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telecommunication Member Directory(Answering Machines)

Shenzhen Gaoxinqi Technology Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of Telephones and corresponding accessories. Our Prodcuts are Cordless Telephone Cordless Phone Cordless Telephone With Caller ID Caller ID Telephone Caller ID Device Multi-Function Telephone Basic One-Piece Telephone Short Message Telephone Series Digital Answering Series CID Device With Ditital Answering Digital Answering Machine.....

Mytech Technology Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of digital blood pressure monitor, SMS telephone / SMS box, DECT with / without SMS phone, caller ID phone with / without answering machine, talking caller ID device with / without answering machine, home message voice memo recorder, answering mailboxes with / without telephone or speakerphone function......


[Bend, United States]
We provide a high-tech telephone answering service geared to providing the highest quality of service available. Centratel provides 24-hour call center/telephone answering services to specific industries throughout the United States. Customer Service :- Use this page to contact us if you are a current customer of Centratel AND if the matter is non-urgent. If you'd like to pay your bill elect.....

Shree Balajee traders

[Guwahati, India]
Electronic Weighing Machines, Weighing Machines, Digital Weight Machines, Weighing Scales, Platform Scales, Digital Scales, Electronic Weighing Scales, Table top Scales, Kitchen Scales, Bathroom Scales, Digital Weighing Balances, Jewelry Scales, Pocket Scales, Spring Balances, Electronic Weighing Scales, Loose Note Countng Machines, Money Counting Machines, Fake Note Detectors, Cur.....

Goldwyn Limited

[Noida, India]
We are Manufacturers of electronic assemblies, mechanical assemblies and other custom made products in India. 1. Automotive Switch :- -Push Button Switches -Door contact switches -Break switches 2. Custom Built Switches :- We also develop the custom built switches as per the requirement of the customer. One of the switch we have developed for a UK based customer is the combination of pus.....

Estovir Controls

[Gurgaon, India]
Specialized manufacturers and exporters of a range of wire stripping machines, soldering machine, wave soldering machine, cut and bend machines and other PCB assembly equipments etc. PCB assembly equipments, includes wire stripping machines, soldering machine, cut and bend machine, jumper link making machine etc. PRODUCTS :- PCB Assembly Machines : -Soldering Machines -Soldering Machines .....

China Lasers (Wuhan) Co Ltd

[Hubei, China]
Manufacturers and exporters of Electronics Products. Such as:- Lasers -High-power diode-pumped solid-state lasers -Lamp-pumped CW Nd:YAG lasers -High-power green Nd:YAG lasers -Diode-pumped green & blue lasers -CW CO2 lasers: UL series, SR series, STML Series -Air-cooled stabilized and wavelength tunable CO2 lasers -High-power diode lasers & diode laser driver -Diode laser welding/.....


[Bangalore, India]
Exporter, trader / retailer having a multi-brand outlet dealing in mobile phones, telephones, cordless and all types of telecommunication & mobile accessories. Our product includes
Mobile Phones
Cordless Phones: Answering Machine, Basic Phones, Caller ID, Caller ID Answering Machine, Caller ID Multiple Handset, Double Line.
Corded Phones: 2 Line, Basic Caller ID Coded.....

Digibio Technology Corp.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturer and exporter of telecommunication products, such as telephone, caller ID phone, cordless phone, two line phone, speakerphone telephone answering system, design phone.Telecommunication products- telephones, caller ID phones, cordless phone, two line phones, speaker phone manufacturer, telephone answering system, design phones, two line cordless phones, surf internet screen phones, two .....

Sun Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd

[Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of metal slot cabinets, arcade machines and carnival machines such as parts, casino machines, power supplies and monitors. Electronic entertainment & amusement machines ( machinery) & equipments- (1) metal slot machine, metal cabinet, rcade machines, carnival machines, coin-op machines, slot machines, casino slot game machines, pokers, shooting, bingo, simulators, roulettes, kiddy ri.....

Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd

[Pandan Loop, Singapore]
Manufacturers and exporters of Electronics Products. Such as:- Laser Parts -Laser lamps (Kr arc lamps and Xe flashlamps) -CW laser power supply (Kr lamp driver) -Pulsed laser power supply (Xe lamp driver) -Laser pump chambers -Laser diode drivers -Diode-pumped laser modules -Optical galvanometers & drivers -Mirror mounts & holders -AO Q-switch elements & drivers -Laser beam delivery .....

Abhay Agencies

[Surat, India]
Traders and Suppliers of - Currency counting machines, spiral binding machines, lamination machines, etc. ? Toner for copier machines & laser printers ? Currency Counting Machines ? Lamination machines ? Spiral binding machines ? Paper shedders Apart from the above mentioned products, Abhay Agencies imports the following products: ? Canon copier machines & xerox make toners ? Exp.....


