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telecommunication Member Directory(Semiconductor Products)


[Hyderabad, India]
Traders, Distributors, Exporters and Importers of Electronic components like (outline) Ic's Transistor, Capacitor, Resisters, Diode Capacitor, LCD, Potentionmeters, Switches, Relays, Sockets, Connectors, LED SCR Triacs Display & connectors sensors transmitters. - We carry semiconductors from the following manufacturers : National Semiconductor (NSC), Fairchild Semiconductor (FCH), Philips Semi.....


[Delhi, India]
We are a manufacturer and exporter of silicon semiconductor devices with a comprehensive product profile of transistors, diodes, rectifiers diodes, schottky rectifier, scrs, diacs, triacs and voltage regulators, in a wide variety of conventional leaded insertion mount and surface mount packages.
in addition, cdil exports chips/dice/diffused silicon wafers to other semiconductor device manufact.....

SOLOMON Technology Corp.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Exporters of Semiconductor, Special Component, Storage and Memory, Bluetooth & Wireless LAN Products, Consumer Electronic Products, System BIOS and software, IC Card, Content Security Product, Power relative equipment, Power relative equipment, Sensor/Automatic products, LCD drivers, LCD/LCM products, Semiconductor......

Huandong Electronic Co., LTD.

[Shenzhen, China]
HuanDong Electronic Co., Ltd has 15 years experience of manufacturing semi-finished electronic componets and finished electronic products & accessories and also trading IC components and semiconductor. The IC(integrated circuit) and semiconductor comprehensive including diode, LED, audion, transistor, capacitor, resistor, MRAM(magnetic random access memory), SRAM, DRAM, Flash memory and ect. Tot.....

SOLOMON Technology Corp.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Dealers & importers of electronic components. Semiconductor Special Component Storage and Memory System BIOS and software Content Security Product Power relative equipment Wireless Communication Solution Sensor/Automatic products LCD/LCM products Semiconductor .....

AV Tech Corporation

[taiwan, Taiwan]
Leading suppliers & Manufacturers & Exporters of semiconductor components and CCTV products. CCTV products: Digital product- Video Web Server WLAN Transceiver PVR DVR Multiplex Quad Ccd camera- Regular Dome IR Tube Outdoor Mini PIR Board Accessories- Semiconductor.....


[Manhasset, United States]
Knight electronics has been a value added, broadline distributor in the electronics' procurement market for 30 years and services major manufacturers, c.E.M.'s, r&d facilities, and repair shops worldwide!
we're a stocking distributor of 1n, 2n, & 4n jan,jantx,jantxv, & jans level semiconductor products.
knight electronics stocks a large volume of commercial, industrial, military, and sp.....


[Delhi, India]
Represents International Brands like AC/DC cooling fans Sunon make for vending machines mfrs, U.P.S mfrs ,power supplies mfrs,machines mfrs,Telecoms,panel boards.These are heavy duty , noiseless, power motor fans which provides high CFM and long service. Blowers, IGBT's, Thyristors, Diodes, modules, Drivers, Rectifiers, Mosfet etc. Other electronic components like semiconductor fuses, semiconduct.....

Sanshi Fuse Co., Ltd.

[WenZhou, China]
MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS OF FUSES AND FUSE SWITCH. SN-Type MINZD, Switch-Fuses, SNB-Type Fuse Base- Preview SN-type MINZD switch-fuses for NEZD fuses NEZD Fuses- Preview Original NEZD Fuse Links Original NEZD Fuse Bases Original NEZD Fuse caps & covers Dimensions1 Dimensions2 DIZD Fuses- Preview Original DIZD Fuse Link500V AC/DC Original DIZD Fuse Links & SILZD Fuse .....


[San Jose, United States]
Vast array of electronics components, electronics equipment, semiconductor equipment, distributorship turnkey setup, project management services for semiconductor industry.....

Bharat Electronics Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of civilian products, products and turnkey systems to the Indian Defence Services, electronic systems. Products :- Defence : -Military Communications -Land Based Radars -Naval Systems -Opto-Electronics -Tank Electronics -Electronic Warfare -Simulators. Non-Defence : -Telecommunications -Sound Vision Broadcasting -Solar Photovoltaic systems .....

Finder Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Xiamen, China]
Export and Import of Electronic Products. Our Products Range Include: 1. Audio & Video Products: - Antenna - Connector - Cable - Remote Control - F.B.T. - Tuner - Deflection Yoke - CRT Socket - TV Chassis & SKD - AV/RF/TV Converter - CATV Products - VCD & PS Parts - Motor - Deck Mechanism - Magnetic Head - Speaker - Headphone - Microphone 2. Components & Devices - Pot.....


