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Hebei Hengshui Solar Modular Co., Ltd.


Hebei Hengshui Solar Modular Co., Ltd.

charge controller


A Quality Product from
Hebei Hengshui Solar Modular Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
hengshui - China

Description :
Name Type V(input) A(max) PV V(output) A(max) Efficiency
Charge Controller HHC-6V/2A-1A 8.5 2 1 -6 1 ≥97%
Charge Controller HHC-24V/20A-10A 34 20 3 -24 10 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-48V/20A-10A 68 20 3 -48 10 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-48V/40A-10A 68 40 5 -48 10 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-48V/60A-20A 68 60 6 -48 20 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-48V/100A-20A 68 100 10 -48 20 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-200V/60A-60A 306 60 3 -220 60 ≥99%
Charge Controller HHC-220V/200A-200A 306 200 10 -220 200 ≥99%

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Hebei Hengshui Solar Modular Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Solar Panels Solar Panels, Solar Modules, RV Solar Panels, Home Solar Panels. Solar Products :- -Solar Module Panels -Solar Module Panels -Solar Wafer Solar Wafer -Charge Controller Solar Module Panels :- -General Introduction -Solar Panels Technical -Solar Panels Installation -Solar Panels Specification Solar Wafer :- -Wafer -Solar

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