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telecommunication Member Directory(Terrestrial Products)

Yuan High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Computers & PC peripherals- TV tuners PCI, MPEG 2, 4 encoder PCI, personal video recorder, digital television terrestrial, ATI TV tuner cards, PCI TV tuner cards, USB TV tuner cards, PCMCIA TV tuner cards, mpeg capture card, external TV tuners, digital TV tuners, portable TV tuners, MCE TV tuner card, conexant TV tuner card, Philips TV tuner card, PCI & USB MPEG capture cards, encoder card, USB2.0.....

APH Trading

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer and Distributor of CATV / MATV antenna accessories, isolators, couplers and splitters. Our product range includes : Amplifiers - -STF38R Series Two-Way Distribution Amplifiers -STF28R Series Two-Way GaAs Extension Amplifiers -STF98 Series Broadband Communications Amplifiers -Four Output Ports Amplifier -Mini GaAs Distribution Amplifier -AM-2 Series Two-Way Family Amplif.....

Centre for Development of Telemetics

[New Delhi, India]
Provide Digital Switching systems, Intelligent Network solutions, Access Network products, Voice over IP solutions, SDH & WDM technologies, Satellite Communication systems, Network Management Systems and Operation Support Systems. Our products and services: Circuit Switch, Intelligent Network Solutions for the converged Network, Fixed Line SMS Solution, Convergent Billing and Operation Support .....

Globalsat Electronic Technology Ltd.

[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers of Digital Satellite Receiver FTA and CI, Digital Terrestrial Receiver, and we are expanding continuously to the whole product range including the High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver and Digital Terrestrial Receiver, and PVR receiver. In addition to Digital Receiver, GlobalSat also provides customer with other related products includes DiSEqC Switch, Ku Band Universal LNB, C .....

Emsons Radio Corporation

[New Delhi, India]
We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Car Antennas, Telescopic Antennas, T.V. Indoor Antennas, GPS Antennas, GSM Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Cellular Antennas, Terrestrial Antennas, DVB-T Antennas, Indoor Antennas With Booster. Our Products are 1.Car Radio Antennas :- Our Car Radio Antennas are reputed for their capability to receive strong radio signals. Whether you are traveling through hilly ter.....

Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Suzhou, China]
Manufacturers of PC Accessories and Electronic Appliances for example Bank interest calculator, Telephone fee calculator, CATV converter, RF modulator, Bank cipher-specimen reader, Tax statistics processor, DVBs receiver. Our products range of Digital STB Decoder, DVB-C Digital Cable TV Set Top Box, DVB-T Digital Terrestrial STB Decoder, DVB-T(PVR)Digital Terrestrial STB Decoder, DVB?-S FTA digit.....

Malata Digital CO.,LTD.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers, Exporters & Traders of VCD/DVD/MDVD/PDVD/DVR/home theater, LCD/Plasma/HDTV, cable/satellite/terrestrial DTV receiver, mobile phone, MP3/PMP, household electronics, tax control machine, battery, medical instruments, electronic bicycle, total annual turn out exceed 1.25 billion USD value. - DVB-C (Kabel) - DVB-S (Satellite) - DVB-T (Terrestrial). .....

Emsons Radio Corporation

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of - Car Antennas, Telescopic Antennas, T.V. Indoor Antennas, GPS Antennas, GSM Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Cellular Antennas, Terrestrial Antennas, DVB-T Antennas, Indoor Antennas With Booster. 1. Car Radio Antennas: Our Car Radio Antennas are reputed for their capability to receive strong radio signals. Whether you are traveling through hilly terrain, plains or vall.....

Winpal Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
DVB-C receivers *STB Cable Receiver -TSC-2303 -TSC-2313 DVB-T receivers *Digital Terrestrial Receiver -DVB-T TZT-2313 *STB Terrestrial Receiver -TST-2303 -TST-2813 -TST-2313 -TST-2823 GPS car navigation systems *3.5-inch Car GPS -3.5'' touch screen GPS *3.5-inch Touch Screen GPS Navigation -.5'' touch screen GPS 6010 *Car GPS -4.3'' GPS 6017 6027.....

Winpal Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
DVB-C receivers *STB Cable Receiver -TSC-2303 -TSC-2313 DVB-T receivers *Digital Terrestrial Receiver -DVB-T TZT-2313 *STB Terrestrial Receiver -TST-2303 -TST-2813 -TST-2313 -TST-2823 GPS car navigation systems *3.5-inch Car GPS -3.5'' touch screen GPS *3.5-inch Touch Screen GPS Navigation -.5'' touch screen GPS 6010 *Car GPS -4.3'' GPS 6017 6027.....

Shanghai Etesion Eletronics Co., Ltd.

[ShangHai, China]
Manufacturers and traders of digital audio and video products, home entertainment products and digital multimedia products. Main products range from digital satellite Receiver, CA satellite receiver, DVB-S, satellite receiver, Satellite Dish, DVB-T, terrestrial set top box, DVB-C set top box and DMB-T, DVB-T/S digital products, LNB & Accessories, GSM Car Security, MMPS, all kinds of set top box, .....

