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telecommunication Member Directory(Metal Detector Systems)

Sivananda Electronics

[Mumbai, India]
We are Specialized in the Manufacturing of Electronic Instruments, Metal Detectors, Leaders in Security and Test & Measuring Instruments, Turnstiles, Computerized Attendance Recording & Access Control. Test & Measuring Instruments Automatic Systems :- -Automatics Transformer Test System - Model : ATTS -The Communication Cable Test Set ( Model : AUTO RC-5H) -Rotor Test System (Model : R.....

Shanghai Bofeng Electronics Co.,Ltd.

[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of many experienced mechanical electronic technician & appointed electronic assembly, debugging and sheet metal joining workshops. Our Products are -ZD series ??Magnetic induction metal detector -JT series ??Electric induction metal detector -MD series ??Magnetic induction metal detector protable type -SD series ??Multi-zone walk-through metal detector -Other.....


[Vasco Da Gama, India]
Metal detector, hand held metal detector, door frame metal detector, deep search metal detector, under vehicle search mirror, letter bomb metal detector, tablet metal detector, pharma metal detector, food metal detector, gravity feed metal detector, cctv, buglar alarm, access control, fire alarm, metaldetector, .....


[Navi Mumbai, India]

Suresafe Technology Inc.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers Of:- Mobile phone Detector (Palm size) RF Camera / Bug Detector RF Signal Detector with Analog/Digital selection switch Bug Detector with Analog/Digital selection switch RF Signal Detector / Bug Detector with Analog/Digital selection switch Bug Detector with Analog/Digital selection switch Superior Sensitivity RF Signal Detector / Bug Detector Adding Vibration Warning Mode (Be.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- Series 60 ionization smoke detector:- The sensing part of the detector consists of two chambers - an open, outer chamber and a semi - sealed reference chamber within. Mounted in the reference chamber is a low activity radioactive foil of Americium 241 which enables current to flow between the inner and outer chambers when the detector is powered up. As smoke ent.....

Shenzhen Weilixin Electronic Co., Ltd.

[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers of Motion detector: Mini Curtain Style Dual Infrared Detector, Ceiling Mount Intelligent Infrared Detector, Series PIR Intruder Detector, Complex PIR & MW Intelligent Detector, Outdoor PIR Intruder Detector, Heat alarm, Smoke Alarm, Gas alarm. Motion detector: Wireless Infrared Detector, Wireless Smoke Alarm, Wireless Gas alarm. Alarm control panel: Intelligent Full-feature Sec.....

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturing of - Switches & Sensors for Security Alarm Systems Magnetic Door Contacts Magnetic Security Switches and host of other Sensors and Accessories for Security Alarm systems apart from premium quality Reed Relays Proximity Switches (Magnetic / Inductive / Photo-electric, Capacitive) and Magnetic Float Switches. * Magnetic Security Switches . Surface Mount Type . Recess Mount T.....

Mel Systems and Services Limited (MELSS)

[Bangalore, India]
WE are offering to its customers State-of-the-art equipment and solutions; optimal, cost-effective solutions. We specializes in high technology areas of Electronics --- Assembly, Testing, Repair and Rework; Automation and Simulation; Custom Solutions and Software Development besides Training. Provides systems and solutions to Defence, Telecom, Electronic Manufacturing and Service Industry, Lab.....


[Chandigarh, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Under Vehicle inspection system, under-vehicle surveillance system , hand held search lights , metal detector, dragon light, xenon light, commando light , portable light, vehicle light, dragon light, hand held metal detector , hhmd, walk through metal detector, wmd, multiozne metal detector, multiozne walk through metal deteceot, fixed door frame metal detector, portab.....


[Shenzen, China]
Vehicle-Mounted Bomb Jammers Vehicluar IED Jammer Vehicular Bomb Jammers Portable RF Jammers Portable Sigal Jammers Portable Jammers Prison RF Jammers Prison Signal Jammer Prison Jammers Indoor RF Jammer Indoor Signal Jammer Indoor RF Jammers Handheld Jammer Handheld RF Jammers Handheld Jammers GPS Jammer GPS Signal Jammer GPS Jammers Audio Recorder Jammer Audio Recorder Blocker Audio.....


