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King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd.


King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd.

Central Monitoring System GPRS TCP IP transportation warehousing freezer cold room


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Description :
CMS-02 Central Monitoring System for Temperature and data control
KingCenter CMS-02 GPRS/3G UMTS/GPS Remote Monitoring System
Central Monitoring System
Remote monitoring system
Remote monitoring center software
Remote temperature & Humidity monitoring;
Wireless temperature and Humidity monitoring;

As society grows and technology advances, many projects become more and more miniaturized and requirements of intelligent. A variety of traditional data acquisition system has been more and more difficult to meet the demand of users---Such as the monitoring requirements of small quantity equipments which distribute in different area, or some moving systems (refrigerated vehicles). Regularly, the traditional method is to use each project establishment data monitoring center, and communicate with the Internet cables to server center/control room, or monitoring by human beings. Authorities can’t get the alert information at the very first time based on such high costs and low efficiency of management.
In view of this, King Pigeon developed the GSM SMS Central Monitoring Center KingCenter CMS-01 for remote monitoring the GSM alarm systems. Furthermore, we developed KingCenterCMS-02 for GPRS/GPS remote monitoring the GPRS/GPS unit S26x series, this product is specially designed for widely distributed project. Users can greatly improve the efficiency of management for their projects, and reduce operation cost. Alert SMS forwarding, events log, and real time data display, Google map on the GPS functions will help users to save more cost and time.

The KingCenter CMS-02 is a remote data collection, monitoring and control automation system designed for small project of internet of things, this system works with King Pigeon S26x series GPRS/GPS Temperature/Data Logger.
1)Remote temperature monitoring;
2)Remote temperature & Humidity monitoring;
3)Remote water level monitoring;
4)Remote weather monitoring;
5)Remote monitoring and control for pump station;
6)Remote water flow monitoring;
7)Gas, Water supply monitoring;
8)Remote monitoring for Anticorrosion facility;
9)Remote current, voltage monitoring;
10)Unman station;
11)Refrigerated truck tracking and temperature monitoring.
12)And some other projects which need to be collect data, alarm and remote control.

>>>>>Advantage of KingCenter CMS-02 system:
Compared with traditional data monitoring center, KingCenter CMS-02 with the following advantages:
1.No distance limitation, S26x devices can install on worldwide,one CMS-02 can monitoring all devices and summarize data.
2.On site alarm and auto forwarding alarm info to related person, event record and sharing.
3.Read all devices historical data remotely by GPRS data.
4.Remote control relay by GPRS data or SMS command.
5.Wireless distribution, remote collect date from worldwide.
6.Google Map display support.
7.User friendly interface,simple and reliable configurations,easy learning and operating by primary staff.
8.No need static IP,simple monitoring the system on local PC through internet router. Operator can monitoring anywhere anytime by PC/Laptop with a temporary IP address and port.
simple monitoring the system on local PC through internet router. Operator can monitoring anywhere anytime by PC/Laptop with a temporary IP address and port.
9.Best solution for some small project which no need full time engineer or static IP.
10.Low cost solution. One CMS-02 support unlimited S26x which installed on worldwide.

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King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd.

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