Pagaria Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

[Delhi, India]


[Aurangabad, India]
Manufacturing entity of - The US $ 2.1 billion Sterlite Group that has interests in Copper, Aluminum, Mining and Telecom across four continents: Optical Fiber Sterlite Optical Technologies is India's only integrated Optical Fiber manufacturer and is among the largest in South East Asia. Sterlite Optical Fibers are manufactured at ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities and all products comply wi.....

Coship Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Digital Satellite TV Broadcast and Digital Satellite Communication Products. Our Products Range Include: 1. DVB Series: -Digital Satellite STB -Digital Cable STB -Digital Terrestrial STB -Digital PVR STB -DVB Reception PC Card 2. Cabel Modem: -CCM2000 Series 3. IP STB: -COSHIP IPTV Solution -Digital IP STB 4. Led Displayes: -Video Displ.....

SunnyView Tech. Co., Ltd.

[ Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Leading technology companies engaged in development, manufacturing and design of premium products 4 in 1 Multimedia Wireless Presenter, Power Supply, Mini Barebones, External Enclosure, PCI Digital Satellite TV Receiver Card, USB2.0 Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver box, 2004 NEW External enclosure for 3.5" Hard Drive to USB2.0, 16x DVD Duplicator .....

Novra Technologies Inc.

[Manitoba, Canada]
Develops broadband receivers, transceivers, and gateways for satellite, terrestrial wireless and cable applications. Our Product includes: *Datacasting Products: -IPE-410C - IP Encapsulator -IPE-440C - IP Encapsulator -S75 - Satellite Receiver -S75CA-Satellite Receiver with Conditional Access -A75 - ATSC Receiver -C75 - Cable Receiver .....

Malata Digital Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufactures DCB satellite receivers and related products. Our product includes: -DVB-C Digital TV Cable Receiver -DVB-S Digital TV Satellite Receiver -DVB-T Digital TV Terrestrial Receiver .....


[Zhuhai, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Analogue & Digital Satellite Receivers(DVB-S: FTA, FTA+PATCH), Digital Cable Receiver(DVB-C), Digital Terrestrial Receiver(DVB-T), Internet Receiver(DVB-IP), Satellite Dish Antennas, Ku/C Band LNBF, DiSEqC switch, Multi Switch and Other Satellite receiving accessories and digital equipment. Our Products are :- -C / Ku Band LNB :- Ku Band LNB C Band LNB .....


[Guangdong, China]
Manufacturers of: Digital Terrestrial Television Receiver Car Audio/Video Products Analog Scrambler/Decoder System Digital Headend Equipments Portable DVD Players......

Telecommunication Members Directory(Terrestrial Products)

Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Development, Manufacturer and Distributor of digital satellite TV broadcast and digital satellite communication products. Our product range includes: DVB Series - -Digital Satellite STB -Digital Cable STB -Digital Terrestrial STB -Digital PVR STB -DVB Reception PC Card Cable Modem - -CCM2000 Series IP STB - -COSHIP IPTV Solution -Digital IP STB LEC Displays - -Vide.....

V.Torch Electronics Limited

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Electronic components including SAW filters& SAW resonators, ceramic resonators and GPS patch antennas& active antennas. Our Products are :- - SAW Components for Automotive Electronics & Remote Control :- Front End SAW Filters One Port SAW Resonators Two Port SAW Resonators - SAW Filters for Mobile Communication & Network :- RF SAW Filters for Cel.....

Emsons Radio Corporation

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Car Antennas, Telescopic Antennas, T.V.Indoor Antennas, GPS Antennas, GSM Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Cellular Antennas, Terrestrial Antennas, DVB-T Antennas, Indoor Antennas With Booster, Antenna Cables & Power Antennas, Car Radio Antennas GSM Antennas - Transmission Systems/Inside on/Glass mount Antenna Series, Transmission Systems/Out Door Dual-Band Yagi A.....

Emsons Radio Corporation

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Car Radio Antennas, Indoor TV Antennas / Terrestrial Antenna / DVB-T Antennas(Active & Passive), Telescopic Antennas, GPS Antennas, GSM Antennas.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters, Services of Electronics Hardware Exporter from the Indian sub-continent. Our total business capabilities encompass - EMS, Electronic Design Services, RFID & Speaker Coils, Power Supplies, Precision Assemblies : Optical & Magnetic, Memory Solutions, Repair Services, High Fidelity Audio Amplifiers, Digital Set-Top-Boxes : Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial. .....


Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of VCD player. - Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver(DVB-T) - MP4 PLAYER - TFT LCD MONTOR&TV - Portable VCD Player - PORTABLE DVD PLAYER......

Changzhou New Epoch Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer of Articles Of Daily Use : Baby Bathing Chair Bag For Baby Mat Of Mobile Baby Station Auto Parts : Auto PArts & Accessories Air Freshener Electronic : DVB-C Digital Cable TV Set Top Box DVB-S CA & CI Digital Satellite Receiver DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Receiver......