[Pune, India]
Our products & solutions:
?access control & attendance recording systems
?cctv survelliance systems
?remote video surveillance systems
?electronic article surveillance systems
?intrusion /burglar alarm systems
?shutter alarm system[battery operated]
?door alarm system[battery operated]
?car security systems
?two wheeler security systems
?luggage alarm/ anti bag liftin.....


[Pune, India]
Manufacturerers of- Security Systems Burglar alarms CCTV systems Anti shop lifting systems Car security systems Access Control System. Medical Equipments Personal Health monitoring electronic systems. Novelty Items Variety of products of utility and for gifting to someone. Security Systems:- 8 Zone Security System Access Control FingerScan- Can be used for any access applicatio.....

Shenzhen Anboshi Security Alarm CO LTD

[shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer of security burglar alarm system, The products like;GSM Wireless burglar alarm system, Intelligent wireless wired burglar alarm, Telephone alarm system, 32 zone wireless burglar alarm system, 8 zone wireless burglar alarm system, Voice burglar alarm, Intelligent wireless gas detector, Wireless rolling shutter detector, Wireless siren with strobe light, wireless vibration sensor, Wire .....

Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Peasway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

[ningbo, China]
Smoke alarm, smoke detector, co alarm, co detector, gas alarm , gas detector, heat alarm, heat detector, fire alarm, fire detector, water alarm, water detector, MCP, strobe light, horn, siren, system detector, conventional manual call point, fire alarm bell......

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

[Cypress, United States]
Products: Mitsubishi Electric US markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products. These include semiconductor and optoelectronic devices; high-definition televisions, DVD players and VCRs; stadium display screens; systems and components for automobile manufacturers; elevators and escalators; heating and air conditioning systems; factory automation equipment;.....

SELEX Sensors

[Essex, United Kingdom]
Manufacturers of single and multiple element IR detectors; including linear and 2-D arrays, in both cooled and uncooled technologies. Our Product includes: *BATTLESPACE AND ELECTRO OPTICS: -DRIVERS NIGHT VISION SYSTEM (DNVS) -ENFORCER SELF DEFENCE WEAPON SYSTEM -HOSTILE ARTILLERY LOCATION SYSTEM (HALO) -L3TV CAMERA TECHNOLOGY -MOBILE SURVEILLANCE UNIT (MSU) -PALS PASSIVE LITTORAL.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- Complete Range of Intruder Alarm Systems.- BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM "Tie up with one of the leading manufacturers of security Equipment's- Melcom, UK for wide range of Intruder Alarm Systems" Perimetric Protection External Infra-red Beams. Electronic Fence Guard. Sensored Barbed Wire. Security Lights. Latest 12v optical smoke ditectors for intruder alar.....

Double Power (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer of electronic calendars, banknote counters, banknote detectors, coin sorters, clocks, pedometers, wireless doorbells, telephones and other electronic novelties. Our product range includes: Banknote Counters - -Basic Counter(only UV detecting function) -Intelligent Banknote Counter With Detecting Function -Mini Intelligent Banknote Counter( only UV detecting funtion) -Mini.....

Telecommunication Manufacturers Directory(Metal Detector Systems)

Shenzhen Gabel Electronic Co.,Ltd

[ShenZhen, China]
We are Manufacturer of Electronic Eqipments. RESIDENTIAL DETECTOR - Gas Alarm - Smoke Alarm - Heat alarm - Electromagnetism Valve - Personal alarm - glass break alarm - Door/Window alarm - PASSIVE INFRARED DETECTOR CONVENTIAL DETECTOR - smoke detector - gas detector - heat detector FIRE ACCESSORIES - CALL POINTS - STROBE LIGHTS - ALARM BELLS PAN.....

Eagle Aircons Pvt. Ltd.

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers and Suppliers of- Distribution of electronic access control Security Networking Automatic fire detection ID Cards and fingerprints technology components. ACCESS CONTROL Controllers Single Door Controllers 2 Door Controllers Door Controllers Readers- Standard Proximity Readers Keypad Proximity Readers New Proximity Readers Compact Proximity Readers Access Managem.....

