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telecommunication Member Directory(Oem+odm)

Jian's Household Electrical Appliances

[Foshan, China]
Company specializes in Computerized and Non-Computerized Rice Cookers, Slow Cookers, Soup Cookers, Steamers and Herbal Kettles; all made from authentic Chinese Purple Clay, also known as Zisha. Our main Products are:- -Intelligent purple sand electric cooking pot -10 series purple sands electric cooking pots -Computerized Purple Clay Slow Cooker Series -Computerized Purple Clay Rice Cook.....

Connekt Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Tainan Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX, BNC, N, F, ANTENNA, MINI UHF, TNC, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, ADAPTOR, REVERSE POLARITY Series and precision machined part. We also offer OEM, ODM of components manufacturing service. Electronic parts and components- (1) RF connectors- SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX, BNC, N, F, ANTENNA , MINI UHF, TNC, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, ADAPTOR, REVERSE POLARITY series. (.....

Senton Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taoyuan, Taiwan]
Manufacture & exporter of various antennas, cellular accessories, PDA accessories, computer peripherals, wireless LAN antennas, OEM and ODM electronic products. Electronic components & parts- (1) antennas- stubby & rubber antennas, mobile ( cellular) phone antennas, OEM & ODM antennas. (2) cellular ( mobile) phone accessory ( accessories)- cellular flash stickers & clips. (3) PDA & smart phone .....

Comefresh Electronic Industry Co.,Ltd./QLAC Group Corporation

[Quanzhou, China]
We are manufacturers of humidifier, air cleaner, air cooler, heater and other consumer electronics. Our products include:- -Ultrasonic humidifier -Air Purifiers -Air Coolers And Heaters -Before-sales Services Prompt response Any of the enquiry from our clients will be replied within 24 hours. Sample Availability & Policy - For the samples with cost less than 20 US$, we are us.....


[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and Dealers in Multimedia Speaker, Home Audio, Gaming Audio, Home Theatre, VCD Player and Computer Accessories. OEM/ODM for the Products are available......

Polyimage (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

[Shandong, China]
Manufactures & Exporters Of Mobile Phone Dummies, Housings, Battery Packs, Displays. Our Products Range Include: • Binoculars • Manual cameras • Mobile phone holders • Mobile phone housings • Mobile phone novelties • Pager accessories • Telecom products OEM & ODM services.....


[Penang, Malaysia]
We are Manufacturers and Exporter of the telecommunication and network products as well as OEM/ODM electronic products. Our Products are -WT-323 VOIP Phone -USB Phone -Personal VOIP Gateway -VOIP Gateway -GSM Public Phone -GSM Phone -GSM Wireless Terminal -Auto Dialer -Phone.....


[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Tele-communication, IP solution & network products as well as OEM/ODM electronic products. Our products, covering from VOIP Phone for H323 & SIP or IAX2, MGCP, VOIP Gateways, USB phone and have been sold to South. Our Products are - Gateway :- USB Phone/Gateway Wi-Fi Phone VoIP Periphery Intel-Dialogic PABX POE A-Z (China DID) - Convertor.....

Degson Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturers & Traders & Exporters & services of terminal blocks, connectors and precise tooling. Rail terminal block Pcb mount terminal block Pluggable terminal block Screwless terminal block Feed through terminal block Barrier terminal block Oem/odm .....

Pro-Nets Technology Corporation

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer and exporter computer products, such as 56K modems, PCMCIA cards, ADSL modems, video conference kits, speaker phones, TV tuners and PC cameras.Computer & PC peripheral, communication & LAN networking products- (1) ADSL modems- Ethernet routers & bridge, USB interface, PCI interface. (2) broadband routers. (3) wireless LAN products. (4) 56K modems- USB modem PCI modem, PCMCIA modem,.....

Honestway Technologies Co., Ltd.

[Beijing, China]
Manufacture & Exporters Of OEM/ODM Products. Our Products range Include: -DV Series -TV Series -AV Series -Connector -Video capture card -TV tuner card -PC camera.....