Prism IP Solutions Ltd

[Surrey, United Kingdom]
Provides connectivity and interconnection solutions across terrestrial, radio and satellite technologies. Our Product Solutions: *Retail: The retail industry is characterised by vast numbers of anonymous customers, and in larger chains a high staff turnover. Read about how our solutions can help you capitalise on this and turn it to your advantage. *Hotels: Hoteliers are constantly imp.....


[Tokyo, Japan]
Manufacturer of mobile phones. Our Product Ranges:- Nokia 3410 Nokia 3510 Nokia 5210 Nokia 5510 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6510 Nokia 6210 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3330 Nokia 6250 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8850 Nokia 8890 Nokia 9210 Nokia 9210i Nokia 3210 Nokia 5110 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6090 Nokia 7110 Nokia 8810 Nokia 9110 Nokia 9110i Nok.....

Imply Technology

[Santa Cruz, Brazil]
Manufacturer & Exporter of lanes and accessories bowling game, highest technology TaccoBall, TaccoKids and AirGame, Electronical Communication:- electronical panels and electronical newspaper, Transit Intelligent:- intelligent traffic lights, radars and intelligent traffic signs, touch. Electronic Recreatives:- Bowling - iBowling, Bowling - Accessories, Bowling - History, Bowling - Mini Bowli.....

DTV interactive

[Seoul, Korea, South]
DTVinteractive is the best professional developing company for digital broadcasting that develops and provides the test & measurement solution for mobile TV (DMB, DVB-H, ISDB-T etc), terrestrial/satellite/cable digital broadcasting. DTVinteractive develops and provides measurement system for R&D/mass-production of digital TV, digital set-top box and DMB/DVB-H receiver manufacturers. Since 20.....

Forever Tech LNC.(shenzhen)

[Shenzhen, China]
Dreambox DM500S, Dreambox DM500T, Dreambox DM500C, Dreambox DM100S, DreamBox DM600PVR, Dreambox DM600C, Dreambox DM600T, Dreambox DM7020Si, Dreambox DM7025, Dreambox DM800HD, Dreambox DM8000HD-C, Dreambox DM800HD-S, Dreambox DM500HD.Openbox series: Openbox F300, Openbox F500, Openbox X730PVR, Openbox X750PVR, Openbox X770CIPVR, Openbox X800, Openbox X810, Openbox X820CI, openbox X540, openbox X560.....

trinloc gmbh

[Rheinbreitbach, Germany]
Digital receivers for DAB / DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast), DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting ? Terrestrial), Internet and DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). .....

Computronics Systems (India) Private Limited

[Indore, India]
Instalation and ground support of VSAT systems, point to point and meshed corporate networks, Internet and VoIP provision - Internet provision - Terrestrial communications - radiolinks and radionetworks, WLAN systems, remote sensors - Development of high-performance, high-quality antenna devices - Evaluation and installation of protective grounding systems and lighting protections .....

hk forever well business co.,ltd

[skype:tinasz86, China]
Dreambox 800HD-S/C, Dreambox DM500S/C/T, Dreambox 600s/c, Dreambox 600 tv equipment, Dreambox 7020si, Dreambox 7025, openbox x540, openbox f500, openbox f300, openbox x800, openbox x810, openbox 820si, openbox x730PVR, openbox x750PVR, openbox x770CIPVR, IPBOX 250PVR, IPBOX 200S, opticum 9500HD, AZBOX X710USB(PVR), AZBOX S700USB(PVR), AZbox x720usb(PVR), starsat x7100usb/cu, starsat x7300usb/cu, s.....


[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers Of Electronic Products. Our Products : ? ESD Instrumentation / Aids used in Electronic Manufacture ? Security Products ? Air Purification Products ? Other Products 1 ? Other Products 2. ESD Instrumentation Products : ? Wriststrap Tester (Z102) ? Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester ? Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous Workstation & Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous W.....


[Moorestown, United States]
Sells RF Microwave components, fiber optic test equipment and fiber optic components. Our Product includes: -Analyzers & Scramblers for S-, C-, & L-Band -Arbitrary Waveform Generators -ARINC 429 Products -ASEs -ASE Source -Attenuators - Smart & High Power -AU Ribbon Attachment -Automated Test Systems -Automated Tuner Systems -Avionics Interfaces -BER Test Solutions -Bias.....


[KARAMA, United Arab Emirates]
We are Manufacturer of following Products -Consumer Products USB Products Portable Multimedia Player Products Bluetooth -Sensors Proximity Sensor Thermal sensor Optic Sensor Vibration Sensor Pressure Sensor Ultrasonic Sensors Special Sensors Environmental Sensors Smoke & Gas Sensors Infrared Sensors - GPS GPS Receivers Hand Held GPS Systems GPS Modules GPS+GS.....


