etc. They are also easily mounted in instruments where over temperature protection is required.

features :
Ring lug form surface temperature sensor features
Good thermal coupling through metal tag.
Thermistor housed in eyelet nickel plated copper material.
Metal contact surface yields fast temperature response.
PVC insulated leads.
Eyelets to fit screw mounting.

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AMWEI Thermistor

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