Vasthi Engineers

[Hyderabad, India]
Portable dew point meter, dew point meter, portable gas detector, oxygen gas detector, h2s gas leak detector, hydrogen gas leak detector, hcn gas leak detector, hcl gas leak detector, hygro meter, moisture meter, dew point meter, online gas anlyzers. Dew point meter.....


[Hyderabad, India]
We manufacture and market communications and networking systems and accessories. Our product range includes:
Communications: Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4, Broad Band Communication Systems, ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems, Cable Modems & Set Top Box.
Information & Bill Payment Systems: Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media, Bill Payment Kiosk Systems.
Smart Car.....

Moonraker Australia Pty. Limited

[Tasmania, Australia]
Manufacturers and suppliers of marine, land and military communications antenna systems and related equipment. Our product includes: *Marine Antenna System: -MF/HF Antenna Systems -27MHz/VHF/UHF Antenna Systems -HF/VHF Matched Pairs -Receiving Antenna Systems *Land Antenna System: -MF Antenna Systems -HF Mobile Antenna Systems -HF Base Station Antenna Systems & Masts -27MHz.....

Merritronix Private Limited

[Hyderabad, India]
Manufacturers, marketers and exporters of communications and networking systems and accessories. PRODUCTS : ? Communications : -Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4 -Broad Band Communication Systems -ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems -Cable Modems & Set Top Box. ? Information & Bill Payment Systems : -Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media -Bill Payment Kiosk Systems. ? Smart Card.....


[Vasco Da Gama, India]
Metal detector, Micro Scan Metal Detector, Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors, Gravity Feed Metal Detectors, Tablet Metal Detector, Capsule metal detectors, Tablet Inspection machine, Elevating De Duster, De Dusters, On Line Check Weigher, Product Inspection system.....

Mittal Engineering Works Private Limited

[Ghaziabad, India]
Manufacturers and exporters, suppliers of:- Quality welding consumables. Suppliers of various types of electrodes that comprises of mild steel, stainless steel, medium and high tensile steel etc. CO2 Welding Wire:- Mono Mag - 1 MONO MAG - 1 is a double deoxidized Copper Coated Mn - Si Wire suited for welding in all positions Producers weld with excellent Radiographic qualities with minimu.....

Detection Technology, Inc.

[Micropolis, Finland]
Detection Technology designs, manufactures, and markets unique, high performance silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors, their related electronics, and detector modules. Our Product includes: Detector Component Products: -High-Performance Diodes for Ionizing Radiation -High-Quality Photodiodes -High-Quality Standard and Customized Photodiode Arrays -Custom Photodiode Dies Detector.....

Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co.,Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Gas alarm, gas detector, Co alarm, LPG alarm, heat alarm, shut off valve, coal gas alarm, smoke detector, smoke alarm, fire alarm, fire detector, carbon monoxide detector, carbon monoxide alarm, gas safety, natural gas leakage detector.....


[Taipei, Taiwan]
We are manufacturer and exporter of worldwide provider offering a comprehensive selection of Safety & Security Alarm Components. Our Product Range : 1. MINI TYPE PHOTO SENSOR SERIES (a) MINI TYPE PHOTO SENSOR (b) LIMITED DISTANCE PHOTO SENSOR (c) M8 & 7? PHOTO SENSOR (d) MINI WATER PROOF PHOTO SENSOR 2. FREE POWER PHOTO SENSOR SERIES (a) FREE POWER PHOTO SENSOR (b) M18 ROUND PHOTO .....

Bharat Electronics Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of civilian products, products and turnkey systems to the Indian Defence Services, electronic systems. Products :- Defence : -Military Communications -Land Based Radars -Naval Systems -Opto-Electronics -Tank Electronics -Electronic Warfare -Simulators. Non-Defence : -Telecommunications -Sound Vision Broadcasting -Solar Photovoltaic systems .....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and designers of a wide range of Burglar Alarm Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems. Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems - Active 108 alarm security systems - Active 207 alarm security systems - Active 306 alarm security systems - Active 405 alarm security systems - Active 504 alarm security systems - Auto dialer alarm security systems Electronic Timers:- - Flat .....