[Bangalore, India]
Supply, Exporter of - Quality networking products and fiber optic products in India. RF Repeaters Very high quality, auto level control, remote/local monitoring, compact design & economical RF repeaters for in-building (high rising buildings, work places), CDMA & GSM telecommunication network. 10mV Repeaters for DCS 1800 network, which is perfect solution to enhance a quality of wireless cov.....


[Xiamen, China]
Export and Import of electronic products. Our product range includes: Audio & Video Products - -Antenna -Connector -Cable -Remote Control -F.B.T. -Tuner -Deflection Yoke -CRT Socket -TV Chassis & SKD -AV/RF/TV Converter -CATV Products -VCD & PS Parts -Motor -Deck Mechanism -Magnetic Head -Speaker -Headphone -Microphone Components & Devices - -Potentiometer -Resistor -.....

Finder Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Xiamen, China]
Dealer of Export and Import of electronic products. Our product range includes: Audio & Video Products - -Antenna -Connector -Cable -Remote Control -F.B.T. -Tuner -Deflection Yoke -CRT Socket -TV Chassis & SKD -AV/RF/TV Converter -CATV Products -VCD & PS Parts -Motor -Deck Mechanism -Magnetic Head -Speaker -Headphone -Microphone Components & Devices - -Potentiometer -R.....

Richardson Electronics, Ltd.

[LaFox,Il, United States]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of CCTV, Fire, Burglary, Access Control, Sound and Communications Products and Accessories. We such as Following Provided Services are Engineered OUR PRODUCTS ARE :- -AVIONICS & MARINE PRODUCTS :- Radar Components Navigational Components Antennas and Test Equipment -BROADCAST PRODUCTS :- Antennas Microwave Sate;;ote Stidio Trams, otters Tubes Vi.....


[Bangalore, India]
We are distributors of Electronic Products. Our range of products includes
Semiconductors: Asic's, ATA Disk Module, Automotive & Industrial, Battery Chargers, Communication Ics, Compact Flash Card, D/C -D/C Convertor, Diodes, IR Amplifier, Memory, Memory Card, Microcontroller, Multimedia & Imaging, Network Storage, Power Switches, Programmable Logic, Security & Smart Card Ics, Sensors, S.....

Kulicke & Soffa Industries

[Willow Grove, United States]
Supplier of semiconductor assembly interconnect equipment, materials and technology. Our Products range Include: 1. Automatic Wire Bonders/Stud Bumpers 2. Bonding Tools/Wire 3. Dicing Blades 4. Manual Wire Bonders 5. Package Test Products 6. Wafer Test Products.....

Vine Semi Conductors Suppliers

[Petaling Jaya, Malaysia]
The Single Source for all of your Electrical & Electronics and industrial supplies. Whether you are in need of equipment spares, Test & measurement instruments, Laser marking equipment spares, Power Supplies, Relays, Telecom Products, RF components, cooling solutions, Engineering Plastics, Semiconductor components, Motors, Servo & Drivers, Soldering/Desoldering equipments, Electronics Tools, ES.....

Telecommunication Exporters / Importers Directory(Semiconductor Products)

Vine Semi Conductors Suppliers

[Petaling Jaya, Malaysia]
Importer and exporters of Electrical & Electronics and industrial supplies, equipment spares, Test & measurement instruments, Laser marking equipment spares, Power Supplies, Relays, Telecom Products, RF components, cooling solutions, Engineering Plastics, Semiconductor components, Motors, Servo & Drivers, Soldering / Desoldering equipments, Electronics Tools, ESD protection supplies, packaging mat.....

Shenzhen MIC Optoelectronic CO.,LTD

[Shenzhen, China]
Our main products are Christmas lighting products and semiconductor lighting products such as LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED street lights, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED high bay lights, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights, LED flood lights, LED spotlights, LED wall washers, LED G24 lights, LED underwater lights, LED pole lamps and LED bulbs, led strip......

General Components Inc

[New York, United States]
We rare manufacturers of a complete line broadband networking products.We are manufacturing Plastic Optical Fiber products ( POF ). GCI makes the widest range of entry-level to high-end modular systems, UTP, FTP, STP cables, Patch Cords, Panels, Jacks, Plugs, Optical Fiber and Plastic Optical Fiber Cables , Connectors, Adapters, Converters, Switches, Home PNA, ADSL and wireless solutions. Ou.....

Chanakya Electronics

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of CCTV Surveillance System, Digital Instrument, CCTV surveillance systems, CCTV security equipment, digital panel meters, security alarms, intercom systems, security cameras and other Telecom Products, Security Systems, Security Cameras, Temperature Controllers and Industrial Instrumentation Telecom Products - Intercom Systems, EPABX Systems, Telephone Lock.....


