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Voice Logger


A Quality Product from
*asttecs [View Profile]
bangalore - India

Description :
Voice logging or voice recording is the process of recording audio in a business situation. In a Call Center / BPO terms it is known as "agent monitoring" or "call logging"Voice logger is a digital multi-channel voice logging, call monitoring and call recording equipment.

Voice Logger allows businesses to keep records, improve customer service quality, increase security, decrease errors, policy compliance, government regulations, connection resolution, process evaluation, data mining and training.

Product Applications :
Right now, call recording is being used in many departments of an organization to both increase security and help in business. Take a look at how your company could benefit from a call recording solution.
- Supervising employees.

- Using recorded examples of good calls for training purposes.

- Quickly evaluating new and non-standard situations, so the whole team can be ready for similar situations in future.

- Keeping initial records of transactions and services provided.

- Evaluating customer reactions to IVR loops.

- Help Desks.

- Supervising staff.

- Compiling details of common user difficulties.

- Resolving disputes of what information has been provided.

- Replaying descriptions of particularly complex issues.

- Forwarding complex calls to the most appropriate person without having the customer repeat information.

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Products:- Asttecs is a young telecom centric enterprise headquartered in Bangalore , with a vision to revolutionize the PBX market with ASTERISK based IP PBX, which is considered to be the "Future Of Telephony". Asttecs is today geared to provide cost effective telephony solutions. Our asterisk solutions are feature rich, extremely versatile, flexible, customizable & scalable. We make your Asttecs, a Bangalore based Telecom Technology and solutions company today announced that it would offer Asterisk based telephony solutions, an open source development with powerful features like IVR, Voicemail, Call conferencing and is open to compete with established players like Avaya, Siemens etc. Asttecs would primarily offer Asterisk based telephony solution and completely configured product bundles for 100 users onwards, which could be readily deployed at customers premises. The well-qualified technical team will provide support, right from installation, configuration to upgrades. Asttecs is a leading telecommunication technology company in the area of wireline as well as wireless communication. With a dedicated team to provide quality consulting and services, astTECS aims to fulfill the telecommunication needs with the AsteriskTM based cost effective telephony solutions.Move to open-source IP telephony a reality.We provide you complete telephony solutions: solutions with standard/traditional features. The Following Features make asttecs PBX extraordinary than any other PBXs: •100% Wireless Infrastructure - No more hassles of Cables running around your office. •GSM Integration - Drag Down your Telecom expenses to 70%. We are the ONLY manufacturers of GSM Card for Asterisk in India! Asterisk IP-PBX : Asttecs provides complete IP based next generation PBX based on open source asterisk. Customizable and scalable. In Built features: *ACD* CDR * Multiparty conference * IVR * Voicemail Optional Features: GSM integration, CRM integration, Receptionist console and many more add-ons Call Center Solutions : astTECS Provides a high quality support for Asterisk installation for corporates and call centers. Our asterisk experts provide an unmatchable technical support which would be a real value for your money. Asterisk installation for SME as well as corporates and Dialer and ACD installation for Call centers. We provide onsite and online installations in very competitive price. We also integrate the IP-PBX and Dialer with third party CRM. Asterisk - GSM Card: asttecs brings GSM card for asterisk - ast G4 - PCI GSM card - specially designed and compatible with asterisk. * 4 SIM slot * Least cost routing * Call Hunting *Hot Swappable SIM Cards Asttecs provides all the features you would expect from a PBX including many advanced features that are often associated with high end and high cost proprietary PBXs. This solution offers both classical PBX functionality and advanced features, which interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony and Voice over IP systems. Asttecs strives to make your entire Telecom infrastructure 100% Wi-Fi. Asttecs PBX has an IP-core. In a world, where telecommunication is moving towards a complete IP base, an IP PBX is best suited to extract the feature and cost benefits, which will be available in the future, telecom networks. Basic Features: • Rapid deployment and • development • Rich – broad feature base • Extreme cost reduction • Customization • Flexible • IVRs • Voicemail system • Unlimited Call Queue • Call Transfer • Call Parking • Call Retrieval • Intercom • Call Routing • Call Monitoring Add on Feature:- • Multiparty conferencing • GSM Integration • Receptionist Console • V Logger

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