IR-TEC International Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of electrical products- (1) PIR+MW dual technology detector, anti-masking dual technology. (2) anti-masking & quad passive infrared detector, ceiling mount PIR detectors, battery powered passive infrared detectors, detector mounting bracket. (3) pet immune detectors- pet-immune dual technology & pet-immune passive infrared detectors. (4) alarm control panels- intruder alarm contro.....

IR-TEC International Ltd

[Sanchung, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of PIR+MW dual technology detector, anti-masking dual technology : Anti-masking & quad passive infrared detector, ceiling mount PIR detectors, battery powered passive infrared detectors, detector mounting bracket. Pet immune detectors :- pet-immune dual technology & pet-immune passive infrared detectors. Alarm control panels :- intruder alarm control panel, remote cont.....

IR-TEC International Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and designers of:- various types of human presence sensors since 1982. Main products include motion detectors for intruder alarm, motion sensors for lighting control, occupancy sensors for HVAC energy management, CCD cameras, multiplexers, quad processors, VCR's, DVR, CCTV lenses, monitors, brackets and housings, etc. Manufacturing service for OEM and ODM electronic products is wel.....

Shenzhen Anboshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Shenzhen Anboshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in the production and development of Wireless Home Security Alarm System products in China since 1998. Working Scope: Export Home security burglar alarm systems: Wireless burglar alarm, Telephone & alarm system, Intelligent wireless & wire burglar alarm system , GSM Wireless burglar alarm system, car.....

Vedard Security Tech

[Quanzhou, China]
Infrared detector, infrared beams, alarms, security, security systems, alarm systems, fire alarms, burglar alarms, intruder alarms, home security, security devices, security equipment, wireless alarms, smoke sensor, gas sensor, heat sensor, glass breakage detector, office security systems, security products, motion sensor, PIR detector, alarm host, alarm panel, alarm controller, wire.....


[Ahmedabad, India]
We are the leading manufacture of security systems.Our products are 8-zone home security system with password operated, shutter and single door controller 2 in 1,smoke sensors, p.I.R sensors, viberation sensors, magnetic sensors no nc type, gas detector, rat replant, auto dialer with lcd and keypad, shock and siren bag with 1000 feet range rf remote control, foot switch, panic switch remote contr.....

shenzhen mcd electronics co.,ltd

[shenzhen, China]
Walkthrough metal detector, door frame metal detector, body scanner, handheld metal detector, super scanner, incar rearview Bluetooth GPS navigation devices......

ESD Electronics

[Hannover, Germany]
Manufacturers of :- * VME : I/O cards (digital and analog) for industrial use, motion controller, graphics, communication ports, adapter boards, intelligent subsystems. Digital I/O Boards Analog I/O Boards Communication Interfaces Motion Controllers Graphics Boards PMC-Boards System Options P2-Adapter for Force CPU Boards Options for Motorola CPU Boards VME Cases and Systems. .....

[Fairfield, United States]
Manufacturer & Exporter and Services of phone systems, conferencing equipment, voice mail, headsets, and more:- Our Provided Services Of:- The repair of most business phones and business phone systems A great price for you used equipment The use of our in-house painting facility so phones or individual plastics can be painted at a low cost Free price quotes and consultation Free handset an.....


Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters/Importers of Ambient Gas Detector/ Analyser: By Infrared Principle, By PID/FID Principle, By Electro Chemical Principle. Ambient Monitoring Station: Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyser, SO2 Gas Analyser, NO, NO2, NOX Gas Analyser, OZONE Gas Analyser (with O3 Generator), OZONE Gas Analyser (without O3 Generator), BTX Gas Analyser, HYDROCARBON Gas Analyser, MULTIGA.....


[Vadodara, India]
Manufacturers of Holiday Detectors, Pin hole Detector, Spark Testers and ancillary testing equipments. Holiday Detector - It is used to detect defect on non-conductive coating that are applied to conductive surface to help minimize the effect of corrosion. It is used in Pipeline Industries. Pinhole Detector - Pin hole Detector is used in painting to detect any pin hole in the epoxy painted .....


Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters/Importers of Ambient Gas Detector/ Analyser: By Infrared Principle, By PID/FID Principle, By Electro Chemical Principle. Ambient Monitoring Station: Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyser, SO2 Gas Analyser, NO, NO2, NOX Gas Analyser, OZONE Gas Analyser (with O3 Generator), OZONE Gas Analyser (without O3 Generator), BTX Gas Analyser, HYDROCARBON Gas Analyser, MULTIGA.....

Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Zhengzhou, China]
Manufacturer and exporter of gas sensors, gas leak alarms and BAC breath testers. Our product range includes: Gas Sensor - -Semiconductor type sensor -Catalytic sensors -Hotwire type gas sensors -Thermal Conductor gas sensor -Solid electrolyte type gas sensor -smoke sensors Gas leak alarm - -GD gas leak alarm -GE gas leak alarm -KB gas leak alarm -GA gas leak alarm -GC gas leak a.....

Advanced Photonix, Inc.

[Camarillo, United States]
Manufacturers of standard and custom silicon photodiodes, photoconductive and photovoltaic photodiodes, silicon quadrant and x-ray detectors, and detector-filter combinations. Our Product includes: -Silicon PIN Photodiodes - Photoconductive C-Series -Silicon PIN Photodiodes - Photovoltaic V-Series -Near I.R. Photoconductive Detectors -Silicon High Speed PIN Photodiodes -1.06 Micron De.....

Shenzhen Longway Intellectualized Technology Co., Ltd

[ShenZhen, China]
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of : Alarm mail host Basic packing Economic packing Applied packing Wireless door gap detector Wireless infrared sensor Wired infrared detector Wireless smoke gap detector Wireless gas detector Wired infrared sensor Wireless photo-beam sensor Safe fittings Alarm center equipment .....

Shenzhen Longway Intellectualized Technology Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer of Wireless security alarm system and Consumer electronics. Our product range includes : -Alarm mail host -Basic packing -Economic packing -Applied packing -Wireless door gap detector -Wireless infrared sensor -Wired infrared detector -wireless smoke gap detector -Wireless gas detector -Wired infrared sensor -Wireless photo-beam sensor -Safe fittings -Alarm.....


[ZHEJIAG, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of financial machines. Our product range includes: Counterfeit Detector - -V60 Counterfeit Money Detector -Model Counterfeit Money Detector -Counterfeit Detector(not sold to America Area) Bill Counter Banknote Binder Packing machine .....

Shenzhen Yong-cheer Industrial Co., Ltd.

[ShenZhen, China]
Manufacturers of wireless RF security alarm products. Our commercial/residential wireless intelligent security and protection alarm system, smoke detector, gas leak detector, door/window magnet sensor, glass break detector, passive/active infrared intrusion detector. Wireless RF Receiving & Transmitting Modules, 2.4GHz & 1.2GHz Wireless System, Hardwire Alarm Host, Wireless Alarm Host, Accessori.....

Shenzhen Victa Industrial Co . , Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Burglar alarm system, wireless alarm system , GSM alarm system, 3G alarm system, Smoke detector, Gas detector, P.I.R detector, multi-beam wall detector, Door Sensor, Alarm locks, Anti-Lost Reminder etc......

Shenzhen Anboshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen, China]
Wireless burglar alarm, Telephone & alarm system, Intelligent wireless & wire burglar alarm system , GSM Wireless burglar alarm system, Intelligent wireless PIR detector, carbon monoxide detector, horn siren, wireless signal relay, remote control, door magnetic sensor, gas detector, smoke fire detector, anti-losing alarm, anti-rob alarm, etc. .....

Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Shenzhen , China]
Combustible Natural gas detector, LPG Coal gas detector, gas detector alarm system, co gas leak tester, fire warning, smoke alarms detector,heat detctor , Gas leak Testing Equipment, gas alert detector, fire Gas Analyzers, gas sensor, Security & Protection Products .....