[Delhi, India]
We manufacture Epabx, KTS, Intercom Systems.Aadhunik Informatics Range of ANALOG EPABX SYSTEM as well as DIGITAL is perfect phone system to support your business and personal need. Alongwith the common features these systems provide CLI Facility, Least Cost Routing, Missed Call Data, Auto Call Disconnector, Voice Guided DISA/DOSA, Boss Secretary System, 95/98 Lock Tables, Flexible Numbering, Hotel.....

Mirec Asset Management

[Dumfries, United Kingdom]
We are an international asset management company who specialize in the telecommunications and I.T. Sectors. We are contracted to British Telecom to manage their retail, obsolete and post consumer telecommunications equipment, we can offer a wide selection of equipment from dial telephones right through to BT's current portfolio of apparatus which includes DECT Cordless Telephones, Corded Telepho.....


[Pune, India]
DISTRIBUTOR : Accord and Syntel EPABX, Digital & Group PBX Systems, Siemens & Beetal Phones, Panasonic Fax, GE- Cordless Phones, Display Phones, Answering Machines and Intercoms, etc..
Sales, Repairing & Maintenance of EPABX Systems.
We are also in marketing of HT power cable termination kits and straight through joints of heat shrinkable type, Cable Termination Kit, Heat Shrinkable Terminat.....


[NEW DELHI, India]
ALLOY METAL INGOTS (13) Antimony Ingots Bismuth Ingots. Cadmium Ingots Lead Alloy Lead Ingot Lead Ingot Pure Magnesium Ingots Nickel Ingots PCB Tin Ingot Zinc Ingots Aluminium Ingot NICKEL PLATE Automatic Wire Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Machines (5) Automatic Wire Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Machines PVC Wire Cutting And Stripping Machines Wire Cutting Machine, Wire Strip.....


[Mumbai, India]
We manufacture the following -
Adaptors : Mini Maruti 300mA/500mA, Super Deluxe Adaptor 500mA, 500mA with variable voltage p/s, deluxe AC/DC adaptor 500mA with variable voltage, pole selector switch & pilot lamp, 750/1000mA with pilot lamp, CFL Adaptor [Compact Fluorescent Lamp], 1000mA CD Disc w/m Adaptor, 1200mA VCD adaptor.
Batteries : Li-ion, Li-polymer, NIMH, NICD, Batter.....

DBTEL Incorporated

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of corded telephones, cordless phone, SST phone, answering machines, caller ID, IC card payphone, ink jet fax system. Network products :- wireless LAN PC cards, wireless LAN USB adapters, wireless routers, IEEE, WLAN......

DBTEL Incorporated

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of communication equipment - corded telephones, cordless phone, SST phone, answering machines, caller ID, IC card payphone, ink jet fax system. Network products - wireless LAN PC cards, wireless LAN USB adapters, wireless routers, IEEE, WLAN......

Telecommunication Members Directory(Answering Machines)

First Technology International Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Traders of telecommunication products including telephones& digital answering machines, corded& cordless phone, telephone answer machine, full figital conferencing full duplex speakerphones, caller ID, internet phone, DSLAM& ADSL. COM - GPS, Smart Phone, Personal Media Player, 3.5" PMP, USB Skype Phone, VoIp Phone, Corded, Cordless Phone, G-Mobilecom, FTI-Sinoca......

Xceltech (China) Industrial Enterprises

[Hong Kong, China]
We Manufacture Exports/Imports of Home Appliances & Japanese Branded Electronics. Home Appliances:- 1. Audio/Visual Equipment - Radio Cassette Recorders, Portable Audio, Walkman, Multi-band Radio, Car Audio, Hifi systems, Multi-sytem Color Televisions in assorted sizes (14-inches, 20-inches, 21-inches, 28-inches, 34-inches, 53-inches, etc) and systems (PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43), Vi.....

DBTEL Incorporated

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of (1)communication equipment- corded telephones, cordless phone, SST phone, answering machines, caller ID, IC card payphone, ink jet fax system. (2)Network products- wireless LAN PC cards, wireless LAN USB adapters, wireless routers, IEEE, WLAN......


[Pune, India]
Distributor and Authorised Service provider. Fax Machines Panasonic, Samsung, Canon, Daewoo.Intercom and EPABX Systems - Coral/Usha [ Anolog & Digital/KTS], 6 lines to 6000 lines. Phone : Answering and Cordless phone of Panasonic Sony, Crompton Greaves, Tata, Beetal, Godrej.
Key Telephone Systems[Hybride/ Digital]: Make Panasonic / Samsung [ Cap.308 to 350 Lines ]
OA Products : LCD Projecto.....


[Kolhapur, India]
BPL-EPABX Systems, Telephone Answering Machine, Mobile handsets, Prepaid Cards, Panasonic Fax Machines, Sampada Fitness Equipments. EPABX- Min-401, Max-1606,24,48,72,96 etc......