Entropy International Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & Exporter of electronic products, LED products, rubbers, wire harnessings, metals, zinc/aluminum alloy die-castings, injection moldings, power supplies and vacuum forms, tooling designs, headsets, microphones, audio cables, plastics, computer cards, connectors, mechanical and electronic. (1) plastic tooling & parts- tooling equipments, thermostatic equipments, quality control ( QC).....

S.P.K. Electronics Co., LTD.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electronic Components Products. Our Products Range Include: 1. GPS /Bluetooth/GSM/GPRS/Glonass/WIFI/SD: >Bluetooth & Wireless >Bluetooth Module (PCBA) - for all applications & size >Bluetooth/Wireless receiver module (GSM/GPRS) >Bluetooth/Wireless communications (GSM/GPRS) Module/Modem 2. Bluetooth & Wireless: >1-Quartz crystal SMD DIP Cylinder >2-C.....

Shenzhen SupPwer Tech. CO.,LTD.

Manufactyurers & Exporters Of Rechargeable batteries, batteries packs, different kinds of advanced power supplies and home alarm products. Our Products Range Include: 1. Battery: Nimh Battery Nicd Battery Lhon Battery Sla Battery Button Celles & Other Types 2. Battery Packs: Nimh/Nicd Battery Packs Mobile/Pad Battery Cprdless Phone Battery Digital Camera/CamcOrded Battery Portab.....

Ningbo Dragon Industry Co.,ltd

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter Of blender, juicer, hotdog maker, fan heater, gambling products, plastic food container, plastic storage box, plastic cup/bottle, PET bottles, PET preform, and any plastic ware. We welcome new trading partners and OEM/ODM products. .....


[Taichung, Taiwan]
WE are into export-import of dc motorized tread mills for home use.
ac inverter motorized treadmills/dc motorized treadmills: 3.0~5.0hp power/commercial use treadmills.
belt massagers/foot vibration: for body shaper/strength blood circulation.
elliptical trainer: with/without a seat/ 2in1 elliptical trainer/8 levels magentican tension adjustment/variable magnetic tension adjustment.


[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
AICSYS has been manufacturing Industrial Chassis and Specialized Single Board Computers for more than seventeen years and has been a major supplier of OEM/ODM IPC Products. Our Products are:- Single Board Computers, Ruggedized Industrial Chassis, Passive and Bridged Backplanes, Power Supplies, Servers & Systems, LCD Monitor Portable Workstations. .....

Cnesun Industrial Co,ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
We are manufacturers of mobile phone & accessories , computer & accessories, MP3, MP4, bluetooth handset and bluetooth dongle. Our products include:- 1)Mobile Phone 2)Antenna 3)keypad 4)Battery 5)Housing 6)Silicon case 7)Middle Cover 8)Handfree 9)Charger 10)LCD 11)MP3 & MP4 12)iPOX Accessories 13)TV Box & TV Cards 14)Mouse 15)Keyboard 16)CardReader 17)Adapter 18)Bluetooth .....

Shenzhen Seagull Electronics Tech-development Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of DVD recorder, DVD+RW, DVD player, divx DVD/MP4 solar radio, solar and dynamo radio, digital pll radio, solar digital pll radio, OEM, ODM, Solar and Recycling Energy, Radio, Consumables, DVD, VCD Player. DIGITAL DVD RECORDER-DVR1026 DHR1200 DVD RECORDER WITH HDD- DVR1028 DHR1201 DVDRECORDER WITH DVB- DVR1029 DHR1202 DVR1031 DHR1203 DVR502W DHR1206 MP3 Bul.....

Telecommunication Exporters / Importers Directory(Oem+odm)

Zhong Heng Plastic & Electronic Manufactory

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter Of That specialize in New Style Liquid Optical Mouse, Aqua 3D Scroll Mouse, Aqua Calculator, Aqua Clock.Liquid Ruler, Liquid Paper Holder, MP3 Player, USB Flash Disk , Watch Walkie Talkie and OEM, ODM welcome......