Tekna Seal, LLC

[Minneapolis, United States]
We Provide Services of located in Minneapolis, is a custom manufacturer of glass to metal and ceramic to metal seals used for vacuum tight electrical feedthroughs in sensors, battery terminals, and electronic packages. A proprietary hermetic sealing process provides seals with lower leak rates than industry standards, and a wider range of material choices that can be sealed. Our products :- G.....

Wordsworth International

[Worcestershire, United Kingdom]
Manufacturer of Cutlery Detector : New product - the MT2001. The cutlery detector that saves you money. Are you losing a lot of cutlery along with your food-waste? We have the solution! Fire Detection and Control : Our AMAN Range of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting equipment includes: Fire Detection; Sensors and Alarms; Digital Control Systems; Manual Call Points; Extinguishant Control Panels and .....


[Maryland, United States]
Powercon Products Powercon is well-known for it's quality products and ability to produce standard switchgear, customized switchgear, and specialized control systems to meet specific requirements. Follow the links below for more information on specific products. Metal Clad Switchgear ? Powercon's advanced Metal Clad Switchgear line is completely factory-built and wired. Each cubicle may cont.....

High Power Devices Inc.

[Pennsylvania, United States]
Manufacturers of :- ELDP Laser Distance Measurement Meters Laser System application illustrations LDCP-4000 Laser Positioning Systems for Cranes LD-6001 Laser Length & Width Gauges ODS Laser Triangulation Meters LT2000-ST Laser Distance Meter MDDT Optical Data Transmitters Model 8100 Self-contained Hot Metal Detectors Model 9100 Remote Hot Metal Detectors PF1000 Pathfinder Digit.....


[Gurgaon, India]
We specially Deal in Products Like : CCTV systems, CCTV with DVR card, CCTV Cameras, Remote video surveillance, Home alarm, Security cameras lens, Motion detector, Surveillance camera, Surveillance equipment, CCD cameras, Lens, DVR, Capture cards, Quads, Car cameras, Wireless CCTV Systems, Security Products, Cards security systems, Smart card security systems,Proximity cards security systems, Door.....


[Houston, United States]
Manufacturers of Automatic sampling systems and ultrasonic flow meters. Our Product includes: *Optical Products: -Optical Interface Detector -Optical Dye Detector -Optical Signature Detector *Oil Water detectors: *Karl Fischer moisture analyser *Ultrasonic Flow Meters *Static Mixers *Isokinetic Automatic Sampling Systems *Applications *Engineering and Fabrication .....


[Istanbul, Turkey]
Alarm Systems Producer , Intruder Alarm , Burglar Alarm , Fire Alarm Systems , Fire Alarm , Detectors , Smoke Detector , Heat Detector, Siren , PIR Detector.....

TECO Electronics., Ltd.

[Ningbo, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters Of Security products and Electronic Components. Our Products Range Include: 1. Security Alarm: Siren & Alarm Piezo Siren Electronic Siren Armored Siren Electronic Horn Battery Backup Siren Magnetic Contact Fire Alarm Driver Unit Emergency Button Lighting Strobe Light Halogen Lamp Sensor PIR Lamp Light-Control Swith Spot Lights .....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer of Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems, Active 108 alarm security systems, Active 207 alarm security systems, Active 306 alarm security systems, Active 405 alarm security systems, Active 504 alarm security systems, Auto dialer alarm security systems. Electronic Timers- Flat Timer, School/Factory Timer, Multipurpose Timer.....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems Active 108 alarm security systems, Active 207 alarm security systems, Active 306 alarm security systems, Active 405 alarm security systems, Active 504 alarm security systems, Auto dialer alarm security systems. Electronic Timers - Flat Timer, School/Factory Timer, Multipurpose Timer......

eh-trading GmbH

[Raisdorf, Germany]
Traders and Manufacturer of Ship Automation and Switchboards are made in modern facilities. Our Products & Services Ranges:- Ship Equipment:- .Control and monitoring-systems .Anti heeling control systems, tanklevel-measuring systems .Bowtrhruster, control systems .Pipes, valves, pumps, hydraulic .Switchboards, distribution panels, consoles dieselgenerator sets Electrical and.....