[Pune, India]
Sales and Service of EPABX, KTS, Phone, Cordless, Fax Answering machine, STD PCO machines, Pay Coin box.

Fuel Instruments & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

[Kolhapur, India]
Manufacturers of Hardness Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machines, Laminated Spring Testing Machines, Horizontal Rope And Chain Testing Machines, Physical & Balancing Testing Machines (Horizontal/Vertical Type), Diamond Tools, Mechanical Extensometer, Computerised Vickers Hardness Tester, The Brinell Image Analysis System, Hardness Testers, Computerised Universal Testing Machines......


[Espelkamp, Germany]
Manufacturers of industrial connectors, solenoids, fibre optical data communication and cigarette vending machines. Our Product includes : Connectors and System Components :- -Industrial Connectors Han -Sensor-/ Actuator Components -Fibre Optic Components -Network Components -System Cable -Hard metric connectors -Multi-Coaxial Connector Systems -Interface connectors Tobbaco .....

Elmatronik Sales Corporation

[Chennai, India]
Supplier of:- 1. Mechanical Coin Selector Mechanism / Validator Application : Vending and serving machine A) The Mechanical Coin Selector Mechanism / Validator is a boon to your vending / service machine. This selector is suitable for all coin operated vending machine accepting coin/ tokens upto 30 mm diameter and 3.5 mm thickness. Incorporate a series of tests for dimensions (dia/thic.....


[Delhi, India]
Traders and Exporters of : Headsets:- Comfortable handsfree operation with a remote control button for answering and ending calls makes this Headset convenient and easy to use. We deal in all types of Headsets for any type of mobile. Mobile Chargers :- Multi-voltage charger plugs into the cigrette lighter and charges your phone battery. Chargers :- Dual light, very handy and light weight.....


[TsuenWan, Hong Kong]
We are one of the major manufacturer and exporter for telecommunication & security products. Our Products Are:- -Feature Phone -Telephone Recorder -Caller ID -Telecom Accessories -Fully Digital Answering Machine -Home Security Alarm -Window/Door Alarm -Personal Alarm -Water Alarm -Cuplight/Push Light -Led Motion Sensor Light/Night Light/Timer -Emergency Light -Emergency Help Ligh.....


[Kyonggi-Do, Korea (D.P.R.)]
Exporters and traders of Electronics Goods and Components. Our products range:

  • Audio: Computer Related, Digital Audio, KARAOKE, Mobile Hdd Storage & Mpeg-4 Di, Mp3 Players, Voice Recoder.
  • Auto Parts and Accessories: Car Audios and Videos, Remote Start Controller, Security and Safety Products
  • Computer: Notebooks, PDA, Wireless Pen Mouse, Mouse
  • Medical and Surgical Instrume.....

    ABBA Electronics Co. Ltd.

    [Hong Kong, China]
    Manufacturer and exporter of electronic consumer products, including, electronic handheld games, calculator, euro-currency, ultra bright flash watches and precious stone clock. Calculator Calculator, Pocket Calculator, promotional Clock Electronic calculator Electronic game Electronic game Telephone answering machine Watch, fashionable......

    Hong Kong Ever Bright (Holdings) Ltd.

    [Kwai Chung, Hong Kong]

    Victory Concept Industries Ltd

    [Hong Kong, China]
    We specialize in producing corded telephones, digital answering machine, caller ID and telecommunication products. Amplifier Caller Id Caller Id Feature Phone Electronic Toys Radio Switching System Telephone Telephone Set Walkie Talkie Walkie-Talkie Toys......

    Hong Kong Ever Bright (Holdings) Ltd.

    [Kwai Chung, Hong Kong]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Various Telephones, Power Meters and Other Hi-tech Electronics Products. Our Products are :- - TELEPHONE :- IP Phone USB Phone Phone Book SMS Phone Answering machine Two-Line Phone Call Waiting Phone Call ID Phone Call ID Box Speaker Phone Basic Phone - POWER METER :- Electronic Power Meter - WMA / MP3 PLAYER - ENHACED MUSIC BOX - MASSA.....

    Shenzhen Gaoxinqi Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Shenzhen, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Telephones and Corresponding Accessories. Our Products are :- -Cordless Telephone With Caller -ID Caller ID Telephone -Caller ID Device -Multi-Function Telephone -Basic One-Piece Telephone -Short Message Telephone Series -Digital Answering Series -Caller ID Telephone.....

    Vision Next India Pct Ltd.