[Ningbo, China]
Trader, importers and exporters of electronics, telecommunication equipments and light products. PRODUCTS : Telecommunication equipments : -Patch panel -Telephone acessories&keystone jack -ADSL SERIES -Distribution cases -Modules -NETWORK TOOLS. Electronic tubes : -Semiconductor arrester -Gas tube arrester. Electronic component : -Fiberoptic Switch -Capacitors & varistor.....

Merritronix Private Limited

[Hyderabad, India]
Manufacturers, marketers and exporters of communications and networking systems and accessories. PRODUCTS : ? Communications : -Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4 -Broad Band Communication Systems -ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems -Cable Modems & Set Top Box. ? Information & Bill Payment Systems : -Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media -Bill Payment Kiosk Systems. ? Smart Card.....

Tech Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd.

[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufactures & Exporters Of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) wafers which are assembled, tested and packaged by Micron. Our products Range Include: Our final DRAM products are used as memories Include: 1. Computers, Servers & Workstations 2. Communications Electronics 3. Military Aerospace Electronics 4. Automotive Electronics 5. Office Automation Equipment 6. Video Games.....

Semiconductor Complex Limited

[Nagar, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of products as VLSI: STANDARD ASICs & ASSPs SMART CARDS. SYSTEMS: DIGITAL PAIR GAIN HDSL ELECTRONIC ENERGY METER OPTIMUX Range of Products SDH(Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) DLC(Digital Loop Carrier). MEMS: Pressure Sensor SCP01 Pressure Sensor SCP02. Our Services of ASIC DESIGN AND PROTOTYPING WAFER PROCESSING (Foundry)......

Averwin Ltd.

[Shuk Tong Tsui, Hong Kong]
Exporters / Importers, Traders of Electronics components, Consumer products. Our products: - Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits (ICs) - Transistor - SMD Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD Chip Electrolytic Capacitor - SMD Chip Resistors, Diode - Multilayer Capacitor Radial Type - Multilayer Capacitor Axial Type - Tantalum Capacitor Radial - Aluminu.....


[shenzhen, China]
My company is a comprehensive company engaged in investment, research & development, production, and sales of thermoelectric cooling products With brand SICAO such as car refrigerator, Mini Fridge, portable Refrigerator, semiconductor refrigerator, wine cooler and so on.The products has been sell well to many countries and territories such as the USA, UK, SWEDEN, SWIZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, JAPAN, .....

GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Electronic and Information Products and service. Our Products are :- -Automation & Telemetry, Telecontrol and Telecom System :- SCADA monitoring & control system software Billing management system YC-1040A Telemetric Remote Terminal YC_1050A Telecontrol Remote Terminal (based on PLC) YC-1070 Centralized monitoring & control system for power & environment o.....

Catchview Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer representative, trader and exporters of security products. PRODUCTS : -CCTV Products -Alarm Products -Fire Products -Accessories -CCD Cameras -D&N Cameras -Outdoor LED Cameras -Dome Cameras -Covert Cameras -Other type cameras -CCTV Lens and Embedded DVR -Alarm system products such us photo beams, PIR, magnetic contacts. CCTV Products : -Cameras -Lens -Monitor -DV.....

Continental Device India Limited

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacture of Discrete Semiconductor Devices. Our products are: Chips/Dice/Diffused Silicon Wafers, Diodes, Zeners, Transistors, Triac, Packages and Packaging. Transistors - General Purpose Transistors, Medium Power Transistors, Switching Transistors, High Voltage Transistors, Low Frequency Transistors, RF Transistors, Darlington Transistors, Power Transistors. Diodes - General Purpose D.....


[Hyderabad, India]
We manufacture and market communications and networking systems and accessories. Our product range includes:
Communications: Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4, Broad Band Communication Systems, ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems, Cable Modems & Set Top Box.
Information & Bill Payment Systems: Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media, Bill Payment Kiosk Systems.
Smart Car.....

Excelpoint Systems (Pte) Ltd

[Mumbai, India]
Excelpoint Systems Pte Ltd is a leading Singapore company in the field of electronic components distribution and related businesses. We do Export / Import, Manufacturing and Trading of Semiconductor products / gps modules / gsm modules from simcOm / tft lcd, analog device, microchip, samsung semiconductors, fujitsu semiconductors, cambridge silicon radio for bluetooth, rfmd, temic, philips identi.....

Global Tek International

[UNITED STATES, United States]
We are Traders & Exporter of materials and components to the lighting, electronics and semiconductor industries. Our Products are Lighting Components Lamps Refractory Metals Precious Material Graphite Ceramic Chemicals Electronic Components Metal Fabrication Equipment Special Items Electronic Tubes Quick Sale Items VOIP/Skype Equipment.....

Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Application specific ICs , ASIC, General purpose linear ICs , Logic ICs , Power transistors, RISC micro computers, Small Signal Devices etc. Our products of Office Automation Computer Systems Entertainment Retail Information System Medical Systems Air Conditioners. Our services of Power Systems & Services: Hydraulic Thermal Nuclear Transmission & .....

Cixi BGRT Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Importers & exporters of:- Telecommunication equipments, auto accessories, office supplies (exclude printing ink), articles of daily use, household appliances, industrial artwork (exclude gold ornaments), knit goods and textile, clothing, hardware, mechanical equipment, chemical product (except chemistry hazardous articles), fishing tackle, electronic products. Telecommunication equipments- P.....

Yueqing Signal Lamp Factory

[Yueqing City, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of luminescent and LED products including signal lamps, LED displays, LED lamp holders, semiconductor indicators and various switches and breakers. Signal Lamp Pushbutton Switches LED Signal Lamps Buzzers LED Aircraft Signal Lamp LED Displays Numeric Display Dot Matrix Display New Type Dot Matrix Display LED Lamps LED Power Lamps LED Plastic Body Lamps Push.....

ASE Korea

[Gyeonggi-d, Korea, South]
Manufacturers, Exporters & Services Of semiconductor assembly and testing. Our Products & Services Include: * Assembly: -SIP (Module) -CSP -MEMS Sensor -Power Package -Camera Module -FBGA(VFBGA / TFBGA / LFBGA) -MCP(TFBGA / LFBGA) * Testing: -Probe Test -RF Test -Mixed Signal Test -Sensor Test -Burn-In Test -Post Test .....

Continental Device India Limited

[New Delhi, India]
CDIL manufactures and exporters of semiconductor devices, relays, switches, telecommunication sub-assemblies and modules. Our products of Chips/Dice/Diffused Silicon Wafers: Diode/ Zener Chips Transistor Chips. Diodes: General Purpose Diodes Switching Diodes Schottky Diodes DIACS. Zeners: SMD Zener Diodes 400 mW Axial Zener Diodes 500 mW Axial Zener Diodes 1 W Axial Zener D.....

Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Zhengzhou, China]
Manufacturer and Exporter of gas sensors, gas leak alarms and BAC breath testers in mainland. Our Products Range Include: 1. Gas Sensors: -Semiconductor type sensor -Catalytic sensors -Hotwire type gas sensors -Thermal Conductor gas sensor -smoke sensors 2. Gas leak alarm: -GD gas leak alarm -GE gas leak alarm -KB gas leak alarm -GA gas leak alarm -GC gas leak alarm 3. Porta.....

Sun Light Electronics (H.K.) Ltd.

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Sun Light Electronics Group, are a Hong Kong based company with manufacturing plant in China. We have global offices in USA, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. We are the registered owner of EIC brand. We offer DVD player, VCD player, Portable VCD/CD/MP3 player, Amplifier, Mini music VCD Hi Fi, MP3 player and other AV products. We export worldwide. Our Product Range : SILICON RECTIFIER DIODE.....

EESIFLO International Pte Ltd

[Pennsylvania, United States]
We come to your plant and do a Flow Survey Our clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are also available on a daily rental basis. Manufacturers of accurate monitoring of water contamination in Lubrication Oils, Heavy Fuel Oils and Hydraulic Oils.All types of Engines, Turbines, Thrusters, Azipods, Gears. Flowmeter Products : General Industry Portable Transit Time Flowmeter with DSP technology, Po.....

Hirays Intl Trading Co.

[Qingdao, China]
Importers & Exporters of Semiconductors, modules, transistors, capacitors, casting/forging products and textiles, Uv light. CAPACITOR SEMICONDUCTOR CASTING / FORQING TEXTILE .....

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

[Ontario, Canada]
Manufacturer and exporter of products as Analog: Analog Switches Medical Surge Protection Laser Diode Drivers (LDD) Amplifiers Receivers for Digital TV: Demodulators Baseband Signal Processing Tuners Voice and Data: Telephony TDM/TSI Switches Optoelectronic Packet Processing & Switching Timing and Synchronization (DS1/E1, SONET/SDH) ATM (Asynchronous .....


[Singapore, Slovakia]
Exporters and Traders of Electronic Components and Semiconductors Brands. Univa Group is committed to optimizing Asia?s supply network for the most comprehensive range of semiconductor components, including semiconductors, interconnect and passive components, computer and peripheral products......

Shanghai Atemy Import & Export Co,. Ltd.

[Shanghai, China]
Exporters, Traders and Distributors of electronics parts and components such as Semiconductor, Flyback Transformer, Fuser film sleeve, Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Pressure Roller, Remote Control, Inverter, Mp3 Watch & USB Watch, parts for LCD, Aluminum powder. Our main products include: Semiconductors, Flyback transformer, Remote control, Printer parts, Inverter, AC Adapter, and others. - Fly.....

