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telecommunication Member Directory(Ntc+thermistor)

Zhaoqing Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

[Zhaoqing, China]
AT series -- high precision dip NTC thermistor, LT series -- small size high precision dip NTC thermistor, BT series -- high precision NTC thermistor for battery pack, IT series -- high precision NTC for electronic thermometer, CT series -- chip NTC thermistor, FT series -- film type NTC thermistor, GT series -- glass sealed NTC thermistor, PT series -- power type NTC thermistor, TS series -- NTC .....

AMWEI Thermistor

[Shenzhen, China]
Thermistors, PTC Thermistor, NTC Thermistors, Temperature Sensor Probe, Linear PTC Thermistor, PTC thermistor Heater, sensing thermistor, control thermistor, fuse thermistor, thermal resistor, silcon temperature sensor, PTC thermistor over-current protector, meat probe, air conditioner temperature sensor, PTC resettable fuses, limit temperature sensor, inrush current limiting power thermistors, Li.....


[Changshu, China]
We are Manufacturers of Telecommunication over-current Protection Component Heating Loop. Our Products are : 1. Automotive Lamps 2. PTC Thermistor -Telecom Protection PTC Thermistor -Degaussing PTC Thermistor -Motor Starting PTC Thermistor -Oeverload Protection PTC Thermistor -Time Delaying PTC Thermistor -Heating PTC Thermistor -Materials & Components .....

Weihai Hongye Electron limited Company

[Weihai City, China]
Manufacturers & Traders of degaussing element for colour-TV and colour-monitor, thermistor as over-current protective element in telecommunication equipment, motor starter for air conditioner and refrigerator, slow-trip element of energy-saving electric light and electric ballast and various type heating element. PTC degaussing thermistor for Colour-TV and Colour-monitor PTC thermistor of Mo.....


[Pune, India]
Importers & Distributors For All Types of Electronic & Electrical Components. Item(Electronics) * Pia Industrial Corporation :- PAC(CAN Type), PEB (Box Type), PER (Round Type), DTP (Axial Type), PMB (Box Type), PED (Dip Type), PLE, PLS * Master Instrument Corporation Of H.K., Ltd. (Rectifiers /Led Lamps) :- Automobile Rectifiers, Lead Forming Diodes and SMD, Numeric and Symbolic LED's, LED.....

U.S. Sensor

[Orange, United States]
Manufacturers of thermistors, probes and assemblies for temperature measurement, control, and compensation applications. Our product includes: *NTC Thermistors: -Leaded Thermistors -Surface Mount Thermistors -UL Recognized Thermistors -Calibrated Thermistor Probes -Inrush Current Limiting Power Thermistors *NTC Probes and Assemblies: -THERMISTOR PROBE ASSEMBLIES •Threaded .....

Allguy International Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
We are the manufacturer of cds photoconductive cells, photo resister, light develop resister (LCD), photo sensor and thermistor(NTC). Our Product includes: -Cds Photoconductive Cells -Photodiode -Thermistor.....


[Taipei, Taiwan]
Design & Manufacturers of Frequency Control Products, Thermistors, Battery, RF Mouse & Module. Authorized Distributors of Micro Crystal, GE Thermometrics. Frequency Control Components - Piezoelectronic Ceramic, Ceramic Resonator (Though-Hole, SMD), Ceramic Filter, Ceramic Discriminator, Ceramic Trap Quartz Crystal Unit, Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF) - (XT324) 3"2.5 mm 4Pad SMD, (XT424) 4".....

Supertech Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Chaiyi, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of RECYCLE PET FIBER, HIGH MEGA METAL GLAZE RESISTOR, SURGE RESISTOR, Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, Filters, Electrolytic, Ceramic, Components. Our product range includes: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - -Screw type -Snap in type -Axial type -SMT type -Photoflash -Radial type Capacitors C-R Network - -Chip Capacitors -Film Capacitors -Network Capacitors, -Disc.....

Delus Creation Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, China]
Manufacturers of :- Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors Super Hi Cap. Ceramic Chip Capacitors Chip Tantalum Capacitors (MARCON, SPRAGUE) Chip Electrolytic Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors, AC 400V , 50V-3KV Chip Inductors SMT Power Inductors Chock Coils (Large Current) Chock Coils Commom-ModeChock Coil Chip Ferrite Impeders (Bead) Commond-Mode Noise Filter EMI/RFI (T Type) EMI/RFI (T .....

Protocontrol Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

[Pune, India]


[Pune, India]
Importers & Distributors For All Types of Electronic & Electrical Components. We are dealing in High Quality Electronic Components. Our Goal is to satisfy market needs in Electronic Components. To become your best business partner, we deals in top quality Electronic Components Sufficient stock Availability and ensure competitive price & goods. * BAJAJ LUMINARIES - General Purpose Luminaires,.....

New Chien Wei Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Chang Hwa, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Metallized Polyester/ Polypropylene Film Capacitor. Our Products Range Include: - Plastic Film Capacitor* - AC Motor Capacitor - Ceramic Capacitor (& MLCC) - Lighting Capacitor - Metal Oxide Varistor - NTC Thermistor - Photoconductive Cells CDS - Relay - Relay2 - Resistor - Transformer.....

Chengdu Shunkang Electronics Co.,Ltd.

[Chengdu, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of PTC thermistors and chip NTC thermistor (SMD). .....

