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Shenzhen Comark Technology Co.,Ltd


Shenzhen Comark Technology Co.,Ltd

CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CAN Open Fiber Optic Repeater


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Shenzhen Comark Technology Co.,Ltd [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
This series is a Can protocol fieldbus fiber optic repeater, supporting CAN2.0A/B protocol: CAN、DeviceNet、CAN Open、SDS、NMEA2000、SAE J1939、SAE J2284 standard fieldbus etc., independent dual bus electric interface and 2 fiber interface, supply redundancy dual-bus structure and fiber optic redundancy ring network function, supply safe and efficient redundant long-distance transmission and relay functions for redundant dual-network system. Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture for industrial network equipment, equipment using the latest technology, completed core intellectual property rights, and pioneered the innovation products in this field.
The equipment unique characteristics in dual-electric business and dual-optic interface, support dual-network redundancy and fiber optic ring network, point to point, star topology, daisy chain bus, ring network and hybrid network architecture.
Up to over 60km fiber-optic long-distance transmission, breaking through the cable system’s distance limitations.
The dual-electric channel is logically independent, support 1 to 2 optic/electric interface collocation flexibly, according to actually needs of the project, achieve the flexible configuration in 1 channel optical interface, 1 channel data interface; 1 channel optical interface, 2 channels data interface; 2 channels optical interface,1 channel data interface; 2 channels optical interface,2 channels data interface. Ci-af series is general products based on Can Standard, compatible with other types of bus, rate set by the DIP switch, can support 32 kinds of commonly used rate; Ci-df/oF series is special products against DeviceNet, Can Open, only support all the standard rate, rate set by the DIP switch or rate adaptive settings optional.
155M dual optical interface can better support optical fiber transmission can bus outstanding advantages: reciprocity transmission, bust of data, bus arbitration etc., while achieving high-speed long-distance transmission, isolation between electrical and ground, reduce interference and other performance. Industrial-grade design, IP30 protection, wave patterns aluminum strength case, 35mm DIN Rail mounting, DC (9-36) v wide power input,alarm relay output, dual-power redundancy and isolation protection,etc.

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features :
 Support logically independent dual-can bus; include CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B, 32 kinds of pre-communication rate.
 DeviceNet、CAN Open bus support manually set all the standard rate or rate adaptive.
 1 to 2 channels CAN electric interface and 1 to 2 channels 155M optical interface flexible optional, support optical ring network topology with redundancy dual-network.
 Over 60km optical transmission distance, 155Mb/s, high-speed optical interface better support burst of data and long-distance reliable transmission.
 6 dual-color LED status indicator, fiber optic link and power failure alarm relay output.
 Electric interface with 4000V lightning protection, 1.5A overcurrent, 600W surge protection, industrial-class design, EMC testing and certification.
 DC9-36V wide redundancy dual power, DC1500V power isolation, reverses polarity protection.
 IP30 protection, wave patterns aluminum strength case, standard industrial 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Product Applications :
Electric Power system, transportation, energy monitoring and industrial control, etc.

Special Offer :

Terms and Conditions :
Network deployment topologies can achieve the following network connection: point to point communication, chain network, star network, redundant dual-network and fiber optic ring network self-healing protection etc.
This product applied flexibly, can form a variety of fiber-optic network. Logically independent dual-bus electric interface, backup the electric interface can be achieved or single equipment access to redundancy system; 2 canbus network segments connected by fiber optic can be achieved when using point to point network; the optical bus with dual-optical port chain network can achieve multi-network segments canbus connection(up to 200); meanwhile, this product use dual-optical port to achieve dual-fiber ring network redundancy function, fiber failure somewhere, system will rebuild the network link within 10ms to ensure the normal communication.

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Shenzhen Comark Technology Co.,Ltd

We focus on all kinds of Fieldbus to FO repeaters include: Siemens Profibus-DP, GE-Genius, CANOpen, DeviceNet, A-B/Rockwell ControlNet, and Schneider Modbus Plus, Modbus, Modbus RTU, DH+, DH-485, S908 Remote I/O, RS232/485/422, and Analog: 4-20mA, 0-10V etc. Business also covers Industrial Ethernet Switch, Media Converter, and Video Optical Transmission. Now we have a quite mature domestic market, want to enlarge the business to other more countries, would you want to be our distributor?

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