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telecommunication Member Directory(Resonators)

V.Torch Electronics Limited

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Electronic components including SAW filters& SAW resonators, ceramic resonators and GPS patch antennas& active antennas. Our Products are :- - SAW Components for Automotive Electronics & Remote Control :- Front End SAW Filters One Port SAW Resonators Two Port SAW Resonators - SAW Filters for Mobile Communication & Network :- RF SAW Filters for Cel.....


[Jiangsu, China]
We are involved in manufacturing high quality microwave components.Our product range includes Coaxial Resonators, Cylinde Resonators, Patch Antenna Elements, Coaxial Resonators, Disc resonators, Patch Antenna Elements......

Yoketan Corp.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters of:- ceramic resonators & filters, crystal and saw resonators & filters widely used in the field of wire and wireless telecommunication (GSM, PHS, transceiver), DSC, GPS, RF remote controls, TV sets and computers, etc. The products exported to China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. The clients are Acer Communication & Multimedia Inc, ASIA Photonics Technology Co., Inc. .....

ShenZhen Auder Co.Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Exporters Of High Precision Quartz Crystal Units. Our Products Range Include: 1. Quartz crystal resonators 2. Quartz crystal oscillators 3. Quartz crystal filter 4. SAW resonators/filter 5. Ceramic resonators.....

S.P.K. Electronics Co., LTD.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Electronic Components Products. Our Products Range Include: 1. GPS /Bluetooth/GSM/GPRS/Glonass/WIFI/SD: >Bluetooth & Wireless >Bluetooth Module (PCBA) - for all applications & size >Bluetooth/Wireless receiver module (GSM/GPRS) >Bluetooth/Wireless communications (GSM/GPRS) Module/Modem 2. Bluetooth & Wireless: >1-Quartz crystal SMD DIP Cylinder >2-C.....

V.Torch Electronics Limited

[shenzhen, China]
SAW filters& SAW resonators, Ceramic resonators GPS patch antennas GPS active antennas, GSM antenna.....


[Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Trader and Exporters of Electronic copmonents.
Analog Devices,A/D, D/A, D/C/DC Converter, Audio/Video. A/D. D/A Converter. Operational Amplifiers, Digital Signal Processors Products, Communications Products, Measurement and Controls Systems for Process Control, Low Voltage, Low Power SRAM, Bluetooth Product Qualification and Certification Services, Telecommunication Products Test.....


[Mumbai, India]
We are engaged in electronic components distribution and related businesses.our product range includes A/D, D/A, D/C/DC converter, Audio/Video. A/D. D/A converter, Operational amplifiers, digital signal processors products, communications products, measurement and controls systems for process control,Low Voltage, low power SRAM,Bluetooth product qualification and certification services, telecommun.....


[Bangalore, India]
We are distributors of Electronic Products. Our range of products includes
Semiconductors: Asic's, ATA Disk Module, Automotive & Industrial, Battery Chargers, Communication Ics, Compact Flash Card, D/C -D/C Convertor, Diodes, IR Amplifier, Memory, Memory Card, Microcontroller, Multimedia & Imaging, Network Storage, Power Switches, Programmable Logic, Security & Smart Card Ics, Sensors, S.....


[Taichung, Taiwan]
We are the Manufacturer of metallized polyester film capacitors, resistors, inductors, varistors, diodes, transistors, oscillators, resonators, relays, and condensers. Our Product includes: Capacitor: *Characteristic Capacitor: -BUP (Ballast) -CCC -MEA (CDI) -MEX (X2) -MXR -MXY -Compressor Capacitor *MPE Material Capacitor: -AUM -BUM -MEA -MEC (P=5) -MEC (P=10) -.....

Jag Components Ptd Ltd.

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturers, Distributers & Exporters Of Electronics Components. Our Products Range Include: 1. Zener Diode 2. Switching Diode 3. Rectifier Diode 4. DC Power Jacks 5.RCA Jacks 6. RCA Jack Boards 7. Push Terminals 8. Earphone Jacks 9. Miniature Phone Jacks 10. Ceramic Resonators 11. Ceramin Filters.....


[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & Exporter of electronic components such as crystals, crystal oscillators and resonators, and electrolytic and tantalum capacitors......

Traco Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of One Touch System CD/VCD Storage Cases, Consumer Products: Toasters, Irons, Sandwich/Wattle Makers, Coffee Maker, Hand Mixers Stainless Steel Toaster Energy Saving Lamps Night Light Bread Maker X'mas Light Flashlight Electrical Kettle Cooking Plate Fan Heaters Meat Slicers Popcorn Maker BBQ & GRILLING Stainless Steel Kettle Steam Cleaner Deep Frier Hair dryer DVD.....

GLOBES Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

[Mosbach, Germany]
AXTAL Consulting offers you a broad range of Services for Frequency Control Products (FCP), i.E. For (quartz) crystal units, crystal oscillators, and crystal filters. Our Products & Services Include: 1. Testing of Quartz Crystals, Resonators, Oscillators and Filters according to the acknowledged IEC and MIL-Standards. 2. Qualification testing based on IEC 60122-1, 60368-4 and 60679-4, MIL-.....

WuXi NanFang Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Wuxi, China]
We are Manufacturer & Exporter of piezoceramic components. Our Product Range : Ceramic Filters Ceramic Discriminators Ceramic Resonators Ultrasonic Transducers   .....

Fujinaga International

[Gurgaon, India]
Murata Mfg Japan : Chip Capacitors (MLCC), Resonators, Buzzers, SAW Filters, etc... Nippon Chemicon: Electrolyte Capacitors, DL-Cap, OS-CON/PS- CON. and many other components. .....

Hybrid Electronics

[Casselberry, United States]
Analog and Mixed Signal ICs, Batteries & Accessories, Cable Ties & Clamps, Cable & Wire, Cable Assemblies, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Interrupters, Clock and Timing Management ICs, Connectors and Accessories, Controllers, Converters, Crystals/Oscillators/Resonators, DC-DC Converters, Diodes, Discretes, Electromechanical Relays, Fans & Accessories, Ferrites, Fiber Optic Products, Filters.....

Caesar Group Ltd.

[Hong Kong,SAR, Hong Kong]
Products: Crystal Resonators, Quartz Cryatals, Fuses, Capacitors, Telephone Transmitters/Receviers, Selenoid Coils, Controller ICs, Buzzers, Computer Processors, Aluminium Electrolytic/Receviers, Ceramic Capacitors, Switches, Rectifiers, Coil Filters, Transistors, Diodes/Diode Modules, Electromechanocal Relays, Chip Resistors, Sensors fpr Electronics, Cnnectors If you are in.....

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