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telecommunication Member Directory(Industrial+ballasts)

Ningbo Beichi Illuminating decorations Co.,Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps , Emergency Lighting, electronic transformer, lamp series. Our Products range Include: - T8 T5 PL Electronic Ballasts LCYZ-IC - T8 T5 PL Electronic Ballasts LCYZ-L - F32w Electronic Ballasts LCYZ - PL Electronic Ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps LCYZ-LP - PL Electronic Ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps LCYZ.....

Madhavi Electronic Controls

[Pune, India]
Manufacturer of - Electronic ballasts for 40/80 watt lamps, C.F.Lamp ballasts, low voltacge halogen lamp ballasts , H.I.D, H.P.M.V., H.P.S.V lamps ballasts Electronic ballast for various lamps including CFL, t-5, ftl, metal halide and sodium vapour lamps. .....

Nanjing Epargne Co.Ltd

[Nanjing, China]
The LPSB is an electronic ballast that uses AC or DC from either a battery or power supply to produce high-frequency AC to start and operate low pressure sodium lamps. No other ballast or starter is required. Technically referred to as an inverter ballast, LPSB are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications with a low-pressure sodium, as well as for AC input applications. Applic.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters & Traders of Electrical Lighting Fittings / Fixtures , Aluminium Louvers , Open Construction Ballasts / Chokes , Electronic Ballasts . All kinds of Sheet Metal Fabrication, Electrical Appliances Plasticware Stainless Steel & Garments. .....


[Foshan, China]
We are a professional manufacturer offering energy saving lamps, ballasts and pir sensors. Nowadays, we are supplying more than 500, 000pcs ballasts to osram per month. Most of our products have ce, gs approval. our company has passed iso9001 international quality system certification......


[Dongguan, China]
Electronic Energy saving Lamps, Electronic Ballasts, Electronic Transformers and Energy Saving. Our product range of 2U-shape Electronic Energy Saving Lamps, 3U shap Electronic Energy Saving Lamps, GL Globe Lamps, CD Cylinder Lamps, CL Circular Lamps, 2D,2-Piece Lamps, B Ballasts, T Transformers, H,U,GFL Lamp Series, Spiral type Electronic Energy, Saving Lamps......

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd.

[Yangzhou, China]
Trader of 0.6A-6, 000A thyristors (SCR), diodes (disc, stud and plastic package type), triacs, modules and parts (ceramic housings, moly discs, caps and headers), various kinds of transistors, dies (fusions), capacitors, electronic ballasts and energy saving lamps (including key parts) as well as bulbs. Our product range includes: Power components - -Disc thyristors -Disc diodes -Stud .....

Ultralite International Pty. Ltd.

[Dongguan, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electronic Energy saving Lamps, Electronic Ballasts, Electronic Transformers, and Energy Saving. Our Products Range Include: -2U-shape Electronic Energy Saving Lamps -3U-shape Electronic Energy Saving Lamps -GL Globe Lamps -CD Cylinder Lamps -CL circular Lamps -2D, 2-Piece Lamps -B Ballasts -T Transformers -H, U, CFL Lamp Series -Spiral type Electronic Ene.....

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd.

[Jiangsu, China]
Manufacturers of 0.6A - 6000A thyristors (SCR), diodes (disc, stud and plastic package type), triacs, modules and parts (ceramic housings, moly discs, caps and headers), kinds of transistors, dies (fusions), capacitors, electronic ballasts and energy saving lamps (including key parts) as well as bulbs. Power components- Disc thyristors Disc diodes Stud thyristors and diodes Modules Tran.....

Chib Electronics Pvt Ltd.

[Ahmedabad, India]
Celtron a name well established in the field of power electronics products, offers a family of power saver electronic ballasts to suit a wide range of applications in the areas of industrial, commercial and domestic lighting. .....


[Montreal (Quebec), Canada]
Supplying bi-metal and thermal sensor products for transformers and power supplies, motor protectors, small appliances, heaters-fan, radiant humidifiers, automotive ballasts, medical equipment. Our Product includes: *Thermal Cutouts: -Protection For Coils / Windings -Current Sensitive Thermal Protection For Coils / Windings -Encapsulated Thermostats for Electronics -Temperature Protec.....

