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telecommunication Member Directory(Bk7+cylindrical+lens)

Crystal Energy Electro-Optics Co Ltd

[Changchun, China]
Lens Achromaticlens, Double-ConcaveLens, Double-ConvexLens, MeniscusLens, Plano-Concave Lens, Plano-Convex Lens etc. Prisms Pentad Prisms, Dove Prisms, Roof Prisms, Right Angle prisms, Wedge Prisms etc. Cylindrical Lens Plano-Convex Square ness Cylindrical Lens, Plano-Convex Circular Cylindrical Lenses, Plano-Concave Square ness Cylindrical Lenses, Plano-Concave Circular Cylindrical Lense.....

GoldDragonOptics Co.

[Changchun, China]
Plano convex lenses, plano concave lenses, bi-convex lenses, bi-concave lenses, achromatic lenses, sapphire lenses, prisms, right angle prisms, dove prisms, penta prisms, wedge, windows, waveplate, mirrors, reflectors, infrared optics, optical lens, cylindrical lens, spherical lens, aspherical lens, lenses, meniscus lens, Ge window, Ge lens, Si window, Si lens, ZnSe windows, ZnSe lenses, rod lens,.....

China Star Optics Technology Co,.Ltd.

[Changchun, China]
We consistently offer various high quality optical components according to the customer's specification requirements. Such as prisms, spherical lenses, aspherial lenses, Ball lens, optical windows, Achromatic lenses, cylindrical lens, beamsplitters, mirrors, color filters, grating, reflectors, waveplates etc. In addition, we specialize in manufacturing photographic lens, including telephoto lens.....

Changchun GoldDragonOptics Co.

[Changchun, China]
Our core business is designing and producing custom optics products and crystals for the commercial and marketplace refer to laser, medicine, military, semiconductor and telecommunication application areas. With its quality system ISO 9001 certified, the main productions are cylindrical lens, achromatic doublet lens, spherical lens, window, prism, mirror and wedge from infrared, optical glass, UV.....

Phody Optics Co., Ltd.

[ChangChun, China]
Optical lens(cylindrical lens, spherical lens), optical windows, mirrors, prisms, waveplates, filters, beamsplitters.....

Stratton Technologies Limited

[Bedfordshire, United Kingdom]
Manufacturer's of representative offering precision motion systems and test solutions to the laser and photonics industries. Our product includes: *Microscopy Platforms, Micromanipulators & Accessories: -Confocal Translators -Custom Devices -Headstage Mounts -Lab Setup Examples -Micromanipulator -Micromanipulator Slide -Microscope Translator -Motorized Microscope Focus Drive -Pipett.....

Telecommunication Manufacturers Directory(Bk7+cylindrical+lens)


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