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telecommunication Member Directory(Smd+chip+tantalum+capacitor)

Shenzhen Boxinyuan Electronic Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers of electronics components, electronic components including tantalum capacitors (dipped solid tantalum capacitor, chip tantalum capacitor, wet tantalum capacitors, meta-lcased tantalum capacitor), multi-layer ceramic capacitor (general purpose capacitor inclu-ding axial type ceramic capacitors, chip multiplayer ceramic capacitors, radial ceramic capa-citors and high voltage capacitor).....


[Hyderabad, India]
Traders, Distributors, Exporters and Importers of Electronic components like (outline) Ic's Transistor, Capacitor, Resisters, Diode Capacitor, LCD, Potentionmeters, Switches, Relays, Sockets, Connectors, LED SCR Triacs Display & connectors sensors transmitters. - We carry semiconductors from the following manufacturers : National Semiconductor (NSC), Fairchild Semiconductor (FCH), Philips Semi.....

Delus Creation Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, China]
Manufacturers of :- Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors Super Hi Cap. Ceramic Chip Capacitors Chip Tantalum Capacitors (MARCON, SPRAGUE) Chip Electrolytic Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors, AC 400V , 50V-3KV Chip Inductors SMT Power Inductors Chock Coils (Large Current) Chock Coils Commom-ModeChock Coil Chip Ferrite Impeders (Bead) Commond-Mode Noise Filter EMI/RFI (T Type) EMI/RFI (T .....

Averwin Ltd.

[Shuk Tong Tsui, Hong Kong]
Exporters / Importers, Traders of Electronics components, Consumer products. Our products: - Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits (ICs) - Transistor - SMD Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD Chip Electrolytic Capacitor - SMD Chip Resistors, Diode - Multilayer Capacitor Radial Type - Multilayer Capacitor Axial Type - Tantalum Capacitor Radial - Aluminu.....

Elecsound Electronics Company Limited

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers of high quality, high reliability electronic components. We currently offer a broad range of capacitors, as well as a full line of LED, Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers, LEDs, Varistors, Resistors, Transformers, Switches, Fuse, PCB, Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic capacitors, Mono capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, factory components, Zinc Oxide Varistor and Resistors. Also de.....

Suntan Electronics

[Hong Kong, China]
Exporter of capacitors, capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, x2 capacitor, tantalum capacitor, ceramic capacitor, ceramic trimmer capacitor. Our products including: Film Capacitor (Polyester /Mylar/Metallized) Ceramic Capacitor(Disc/High Voltage/Multilayer) Electrolytic Capacitors(Axial/SMD/Radial ) Tantalum Capacitor(Dipped /SMD) Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor (3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm) Mica, G.....

HongKong Suntan Technology Company

[HongKong, China]
We are manufacturer of full range of capacitors below. -Polyester (Mylar) Film Capacitor -Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor -Ceramic Disc Capacitor Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor - SMD -Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Tantalum Capacitor - Dipped /SMD -Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor switch, inductor, potentiometer etc. -Plastic Film Capacitors -Gold Capacitor -Aluminum Electrolytic .....

Ancol Technology Company Limited

[Guangdong, China]
Manufacturers & Traders of all kinds of capacitors. Polyester (Mylar) Film Capacitor Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Ceramic Disc Capacitor Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor - SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Tantalum Capacitor - Dipped /SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Trimmer- Dipped SMD Plastic Film- Plastic Film Aluminum- Other - AL009D SMD - AL009C General,.....

Shanghai Jinpei Electonics CO,LTD.

[Shanghai, China]
Multilayer ceramic capacitor / MLcc ( Chip capacitor, Radial and Axial leads multilayer ceramic capacitor ); Tantalum capacitor (Chip solid tantalum capacitor, Radial leads solid tantalum capacitor, CA axial leads solid tantalum capacitor and CA30 axial leads wet tantalum capacitor), etc. .....

Zonkas Electronic Co.,Ltd.

[Taichung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electronic Capacitor. Our Products Range Include: -Ceramic Disc Capacitor -Multilayer Ceramic Dip Capacitor (radial / axial) -Multilayer Box Capacitor (mini box / ultramini box) -Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor (Y1, Y2, X1, X2) -Film Capacitor -Electrolytic Capacitor (DIP Type) -Ceramic Chip Capacitor -SMD Electrolytic Capacitor -Resistor -Varistor -.....

Bipole International (H.K.) Ltd.

[Kowloon, Hong Kong]
Suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Various Brand of Electronic Components. Our Products Range Include: 1. Capacitor: -Ceramic Chip Capacitor -Capacitor Array -Ceramic Leaded Capacitor -Tantalum Chip Capacitor -Tantalum Dipped Capacitor -Niobium Capacitor 2. CdS Photo Cell (also called CdS Photo Conductor or Light Dependent Resistor). 3. Micro Lamps: -Axial type .....