Boston Acoustics Inc.

[Peabody, United States]
We designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, after-market and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Our Product Categories are: *Home Systems: -Big Theater -Bookshelf -Center Channel -Floorstanding -On-wall -Outdoor -Powered Subwoofers -Surround Speakers -Home Theater Speaker Systems -Amplig.....


[Melbourne, Australia]
We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of all integrated electronic security systems. Our Products are Alarm Detection Access Control Systems Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Biometrics. Our Services are :- Digital Video Surveillance Division. ADACS Systems proudly manufactures and distributes its own comprehensive range of Digital Video Recorders utilising state of the .....


[ludhiana, India]
Solar Systems like backup system, standalone system, grid tied system, solar system, solar heater, solar water heater, solar systems, solar heaters, solar water heaters, solar water system, solar energy systems, solar heating system, solar power systems, solar water heating system, solar water systems, solar heating systems, solar water heater cost, solar water heater manufacturer, solar water hea.....


[Indore, India]
Manufacturers of Semiconductor Devices
RECTIFIER DIODES: Axial Moulded, TO-220 A, Metal Stud, Automotive Rectifier Diodes, Flat Base / Capsules / Puk
FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIERS: Axial Moulded, TO-220 A, Metal Stud, High Efficiency, Super Fast
SCHOTTKY BARRIER DIODES: Axial Moulded, TO-220 A, Metal Stud, Metal TO-3

Voltage Converter Transformers

[Roselle, United States]
Manufacturer and Exporter of:- Stabilizers & Transformers Step Up Transformer These are also referred to as step up transformer, step up voltage transformer, low voltage transformer, step up voltage converter, 110 220V voltage converter, step up voltage transformers, step up voltage regulator, low voltage lighting transformers, 220 110V voltage converter, step up / down voltage regulator, 1.....

Spaceage Security Systems Ltd. New Delhi

[Delhi, India]
Cctv, Security Systems, Speed Dome Camera, IP Camera, CCTV, cctv camera, IP Based CCTV Surveillance, IR Camera, DVR, dvr, Stand Alone Systems, Guard Monitoring System, Access control System, Time Attendance System, Fire Detection Systems, Barriers and Fences, Security Survey, Security Projects, Security guards, CCTV Camera installation survey, CCTV Projects, security Audit, Employee Background Ver.....


[Mumbai, India]
We are manufacturers of CCTV Camera, Electronic Security & Surveillance Systems and Allied Accessories. Our products includes CCTV: CCD Camera, Lens, Monitor, Control Pan Tiltl, Recording, Pan & Tilt, Allied Accessories, Video / Audio Door, Access Control: Bio Metrix, Reader's, Controllers, E. M.Locks, Electric Striker, Boom Barrier, Turnstile, Security System: Control Panel &.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer and Exporters of- Reinforced punched tape (RPT) Reinforced Punched concertina Coils (RPCC) Barbed Wire Chain Links Welded wire mesh Gard Watch Metal detector hand held and walk through Fire Alarm Systems Door Phone Systems Home Automation Wireless and wired intruder alarm systems Fingerprint door lock Systems Gate Automation.....

Shanghai Easement Electric Co.,Ltd.

[ShangHai, China]
Manufacturers of Metal Detector, Band Cutting Machine, Pressing Machine, Elevator Monitor, HD-630C Needle Detector and the HD-680C Needle Detector .....

Duteck Industrial Co., Ltd.

[taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and exporters of electronic products. SCALE- DB2101 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2201 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2301 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2401 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2411 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2501 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2601 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2701 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2801 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2901 Digital Bathroom Scale DB3001 Digital Ba.....

Duteck Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Our Products: SCALE DB2101 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2201 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2301 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2401 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2411 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2501 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2601 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2701 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2801 Digital Bathroom Scale DB2901 Digital Bathroom Scale DB3001 Digital Bathroom Scale DB3101 Digita.....


[Bangalore, India]
The Products manufactured by ASEC SOLUTIONS are being used by both Industries and Technical Institutions. Industrial segment includes the automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Package Industries and Defence establishments. Technical Institutions segment include Engineering Colleges and Universities.
Over years ASEC SOLUTIONS has gained the reputation as an organization which provides low cost and .....