Shanghai Yongming Electronic Co.LTD.

[Shanghai, China]
Specializes in developing & manufacturing all types high-class middle-and-high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mainly applied to audio, LED LIGHTING DRIVER, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, inverter, power supply and computer industrial and telecommunication fields. They are well engineered with great details to ensure high stability .....

CHIB Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

[Ahmedabad, India]
Electronics & Electrical Supplies Voltage Stabilisers & Transformers All Types Of Industrial Transformers,Power Electronics Products (Pofential/Current Transformers,Inverters,UPS,DIC,Electronic Ballasts & Lighting Fixtures - Manufacturer Exporter.....

Madhu Gupta & Associates Pvt .Ltd.

[Mumbai, India]
We are Providing following Services- IBM AS/400, Manpower Planning, Data Processing, Consultancy, Maintenance Support. We Manufacturer of- Video CD Players, Electronic Ballasts, MPEG Cards, Online Purchase Form, Online Purchase Form. .....


[Pune, India]
Our products & solutions:
?access control & attendance recording systems
?cctv survelliance systems
?remote video surveillance systems
?electronic article surveillance systems
?intrusion /burglar alarm systems
?shutter alarm system[battery operated]
?door alarm system[battery operated]
?car security systems
?two wheeler security systems
?luggage alarm/ anti bag liftin.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer & Exporters of: "Console Brand Health Care Products: Steam inhalers, Facial Sauna, Humidifier, HotWater Bags & Cultural Bottles etc. Electronic Products: Electronic Ballasts, Remote Bells and Switches......

Shah electronics

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of products as Ferrite coils and Electronic ballasts. Our products of Energy Meter Coils Electronic Ballast CFL Adaptor Lighting Fixtures Emergency Light Coils E.L.C.B. C.T. EPABX Coils TV Coils Gas Lighter Coils Halogen Tranformer Buzzer Coils......


[Mumbai, India]
Lumetronics manufactures and exporters of precision custom built test & measuring equipment for various types of product testing applications. Our products of Safety: High Voltage AC Breakdown Test Sets Touch Current (Leakage) Test Set Earth Bond Test Set Accessibility Test Probes Pin Hole Test Apparatus. Physical: Ball Pressure Test Set Glow Wire Apparatus Tracking Index Tes.....

Safety Electronic Equipments

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers of stabilisers, servo controls, UPS, Emergency Lights, Computer Guards, stabilizers and voltage control devices. Electronic Voltage Stabilizers Servo Stabilizers Emergency Lights U.P.S ( on ? line , off ? line & line interactive ) Electronic Ballasts Switching power supplies ( custom built ) Switching Adapters ( for standard voltages and current ratings ) Regulated p.....

Telecommunication Members Directory(Industrial+ballasts)

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd.

[Jiangsu, China]
Suppliers Electronic Products. Our Products Range Include: 1. Power components: -Disc thyristors -Disc diodes -Stud thyristors and diodes -Modules 2. Transistors: -Finished transistors -Chips -SCRs & Triacs 3. Parts of components: -Disc ceramic housing package series -Stud ceramic package series -Molybdenum products -Stud glass to metal package series -Cap and header for .....


[Wenzhou, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of HID electronic ballasts, HID flood lights and Xenon lights for automobiles. Products include Electronic Ballast - Electronic Ballast for HID Sodium Lamp, Intelligical Night Controlable Electronic Ballast, Electronic Ballast For HID Metal Halid Lamp......

Jiadian Lighting Co., Ltd.

[Jiadian, China]
Manufacturer and Exporter, is Dedicated to the Production of High Quality, Cost Effective Fluorescent and Low Wattage Halogen Lighting. Our Products Range Include: * Energy Saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent) * Fluorescent Lamps * Electronic Ballasts * Lighting Fixtures * Electronic Transformers * Halogen Lamps * OEM Lighting Products Design & Manufacture.....

Positive One Illuminates CO., LTD.