Hybrid Electronics

[Casselberry, United States]
Analog and Mixed Signal ICs, Batteries & Accessories, Cable Ties & Clamps, Cable & Wire, Cable Assemblies, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Interrupters, Clock and Timing Management ICs, Connectors and Accessories, Controllers, Converters, Crystals/Oscillators/Resonators, DC-DC Converters, Diodes, Discretes, Electromechanical Relays, Fans & Accessories, Ferrites, Fiber Optic Products, Filters.....

Caesar Group Limited

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Main Product: I.C. & SEMICONDUCTOR, Capacitor, SWITCH, INDUCTOR, Resistor, PTC RESETTABLE FUSE, c/c , circuit , ceramic capacitor , MLCC If you are interested in our products or have any inquiries, welcome to contact us. CAESAR GROUP LTD. --GREAT YOUR BUSINESS! Tel: 852-3620 2211 Fax: 852-3620 3310 Web: www.Caesar-group.Com E-mail: cs06@caesar-group.Com.....


[DongGuan, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Phone Accessorie, Digital Products and Consume Electronic Products. - Our Products are :- Mobile phone LCD Mobile phone housing Mobile phone spare parts Serial data cable USB data cable Repairing stations Repairing tools Dual sim cover adapter Mobile phone charger Mobile phone battery Mobile phone handsfree Mobile phone case Bluetooth headset US.....

Foryou Multimedia Electronics Co.,Ltd.

[Hangzhou, China]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Car VCD/CD/MP3 players, amplifiers, and TFT monitors, as well as DVD pickups, DVD-R/CD-R auto-writing systems, and lottery POS machines. Our product range includes: -Portable DVD Products -CAR VCD / MP3 / CD Products -CAR CD / MP3 Products -Mechanism Products -CAR CDC Products -CAR POWER AMPLIFIER Products -POS Products -Pick-ups & Accessories Products .....


[Pune, India]
Exporters and traders of Electronics Components such as semiconductor, IC, LED, LCD, capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, potentiometer, connector, relay, switch, power supply, converter, test equipment supplier......

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Low Voltage Fuses and High Voltage Fuses for Industrial applications are :- High Voltage Fuses & Low Voltage Fuses .HT HRC FUSES :- - AVT Fuse - NGT Fuse - BHT Fuse - C-1/C-0 Fuse - RGT Fuse - RGTT Fuse - NGTT Fuse - 2XRGTT Fuse .LT HRC FUSES :- - BS TYPE FUSES - BNH TYPE FUSES - FERRULE TYPE FUSES .SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION FUSES :- - BS TYPE.....


[Bangalore, India]
Stockists and Dealers of Electronic components. We specialise in the wholesale buying and selling of electronic semiconductor devices, smd, bourns, spectoral make trimpots, crystal, displays, leds, etc......

Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Zhengzhou, China]
Manufacturer and exporter of gas sensors, gas leak alarms and BAC breath testers. Our product range includes: Gas Sensor - -Semiconductor type sensor -Catalytic sensors -Hotwire type gas sensors -Thermal Conductor gas sensor -Solid electrolyte type gas sensor -smoke sensors Gas leak alarm - -GD gas leak alarm -GE gas leak alarm -KB gas leak alarm -GA gas leak alarm -GC gas leak a.....

Bgrt Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Trader & Importer / Exporters of - Telecommunication equipments - Patch panel Telephone acessories??keystone jack ADSL SERIES Distribution cases Modules NETWORK TOOLS Electronic tubes - Semiconductor arrester Gas tube arrester Electronic component - Fiberoptic Switch Capacitors & varistors Surge protector accessories - Surge protectors Power socket - Multi-function s.....

Beijing SevenStar Huachuang Electronics Co., Ltd

[Beijing, China]
Manufacturers and exporters of Electronics Equipments. Such as:- -Semiconductor Equipment -Industrial Furnace -Flow Measurement and Control -High Precise Resistance -Crystal Components -LTCC -Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter .....

Technotrans AG

[Sassenberg, Germany]
We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Print:- PrePress, Dampening Solution/Temperature Control, Dampening Solution, Cleaning, Ink Supply, Coating Ecoclean, Spray Dampening, Systems. Micro Technologies:- CD/DVD, Semiconductor, Display, Micro/Nano. Services:- Product Service, Conditions of Delivery and Assembly, global document solutions Docuglobe. .....

Amood Electronic Technology Inc.

[Kaohsiung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of optoelectronics, semiconductor and IC. Our product range includes: -Digital Pen-Type Thermo -Infra-red Ear Thermo -Baby Nipple Thermo .....

