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DLAN Industrial Co Ltd


DLAN Industrial Co Ltd

Wholesaler SMS ALARME


A Quality Product from
DLAN Industrial Co Ltd [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
Wholesaler SMS ALARME

Most often, the SMS ALARME are almost always far more adaptive on the selections of the installment regions compared with the phone line ALARME.

The permanence regarding the sms ALARME such as the ISG-8100, is based on the gsm signal capacity, thus , you should think of the regions in stronger gsm signal as the perfect installment regions before you start the installment .

Suitable for:
The ISG-8100 SMS ALARME can handle max NINETY NINE wireless detectors together with Two wired detectors , ideal for a lot of the safety tasks, thanks to the key board and LCD panel, it's actual easy to maintain.
Model: ISG-8100 (ismart-china SMS ALARME with LCD panel & key board )
Model ISG-8100
Networking GSM
Max Wired detectors Two
Max Wireless detectors NINETY NINE
Contact ID Optional
SMS Notice Phone number Three
Dial Alert Telephone number Six
Scheduled Arm Or Disarm
Relay output support
More Attributes Display + key-board Operating
General Packaging List:
1. ALARME x1
2. Pir alarm x1
3. Magnetic door sensor alarm x1
4. Horn x1
5. key chainx2

Please kindly call us whenever you happen to be serious about to discover additional details with the SMS ALARME.

What we do?
iSmart-China are professional supplier of ALARME (SMS ALARME, Telephone Line ALARME) over Five yrs.

What we offer?
Workable Sensors:
Pir alarm , Wrist watch panic, Photoelectric beams detector, Magnetic door sensor alarm , Magnetic detector, WIRELESS VIBRATE DETECTOR, Smoke detection, Kitchen gas leak sensor, Horn, Broken Glass Sensor, Water leak sensor, etcetera.

Apartment Alarm System, Border Alarm Alert System, Centralized Alarm Alert Monitor System

Why choosing us?
1. Five yrs experienced ALARME factory as well as the systems supplier, more trustworthy.
2. ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER (OEM) Support help you to you establish your brand name.
3. Reasonable rate make you acquire far better market response.

Call us
Kindly call us for further detail as well as instruction whenever you want to broaden your sales or product diversity or market response through the SMS ALARME ISG-8100.
(Whenever you had any kind of query related to buying the SMS Safety Alarms from us please kindly talk to us.)
Any specific information coming from you shall be really treasured.

Mob: +86 755 3307 2971
Skype ID: iSmartAlarmSystem

From iSmart-China Security Systems

Product Price :USD 50.5

features :
Display + key-board Operating

Special Offer :
USD 45.5

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DLAN Industrial Co Ltd

Our products sold to the customers are all with none brand, oem service available though. Categories GSM Alarm Systems PSTN Alarm Systems GSM and PSTN Alarm Systems SMS and Telephone Central Monitoring Software PIR Motion Sensors Door Contact Sensors Panic Buttons Sirens Smoke Detectors Gas Leakage Detectors Remote Control Infrared Beams Photoelectric Detector

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