    [Chennai, India]
    Video Walls, LCD Video Walls, LED Video Wall, Rear Projection Video Wall, Plasma Video Wall, Large Venue Video Display, High Resolution Monitoring Systems, Networked visualization, Data Wall, Multiscreen, Multi Display Controllers Chennai, LCD Video Walls Chennai, Quality Video Walls Dealer in Chennai. You want to buy video walls in Chennai from a professional company. You want to have t.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are manufacturers of Consumer Products: Appliances:- Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Locks: Ultra Lock, Mortise Lock, Padlock, Rim Lock, Handle Sets, Furniture Lock, Cylindrical Lock, Electronic Lock, Door Closers, Premium Lock, Furniture: Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Marine Solutions, Lab Soltions, Security Equipment: Physical Security.....

    Goldwyn Limited

    [Noida, India]
    Manufacturers of electronic assemblies Automotive Switch:- - Push Button Switches - Door contact switches Custom Built Switches: -combination of push button switch & latch. The typical application of this switch can be in the railway coach to be used as alarm switch. Connectors:- Plastic Injection Molded Parts:- - Plastic parts up to 100 gms made from PA-6, PA-66, Polycarbonates.....

    Hangzhou Keming Electronic Limited

    [HangZhou, China]
    Manufacturers of Sensory cards attendance plane: 701 attendance plane, 702 attendance plane, 703 attendance plane. Fingerprint attendance plane: Crystal adopted -Z1, Crystal adopted -Z2, Crystal adopted -200, Crystal adopted -300, XR-V1, XR-V2, XR-V3 Consumer plane mess KMXF-1 Off-line desktop machine consumption KMXF-4 My off-line consumer machines KMXF-2 Consumer d.....


    [Navi Mumbai, India]
    The following machines are developed / under development: 1. Automatic Paint Making Machines (Pidilite Industries) These machines can prepare paints using different quantities of raw materials as per User?s Specifications. Customer - COMPLETED 2. Diamond Processing Machine (Western GGA) This machine is fed in the best possible shape and size of a diamond within a raw stone and proceeds to.....

    Instrument Research Associates Pvt. Ltd.

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of agro-electronic instruments for greenhouse, floriculture & horticulture and aquamarine applications, Marketing. Products :- IRA offers Single and Multi-point Indicators, Controllers, Scanners, 2 and 3-wire Transmitters/Transducers, Recorders and Dataloggers covering temperature, pressure, relative humidity, time, count, position, level, flow, speed, RPM, voltage,.....

    Electro Control

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of - Instruments like level controller and photo cell for control and automation in the field of packaging, has imprinted its name on the minds of its clients. Level Controller : Level Controller is an instrument specially designed for sending and controlling the level of non-conducting powders, granules or liquid stored in hoppers, silos or tanks. Photo Cell Uni.....


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of sophisticated electronic process control equipment for the textile industry. - Spinning Machines - Processing Machines - Weaving Machines - Dyeing Machines .....

    Shafer Electronics Company

    [Shafer, United States]
    We Provide Services of manufacturing quality electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies. We offers electronic assembly services utilizing your components, or can provide a cost effective turnkey solution. Surface Mount SMT - Thru-Hole - Electronic Testing - Component Procurement - Electro-Mechanical Assembly. Shafer Electronics Brochure :- Our brochure is conveniently available online in.....

    Sonal Industrial Electronics & Control Devices

    [Noida, India]
    Supplier of:- Design and Development We are always in process to design & develop new concept in Industrial Electronics. We have offered our services to several industries. We stand with you to meet global standard in several fields of Industrial Electronics. We are always there where Electromechanically machines exist. In-Process Test Benches You must have process control but the system .....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Component Preparation :- Component Cut/Bend/Form Machines for Loose & Taped, Axial & Radial Components. Lead Forming Machine for ICs & Transistors. Cable Stripping & Cutting Equipment PCB Assembly (PTH & SMT) :- Screen Printers (New & Refurb.) Pick & Place (Automatic) Wave Soldering Systems PCB Test & Inspection :- Bare PCB Tester (Flying Probe / Bed of Nails) Flying .....

    Shenzhen Seekey Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd

    [ShenZhen, China]
    Manufacturers of 1. Electronic materials : Hanxigao, Tin Line, Lubricants, Industrial preliminary agent, Heat tape, Not purification cloth, SMT equipment accessories, SMT automatic shining test paper. 2. Special light source : Microscopes light source, Philips special light source, Industrial equipment used special light source, Warning lights / warning lights, Toshiba UV lamp, Multifunctiona.....

    Maynora International Co., Ltd.

    [Nanning, China]
    Minilab machine, mini labs , minilab accessories, digital carrier, paper magazine, minilab lens, Photo Processing Lab, supply retail, photofinishing retail, One Hour Photo Lab Supplies, Minilab Supplies, 1 hour photo, mini lab machines, one hour phto, Photo-Finish, D-Carrier, dcarrier, d carrier, Printer Lamps, minilab consumables, negative carrier, minilab necessities , passport lens, film sleevi.....