Zhejiang Xinxidi Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Zhejiang, China]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Electornics Products such as TV ANTENNA, DVD players. Our product range includes: -TV Infra-red Remote-Controlled -Indoor Antenna -YAGI Antenna -Antenna Amplifier&power -OEM & ODM Products ( AMPLIFIER ) -CDMA ANTENNA -satellite TV receiver.....

Wieson Elctronic Co. Ltd.

[Hsichih, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Connectors, Wire Harness, Round Cable, Flat Cable, RF, Optical Fiber. OEM and ODM for all above products. Connectors system and cable assemblies/ assembly including flat cable connectors L.D.C type, pin header/ housin/ terminal, D-sub miniature connectors, USB/ IEEE 1394 connectors, socket/ jumper/ PCB connectors, miniature ribbon connectors, card edge connectors for P.....

Shenzhen Zowee Technology Development Co.,Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of OEM/ODM service for Multimedia products(MP3, USB Flash Drive, Bluetooth), Networking and Communication products(ADSL, Modem, Switch, NIC), PC related products(TV card, VGA card), MP3 Player, Modems, Drives & Storage Devices......

Haoli Electronic

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Networking and communication products, OEM and ODM services ADSL Routers, LAN Cards, Modems, Switches, USB Cards, VoIP Adaptors, USB HUB, Broadband Router......

Shenzhen Zowee Technology Development Co.,Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Offer OEM/ODM service for Multimedia products(MP3, USB Flash Drive, Bluetooth), Networking and Communication products(ADSL, Modem, Switch, NIC), PC related products(TV card, VGA card), MP3 Player, Modems, Drives & Storage Devices, MP3 player FlaSH Drive OTHER PRODUCTS ADSL MODEM External Modem Internal Modem Switch NIC VGA CARD TV card .....


[TAOYUAN, Taiwan]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Telecommunication Accessory field and Hands-Free motor car kit business. Our Products are :- -Bluetooth Headset -Bluetooth Car Kit -Bluetooth Car-installation -HF Car-Installation :- BT-988 BT-1088 BT-1089 BT-1210 BT-1230 -HF Plug-In :- BT-926 BT-1005(C) BT-1020 - ODM / OEM :- CPU - Dongle :- BT-1060 - BT-ONE SUN85.....

Cable Maestro International Inc.

[ Kaohsiung, Taiwan]

A & Adcon Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and exporters of:- electronic components, including RCA plugs, banana plugs, binding post, switches, RF connectors, sockets and terminals exports to Europe, North America, Australia and other Asian countries. ODM and OEM are also welcome, electronic components & parts- RCA plugs, RCA jacks, mini RCA plugs & jacks, cable terminals, binding posts, banana plugs & jacks, tip plugs, push.....

Welteam Golbal

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of MP3, digital camera, digital moving hard disk, u disk and photographic head, and accepted OEM&ODM for the same brand products at home and abroad, MP3 Player, Digital Photography, Drives & Storage Devices, PC Camera......

Ryh-Row Enterprise Co. Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters of:- lamps and lights such as table lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, night lamps, artistic lamps and Christmas lights exported to worldwide markets. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM orders are welcome, lights & lighting-desk lamps- marionette lampshades, glass lampshades, candlestick lamps, candle holders ( candleholders), wall lamps, table lamps, Christma.....

Doncorp Neon & Electronics Mfg. Ltd

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of:- OEM/ODM electronics products- indoor neon sign- neon automotive accessories, Electronic Signs , Radio, Outdoor Lighting. Neon Signage:-Generic neon sign, boxed sign. Pop display, Glowiz's collections:-Home use neon, Auto neon......


[Xiamen, China]
Manufacturers of Cameras in china. We offer the camera oem/odm service to aiptek, disney, warner bros and other famours brand companies. Product Range - Digital Camera, Automatic Camera, Manual Camera, Gift Camera......


