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telecommunication Member Directory(Cable+transmission+equipment)

Reliance Cables

[New Delhi, India]
Export of - Co-axial wires, flexible wires, hookup wires, T V feeder, PVC wires and countless variety of other cable wires available in the market. Domestic Cables- House Wiring Cables Aluminum Conductors Cables Flexible Cables PVC- Insulated single core unsheathed and PVC - Sheathed flexible cord with copper conductor for working voltages upto & including 1100 V to IS:694 - 1990 (Y/YY) .....


[Islamabad, Pakistan]
Sales and services of Telecommunicatin products such as Fiber Optics, DSL Family, Wireless, CATV, LAN / WAN / MAN, Test & Measurement and Power Systems. Fiber Optics:- Adaptors, Attenuators, Cables, Cable Assemblies, Cable Preparation Tools, Cleavers & Strippers, Closures, Connectors, Consumables, Connectorization Kits, OFDFs, Media Converters, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, PDH & SDH Transmissio.....

Zhejiang Chuangyi Group

[hangzhou, China]
CATV China, CATV Equipment, CATV Amplifier, Transmission Equipment, FM Modulator, Cable, communication cable, Television Equipment, Optical Transmission Equipment, Cable Transmission Equipment, FM Transmission Equipment, Passive Accessories, Optical Transmitter, 1550nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, Optical Transmission Platform, 1310nm Optical Transmitter, Indoor Optical Receiver, Two way Outdoor .....

Aceratek Industrial Co., Ltd.

[CHANG HWA, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of ceramic products and lamp holder. Our product range includes: Application of Terminals : Terminals of 3C Products - Computer products - A. Personal Computer: Power Suppliers, UPS B. Industrial Personal Computer: Mother boards, Control Panels. C. Computer Peripherals: Scanners, Printers, Copy Machines Communication Products - A. Control systems and devices for c.....


[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers, Services & Exporters of Communication and Data Network Products. Our Products are :- - Optical fiber cable :- Optical fiber Indoor cable Indoor/outdoor cable Outdoor cable Self-supporting cable Ribbon cable Other optical cable - optical components :- Patchcord Connector Adapter Attenuator Coupler Armored Patchcord - ancillary equipment :- Patch Panel Closure D.....

Thomas Industrial Network

[New York, United States]
Manufacturers of TV, radio, cellular, wireless, mobile, and mast antennas. Our product includes: -Adhesives and Sealants -Agricultural and Farming Products -Architectural and Civil Engineering Products -Automatic ID -Chemical Processing and Waste Management -Cleaning Products and Equipment -Communication Systems and Equipment -Computer Hardware and Peripherals -Construction E.....

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

[Cypress, United States]
Products: Mitsubishi Electric US markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products. These include semiconductor and optoelectronic devices; high-definition televisions, DVD players and VCRs; stadium display screens; systems and components for automobile manufacturers; elevators and escalators; heating and air conditioning systems; factory automation equipment;.....


[Baroda, India]
We are manufacturer of Engineering Products Distributors for electronics, electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering products all together in gujarat. Interested to supply cable.Connectors and telecommunication products .
you can enquire for any odd/obsolete components and products
Electronic Components:-Semiconductors, Hardware, Integrated Circuits, Manufacturers Data, PCB P.....

Bell Date Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd

[Changzhou, China]
GSM/GPRS/CDMA/EDGE/EVDO modem: PCMCIA/RS232/RS485/USB interface DSL CPE Modem: G.SHDSL modem, ADSL modem, CPE DSL modem. Interface Converter : E1/T1 and E3 to Ethernet, V.35 to ethernet, 2/4/8E1 to Ethernet PDH(FOM) Optical Fiber Transmission Equipment: 1/2/4/8/16E1 over fiber PDH with Ethernet & V.35 Optical Multiplexer, also 1+1 Optical port Redundant. SDH Transmission Equipment:155(STM-1)/6.....