    Le Rayon International

    [Pitampura, India]
    We deal in office automation products (Cash Counting Machine, Fake note detector, Paper Shredders, Laminator & Binders, Safe & Lockers and Tea Coffee vending machines). Poducts Paper Shredders -Desk side Paper Shredders -Department Paper Shredders -High security paper shredders -Heavy Duty / Industrial Shredders Bio Shredders -Bio Medical Waste Shredder -Pharmaceutical Shredder -Need.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Electronic weighing machines, precision balance, weigh bridge, piece counting scales, Crane Scales, Bench Scales.
    We manufacture Electronic weighbridge, electronic digital weighbridge, electronic weighing scale, electronic truck scale, electronic table top scale, electronic bench scale, electronic heavy-duty platform scale, drum filling, barrel / pail fill.....

    Shekhar Brothers

    [Faridabad, India]
    Manufacture and Export of electronic security safe, weighing scale, electronic safe, weight controller and automation solutions. Electronic Security Safe - Electronic Security, Password Protected, Battery Operated, Cylinder Lock for Double Security, User Friendly, Compact and Affordable, Varied Usage: Home and Workplace Computerised Weight Controller for Packing Machines - Sophisticated &.....

    RAM Tech's

    [Coimbatore, India]
    Traders & Services of Solution provider to industries in the area of Electronic System Integration, Industrial Electronic Design Services and PLC maintenance, Sensor Solutions in various Industrials segments like Automobile, Cement, Ceramic tiles, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food, Paper, etc., these are also used in Original equipments such as Packing Machines, Machine Tools, Printing Machines, Foo.....

    Top Tech Electronic Co., Ltd.

    [GuangDong Province, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of game machines and accessories, VCD and DVD players and air cleaner. Household DVD player, DVD players, portable DVD player, VCD players, air cleaners, video game Machine, and video game Accessories. Game machine and accessory ( accessories ), video game machines, memory card, G.B.A., wise box, screen cover, USB cable, light magnifier, console, SP amplifier, battery c.....

    Trade Winners Net Marketing Co., Ltd.

    [Taipei, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of computer accessories including wire harness, AC/ DC power cords, UTP/ STP for LAN, USB cables, connectors, cables assembly, taiwan, telephone communication cards. Electrical Appliances Index - Entertainment - Audio Eguipment, Cameras & Accessories, Earphones, Headphones & Microp, Speakers, TVs & Video Display Products. Houseware - Air cleaners/ionizers, Ceiling & elect.....

    Richmeg Industry Co., Ltd.

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of :- Open Frame Solenoid : Permanent Magnet Solenoid Tubular Solenoid. Manufacturing solenoids applicable for office automation machines, electrical appliances, transportation equipment, game machines, vending machines and other electrical equipment......

    Youal-Jifh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers Of:- Consumer electronics-gift machines, TV & video games, game machines, casino games, pinballs, pin ball machine, gift machine, game machine, amusement machines, PCB ( printed circuit boards ), parts- zinc die-cast coin selectors, stainless steel coin selectors, electronic coin selectors, Bill validators, Bill acceptors, American style coin selectors, CE power, buttons, locks, pul.....

    Aceratek Industrial Co., Ltd.

    [CHANG HWA, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer of ceramic products and lamp holder. Our product range includes: Application of Terminals : Terminals of 3C Products - Computer products - A. Personal Computer: Power Suppliers, UPS B. Industrial Personal Computer: Mother boards, Control Panels. C. Computer Peripherals: Scanners, Printers, Copy Machines Communication Products - A. Control systems and devices for c.....

    Golden Shine Enterprises Ltd

    [Hong Kong, China]
    Manufacturers and exporters of portable storage products, digital products and electronic consuming products like flash MP3 players, MP4 players and USB memory sticks, 1-inch HDD Storage Media, Memory PC cards. Our product range of YAMAHA high speed auto SMT machines, 2pcs 12-warm-district backset current soldering machines and other soldering machines......

    Fellowes, Inc.

    [Illinois, United States]
    Manufacturers & Traders of business machines, records storage solutions and technology accessories. - Shredders - Records Storage - Workspace Ergonomics - Workspace Organization - Computer Accessories - Mobile Accessories - CD/DVD Storage - CD/DVD Labeling - Binding Machines - Laminating Machines .....

    Youal-Jifh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer and exporter of gift machines, TV & video games, game machines, casino games, pinballs, pin ball machine, gift machine, game machine, amusement machines, PCB ( printed circuit boards ). Parts - zinc die-cast coin selectors, stainless steel coin selectors, electronic coin selectors, Bill validators, Bill acceptors, American style coin selectors, CE power, buttons, locks, pull sticks.....

    Hexin International Trading Co., Ltd

    [Zhejiang, China]
    Traders & Exporters of Copier parts, printer parts, laminating machines, laminating films, copier Parts & Printer parts, Copiers, Consumable, Printers & Scanners. Laminating Machines &Laminating Films Binding Machines, Rings & Covers Paper Cutter Printer Inkjet Cartridges & Refills, Ribbons Stationery.....

