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telecommunication Member Directory(Elecsound+switches+and+semiconductors)

Elecsound Electronics Company Limited

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers of high quality, high reliability electronic components. We currently offer a broad range of capacitors, as well as a full line of LED, Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers, LEDs, Varistors, Resistors, Transformers, Switches, Fuse, PCB, Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic capacitors, Mono capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, factory components, Zinc Oxide Varistor and Resistors. Also de.....

Elecsound potentiometers Co.,ltd

[shenzhen, China]
Elecsound is a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability electronic components, formed in January of 1996. We currently offer a broad range of capacitors, Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers, LEDs, pcbs, Zinc Oxide Varistors, Resistors and switches . We also deal in semiconductors. .....


[Hyderabad, India]
Traders, Distributors, Exporters and Importers of Electronic components like (outline) Ic's Transistor, Capacitor, Resisters, Diode Capacitor, LCD, Potentionmeters, Switches, Relays, Sockets, Connectors, LED SCR Triacs Display & connectors sensors transmitters. - We carry semiconductors from the following manufacturers : National Semiconductor (NSC), Fairchild Semiconductor (FCH), Philips Semi.....

IE Electronic Components

[Coral Springs, United States]
We Designs manufactures and markets Semiconductors, IC's, Relays. Our Product includes: -Memory -SDRAM -DDR -NAND -Flash -modules -Logic -logic -FPGA's -CPLD's -Micro controllers -Semiconductors -IC's -high / low frequency RF -Power products -Capacitors -Transistors -Diodes -Connectors -Crystals -Relays -Resistors -Switches -semis -semiconductors and more.....


[Manhasset, United States]
Knight electronics has been a value added, broadline distributor in the electronics' procurement market for 30 years and services major manufacturers, c.E.M.'s, r&d facilities, and repair shops worldwide!
we're a stocking distributor of 1n, 2n, & 4n jan,jantx,jantxv, & jans level semiconductor products.
knight electronics stocks a large volume of commercial, industrial, military, and sp.....

Hybrid Electronics

[Casselberry, United States]
Analog and Mixed Signal ICs, Batteries & Accessories, Cable Ties & Clamps, Cable & Wire, Cable Assemblies, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Interrupters, Clock and Timing Management ICs, Connectors and Accessories, Controllers, Converters, Crystals/Oscillators/Resonators, DC-DC Converters, Diodes, Discretes, Electromechanical Relays, Fans & Accessories, Ferrites, Fiber Optic Products, Filters.....


[Baroda, India]
We are manufacturer of Engineering Products Distributors for electronics, electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering products all together in gujarat. Interested to supply cable.Connectors and telecommunication products .
you can enquire for any odd/obsolete components and products
Electronic Components:-Semiconductors, Hardware, Integrated Circuits, Manufacturers Data, PCB P.....


[Bangalore, India]
We are distributors of Electronic Products. Our range of products includes
Semiconductors: Asic's, ATA Disk Module, Automotive & Industrial, Battery Chargers, Communication Ics, Compact Flash Card, D/C -D/C Convertor, Diodes, IR Amplifier, Memory, Memory Card, Microcontroller, Multimedia & Imaging, Network Storage, Power Switches, Programmable Logic, Security & Smart Card Ics, Sensors, S.....

Knight Electronics

[Manhasset, United States]
We provide products, value added services, and the broad line of electronic commodities that we handle. Knight Electronics has been a value added, broadline distributor in the electronics' procurement market for 30 years and services major manufacturers, C.E.M.'s, R&D facilities, and repair shops worldwide. We're a stocking distributor of 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, & JANS level semi.....

Nanjing Sunlord Co., Ltd.

[Nanjing City, China]
Manufacturers & Traders of Auto engine parts and Electronic components. EMC Components- Ferrite Beads Ferrite Bead Filters 3-Terminal Filters for Signal Line and DC Power Line Differential Mode Choke Coils for Signal Line and DC Power Line Common Mode Choke Coils for Signal Line and DC Power Line Common Mode Choke Coils for AC Power Line Varistors EMC Filters for AC Power Line .....


[Chennai, India]
•IC’s, Optocouplers, •Microprocessor’s, • E-Proms, LDR •Mosfets, Regulators, Triacs, •Power Diodes, •Rectifiers & Diodes •Trimpot, Preset, Helipot •All range of Connectors •Resistors, Rheostats •Instrument Cooling Fans •All types of Switches •IC Sockets •Capacitors all types •Relays and Sockets •LED Displays and LCDs •Transistors, Thermistors, •Fuses & Fuse Holders •LED & L.....

Knight Electronics

[Manhasset, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Electronic components that include, connectors, discrete semiconductors, relays, switches, passive components, integrated circuits and memory products......

Knight Electronics

[Manhasset, United States]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Connectors, discrete semiconductors, relays, switches, passive components, integrated circuits and memory products......


[new york, United States]
We provide services of electronic parts Fast and Easy. Search our database of Millions of Electronic Components, Semiconductors, Military Components, Integrated Circuits, Transistors & Capacitors, Connectors, Switches, Relays, CPU's, Memory & Hard Drives. We can help you source not only recently updated electronic parts but also hard to find obsolete parts. Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goo.....

Space Electronics Pte Ltd.

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Electronic Components, TV & Video parts & Ropelight System. Our Products Rangs:- I.C., semiconductors, flyback transformer (L.O.P.T.), triplers, switches, connectors, soldering and measuring instruments, belts, batteries, cables, data books, service manuals, earphones, microphones, storage cabinets......

Hangzhou Parrot Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electron and Electronic Components. Our Products Range Include: -Electronic Components -Semiconductors -Circuit, Heat / protection -Inductors, Transformers, Coils -Magnets -Connectors -Switches -Plug, Jacks / Sockets -Wires, Cables / Assemblies -Optoelectronic Components -Acoustic Components -Subassembly Modules -Tools -Batteries -Car Accessor.....

Knight Electronics

[Manhasset, United States]
Traders of Electronic Components That Include, Connectors, Discrete Semiconductors, Relays, Switches, Passive Components, Integrated Circuits and Memory Products......


[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of electronic component such as Electrolytic capacitors, SMD Electrolytic Capacitors, Disc Ceramic Capacitors, Plastic Film Capacitors, Inductive / Non-inductive Polyester Film Capacitors, Metalised Polyester Film Capacitors, Polypropylene / Metalised Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Resistors, LEDs, Metal Oxide Varistors, LCD Modules, LCD Backlights, Switches (all types).....

Telecommunication Members Directory(Elecsound+switches+and+semiconductors)


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