Netel Technologies Pvt.Limited

[Noida, India]
NETEL Technologies Pvt. Limited * Network Audit / Optimization * CW Drive test & Model Tuning * GSM/CDMA Network Planning * Planning for in Building Solutions * Transmission Planning * Installation / commissioning Resources Supply * Civil, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineers * CAD Engineers and Supervisors * BTS, BSC, Transmission and Switch Engineers * RF Engineers * RF Data .....

ICOMM Tele Limited

Manufacturers and turnkey solution providers of - Telecommunications equipment for Cellular, Fixed, Internet and Satellite operators in India. Telecom Products (Wireless & Wireline):- Automatic Vehicle Tracking System CDMA Infrastructure (MSC, BSC, BTS etc.) CDMA Terminal Equipment DIAS Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) on SDH DWDM Free Space Optics (FSO) HDSL OLTE - 8 MB Optimux 2.....

Hengguang Technologies Co.,Ltd

[Tianjin, China]
Manufacturers of optical transmission equipment, facsimile apparatus, electronic parts, appropriative equipment and electronic machining products. Our Products are :- -SDH Broadband Optical Transmission Equipment -OTS-2050 (STM-4/16) Broadband Optical Add-drop Multiplexer -HG-PCM30/60/120 Intelligent Equipment -2E1PCM30 Access System -OM2/8PCM.PDH Optical Add/drop Multiplexer -OM7E1PCM.....

Mel Systems and Services Limited (MELSS)

[Bangalore, India]
WE are offering to its customers State-of-the-art equipment and solutions; optimal, cost-effective solutions. We specializes in high technology areas of Electronics --- Assembly, Testing, Repair and Rework; Automation and Simulation; Custom Solutions and Software Development besides Training. Provides systems and solutions to Defence, Telecom, Electronic Manufacturing and Service Industry, Lab.....


[Hyderabad, India]
We provide complete range of services from Network Planning and Design through Operation & Maintenance for telecom networks. Our services includes Engineering Construction & Projects: Telecom Sector:- Turn Key projects, Design Capability, Manufacturing Capability, Other Sector:- Transmission Lines, Sub Stations, Masts for Railways, Electrical Poles for High ways, Civil works for Infrastruct.....


[500039, India]
Bereian Communications provide complete range of services from Network Planning and Design through Operation & Maintenance for telecom networks. Our services includes Engineering Construction & Projects: Telecom Sector:- Turn Key projects, Design Capability, Manufacturing Capability, Other Sector:- Transmission Lines, Sub Stations, Masts for Railways, Electrical Poles for High ways, Civil works.....


[Beijing, China]
International supply of electronic and electrical components, equipment and assemblies
Components & Material: Capacitor, Electron Tube, Crystal Oscillator, Semiconductor Downloads, IC, Resistor, Inductor, Battery, Bearing, Tools, Magnetic Material Downloads, Wire & Cable.
Equipment: TV & Broadcast Transmitter, Laser Medical Equipment, Power Supply, Test Instruments electrical equipment and d.....

Shanghai Suape

[ShangHai, China]
Traders and importers/ exporters of Exports :

  • Stationery - Paper, Pen, Others
  • Sporting Goods - Ball, Chess, Fitness Equipment, Entertainment Equipment
  • Gift - Crystal, Flower, Pot flower, Baggage, Bag
  • Electronic Product - Camera, Electronic Device, Electronic Tool
  • Computer & Fittings - Mobile HD, Display, Printer, Fax, Sound Box
  • Automobiles Fitting - Auto.....

    Storm Copper Components Co.

    [Tennessee, United States]
    Manufacturers of :- Ampacity Tables Battery Connectors & Straps Busbar Copper Bar & Rod Copper Specifications Electrical Standoff Insulators Glastic Insulators & Standoffs Copper Ground Bars & Kits Ground Rods & Clamps Copper Fabrication: Focusing on copper interconnectivity solutions for original equipment manufacturers, from small Printed Circuit Board Bus Bars to large Sub Station B.....


    [Beijing, China]
    1.Battery charger, discharger and monitor
    especially designed for test in 24v/48v battery set[for telecom] and 110vdc/220vdc battery [for power sector]

    2.Dc power supply
    48vdc/20a; 48vdc/30a; 48vdc/100a; 24vdc/20a; 24vdc/30a etc.