[Bangalore, India]
Supply, Exporter of - Quality networking products and fiber optic products in India. RF Repeaters Very high quality, auto level control, remote/local monitoring, compact design & economical RF repeaters for in-building (high rising buildings, work places), CDMA & GSM telecommunication network. 10mV Repeaters for DCS 1800 network, which is perfect solution to enhance a quality of wireless cov.....

Foryou Group Co., Ltd.

[Huizhou, China]
We are manufacturers of Electronic prodcuts, Medical products, Chemical products, Energy products, Photoelectric products, Other products also. |-Electronic Prodcuts: |--Mechanism |---Home audio disc cassette mechanism |---Car audio disc cassette mechanism |---Home audio cassette mechanism |---Car audio cassette mechanism |--Car audio Products |---Car Multimedia CD/VCD/MP3/C.....


[Santa Clara, United States]
Manufacturer of semi conducter. GaAs is a semiconductor material that has an electron mobility several times faster than that of silicon.
Main Products:
Handset Products,Networking Products,Wireless LAN Products,Fiber Optic Products,Radio Products,General Semiconductor Product,Aerospace and Defence Products.

PCS Products
Power Amplifiers/MMICs
QuadAmp Power Amplifier Modules

Richardson Electronics, Ltd.

[LaFox,Il, United States]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of CCTV, Fire, Burglary, Access Control, Sound and Communications Products and Accessories. We such as Following Provided Services are Engineered OUR PRODUCTS ARE :- -AVIONICS & MARINE PRODUCTS :- Radar Components Navigational Components Antennas and Test Equipment -BROADCAST PRODUCTS :- Antennas Microwave Sate;;ote Stidio Trams, otters Tubes Vi.....

General Components Inc

[New York, United States]
We rare manufacturers of a complete line broadband networking products.We are manufacturing Plastic Optical Fiber products ( POF ). GCI makes the widest range of entry-level to high-end modular systems, UTP, FTP, STP cables, Patch Cords, Panels, Jacks, Plugs, Optical Fiber and Plastic Optical Fiber Cables , Connectors, Adapters, Converters, Switches, Home PNA, ADSL and wireless solutions. Ou.....

mobile electronic

[mumbai, India]
Dear friend, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that confidential information is The key to running a successful business profitably .Vital leads, references and Private data form the basis of many well-timed decisions. Such information can Also prove disastrous for your business if leaked out. Information is not only vital To businesses, but also plays an important role in relati.....

GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Electronic and Information Products and service. Our Products are :- -Automation & Telemetry, Telecontrol and Telecom System :- SCADA monitoring & control system software Billing management system YC-1040A Telemetric Remote Terminal YC_1050A Telecontrol Remote Terminal (based on PLC) YC-1070 Centralized monitoring & control system for power & environment o.....

Instant InfoSystems

[Torrance, United States]
We Provide Services is a leading provider of technology based communications solutions for business. We provide fax servers and other business communications tools, in-house training facilities, a full-service help desk and 24/7 technical support to organizations that value a partnership with their vendors. We provide fax servers, document delivery, and other business communications solutions .....

Catchview Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer representative, trader and exporters of security products. PRODUCTS : -CCTV Products -Alarm Products -Fire Products -Accessories -CCD Cameras -D&N Cameras -Outdoor LED Cameras -Dome Cameras -Covert Cameras -Other type cameras -CCTV Lens and Embedded DVR -Alarm system products such us photo beams, PIR, magnetic contacts. CCTV Products : -Cameras -Lens -Monitor -DV.....

Shanghai Shininess Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers and Traders of Electrical products. - LED - Lighting - Switches - plug, socket and outlet - Home Appliance - Meter and Instrument - lighting source(bulb) - Lighting Components - Adaptor - Porcelain - Electronic Products - Auto Accessory - Circuit Breaker And Contactors - Insulation Meterials - Garden Products - Transformer - Optical Products - S.....


[Chennai, India]
HECL has been extending HNS' very small aperture terminal [VSAT] systems, to meet the networking needs of major corporations, telecommunications service providers, and government. These networks provide rapid, reliable transmission of data, voice, and video to an unlimited number of sites.We provide Enterprise services, Broadband services and Global Education services.We offer you Satcom and Broad.....

Knight Electronics Corporation

[Uniondale, United States]
We Provide Services of a value added, broadline distributor of the electronics' procurement market and services major manufacturers, C.E.M.'s, R&D facilities, and repair shops worldwide! Knight Electronics supports original equipment manufacturers, sub-contractors, R&D centers, and equipment repair fascilities. We work with procurement professionals and engineering groups that require electron.....

Raycap Corporation

[Athens, Greece]
Manufacturing and service company with diversified products for the telecommunications, energy, pipeline and the electronics-defense industries. -Telecommunications End-to-end infrastructure solutions for fiber optic networks Heat-shrinkable joints for all types of cables Connectors and tools for their installation Cross-connect applications Inflatable Duct Sealing System Antennas .....

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

[Cypress, United States]
Products: Mitsubishi Electric US markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products. These include semiconductor and optoelectronic devices; high-definition televisions, DVD players and VCRs; stadium display screens; systems and components for automobile manufacturers; elevators and escalators; heating and air conditioning systems; factory automation equipment;.....