Chien Wei Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Changhua Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufactrurer & Exporter of electronic passive components focusing on plastic film, metallized polyester, metallized polypropylene film & ceramic capacitor. Plastic Film Capacitor - Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor, Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, Polyester Film Capacitor, Polypropylene Film Capacitor. AC Motor Capacitor - Metallized Film Capacitor - R Series, Metallized Film Capacit.....


[Pune, India]
Importers/Exporters & Distributors For All Types of Electronic & Electrical Components. Our products of Item ( Electronics ) -Pia industrial Corporation - Master Instrument corporation of h.K., ltd. ( rectifiers / led lamps ) -lian sheng electronics co., ltd., taiwan ( resistors ) -rayex & good sky, taiwan ( relays ) -ARITEC ELECTRONICS COMPANY LTD. ( THAILAND ) -elite aluminium .....


[Thrissur, India]
Manufacturer of disc type ntc thermistor for all applications.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturing and marketing of Industrial Electronic Equipments such as Digital Coatmeter, Analog Coatmeter, Coatmeter Fixed Probe, Push Pull Meter, Hardness Testers, Temperature Controlled Solder Bath, Flame Proof Temp., Thermal Motor Protector, PTC Thermistor, Thermal Overload Protector, D.C. Power Supplies, Temp. Cont & Dataloggers, Security Management System, Force Measurement Instruments, Co.....

Durex Industries

[Cary, United States]
A manufacturers of electric heaters and temperature sensors for plastics, packaging, medical, semiconductor processing, foodservice, military technology, and process control applications. Our Product includes: -Band Heaters -Cartridge Heaters -Cast-in Heaters: Plastics Processing -Cast-in Platen Heaters -Ceramic Heaters -Circulation Heaters -Coil Heaters -Custom Application.....

Telecommunication Members Directory(Ntc+thermistor)

T M Electronics (UK) Ltd

[Worthing, United Kingdom]
We are Manufacturers & exporters of Handheld Thermometers:- Single Input Thermocouple Thermometer, Multi Function Thermocouple Thermometer, Dual Input Thermocouple, Thermocouple Thermometer/Simulator, Thermistor Thermometer, PT100 Thermometer. Handheld Probes:- Frozen Food Probe, Heavy Duty Probe, Extended Heavy Duty Needle Probe, Small Diameter Needle Probe, General Purpose Needle Probe, Ext.....


[Seoul, Korea, South]
Manufacturer of gas tube arrester, surge protector, protector panel and PTC thermistor. .....

MILLENNIUM Components Corp.

[Kaohsiung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and exporters of electronics Products. Such as:- -15? PM Type Stepper Motors -42? Slim PM-Type Stepper Motors -35?-Std PM-Type Stepper Motors -42?-Std PM-Type Stepper Motors -42?-Thick PM-Type Stepper Motors -35?-Slim PM-Type Stepper Motors -CAPACITOR -CERAMIC -ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR -QUARTZ CRYSTAL -MICROPROCESSOR CRYSTALS -OSCILLATORS -RESISTOR SERIES -T.....

Accent Enterprise

[Singapore, Singapore]
We are Distributors of Electronics Components & Automotive Spare Parts. Our Products are : 1. Automotive A. Kaz -Bulbs -Colour Wiper With Spoiler -Wiper Blister Pack B. Mintex 2. Electronics A. Semitec -Thermistor B. Walter Walter Fuses C. Namae -Power Switches -Slide Switches -Push Switches -Tactile Switches -Detector Switches -Rotary & Lever Switches.....

Ceiec Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Traders of (1)Electronic components- acoustic components BMS, buzzer, transducer, reciver, condensor passive components ether, capacitor, thermistor, resistor, coils & transforme.(2) Audio & videos- microphones, wireless mic, classical Mic, CB speaker Mic, earphones & headphones. (3)Tester measurement- testing instruments sinometer, digital & analog multimeter, clamp (4)Home appliance- juicer, ov.....

Yezone Industry Co., Ltd.

[DongGuan, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Phone Accessories and Willow Products from China. Our Products are -Data Cable :- Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson/Sony, Alcatel, Panasonic Sagem, Mitsubishi, Philips, Bosch, Usb Data Cable, Data Cable, Kits Flash Data Cable -Housing & Faceplate :- Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson/Sony, Alcatel, Panasonic LG, Kyocera, Audivox, Imi.....

Millennium Components Corp.

[Kaohsiung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of The Most Reliable Electronic Components and Parts Sources. Our Products Range Include: 1. MOTOR: -15? PM Type Stepper Motors -42? Slim PM-Type Stepper Motors -35?-Std PM-Type Stepper Motors -42?-Std PM-Type Stepper Motors -42?-Thick PM-Type Stepper Motors -35?-Slim PM-Type Stepper Motors 2. CAPACITOR: -CERAMIC -ELECTROLYTIC 3. QUARTZ CRYSTAL: -M.....

Avalon Photonics

[Z?rich, Switzerland]
Develops and manufacture semiconductor high speed vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays and other optoelectronic products. Our Product includes: *VCSEL Chips: -3.3 Gbps Multimode VCSEL Chip. -Nx3.125 Gbps Multimode VCSEL Array -10 Gbps Multimode VCSEL Chip -Nx 10 Gbps Multimode VCSEL Array -Nx 10 Gbps Multimode VCSEL Array, Isolated Electrodes *TO-can VCSELs: -2.5 .....

Senso-Therm Control Solutions

[Pune, India]
Thermistor Sensors.....


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