    Richmeg Industry Co., Ltd

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of various types of solenoids. Our Products:- Office automation machines, electrical appliances, transportation equipment, game machines, vending machines and other electrical equipment......

    Sichuan Gangxin Enterprises Co. Ltd.

    [Sichuan, China]
    Traders of household products, mainly the Digital Remote Control Curtain Machines, Camera Security Systems, Toilet Seat Anti-virus System, Foldaway Keyboard Organs. Our products are - Electric Toilet Seat Anti-virus System - Toilet Seat Anti-virus System(hand drive) - Auto Image Capture Systems - Digital Remote Control Curtain Machines - Foldaway Keyboard Organs - Flexible Computer Keyboar.....


    [Sangli, India]
    Epabx systems, fax machines, telephones, mobile phones, telecom cables, telecom accessories, std pco machines, local ccb machines, calculators, medical instruments, various telecom products......


    [MUMBAI, India]
    Distributor of Syntel & Panasonic OA products IPPBX, KTS, EPABX, Fax Machines, Projectors, Panaboards, Audio Conferencing Phone, Video Conferencing, Telephone Systems, Systems Integration, LCD TV/Plasma, cordless Phones We also act as consultants for designing communication networks for the corporate and other customers where real time accessibility is required. The company started in 199.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are authorized dealers for accord & crystal epabx system & panasonic kts system, building intercom crystal & ncc & fax machines.
    Services: We repair fax machines & all kind of telephone instruments at service centre, annual maintenance contract [amc] of all kind of epabx system.
    We also provide epabx system with world class features on rent......


    [Pune, India]

  • Washing Machines Spares, Inlet Pipes, Extn. Pipes, Drain Pipes, trolleys, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven and its Services.
  • Dealer in Whirlpool, Videocon, BPL, Godrej Refrigerator and Washing Machines.
  • Dealer in Plastics bodies of Washing Machines.
  • Authorised Dealers for Spare Parts, Fibre Bodies of Washing Machine and Network Marketing for Swadeshi.
  • All types of AC .....

    InB Valuemart Limited.

    [Mumbai, India]
    WEIGHING SCALES & SYSTEMS: Retail & Industrial Weighing Scales, Post & Parcel Weighing Scales, Jewellery Weighing, etc. SAFETY & SECURITY PRODUCTS: Electronic Safes, CCTV System, Fire Alarm Systems etc. MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Pallet Truck, Stackers etc. BANKING EQUIPMENTS: Counters, Binding & Strapping Machines etc. OFFICE PRODUCTS: Biometric products, Time recorder Series, Water Dispens.....


    [Rajkot, India]
    We supply Total cctv system products, security systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, currency counting machines, fake note detecting machines. We also supply Digital Video Recorder, Color Camera, Spped Dome 5, Color Video Recorder, Duplex Multiplexer, TV Zoom Lens, Time Lapse VCRs, Camera Control Systems, 128x Zoom Camera, Color CCTV Monitors, High Resoultion Monitors, 14 inch Color.....


    [Jalgaon, India]
    Dealers of lcd & dlp projectors, copiers, fax machines, tablet pcs, I-Card Printers and many more. We are authorized for many international brands like panasonic, ben-q, hitachi, sharp, mitsubishi, hp, sanyo, plus, proxima for their entire range of lcd and dlp projectors along with Godrej & Boyce for their conferencing and prima division......

    Swish Technologies

    [Coimbatore, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of:- Atomizer for Humidification Plants:- Number of Atomizer required per plant is limited to 6 to 20 numbers depending upon the size and condition of the plant. No replacement ever required for Swish Atomizer, which is otherwise the case with existing (conventional) small nozzles. Replacement is required due to chocking as well as breakage during each cleaning time. .....


    [Pune, India]
    Sales and Services of all types of Mobile Phones.<2>Simple and Cordless Phones-Panasonic and Sharp(3>Fax Machines-Panasonic and Sharp<4>EPABX-Usha

  • New and secondhand Computers[Assembled] and Laptop
  • Invertors-Microtek and local brand[Emergency Power Supply]
  • Also into X-Ray Machines
  • DTP and Screen Printing......


    [New Delhi, India]
    Telepost manufactures and distributes Telecom and Postal Automation Equipment. Our products are Franking Machines, Folding Machines, Weighing Scales, Mailing Systems, Shredders, Binders, Biometric Solutions, Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Access Control......