[DongGuan, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Phone Accessorie, Digital Products and Consume Electronic Products. - Our Products are :- Mobile phone LCD Mobile phone housing Mobile phone spare parts Serial data cable USB data cable Repairing stations Repairing tools Dual sim cover adapter Mobile phone charger Mobile phone battery Mobile phone handsfree Mobile phone case Bluetooth headset US.....

Inter-Tel Technologies

[Arizona, United States]
We providing simple business telephone systems, to offering value-driven communications products; applications utilizing networks and server-based communications software; and a wide range of managed services that include voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, custom application development and financial solutions. An industry-leading provider focused on the communication needs o.....

Foryou Multimedia Electronics Co.,Ltd.

[Hangzhou, China]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Car VCD/CD/MP3 players, amplifiers, and TFT monitors, as well as DVD pickups, DVD-R/CD-R auto-writing systems, and lottery POS machines. Our product range includes: -Portable DVD Products -CAR VCD / MP3 / CD Products -CAR CD / MP3 Products -Mechanism Products -CAR CDC Products -CAR POWER AMPLIFIER Products -POS Products -Pick-ups & Accessories Products .....

Kelilong Electron Co.Ltd

[fuan, China]
Kelilong Electron Co.Ltd, established in May 1993 and awarded by Fujian Standard Measurement Bureau the manufacture licence of measuring utensils under the serial No.00000136, is a specialized manufacturer and marketer of the analytic instruments and meters. Currently, the company mainly devotes itself to water quality detection, RPM rotary speed measurement, air quality testing and the productio.....


[MUMBAI, India]
Telecom Products: Telecom operations of HCL INFINET LTD provide Voice, data and video solutions for the enterprise segment. Partnering with world leaders like Ericsson, Tandberg and Samsung we provide state-of-the-art products and solutions for Enterprise requirements. HCL is one of largest supplier of PBX, and iPBX systems in the country. Our telecommunication products includes -Key Telephon.....


[Lucknow, India]
Dealers in All Kinds Of General Items.We deal in the following products and services -
Technoaid - Repairs-warranty and non-warranty, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Up gradations, Installations, Software calls of IT, Telecom, Data safety and recovery calls and we deal in All Telecom Products, All IT Products, All Audio and video products, Set top boxes.
Retail Products - GSM Mobile Handsets,.....

Texonic Instruments

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Lifestyle products, Cell accessories, Networking products, Security products, Sony ericsson, Uniross, Industrial instruments, Storage boxes. Lifestyle products : Audio-Video, Clocks, Computer Accessories, Gadgets, Home-Healthcare, PDA Accessories, Torch Light, Turn Table, Thermo-Hygrometer. Cell accessories : Bluetooth, Cell Holders, Chargers, Data Cables, Hands .....

Telecom Estate

We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Phones and Accessories. OUR PRODUCTS ARE :- - CHARGERS :- Original Compatible Emergency Desk-Top - BATTERY PACKS :- Original Compatible - HOUSING COMPATIBLE :- Nokia Siemens - HOUSINGS :- Original Pictures Designs Parts - CAR PRODUCTS :- Original Compatible Car Kits - HANDS FREE KITS :- Original Compatible Wi.....

Electromack Systems India

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers, Exporter, Importer of Power Products, Alarm Systems, Fire Panels and Gas Detector Panels, Inverters and Battery Chargers. Products : Wireless Communication Products - CTCSS designed for Motorola Monitor 2, 3 and 4 pagers a CTCSS unit works in low voltage from 2 volt to 3.2 volts. Educational Products - are Decade box IC trainer DC power supply etc. Power Products - Power P.....


[New Delhi, India]
Authorized Distributor of ELECTRONICS components. Communications Solutions : Intel : Intel is the largest supplier of chips for the communications market, shaping the future of computing and communications. Intel provides critical communications technologies, components, and solutions for businesses worldwide. Choose from a veriety of products available under: Ethernet, Network Processor.....

Peregrine Technology Sdn Bhd.

[Subang Jaya, Malaysia]
Supplier of Mass Storage Products. Our Products Range Include: -Ricoh CD-R Products -Fujifilm Digital Imaging products -Sony Digital Camera -Pretec Digital Storage products -Pioneer CD-ROM Products -Iomega Zip and Jaz Products -Adaptec SCSI Card .....

Anhui Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[Anhui, China]
Traders & Exporters of automobiles and spare parts, household electrical appliance, electric products, metal products, mineral products, drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, garments, textile raw materials, bedding pieces, feather and down products, toys, stationery and sports goods, native and by-animal products, drawnwork and embroideries, bags and suitcases, hats and shoes.....

Thomas Industrial Network

[New York, United States]
Manufacturers of TV, radio, cellular, wireless, mobile, and mast antennas. Our product includes: -Adhesives and Sealants -Agricultural and Farming Products -Architectural and Civil Engineering Products -Automatic ID -Chemical Processing and Waste Management -Cleaning Products and Equipment -Communication Systems and Equipment -Computer Hardware and Peripherals -Construction E.....