[Baoan, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Electronic products like Newly developed OEM / ODM of DVD player, DIVX player, speaker, color TV, MP3, USB flash disk, card reader. - USB HUB - USB Drive - Card Reader - MP3 Player - Security Storage Ada - DVD Series - DVD Player - Divx Player - RT TV Series - TV+DVD combo - Speaker Series......


[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturer for mobile phones, mp3, mobile phone accessories and oem/odm for regional cell phone company......

Freeterk Enterprise Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter of LCD Digital Clock, Radio, Calculator and Game Player, OEM and ODM service. Calculator Calculator, Promotional Clock Clock Radio Clock, Alarm Clock, Desk Top Clock, Lcd Databank Electronic Game Hand Held Game Mouse Pad Calculators Radio Radio, Desktop Radio, With Clock......

Jaeger Industrial Company Ltd

[Hsin Tien City, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Suppliers of linear actuators in Asia Pacific region, specializing in OEM/ODM of motorized equipment in function for satellite TV reception, gate opening devices and healthcare products. Automatic Gate Openers TVRO Application Industrial Actuators Actuator Operated Products.....

Shenzhen Lead Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd

[ShenZhen, China]
LED High Bay Light, LED Flood Light, LED Panel, LED Ceiling Light etc with OEM&ODM service. .....

Putron Electronics Limited

[GuangZhou, China]
Matrix switcher Presentation Scaler switcher Twisted Pair Signal Processor Scan convertor Distribution Amplifier OEM/ODM business (RGBHV, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, Audio, DVI, HDMI, Fiber Optic, ).....

Shenzhen Abest Lighting Co.,Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Downlights, floorlights, ceiling lights, bulbs, tubes? Customized LED lighting solutions (OEM, ODM) , accessories ect. .....

Miracle Progress International Ltd. China office

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers and distributors of HK based mobie phone, MP3/PMP player, IT products. 1) Maxon series mobile phones. 2) Nokia brand new and refurbished phones. 3) China local made mobile phone, at very nice price. 4) OEM and ODM mobile phone service......

Beijing Per Design Co.,Ltd

[Beijing, China]
Product design Engineering design Molding Tooling Prototyping Contract manufacturing Assembly OEM ODM.....

Weifang Santian Technology Co.,Ltd

[Weifang, China]
Bluetooth headset, bluetooth headphone, bluetooth earphone, wireless headset, wireless headphone, wireless earphone, mobilephone accessory, cell phone accessory, bluetooth headset OEM, bluetooth headset ODM, bluetooth headset manufacturer.....

Innovative (Jiangyin) Electronics Co., Ltd

[shenzhen, China]
1. We have strict quality management system and certified with ISO 9001. We have successfully passed a series of strict factory audits by Wal- mart, The Walt Disney, Carrefour, Metro, BSCI, Sedex, etc. 2. Our electronic scales have been awarded numerous international safety approvals such as CE and ROHS. 3. All our products are covered by Product Liability Insurance with insuran.....


[Zhejiang, China]
Electromagnetic Relays and Automotive Parts Manufacturer and Exporter.
The company has passed the iso9001:2000 quality system authentication.
We Welcome OEM / ODM......


[Bangalore, India]
Electronic manufacturing services,contract manufacturing , product development,prototyping, manufacturing oem/odm.We are also interested in export-import......


[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufactures & Exporters Of Laser and CCD products. Our Products range Include: 1. ChipCAM: -Digital ChipCAM -Analog ChipCAM 2. Medical Solutions: -ODM scopes -Micro ChipCAM 3. Security Solutions: -WeatherProof Camera -Quad DVR System -DVR Security Camera 4. Automotive Solutions: -RearView Mounted Camera -RearView Dome Camera -RearView Bracket Camera -Automotiv.....


[Taichung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Electronic Components like 8 bit MCU and LED application items. We also deal in RF remote control, battery charger, LCD panel, LED decoration for household application. A: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS : 1. Passive components : Capacitance, Resistor..Etc 2. Positive components : 8bit Micro control (MCU), TTL, CMOS, SCR.. 3. LED , LCD PANEL (Small size) 4. LCD .....


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