Shenzhen Sincerity Technologies Co., Ltd.

[ShenZhen, ]
Traders of Ceramic Chips Capacitor, Chip Tantalum Capaciton, Chip Capaciton / Trimming Capaciton, Chip Diode and Transistor, lc Fixed Chip Inductors, Chip Elec Trolytic Condenser, Chip Resistors / Chip Resiston, Voltage Regulators, Voltage Detecotors, Dc/Dc Converters, SMD Chip Resistor, High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductor, SMD Ferrite Inductor......

Pluspark Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

[Shanghai, China]
The main products that we produced as below : Capacitors range: (1)Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors Radial Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor, PCB mounting Snap-in electrolytic capacitors 85℃, 105℃; Screw terminal Electrolytic capacitors , 2 pins , 4 Pins ; SMD Electrolytic capacitors 85℃, 105℃, 125℃, Conductive Polymer Electrolytic capacitors (2)Tantalum capacitors (SMD/Radial /Wet typ.....


[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer of electronic component. Our product range : polyester [mylar] film capacitor, metallized polyester film capacitor, ceramic disc capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitor, multilayer ceramic chip capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitors-axial/ smd/ radial [strong item], tantalum capacitor - dipped /smd (strong item], ceramic trimmer capacitor, strong item, potentiometer, va.....

Suntan Technology Company Limited

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
We mainly produce Dipped & SMD Tantalum Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with Radial type, Axial type, SMD type, Snap in type, Screw type and LUG type, Radial & SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor, Axial & Radial Metallized Polyester/ Polypropylene Film Capacitor, Safety Standard recognized capacitor - X2, Y1 & Y2, Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor- 3mm, 5mm, 6mm,.....

Supertech Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Chaiyi, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of RECYCLE PET FIBER, HIGH MEGA METAL GLAZE RESISTOR, SURGE RESISTOR, Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, Filters, Electrolytic, Ceramic, Components. Our product range includes: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - -Screw type -Snap in type -Axial type -SMT type -Photoflash -Radial type Capacitors C-R Network - -Chip Capacitors -Film Capacitors -Network Capacitors, -Disc.....


[ShangHai, China]
Manufacturers of electronic components such as Radial Capacitor (CC4, CT4)/Axial Monolithic Capacitor (CC42, CT42); Low and High Tension Laminar Monolithic Capacitor (Chip Capacitance CC41, CT41); Chip Capacitor (CA45) / Radial Capacitor (CA42); Solid Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors(CD11, CD110, CD71, CD288, CD114, CD260, CH)......

Shenzhen BoXinYuan Electronics CO.LTD

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Electronic Products Supplying Dipped, SMD tantalum capacitors, wet tantalum capacitor, Metallized film capacitor(includingpolyester, polypropylene), radial, axial, chip multilayer ceramic capacitors, Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, Thick chip resistor & Varistors......

Suntan Technology Company Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturers & Traders of All kinds of capacitors, Plastic Film Capacitors, Polyester, Metallized, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, Multilayer Ceramic Chip and Multilayer Ceramic (Mono) Capacitors, a full range of Plastic Film Capacitors, Polyester, Metallized, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Aluminum Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, Multilayer Ceramic Chip and Multilayer C.....

Telecommunication Members Directory(Smd+chip+tantalum+capacitor)

PRO-AN Electronic co.,ltd.

[Guangdong, China]

Suntan Tech Co.,LTD

[Hongkong, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Plastic Film Capacitors, Gold Capacitor, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Axial, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Spark Capacitor, Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - Y, Mica Capacitor, Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors, Bead, Inductor, Crystal, Ceramic Resonator for Microprocessors of Cl.....

Heizitsu Technology Corporation

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of :- Switches Connectors Quartz device Switches, Sensors, Motors Connectors E-caps Ics Film chip resistors, Chip fuse, Chip thermistors, High voltage resistors Quartz device Film capacitor, Tantalum capacitors Full range Capacitors, Resonators, Filters E-caps, Chip inductor, Resonators, Switches, Transistors Crystal parts Frequency parts......

Tocon Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of electrical capacitors, including aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, chip, film, and MLCC. Electronic components & parts- (1) electrolytic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, radial capacitors, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, large aluminum electrolytic high voltage capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, plasti.....

Tocon Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of Electronic components & parts- (1)electrolytic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, radial capacitors, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, large aluminum electrolytic high voltage capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, plastic films capacitors, chip capacitors, audio capacitors, AC capacitors, DC capacitors, tantalum capacitors, trimmer capacitors, p.....


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