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Ocean King International


Ocean King International



A Quality Product from
Ocean King International [View Profile]
Ludhiana - India

Description :
1.1 Product name and model: (OCEAN) energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer---OCEAN PUMA 7600D

1.2 Manufacture: OCEAN

1.3 Real picture of the OCEAN PUMA 7600D

1.4 Working enviroment Temperature: 15-30℃ Humidity: 40%~50% Power supply: AC 220V ±10%

1.5 technical specifications
1.5.1 Element range: From Sulfur to Uranium (S-U)
1.5.2 Concentration range: from
1.5.3 test time: 100-300 secondes
1.5.4 Detection limit for the Rohs compliance elements (Cd/Pb/Cr/Hg/Br) can reach 1ppm
1.5.5 Energy resolution: 149±5ev
1.5.6 Suitable working temperature: 15-30℃
1.5.7 Power: 220V±5V (Power stabilizer is recommended to add with the spectrometer).

-2. Hardware configurations

2.1 Peltier cooling Si-Pin semiconductor detector.
2.1.1 The latest Si-pin detector with the resolution 149±5ev. 2.1.2 The amplifier: The collected signal by detector are amplified

2.2 The x-ray source
2.2.1 X-ray tube with filament current limit: 1mA 2.2.2. The 50 watts x-ray tube is a consumable part

2.3 High voltage device
2.3.1 Voltage output limit: 50kV 2.3.2 The minimum controllable adjustment is 5kV. 2.3.3 Overvoltage protection function

2.4 Multi channel analyzer (MCA)
2.4.1 The collected analog signal is converted to digital signal. 2.4.2 Maximum channels: 2048 2.4.3 Equipped with SES processor

2.5 Optical path filter module
2.5.1 It is designed to decrease the interference and lost of the x-ray optical path. 2.5.2 Integrated collimator and filter module.

2.6 Auto switch of the collimator Choices of the collimator which are 8-1#, 8-2#, 8-3#, 8-4#,6#, 4#, 2# respectively

2.7 Auto switch of the filter Five choices of filter

2.8 Auto load of the calibration curves Calibration curves can be automatic chose by the program based on the sample type.

features :
- 1.
6.1 OCEAN PUMA 7600Dis specially designed for the RoHs/WEEE, EN71 regulations. 1.6.2 Compact bench-top model with the cutting-edge fashion design. 1.6.3 Equipped with the latest electrical peltier cooling Si-pin detector. 1.6.4 The self-developed SES signal processor dramatically improved the sensitivity and accuracy 1.6.5The one-button test design simplifies the whole analysis procedure greatly to provide the highest

convenience and efficiency 1.6.6 As many as 7 optical collimators can be switched freely depending on different applications. 1.6.7 The multiple radiation protection design provides the highest safety level in the market. 1.6.8 The advanced heat reducing design proves the stability and safety of the instrument. 1.6.9

The unique temperature controlling technology of the x-ray tube extends the life time greatly and reduces the operation cost effectively. 1.6.10 On-line monitor function provides continuous

operating condition data to prove the highest safety and stability 1.6.11 With excellent user friendly interface, the windows standard developed RoHs program can be easily operated 1.6.12 The USB2.0 port increases the data transmission speed and accuracy.

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Ocean King International

Founded in 2000, Ocean King India is located in Ludhiana (India) which is a modern and fast growing city of India. The company has several quality products with high technology. Ocean King India has a successful track record of hi-tech electronic gadgets such as-Machinery, electronic weighing machine, electronic balance, loadcell, resistance strain gauge, weighing testing system. The company has a well-developed R&D cell and a production and sales team that can guide you to the customized products tailor made for your needs. If you are looking for the manufacture and design of new products, Ocean King India will help you achieve both quality and quantity. Our Motto is quality-oriented, credibility- supermacy.You will be highly benefited by using our products in view of their high quality, aesthetic looks & the most reasonable prices. If you wish to be the user of our products or become our distributor or you wish to partner with us, you are welcome to contact us. Features- We have an outstanding R&D team dedicated to providing innovative product designs that meet or exceed the markets needs. We are willing to work together with your design team and suggest creative inputs to save time & money We have a professional product department. Our engineers can offer technological innovations to help you with new products development. We have many years of experience in O.E.M. Weve set up unique processing procedures to ensure precision high-quality products. We have a complete series of electronic components, loadcell, strain gauge, indicator, second display and so on. In nutsheel, we offer such a wide variety of choices and options on the most economical prices. Once you partner with us, we assure you complete satisfaction

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