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Zhaoqing Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhaoqing Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Inrush Current Limiting Thermistor


A Quality Product from
Zhaoqing Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Zhaoqing - China

Description :
PT series NTC inrush current limiting thermistor has to be connected in series to the power source circuit to avoid the surge current at the instant when the electronic circuits are turned on. The device can effectively suppress the surge current, and its resistance and power consumption can be greatly reduced so as not to affect the normal work current. Therefore the power NTC thermistor is the most convenient and efficient instrument to curb the surge current and protect the electronic devices from being damaged.

features :
Strong power and capability of surge current protection
Fast response to the rapidly surge
Big material constant (B value)
Small remain resistance
High reliability
Integral series
Extensive operating range

Product Applications :
Switching and UPS power supply
Electric heaters
Electronic energy-saving lamps
Filament protection of color tubes
Incandescent lamps and other lights
Electronic ballasts

Terms and Conditions :
EXW or FOB Zhaoqing; HSBC T/T or Wester Union in advance.

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Zhaoqing Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

AT series -- high precision dip NTC thermistor, LT series -- small size high precision dip NTC thermistor, BT series -- high precision NTC thermistor for battery pack, IT series -- high precision NTC for electronic thermometer, CT series -- chip NTC thermistor, FT series -- film type NTC thermistor, GT series -- glass sealed NTC thermistor, PT series -- power type NTC thermistor, TS series -- NTC temperature sensor, OT series -- OA (office automation) NTC thermistor & temperature sensor, VT series -- NTC thermistor for vehicle temperature sensor & thermo switch making, VTS series -- vehicle temperature sensor & thermo switch, MT series -- NTC thermistor for medical temperature sensor making, DT series -- die (bare chip) NTC thermistor, DTV series -- die (bare chip) NTC thermistor for vehicle temperature sensor & thermo switch making, and DTM series -- die (bare chip) NTC thermistor for Medical temperature sensor making

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