Shenzhen Aetig Electronics Co,. Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers of :- Wireless products Audiovisual products Promotional products Digital products Metal products Plastic products Automotive electronic products. .....


[Chengdu, China]
Our main products digital audio/video products, communication navigation products, wireless transmission products, antennas, electronic component:inductive coils,rf connectors,transformer etc., microwave rf products, special electronic equipment, power supply, broadband access equipment, patio heater.
Antennas - SWATGD Double Channel Survey Antennas,
SWTGA GPS Single Channel Survey A.....

Aceratek Industrial Co., Ltd.

[CHANG HWA, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of ceramic products and lamp holder. Our product range includes: Application of Terminals : Terminals of 3C Products - Computer products - A. Personal Computer: Power Suppliers, UPS B. Industrial Personal Computer: Mother boards, Control Panels. C. Computer Peripherals: Scanners, Printers, Copy Machines Communication Products - A. Control systems and devices for c.....

Shenzhen Aetig Electronics Co,. Ltd

[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers of:- Wireless products- Pc keyboard remote control Wireless color camera system Wireless pc camera system Mini CCD camera Mini wireless spy camera Receiver Cordless interphone Audiovisual products- Equalizer Amplifier DVD Portable DVD Promotional products- Sim card backup Witchcraft flashlight Flash-fan Alarming Digital products- MP3 DV X Digital PC came.....


[Yuyao, China]
We specialize in ESD & Cleanroom series.Our products mainly includes the following products. ESD products & Cleanroom products. Our range products:- 1.Cleanroom Products:- Sticky Mat Sticky Roller & Handle Garment Clean & ESD Fabric Shoe Glove Finger Cots Wiper Face mask Shoe cover Exposure Suit, Cap Clean Mop 2. ESD Products:- SMT Magazine Rack .....

Airwave Technologies Inc.

[Hsinchu, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of As a high technical wireless communication company, Airwave Tech. Inc. Is committed to offer high quality and cost competitive wireless and microwave products. The products are marketed worldwide. Major products comprised wireless consumer electronic products, wireless security system, custom-designed wireless products. Our wireless baby monitor, RF module and wireless video .....


[Shenzhen, China]
We are manufacturer of Home Theatre, Car DVD, Car Read DVD, Multiple Media Player and Multiple Media Dispaly. Our products include:- -Digital Broadcast Products -DVB-S DVB-T -Digital Player Products -Common DVD MINI DVD Super MINI Slim Door DVD Portable DVD DVD -Theater Karaoke DVD Card Read DVD Car DVD Divx+DVD DVD -Recorder Hi-Definition DVD -Digital Network Products -IP TV -L.....

YPco Electronics - Yitsis Peter Co.

[Athens, Greece]
YPco distributes the products of the following manufacturers: ACE (UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supplies) ACME (Fastening Metal and Plastic Devices) Anderson APP-REMA (Battery Motive Products Connectors) BetaTHERM (Thermistors) Data Instruments (Sensors) E+E electronics (Sensors) ELCUT (Fuses Themal Cutoffs TCO's) Harris - Littelfuse (Suppression Products - Varistors) Hilpress (Te.....

Electromotor Protection Co.,Ltd

[Guangdong, China]
We deals in manufacturing electric protection unit " n" contol, for circuit, transformer and electromotor protection, electric transducer and bus monitor control. Our Product includes: -Whole set Products GCS Cupboard Products Blockset Cupboard products XGN2-12 cupboard products SF6 circle switch cupboard products KGN8-12 set AC metal seal switch equipment -Intellectual Products -Elec.....

Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer in queue management system. Our Products Ranges:- CQTech is an international company that is set up and registered in Shanghai City , P.R.China in April 2005. Its principal business comprises value added high tech products, products distribution and sales, as well as related consultant services, CQTech also acts as a distributor for many local and overseas products with exclusive.....

Millitech, Inc.

[Massachusetts, United States]
Manufacturers of :- Millimeter-wave Products Millitech, Inc., offers the broadest line of millimeter-wave products in the industry, including components, assemblies and systems covering a range of 18 to 300 GHz. Millitech?s products serve a wide range of applications in communications, military, space, industrial and research markets, which overlap considerably. For example, a Millitech m.....

Pacific Region Hong Kong Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer and leading Exporter for PC products in mainland China. Our main products are LAN cards, sound cards, VGA cards, SCSI cards, fax modem, keyboards, mice, ink cartridges. Our product range includes: Computer Peripherals - -Mother board -CD-ROM -FDD -Modem Card -Mouse -Keyboard -Scsi Card -Soft disk -Sound card -Headphone -Speaker -Monitor -CPU Coolers -VG.....

kaizen enterprises

[Nagpur, India]

Welmark International Co.,Ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Welmark International Co., Ltd. Is a special manufacture and supply of EAS products in China .Having about more than five years of experience in producing all kinds of EAS systems devices and accessories, such as RF&EM anti-shoplifting systems devices, RF/EM/AM hard tag, soft label, magnetic strip, lanyard, bottle tag, milk tag, pencil tag, ink tag, safer, all kinds of tag pins and EAS detacher, .....