Ningbo Mingxin Microelectronic Co., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Semiconductor.....

Aculight Corporation

[Woodinville, United Kingdom]
Aculight conducts product development and manufacturing of customized diode pumped solid state lasers, pulsed fiber lasers, and high brightness semiconductor lasers for a broad range of applications from medical and industrial to military and materials processing......


[Shenzhen, China]
Sell water dispenser [16l]

1.Floor water dispenser. with classic design
2.Provide hot&cold water at the same time
3.Apply to 5 gal & 3 gal fresh water
4.Conpress cooling ,quick cooling refrigeration
5. stainless steel cold & hot tank[sus304]
6 restrain bacterium.

sell mini cooler and warmer[ ch-204]

1.Round-body design.
2.Small in size. convenient to repair .....

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Low Voltage Fuses and High Voltage Fuses for Industrial applications. HT HRC FUSES:- ? AVT Fuse ? NGT Fuse ? BHT Fuse ? C-1/C-0 Fuse ? RGT Fuse ? RGTT Fuse ? NGTT Fuse ? 2XRGTT Fuse LT HRC FUSES:- ? BS TYPE FUSES ? BNH TYPE FUSES ? FERRULE TYPE FUSES SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION FUSES:- ? BS TYPE FUSES ? BNH TYPE FUSES ? FERRULE TYPE FUSES ? NOR.....


[Beijing, China]
International supply of electronic and electrical components, equipment and assemblies
Components & Material: Capacitor, Electron Tube, Crystal Oscillator, Semiconductor Downloads, IC, Resistor, Inductor, Battery, Bearing, Tools, Magnetic Material Downloads, Wire & Cable.
Equipment: TV & Broadcast Transmitter, Laser Medical Equipment, Power Supply, Test Instruments electrical equipment and d.....

Coca Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taichung, Taiwan]


[Pune, India]
Indexelectronics is India based independent dealer of Electronic components and parts like semiconductor, IC, LED, LCD, capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, potentiometer, connector, relay, switch, power supply, converter, test equipment etc. .....

Acumen Electronic Company

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Finished Product, Smart Pointer, X-Pointer, Wireless Thermo-Hygro Monitor, Semiconductor......


[Ningbo, China]
Import and Exporter of electronics, telecommunication equipments. Our product range includes: Telecommunication equipments - -patch panel -telephone acessories&keystone jack -ADSL SERIES -distribution cases -modules -NETWORK TOOLS Electronic tubes - -semiconductor arrester -Gas tube arrester Electronic component - -Fiberoptic Switch -capacitors & varistors Surge prote.....

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of - Low Voltage Fuses and High Voltage Fuses for Industrial applications. High Voltage Fuses & Low Voltage Fuses HT HRC FUSES ? AVT Fuse ? NGT Fuse ? BHT Fuse ? C-1/C-0 Fuse ? RGT Fuse ? RGTT Fuse ? NGTT Fuse ? 2XRGTT Fuse LT HRC FUSES ? BS TYPE FUSES ? BNH TYPE FUSES ? FERRULE TYPE FUSES SEMICONDUCTOR APPLICATION FUSES ? BS TYPE FUSES ? BNH TY.....

surya Roshni Ltd

[New Delhi, India]
Semiconductor Materials .....


[SINGAPORE, Singapore]

Yan-wai International Trade (Shenzhen) Ltd.

[ShenZhen, China]
Exporters and traders of electronic spare parts. NMB fan / motor, Wei-semiconductor (Weida), SPG motors (Elcon Taiwan agent) (LiteOn Taiwan agent) Acting Yamaichi / Enplas, Texas Instruments, Brands socket, Avantics power management IC, LD power management IC......

Sucata Electronics LLC / Sucata Electronics India

[Pankhkula, India]

Horizon Peripherals

[Shimla, India]
All Semiconductor devices including Integrated circuits, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors......

Icebergimpex PVT. LTD.

[Mumbai, India]


[Mumbai, India]

Plexus Microelectronics India Pvt Ltd

[Bangalore, India]
LED, LED DRIVER, MCU, MPU, MEMORY, SDRAM, ETHERNET, GPS, GSM, TFT-LCD, DISPLAY'S, MOSFET'S, Renesas, Ublox, Mitsubishi, Hynix, Davicom, BCD Semiconductor, Edison, Epcos, Alpha and Omega, Walsin, CTS, Chilisin, etc... .....


[Lucknow, India]
Dealers in All Kinds Of General Items.We deal in the following products and services -
Technoaid - Repairs-warranty and non-warranty, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Up gradations, Installations, Software calls of IT, Telecom, Data safety and recovery calls and we deal in All Telecom Products, All IT Products, All Audio and video products, Set top boxes.
Retail Products - GSM Mobile Handsets,.....