    Sovereign Electro Electronics

    [Coimbatore, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of 1. Pneumatic Spares : JANATICS, SHAVO, NORGREN, SMC, LEGRIS, FESTO 2. Electrical and Electronic Spares : EAPL, OMRON, PLA, LAKSHMI, SALZER, EMCO, PCB, SENSOR 3. Textile Spares : LAKSHMI, RIETER, RSB, TEXTOOL, MURATA, VEEJAY TFO, SULZER LOOM etc 4. Autoconer Spares and Schlafhorst Autoconer Spares : SCH138, 238, 338, SE7, SE8 AUTOCORO, SAVIO SPLICER Ou.....


    [Cochin, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of Video Control products such as Cctv, ccd cameras, dvrs, dvr cards, lenses, zoom lenses, zoom cameras, pan and tilt units, scanners, matrix switching devices, optical fibre networking, real time dvr cards, burglar alarms, wire less burglar alarms, burglar alarms with central monitoring station, shutter alarms, automatic powered shutter openers, automatic powered gate .....

    Elmatronik Sales Corporation

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturer of Coin Collector Machine, Electronic Coin Collector, Coin Sorter Machine, Electronic Coin Sorter, Electronic Coin Counter etc. Mechanical Coin Selector Mechanism/Validator, Electronic Coin Selector, Electro Mechanical Impulse Counter - 6 digits, Fans for Vending Machines, DC Motors for Vending Machines, Electronic Control Circuit/Sub Assemblies.....

    K.K. Printing Machines Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    [Faridabad, India]
    Manufacturer and suppliers of Offset Printing Machines, Web Presses, Ronald 4 -Hi Tower, Super Folder with Balloon Former, 3 C + Stack Unit, Ronald 3 Color Satelite, Ronald Standard Folder, Ronald Mono Unit, Stack Unit, Unit Reel Stand / Reel Stand, Accessories. Manufacturer of printing presses including Web Offset Presses, commercial printing presses .....

    Leader Electronics

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturer & exporter of well-designed, quality Coffee Tea Maker, Vending Machines, AUTO COFFEE FILTER. Leader Coffee/Tea Maker is designed by apoting latest international technology for making fine aroma of fresh filter coffee to suit the taste of coffee lovers. Vending machines are of two types Deluxe and Delight. .....

    Ilpea Paramount Limited

    [Faridabad, India]
    Manufacturer, Supplier of Refrigerator door gaskets, PVC Rigid Profiles, PVC Profiles Extrusion & range of EPS components Rubber Components for refrigerators, washing machines, airconditioners and automobiles, Refrigerator Door Gaskets, Magnetic Gaskets, PVC Rigid Profiles for refrigerators such as wire shelf trims, bottle, diary & egg bin trims, PVC Profiles in soft extrusion used as refrigera.....


    [Pune, India]
    We are Manufacturer For Unique EPABX Machines, Bare Board PCB Testing Machines, Printed Circuit Board, EPABX, MOBC Boards, CNC Drilling, Printed Circuit Boards and Phototype PCB Etc......


    [Delhi, India]
    Leading provider of Machines, Solutions and Services for the Electronic Manufacturing Industry. Our products include Fuji Machines, Technomatix Unicam, SMT, Agilent Technologies......


    [ZhuHai, China]
    We are manufacturers of Consumer electronics series, Smart Sanitary Ware (sensory flushed devices, introducing induction flushed machine, squatting sensory flushed devices, medical devices wash machine, sensor taps, automatic hand dryers controller), telephone remote control device, smart lighting controls, automatic fan controller, Wireless headphones series products, wireless remote control swit.....


    [Delhi, India]
    Represents International Brands like AC/DC cooling fans Sunon make for vending machines mfrs, U.P.S mfrs ,power supplies mfrs,machines mfrs,Telecoms,panel boards.These are heavy duty , noiseless, power motor fans which provides high CFM and long service. Blowers, IGBT's, Thyristors, Diodes, modules, Drivers, Rectifiers, Mosfet etc. Other electronic components like semiconductor fuses, semiconduct.....


    [Bangalore, India]
    Exporter of crystal range of epabx and kts systems, godrej prima division for lcd projectors, photocopiers, ohp projectors, brother range of fax machines, multi functional centers, laser printers, labelling machines......


    [Navi Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers of LAND LINE PRODUCTS- Basic Phones, Feature Phones, Caller ID Phones , Cordless Phones, Fax Machines, Others., WIRE LESS PRODUCTS- GSM Terminals ( FCT ), GSM Fixed Phones, GSM Pay Phones, GSM Billing Machine, GSM Modems, GSM Boosters, GSM Repeaters., HI-END PRODUCTS- Spy Camera detectors, Spy Voice recorder detectors, Mobile Signal Jammers, IP Phones, Voice Logger., CDMA- CDMA Termi.....