Shenzhen Futurelooks Automation System Co.,Ltd.

[ShenZhen, ]
Manufacturers of wireless products and a trade company of computer accessories. USB series products, Wireless series products, Computer and external device, software, Industry automation products and system. - USB series products: USB Light, USB Hub, USB Hub-mouse Pad, USB Memory, USB Speaker, USB Piano, USB Keyboard and Mouse, USB Flexible keyboard, USB Handhold Mouse, USB Copy line and Net l.....


[Baroda, India]
We manufacture cutting edge products like the Digital and ISDN KTS, Digital PBXs, Voice Messaging Products, GSM FCT Routers, Public Address Systems, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. We manufacture PBXs for Small Offices and Residences, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, Voice Messaging Products[Voice mail,.....


[Baroda, India]
We are manufacturer of Engineering Products Distributors for electronics, electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering products all together in gujarat. Interested to supply cable.Connectors and telecommunication products .
you can enquire for any odd/obsolete components and products
Electronic Components:-Semiconductors, Hardware, Integrated Circuits, Manufacturers Data, PCB P.....


[Pune, India]
Line Of Business
Design & Development of Electronic Products
Manufacturers of Electronic Security & Fire Alarm Products for OEM
Central Monitoring Station System.
Design & Development of customized Automatic Test Equipment [ ATE ]
Quality Policy
We continuously endeavor to incorporate the highest level of quality and reliability in our products and services, to.....

FOCI, Fiber Optic Communications, Inc.

[Hsinchu, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of for Fused Biconical Tapered (FBT) Couplers and WDMs. Our Products are :- -Interconnects :- CONNECTOR / ADAPTOR PARTS :- Adaptors Connectors Sleeves Bare Fiber Adaptors Ferrules TOOLS :- Connector Polishing Machine Assembly Toolbox Termination Toolbox Polishing Toolbox PIGTAILS / PATCHCORDS :- Angled Fiber Pigtails/ Patchcords Multi-fiber Fan-out Pigtails/ .....

Guang Hua Industry Import and Export Corporation

[Guangzhou, China]
We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting the electrical, electronic and lighting products. Our Range Of Product : Series 1: Electric power products supplied by our professional factory, including high-quality steel tower, hot-dip galvanized lighting poles, concrete poles and ect. Series 2: UL-listed, GS and SAA aproved lamps snd light bulbs including halogen lamps, energy-saving la.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Acoustic And Signaling Products. PRODUCTS : -Electronic Sirens -Piezo Siren -Beacon lights -EL Products -LCD Clocks -Audio-Visual Products -Accessories -Acoustic products -Signaling Products -Horn speaker -Spoken alarm -Metal body sirens -Strobe lights -Signals -Beacon lights -Police Sirens -Ambulance lights -Railways signals. Accessories : -.....

Taiwan Golden Ent. Co., Ltd.

[Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of American Tyco Electronics which are Raychem & A.M.P., includes varied kinds of heat-shrinkable tubes and connectors. The major products are heat-shrinkable tubes and heat-shrinkable tubes with modified polyamide adhesives ( agent for Sumitube and Longwell), insulating tapes and teflon tapes ( agent for Chukoh, Nitto Denko and DIC). (1) heat shrinkable tubes- sumi tubes, longwell .....

Myson Technology Inc.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufactures of provide total solutions for displays, ranging from Smart Panels as an integration of the timing controller and scaler, RGB analog-to-digital converters (ADC), low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and transmission minimized differential signaling (TMDS) transmitters and receivers, TFT source drivers, and TFT gate drivers. Communication products- Communication and media peri.....

Shenzhen Jintan Trading Development Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen City, China]
Manufacturers of :- Popular Products : Children's mobile phone Vogue MP3 glasses Vogue MP3 watch Safety Products Children's sleep alarm Wet bed alarm. Mobile Phone and Accessory : Battery Charger Bluetooth handset Mobile phone Decoration Holder Housing Phone lens Wireless Keyboard. Storage Battery : Car storage battery Ship storage battery. Handicraft : Wi.....

Tim Industries

[Sheung Wan, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturers and exporters of following products:- -Miyota:Big and Medium Size VCD Players -Miyota:DVD Players -Pearl:Table Clock with Snooze/Light Function -Miyota:Portable VCD Players -Nishica:IRON -Pearl:Table Clocks -TELEPHONE PRODUCT:Basic Telephones -Miyota:TFT TV's & Monitors -Pearl:Wall Clocks -Miyota:Mini Compo with VCD Players -Pearl:Fancy Clocks -TELEPHONE PRODUCT:.....