Texonic Instruments

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Lifestyle products, Cell accessories, Networking products, Security products, Sony ericsson, Uniross, Industrial instruments, Storage boxes. Lifestyle products : Audio-Video, Clocks, Computer Accessories, Gadgets, Home-Healthcare, PDA Accessories, Torch Light, Turn Table, Thermo-Hygrometer. Cell accessories : Bluetooth, Cell Holders, Chargers, Data Cables, Hands .....

Telecom Estate

We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Mobile Phones and Accessories. OUR PRODUCTS ARE :- - CHARGERS :- Original Compatible Emergency Desk-Top - BATTERY PACKS :- Original Compatible - HOUSING COMPATIBLE :- Nokia Siemens - HOUSINGS :- Original Pictures Designs Parts - CAR PRODUCTS :- Original Compatible Car Kits - HANDS FREE KITS :- Original Compatible Wi.....

Electromack Systems India

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers, Exporter, Importer of Power Products, Alarm Systems, Fire Panels and Gas Detector Panels, Inverters and Battery Chargers. Products : Wireless Communication Products - CTCSS designed for Motorola Monitor 2, 3 and 4 pagers a CTCSS unit works in low voltage from 2 volt to 3.2 volts. Educational Products - are Decade box IC trainer DC power supply etc. Power Products - Power P.....


[New Delhi, India]
Authorized Distributor of ELECTRONICS components. Communications Solutions : Intel : Intel is the largest supplier of chips for the communications market, shaping the future of computing and communications. Intel provides critical communications technologies, components, and solutions for businesses worldwide. Choose from a veriety of products available under: Ethernet, Network Processor.....

Peregrine Technology Sdn Bhd.

[Subang Jaya, Malaysia]
Supplier of Mass Storage Products. Our Products Range Include: -Ricoh CD-R Products -Fujifilm Digital Imaging products -Sony Digital Camera -Pretec Digital Storage products -Pioneer CD-ROM Products -Iomega Zip and Jaz Products -Adaptec SCSI Card .....

Anhui Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[Anhui, China]
Traders & Exporters of automobiles and spare parts, household electrical appliance, electric products, metal products, mineral products, drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, garments, textile raw materials, bedding pieces, feather and down products, toys, stationery and sports goods, native and by-animal products, drawnwork and embroideries, bags and suitcases, hats and shoes.....


[Chengdu, China]
Our main products digital audio/video products, communication navigation products, wireless transmission products, antennas, electronic component:inductive coils,rf connectors,transformer etc., microwave rf products, special electronic equipment, power supply, broadband access equipment, patio heater.
Antennas - SWATGD Double Channel Survey Antennas,
SWTGA GPS Single Channel Survey A.....


[Yuyao, China]
We specialize in ESD & Cleanroom series.Our products mainly includes the following products. ESD products & Cleanroom products. Our range products:- 1.Cleanroom Products:- Sticky Mat Sticky Roller & Handle Garment Clean & ESD Fabric Shoe Glove Finger Cots Wiper Face mask Shoe cover Exposure Suit, Cap Clean Mop 2. ESD Products:- SMT Magazine Rack .....


[Shenzhen, China]
We are manufacturer of Home Theatre, Car DVD, Car Read DVD, Multiple Media Player and Multiple Media Dispaly. Our products include:- -Digital Broadcast Products -DVB-S DVB-T -Digital Player Products -Common DVD MINI DVD Super MINI Slim Door DVD Portable DVD DVD -Theater Karaoke DVD Card Read DVD Car DVD Divx+DVD DVD -Recorder Hi-Definition DVD -Digital Network Products -IP TV -L.....

YPco Electronics - Yitsis Peter Co.

[Athens, Greece]
YPco distributes the products of the following manufacturers: ACE (UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supplies) ACME (Fastening Metal and Plastic Devices) Anderson APP-REMA (Battery Motive Products Connectors) BetaTHERM (Thermistors) Data Instruments (Sensors) E+E electronics (Sensors) ELCUT (Fuses Themal Cutoffs TCO's) Harris - Littelfuse (Suppression Products - Varistors) Hilpress (Te.....

Pacific Region Hong Kong Limited

[Hong Kong, China]
Manufacturer and leading Exporter for PC products in mainland China. Our main products are LAN cards, sound cards, VGA cards, SCSI cards, fax modem, keyboards, mice, ink cartridges. Our product range includes: Computer Peripherals - -Mother board -CD-ROM -FDD -Modem Card -Mouse -Keyboard -Scsi Card -Soft disk -Sound card -Headphone -Speaker -Monitor -CPU Coolers -VG.....

Welmark International Co.,Ltd.