[Huiyang, China]
We are a leading manufacturer of lighting products. Our Products Are:- -Energy Saving Lamps -CFLs & DC Electronic Energy Saving Lamps -Ballasts -T4/T5 Tri-phosphor Straight Fluorescent Lamps -Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp -Acrylic Tube -Ceiling Lights -Multi Switch......

HonKwang Electric Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of:- power supplies, such as AC/DC adaptor, regulated adaptor, charger, power transformer, ballast, metal parts and metal stamping parts supplied worldwide companies such as Motorola, IBM, Compaq, Dell, Samsung and NEC. Certificated of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. Electronic components & parts- electronic power supply ( supplies), adaptors, AC adaptors, AC / AC ( AC to AC ) linear adapte.....

Environmental Technology Ltd.

[Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturers and exporters of mainly Energy-saving lamp and electronic ballast.We are launch of a broad spectrum of environmental protection products include electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lights, E-savers and PCO air purifiers. Our All Products Are:- -Professional A.C. Electronic B -Energy Saving Fluorescent / La -Electronic Ballast for High Pr......

Zen Tronics

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer of - CFL adapters, electronic ballasts.Waterlevel inticators......

Zhongshan ODEER Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd.

[Zhongshan, China]
Manufacturers Of Energy-saving Lamp, Exhaust Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Grille Lamp, Lamp Stands, Ballasts. .....

Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co., Ltd

[ Hsin Tien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of Digital catalog : Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Lamps : Clean Air, Aquarium, Planting, Insect Trapping, UV Germicidal, Colors, Circline, Compact Flourescent Fluorescent Lighting Fixture : T Bar, Under Cabinet, Fluorescent Strip, Downlight, Surface Mount, Wall Mount, Suspend Fluorescent Ballasts : Clean Air Lamp Ballast, Fluorescent Electronic Ballast, Metal Halide Ballast, H.....

Shanghai Anhua Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd

[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Energy saving lamps DED/B Electronic Fluorescent Track Lamps, DED/B Track Lamps, DED/B-D(DC) Low-voltage Track Lamps, DED/B-A(AC) Low-voltage Track Lamps, Electronic fluorescent lamps, various kinds of high efficiency fluorescent tubes, lighting tubes, high pressure sodium lamps, sodium lamps, halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, all kinds of electronic inductance b.....

Guruji Electronic Agency

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacture of sell electronic ballasts, gps systems, gis systems etc electronic items.....

Classic Manufacturing Co

[Coimbatore, India]
Manufacturers of - Electronic ballasts/chokes for cfl lamps for domestic and automobiles.....

Hawk Electronics Co., Ltd.

[taiwan, Taiwan]

ShangYu Lead Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

[Shangpu, China]
Manufacturer wall lamp, Electronic Transformer and Ballast, Outdoor Garden Lamps and Enger-Saving Desk Lamp. Our Products Rangs:- OtherCabinet Lamps Electronic Transformers Electronic Ballasts Desk and Floor Lights Outdoor Garden Lamps.....

Vijigeeshu Exports Pvt.Ltd.

[Pune, India]
Manufacturer of electronic ballasts.....

HuaBang Electronics Mfty

[Guangdong, China]
We are the manufacturer of power transformers, adapters, audio transformers, ballasts, micro-motors, power supply, and motors. Our Product includes: -AC/DC Adaptor -Swiching -Transformer -Energy Saving Lamp -Ballast -Other products including AC Motors, High Voltage Transformer, Buzz, Audio Transformer, Middle Frequency Transformer. .....

Novel Electronics Pvt.Ltd

[New Delhi, India]
Exporters of wire wound resistors & energy efficient ballasts.....

Jiadian Lighting Co., Ltd

[FOSHAN, China]
Our Provided Services & Products:- Energy Saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent), Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures, Electronic Ballasts, Ceiling and Wall Fixtures, Electronic Transformers for Halogen Lamps, Halogen Lamps, OEM Lighting Products Design & Manufacture.....

Guangzhou Tomorrow Electron co.,ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of of the electric home-use devices and components. Our product range includes: -Socket -Electronic ballasts -Night lights -Movable sockets .....


[Valencia, Spain]
Exporter & Import of home lighting components. Incandescent Lamps (bulbs, fluorescent lamps, Compact fluorescent lamps, leds, electronic transformers and ballasts, cable and wire, sockets, and others......