Honey Teq Automations

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers of security products : Security Products:- - Access Control - Auto Dialer - Alarm Panels Video Products:- -Video Text Inserter -Teleye Wireless Communication Products:- - Radio Modem - Voice Scrambler - Voice Encryptor - Tone Signaling - Voice Storage Wireline Communication Products:- - Auto dialer - Embedded Modem - Telephone Voice Scrambler - Voice Encrypt.....

Senton Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taoyuan, Taiwan]
Manufacture & exporter of various antennas, cellular accessories, PDA accessories, computer peripherals, wireless LAN antennas, OEM and ODM electronic products. Electronic components & parts- (1) antennas- stubby & rubber antennas, mobile ( cellular) phone antennas, OEM & ODM antennas. (2) cellular ( mobile) phone accessory ( accessories)- cellular flash stickers & clips. (3) PDA & smart phone .....

Catvision Products Ltd.

[NOIDA, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- CATV PRODUCTS - Catvision markets a range of head-end and distribution products that meet international specifications and are brand leaders in the domestic market. These products are sold by Catvision to MSOs, independent cable operators and institutional customers like hotels and company townships. Products include a range of fiber optic transmitters & nodes, .....

Pacific Region HongKong Limited.

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Manufacturers & Exportere for PC products and Home Appliances. Oue Prodcuts Range Include: 1. Network Accessory: -Modules -Patch Panels -Lan card -Lan Cable -Network Tools -Face Plate -Fiber optic category -Modular Plug -Router -Switch -Patch Cord -Cisco Products -D-link Products -Amp Products -3com/intel Products 2. New: -Shake Torch -Usb watch -Christmas 3. Dig.....

Taiwan Golden Ent. Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of:- American Tyco Electronics which are Raychem & A.M.P., includes varied kinds of heat-shrinkable tubes and connectors. The major products are heat-shrinkable tubes and heat-shrinkable tubes with modified polyamide adhesives ( agent for Sumitube and Longwell), insulating tapes and teflon tapes ( agent for Chukoh, Nitto Denko and DIC). Electronic components & parts-heat shrinkable.....

TeluCom, LLC

[Taneytown, United States]
We Provide Services of TeluCom provides consultation and practical analysis of our customers' communication systems, assisting them in system improvement, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our Products :- TDMA :- Time Division Multiple Access is one of two digital standards developed in North America. It provides the same general features and capabilities as GSM. It is most widely deployed.....

Crystal Communications, Inc.

[Florida, United States]
Provides telecommunications consulting and contracting services and equipment, mainly, but not limited to the cruise ship and maritime industry. Our Line of Quality Products Include: -Iridium Products -Globalstar products -Inmarsat products -MSAT products -Satellite TV products Our Services Includes: - Telecommunications project planning and design - Project Management - Provider.....

Reach Communications

[Secunderabad, India]
All Kinds Of Networking & Wireless Products •SOHO Routers •Wireless Mini Pci Cards •Surge Arrestor •Dish Antenna •Omni Directional Antenna •Grid Antennas •Whip Antenna •Patch Antenna •Sector Antenna •Back Fire Antennas •Wide Band Antennas • 2 & 4 Way Splitter •CCTV & IP Cameras •Lan Extenders & Lan Bridges •Mikrotik Products •Ubiquiti Products â€.....

David-Link Fingerprint USA Corp.

[City of Industry, United States]
Technology has been progressed quickly, but there are lots of inefficient and unstable time attendance products in India, and people are still buying them because they have no choices. However, the time recorder industry in the United States has been more and more competitive and people have experienced the difference between the traditional time clocks and the biometric time & attendance syste.....


[Mumbai, India]
Digital Imaging Products: Digital Camera, SLR Camera, DV Camcorder, HandyCam, Scanner, LCD/DLP Projector, Binoculars.
Digital Lifestyle Products: SmartPhones, PDA, Palm Pilot, handhelds,Pocket PC, NoteBooks, iPod, MP3 Music Players.
Printing Systems & Softwares: Photo Printer, Color Laser Printer, MFD, Multifunction Laser Printer, Copiers, Softwares.
System Biometrics - Security Produ.....


[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers and traders of purvey Digital Products, Electronics Gifts, Vogue Gifts. Our products are - Digital Products : MP4 Player, MP3 Player, USB Flash Disk, Fingerprint Products, Mini Hifi Sound Box, Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Headphone, Digital Camera, Web Camera(PC Camera), SIM Card Backup, USB HUB with PC Gift and Other Digital Products. - Electronics Gifts : Torch/Flash Light, C.....

InB Valuemart Limited.

[Mumbai, India]
WEIGHING SCALES & SYSTEMS: Retail & Industrial Weighing Scales, Post & Parcel Weighing Scales, Jewellery Weighing, etc. SAFETY & SECURITY PRODUCTS: Electronic Safes, CCTV System, Fire Alarm Systems etc. MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Pallet Truck, Stackers etc. BANKING EQUIPMENTS: Counters, Binding & Strapping Machines etc. OFFICE PRODUCTS: Biometric products, Time recorder Series, Water Dispens.....

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