[Guangzhou, China]
Welmark International Co., Ltd. Is a special manufacture and supply of EAS products in China .Having about more than five years of experience in producing all kinds of EAS systems devices and accessories, such as RF&EM anti-shoplifting systems devices, RF/EM/AM hard tag, soft label, magnetic strip, lanyard, bottle tag, milk tag, pencil tag, ink tag, safer, all kinds of tag pins and EAS detacher, .....


[Baroda, India]
We manufacture cutting edge products like the Digital and ISDN KTS, Digital PBXs, Voice Messaging Products, GSM FCT Routers, Public Address Systems, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. We manufacture PBXs for Small Offices and Residences, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, Voice Messaging Products[Voice mail,.....


[Baroda, India]
We are manufacturer of Engineering Products Distributors for electronics, electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering products all together in gujarat. Interested to supply cable.
Connectors and telecommunication products .
you can enquire for any odd/obsolete components and products
Electronic Components:-Semiconductors, Hardware, Integrated Circuits, Manufacturers Data, PCB P.....

Guang Hua Industry Import and Export Corporation

[Guangzhou, China]
We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting the electrical, electronic and lighting products. Our Range Of Product : Series 1: Electric power products supplied by our professional factory, including high-quality steel tower, hot-dip galvanized lighting poles, concrete poles and ect. Series 2: UL-listed, GS and SAA aproved lamps snd light bulbs including halogen lamps, energy-saving la.....

Tim Industries

[Sheung Wan, Hong Kong]
We are manufacturers and exporters of following products:- -Miyota:Big and Medium Size VCD Players -Miyota:DVD Players -Pearl:Table Clock with Snooze/Light Function -Miyota:Portable VCD Players -Nishica:IRON -Pearl:Table Clocks -TELEPHONE PRODUCT:Basic Telephones -Miyota:TFT TV's & Monitors -Pearl:Wall Clocks -Miyota:Mini Compo with VCD Players -Pearl:Fancy Clocks -TELEPHONE PRODUCT:.....

Senton Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taoyuan, Taiwan]
Manufacture & exporter of various antennas, cellular accessories, PDA accessories, computer peripherals, wireless LAN antennas, OEM and ODM electronic products. Electronic components & parts- (1) antennas- stubby & rubber antennas, mobile ( cellular) phone antennas, OEM & ODM antennas. (2) cellular ( mobile) phone accessory ( accessories)- cellular flash stickers & clips. (3) PDA & smart phone .....

Catvision Products Ltd.

[NOIDA, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- CATV PRODUCTS - Catvision markets a range of head-end and distribution products that meet international specifications and are brand leaders in the domestic market. These products are sold by Catvision to MSOs, independent cable operators and institutional customers like hotels and company townships. Products include a range of fiber optic transmitters & nodes, .....

Pacific Region HongKong Limited.

[Hong Kong, Hong Kong]
Manufacturers & Exportere for PC products and Home Appliances. Oue Prodcuts Range Include: 1. Network Accessory: -Modules -Patch Panels -Lan card -Lan Cable -Network Tools -Face Plate -Fiber optic category -Modular Plug -Router -Switch -Patch Cord -Cisco Products -D-link Products -Amp Products -3com/intel Products 2. New: -Shake Torch -Usb watch -Christmas 3. Dig.....

David-Link Fingerprint USA Corp.

[City of Industry, United States]
Technology has been progressed quickly, but there are lots of inefficient and unstable time attendance products in India, and people are still buying them because they have no choices. However, the time recorder industry in the United States has been more and more competitive and people have experienced the difference between the traditional time clocks and the biometric time & attendance syste.....

Gautam Enterprises

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturing, Supplier & Exporter of Energy Saver Products, Process Control Instruments, Motor Protection Relays, Level Controllers, Industrial Utility instruments, Custom specific instruments, Electric/Electronic Control Panels etc, Energy Saver Products, Process Control Instruments, Motor Protection Relays, Level Controllers, Industrial Utility Instruments, Flame Proof Enclosed instruments, Cus.....


[Scarborohgh, Canada]
We are exporters and traders of Access Control, Antennas for Wireless Sys, Audio Video Staging, Building Automation, Business Automation, CCTV -Security, Digital Imprinting, Digital Signage Systems, Fiberoptic products, GPS/GIS, Home Automation Products, Industrial Automation, LCD-Plasma Systems, Mobile Technologies, Note Books/ Laptops, Nurse Call Systems, Office Automation, Presentation Products.....

Create Times Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Quit smoking products, personal care, health care products, clocks, watches, electronics, promotion gifts, sex products, Quit Smoking Products, Electronic & Promotion Gift, Bathroom Fitment Shower Panel, Wall Clock & LCD Clock, Adult products......

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