    3. rectifier
    10a,15a, 25a, 30a,50a, 100a

    4. phs remote power supply
    dc/dc converter in local site, dc/ac inverter in remote site, dc.....

  • Telecommunication Members Directory(Cable+transmission+equipment)

    GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Electronic and Information Products and service. Our Products are :- -Automation & Telemetry, Telecontrol and Telecom System :- SCADA monitoring & control system software Billing management system YC-1040A Telemetric Remote Terminal YC_1050A Telecontrol Remote Terminal (based on PLC) YC-1070 Centralized monitoring & control system for power & environment o.....

    FASTECH Telecommunications ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of sophisticated telecommunications and data communications test equipment and related products. Our products of Sunrise Telecom Inc.: Core & Transport Transmission & Access Testing Protocol Analysis and Broadband. Radcom Ltd.: Protocol Analysis 3G Cellular VoIP. Arca Technology Ltd.: ISDN VoIP XDSL. TeleByte Broadband Inc.: Loop Simulators.....


    [Tianjin, China]
    We have various optical communication products, PCM equipment, PDH/SDH/SPDH Multiplexers and other fiber optic transmission equipments. Besides, SCADA RTU system, interface converters, Distribution frame, transmission power, etc.....

    M/s. Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd.

    [HYDERABAD, India]
    Designer and manufacturers of various world class high-tech electronics products. PRODUCTS : ?Railway Equipments ?Automobile Equipments ?Industrial Equipments ?Electronic Manufacturing Services ?SOFTWARE SERVICES. Railway Equipments : ?Tachographs & Event Recorders :- -Memory Type Tachographs for Electric Locos -Memory Type Tachographs for Diesel and Electric Locos -Event Recorders .....

    Zhejiang Chaoqian Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    [Zhejiang, China]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of various communication equipment including photo electricity wiring connection equipments, data transmission network products, intelligentized wiring products and so on. Our Products are :- 1.Optical communication :- -closures/splice cabinet :- Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet Fiber closures -wiring/distribution installation :- Optical fiber distribution frame Co.....

    Shanghai Beite Electronics Co., Ltd.

    [Hong Kong, China]
    Manufacturer of CATV, video and audio and optical transmission products, forming especially a complete series of products of HFC equipment. Optical Transmitter and Receiving Equipment CATV Amplifier CATV Passive Devices CATV Head-End Equipment CATV Measuring Equipment......

    Changzhou Bell Data Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd

    [Changzhou, China]
    Bell Data Communication Equipment CO., LTD is a leader in the production of network access, telecommunication and connectivity products including: Interface converter, SDH/MSTP Optical Transport Equipment, PDH Optical Fiber Transmission Equipment, Media converter, TDM over IP, XDSL Series Modem , DataCOM Accessories and Switch. They are widely used all over the world and have proved to be the mos.....


    [Nagpur, India]
    We specialize in -
    Turnkey Services :Outside Plant Construction, Inside plant Construction, Structured Cabling and Copper/Fiber Splicing.
    Tower & allied services : Additional platform installation, Complete Tower Erections, Antenna installations / Replacements, Azimuths adjustment / Tilting, Transmission line testing, Weather proofing, Aviation obstruction lamps, Shared site .....

    Shanghai Beite Electronics Co., Ltd.

    [Shanghai, China]
    Manufacture and supply of CATV, video and audio and optical transmission products, forming especially a complete series of products of HFC equipment. Optical Transmitter and Receiving Equipment : SBO-860 series Outdoor Optical Receivers Series Indoor Optical Receivers CATV Amplifier : SGF 4000 series Outdoor Trunk Line Amplifiers BELE series Bi-Directional Amplifiers BTMA Family Amplifier.....

    Millitech, Inc.

    [Massachusetts, United States]
    Manufacturers of :- Millimeter-wave Products Millitech, Inc., offers the broadest line of millimeter-wave products in the industry, including components, assemblies and systems covering a range of 18 to 300 GHz. Millitech?s products serve a wide range of applications in communications, military, space, industrial and research markets, which overlap considerably. For example, a Millitech m.....