    India Casting Company

    [Agra, India]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Electric generation, irrigation and farm equipments and machines are :- -Machined Castings / Rough Castings :- We manufacture a comprehensive range of castings in both graded iron castings and steel castings, weight from 100 grams to 300 kilograms as per National and International standards that have a dedicated user base. Our products have a brilliant.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufacturer of Electronic control Instruments , Logic control systems & system.Integrator of PLC/PC basesd Test/Automation systems. Manufacturer of variety of dedicated logic controllers for different packing machines like liquid/powder weighing & packing and also for vacuum forming machines......

    Mayan Industrial Corporations

    [Mumbai, India]
    ALSO Pioneered the Fax machine as the first in Bombay in 1986, specially in OKI Fax, however Services and Repairs all brands of Fax machines. First to offer long range VHF Wireless Communication from Bombay to Goa for Fishing Trawlers. Walkie- talkie Handsets with Frequency Licence from Communications Ministry, Govt of India. Night Vision Binoculars -" See in Total Darkness". We provide Wirele.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We design and develop embedded microcontroller and PC based control and automation systems. most of the systems we manufacture are tailor made or customised. we design and develop almost all kind of industrial controls, instrumentations and systems as per the requirement of the clients. for eg. programmable timers & counters, rpm indicators & controllers, pid controllers, data acquisition system.....


    [Zhanjiang, China]
    We are into exports and imports of different products. We deal in computer accessories like wireless keyboard, mouse, vga card, sound card, usb flash cards. blank cd,dvd-r, cd & dvd cases, web camera, digital camera, telecom products like long range cordless phones, caller id telephones, refurbished, new [nokia,motorola,siemens,sony ericsson, samsung, panasonic, bird]& oem mobile phones, mobile ac.....


    [Thane, India]
    We are trader of Epabx System, KTS System, Fax Machines, Coppier, Telephone Instrument Our services in different Products like, Panasonic, Accord, Crystal, KTS SYSTEM, FAX, EPAX, CCTV, Computers, Networking, LAN, WAN, SWITCH, ROUTERS Services and Solution on Varies Platforms. .....


    [Coimbatore, India]
    The Company deals with all Office Automation products like Fax Machines, Copiers, EPABX systems, Laminators, Telephones, Cellular Phones, Computers, etc. It is an authorised dealer for Panasonic Fax Machines, Printers and Computer Monitors.....


    [Nasik, India]
    We are Wholesaler and Provide Mobile Handsets, Fax Machines, Cordless Phones, EPABA, Feature Phones, STD PCO Machines. We are also dealing in Mobile Sim Cards......

    Micromot Controls

    [Thane, India]
    Manufacturer of:- Our products have been serving the following major industries & Machinery Manufacturers : Textile / Sugar / Paper / Rolling / Tube Mills. Rubber / Tyre / Cement / Synthetic fibre Plants. Lamination / Flexographic / Blister Packing / Offset Machines. Ropeways / Fork Lifts / Plastic Extruders / Exciters. Conveyors / Wire Drawing Machines / Machine Tools. Compress.....


    [Islamabad, Pakistan]
    Sales and services of Telecommunicatin products such as Fiber Optics, DSL Family, Wireless, CATV, LAN / WAN / MAN, Test & Measurement and Power Systems. Fiber Optics:- Adaptors, Attenuators, Cables, Cable Assemblies, Cable Preparation Tools, Cleavers & Strippers, Closures, Connectors, Consumables, Connectorization Kits, OFDFs, Media Converters, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, PDH & SDH Transmissio.....


    [Jiangsu, China]
    We are manufacturer of products which includes home electrical appliances [air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and dehumidifiers], motor vehicles [trucks, high power batteries, electric bicycles and motorcycles], machines [engines for motorcycles, compressors for air-conditioners, and for refrigerators], and electronic products [semi-conductors and integrated circuits]......

    Lai Kam Kee

    [Kowloon, Hong Kong]
    Manufacturers of such as food mixers, bakery ovens, electric fryers, centri fugal machines and bone saw machines......

    Medina Lighting Factory (MLF)

    [Madina, Saudi Arabia]
    Manufacturing Importing of - Security cameras and florescent lamp and inductors, capacitors, connectors, transformers and soldering machines. ? Security Cameras ? Florescent Lamp We are importers of : ? Inductors ? Capacitors ? Connectors ? Transformers ? Soldering Machines.....

    Shanghai Mooming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    [ShangHai, China]
    Specialized in producing toner cartrides, laser cartridges, toner, counter chip and filled toner kits , which are compatible for laser printers, fax machines and digital composite machines. Our company has the most complete range of remanufactured toner cartridge models in China .....

    Mel Systems and Services Limited (MELSS)

    [Bangalore, India]
    WE are offering to its customers State-of-the-art equipment and solutions; optimal, cost-effective solutions. We specializes in high technology areas of Electronics --- Assembly, Testing, Repair and Rework; Automation and Simulation; Custom Solutions and Software Development besides Training. Provides systems and solutions to Defence, Telecom, Electronic Manufacturing and Service Industry, Lab.....

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