Ultralite International Pty. Ltd.

[Dongguan, China]
Manufacturing and Exporting energy saving lamp, electronics transformer, electronics ballast. Our product range includes : -2U-shape Electronic Energy Saving Lamps -3U-shape Electronic Energy Saving Lamps -GL Globe Lamps -CD Cylinder Lamps -CL circular Lamps -2D, 2-Piece Lamps -B Ballasts -T Transformers -H, U, CFL Lamp Series -piral type Electronic Energy Saving Lamps.....

Intelux Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

[Pune, India]
Manufactures ballasts suitable for fluorescent lams (18w to 58w), Compact Fluorescent lamps (7w to 55w) and electronic halogen transformers (50W). The ballast technology plat-forms include 30% and 10% PPFC (Passive Power Factor Corrected) and 10% APFC (Active Power Factor Corrected). PRODUCTS :- -UPS -INVERTER -BATTERIES .....

Banner Commercial Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

[Zhongshan, China]
Manufacturer of Lighting Products. Our products include:- Energy Saving Lamps frosted or clear Bulbs Fluorescent Lights and fixtures Wall Lighting Ballasts for lighting .....

Zhenjiang Welkin Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Jiangsu, China]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of Electronic ballasts and Energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Our Products are :- Electronic ballast and Holder Energy-saving lamp Nap-zapper.....

David Cheng Electronics Co

[Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of electronic products & lighting equipments including AC adapter power supply/ linear adapters, switch power supplies, transformer power supply, light ballasts, insect killer, garden lights, DIY sets for garden lights, emergency lights & insect killers.....

Hangzhou Baoshan Electronic Co., Ltd

[Zhejiang, China]
Manufacturing electronic lighting product, especially energy saving lamps and electronic ballasts......

Line Tek Electronics Co., Ltd

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & Exporter of electronic components including AC power supply cords& cord sets, DC cables assembly, electronic ballasts. AC Power Cord. DC Cable - USB CABLE - 2.0 REV. CABLE, 5 Pin MINI USB CABLE, REV1.1 HSG. MINI USB CABLE - USB 1.1--4Pin MINI USB, 4 Pin MINI USB-TINNED. IEEE1394 CABLE - 6 Pin to 6 Pin, 6 Pin to 4 Pin, 4 Pin to 4 Pin. DVI CABLE - DVI 18P+1, DVI 18+1PIN. .....

Orientech Electronics Co. Ltd

[Wujiang, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of PCB, OEM PCBA, Cable Assemblies & electronics accessaries and finished products, Wire Hernesses, Electronic Ballasts, Working Lamps, Transformers & Line, Filter&Coils. .....

Shunde Xinhua Electrical Co., Ltd.

[Foshan City, China]
Manufacturers of home and business lighting plus low voltage appliances, many kinds of fluorescent lighting fixture, Louver fittings, electromagnetic ballast, electronic ballasts, electronic lamp holders, energy saving lamps, Incandescent bulbs, sockets & switches,circuit breakers, leakage circuit breakers. Luxury lighting Fixture- T4 electronic model T8 electromagnetic model T8 el.....

Ujala Lighting, Tulsi Industries

[Pune, India]
Ujala Energy saving lighting products. T5 & CFL street lights and Highbays, Ujala Energy saving ballasts.....

GuangZhou HRP Sci-technology Co.,Ltd

[guangzhou, China]
Our products ranges cover all kinds of automobile HID conversion kits and HID lamps with different color temperature from 4,000K to 30,000K.. We can also supply 35W, 55W HID bulbs and ballasts for flashlights and endoscopes. Insisting on high quality, we are striving to meet all customers' requirements in the markets. .....

Om Microelectronics

[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufacturers of Electronic Ballasts/Electronic Choke, Digital wall clocks, Electronic Keyless safes, LPG leakage Alarm systems, Power Factor controller etc......


[Hyderabad, India]
We are manufacturers of Electronic Ballasts, Electrical Chokes, Plastic Items.....


[Pondicherry, India]
We are the manufacturer and supplier of Light fittings. security systems, electronic ballasts, scrollers, powder coating and genral fabrication.....


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