    3onedata Communication Technology Co. Ltd.

    [ShenZhen, China]
    Manufacturers, Exporters and Traders of data communication products. Interface converter : Industrial serial converter, Universial serial converter, RS232/485/422 repeater, RS485/422 distribution HUB. Protocol converter : E1/V.35 converter, E1/RS232 protocol converter, Ethernet bridge, BNC/RJ45 converter. Optical transmission equipment : RS232/485/422 Fiber modem, CANBUS Fiber modem, Med.....

    Bell Data Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd

    [Changzhou, China]
    VeeCOM main products including: Protocol converter, SDH/MSTP Optical Transport Equipment, PDH Optical Fiber Transmission Equipment, Media converter, TDM over IP, XDSL Series Modem and DataCOM Accessories. They are widely used all over the world and have proved to be the most versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective. The high quality and stability of our products achieved us ISO 9001 Quality A.....


    [Chengdu, China]
    Our main products digital audio/video products, communication navigation products, wireless transmission products, antennas, electronic component:inductive coils,rf connectors,transformer etc., microwave rf products, special electronic equipment, power supply, broadband access equipment, patio heater.
    Antennas - SWATGD Double Channel Survey Antennas,
    SWTGA GPS Single Channel Survey A.....

    Wordsworth International

    [Worcestershire, United Kingdom]
    Manufacturer of Cutlery Detector : New product - the MT2001. The cutlery detector that saves you money. Are you losing a lot of cutlery along with your food-waste? We have the solution! Fire Detection and Control : Our AMAN Range of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting equipment includes: Fire Detection; Sensors and Alarms; Digital Control Systems; Manual Call Points; Extinguishant Control Panels and .....

    2N telecommunication

    [Praha 4, Czech Republic]
    GSM gateways:- Substantial Cost Reduction Unbeatable Price Versatile Solution for Voice, Data and SMS transmission Advanced Way of Communication Outstanding Return on Investments UMTS gateways:- Substantial Cost Reduction Significant Capacity Great Flexibility Unlimited Possibilities for Deployment First Class Technology COMMUNICATORS:- Substantial time saving More c.....

    Shenzhen RiFei Electronic Technology Co, Ltd.

    [Shenzhen, China]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Super LCD TV sets, car products, Kemika, CCD, CMOS camera series, high-frequency wireless transmission equipment, multiplexers, pan-tilt, brackets, switches. - Mini camera - Periheral equipment - Wireless audio video camera - DVR - Dome camera - Wireless audio video camera - Processor - IR camera - Digital security - U.F.Dome camera - Monitor......

    Vfibre Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd

    [Shenzhen, China]
    Our products category as followed: Optical passive components Fiber optic coupler; optical patchcords; optical collimator; optical switch; optical attenuator; PLC Coupler;optical isolator High isolation WDM; Optical circulator; Polarization Maintaining products, such as patchcord, circulator, switch, isolator, collimator. CWDM Optical active components TOSA; ROSA; BOSA; SFP transceivers G.....


    [Bangalore, India]

    central power research institute [cpri] is the power house of the indian electrical industry. set up in 1960 by the government of india, it functions as a centre for applied research
    in electrical power engineering assisting the electrical industry in product development and quality assurance. cpri also serves as an independent authority for testing and certification of power equipment. wit.....

    Guangzhou Hansun Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

    [GuangZhou, China]
    Manufacturers and Traders of data communication products. Our main products include a range of optical splicing machines, interface transformers, optical fiber transceivers and composite products. Optical Transmission : Phone Fiber Mux, DH series, Fiber Modem, Video Digital Fiber-optic System, Media Converter, Mode Converter. Converters Series : protocol converter series (interface converte.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of mobile truck or trailer mounted telecommunication transmission towers, foc splice vans airconditioned for temperature control,foc drum trolleys, customizing, modification, adaptation restoring, refurbishing of vehicles of all description, auto refrigeration airconditioning, garage equipment, disability mobility accessibility products, special wheel chairs......

    Communications Specialties, Inc

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Manufacturer & Exporter and Trader Of Television and computer video signals, including fiber optic transmission systems, scan converters and video scalers, Broadcast/Professional A/V, Videoconferencing, Education, Home Theater, Security, ITS, Industrial Monitoring, and more! Fiber Optic Products Audio, RGB, Video, Data, Telecom, Video & Audio Rackmounts, Cables, Etc, Test & Installation E.....

    Hangzhou Jingda Electronic Co.,Ltd

    [Hangzhou, China]
    Our company has established certain reputation in the field of energy power testing. We hope to make our contribution to realizing the intelligence of water meter and the long-distance data transmission of meters. Our Product - Water meter : Watt-hour Meter Test Equipment Water meter with communication interface One(several) meter with several cards IC Card Prepaid Water Meter IC Car.....

    Digihill Technologies Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of video assist equipment & operating experience. Unique state of the art tape and digital based systems. Our Products are :- DG-Phone 801 is a USB device and its shape as a regular telephone handset. Simply connect the DG-Phone 801 to an available USB port of your PC, and you will be able to make PC-to-PC; PC-to-Phone to save up to 95% of international phone cast w.....

    Siemens Taiwan Co., Ltd.

    [Taipei, Taiwan]
    Traders of (1)electronic & energy products including production & logistics electronic assembly system (PLEA 1/ SMT), power generation ( KWU), power transmission& distribution ( EV), protection and Substation Control Systems ( EVS), semiconductor components. (2) transportation systems including rail vehicles for main line service and urban transportation, operations control systems for rail- boun.....


    [Vantaa, Finland]
    We design and manufacture of control equipment and the assembly innovative systems covering a wide range of industrial automation needs. Our Products are:- AutoLog? PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), Automation System, AutoLog? & Web Studio (SCADA / HMI), GSM-PLC SCADA, AutoLog? Solutions, RTU (Remote Terminal Units). AutoLog? Solutions:- Building Automation, Remote Level Control, Cargo.....

    Sonal Enterprises

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers and Suppliers of- Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenenance of : Close Circuit Television (CCTV) - High Resolution B/W & Colored CCD cameras Night Vision Cameras Integrated Dome cameras Fixed lens Auto iris lens Motorized zoom lens (upto 40X) etc. PC based software system Matrix Switchers (Telemetry) upto 300 cameras Switchers Quads Splitters Mult.....

    IMP Enterprises, Inc.

    [California, United States]
    Wireless antenna and power equipment supplier. Our product includes: *ELECTRICAL/UTILITIES: -Switchgear -Transformers -Transmission and Distribution Apparatus *POWER ELECTRONICS: -Switch Mode Rectifiers (SMR) SMR -Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) UPS *WIRELESS: -Cellular Antennas -Global Positioning System (GPS) Antennas GPS -Wi-Fi Products .....


    [Gaithersburg, United States]
    Manufacturers of high performance amateur radio video transmission equipment. Our product includes: -Amateur Radio ATV transmitters -Videolynx -Mini ATV video/audio transmitter -Micro ATV transmitter -High-power 1.2 Ghz video/audio transmitter .....

    Vuppalamritha Magnetic Components Limited

    [Hyderabad, India]
    Power Products, Telecom Terminals, Transmission Equipment, Others......

    Test Equipment Connection

    [Lake Mary, United States]
    Exporters & Importers of Pulse Generators, Curve Tracers, Attenuators, Frequency Counters, Distortion Analyzers, Bit Error Rate Testers, Plotters & Data Loggers, Meters, Calibrators, RF Signal Generators, Audio Analyzers, Plug-ins, Probes, Data Acquisition Systems, Noise-Figure, Transmission Test, Protocol Analyzers, Sweep Oscillator......

    Magtorq Private Limited

    [Hosur, India]
    Electronics & Electrical Supplies Power Transmission Equipment - Manufacturer.....

    Bajeria Industries

    [Mumbai, India]
    Electronics & Electrical Supplies Power Transmission Equipment - Manufacturer Exporter.....


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