Compraelec SAS

To provide solutions for machine and appliance manufacturers of all types.Electronic Systems, Water Heating, Plumbing Fittings, Electric Motors and Fans, Water Pumps, Time Switches, Shower and Whirlpool, Components, Hoses and Fittings, Flood Protection Systems, Solenoid Valves, Water Level Controls. Electronic Systems : Electronic humidity control, Electronic power supply, Customised systems, Ele.....

Electromack Systems India

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers, Exporter, Importer of Power Products, Alarm Systems, Fire Panels and Gas Detector Panels, Inverters and Battery Chargers. Products : Wireless Communication Products - CTCSS designed for Motorola Monitor 2, 3 and 4 pagers a CTCSS unit works in low voltage from 2 volt to 3.2 volts. Educational Products - are Decade box IC trainer DC power supply etc. Power Products - Power P.....

time telecom

[ambala, India]
Epabx systems, cctv systems, biometric systems, time att machines, tele sets, fax machines, ug cables, telecom products, security products, fire alarm systems, lease lines, pri lines, mpls systems, amcS of security and communication equipments and ug cables, metal detectors, search lights, pa systems, central monitoring systems, networking jobs .....


[Pune, India]
Manufacture of - Electronic intrusion alarm and fire alarm products. * Intrusion Alarm/Detection Systems Control Panels- Defender II Defender IV Defender Auto Dialer Home Safe * Fire Safety Equipments * Control Panels- Defender FAS 200 Defender FAS 400 Defender FAS 800 * Access Control Systems- * Access Control Accessories- Door Contollers Readers Cards & Tags EM Locks.....


[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers of Handheld metal detector, doorframe metal detector, search light, search mirror......


[Shanghai, China]
We manufacture the following products -
Metal Detectors - hand held metal detector and walk through metal detector.
Finger print products - Access control, Attendance, Door lock, PC watchdog, PC mouse, USB flash drive and safe box.
EAS Products - RF/EM hard tag, RF soft label, EM / RF system, EM strip, AM tag, Soft [Art] tag, Detacher, Safer, Bottle tag, optical tag.....


[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers Of Electronic Products. Our Products : ? ESD Instrumentation / Aids used in Electronic Manufacture ? Security Products ? Air Purification Products ? Other Products 1 ? Other Products 2. ESD Instrumentation Products : ? Wriststrap Tester (Z102) ? Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester ? Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous Workstation & Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous W.....

Ajoka Corporation

[Shenzhen, China]
Manufacturer of camera, spy camera, surveillance, spy, pen, spycam, ccd, cctv, mini camera, camera, gift, spy sunglasses, electronics, stationeries, wireless, computer, cmos, hidden camera, security camera, surveillance, wireless camera, personal safety, body worn, pinhole, pin hole, pin hole camera, , receiver, multifunctional, pen. Our product range includes: Transmitter/Receiver - Ghz Tr.....

AKCP Software (P) Ltd.

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacaturers & exporters of, 1.CameraProbe8 : 2.SensorProbe2 3.SensorProbe8 4.SensorProbe8-X20 5.SensorProbe8-X60 6.SensorProbe8Linux 7.SensorProbe8Linux -X20 8.SensorProbe8Linux -X60 9.Power Supplies 10.Intelligent Sensors : Temperature Sensor Single Port Temperature/Humidity sensorRemote Water Sensor Security Sensor Airflow Sensor Dry Contact AC Voltage Detect.....


Manufacturers of level controls, pressure switches, HVAC thermostats, solenoid valves, flow switches, gas detector and gas valves. Our product includes: *LEVEL CONTROLS: - ELECTRONICS - MAGNETIC - FOR POWDER AND GRANULATES *PRESSURE CONTROLS: - HIDROSTATS - PRESSOVACUUMSTATS - PRESSOSTATS - THREE-POLE PRESSOSTATS *TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY CONTROLS: - THERMOSTATS - CH.....

Draminski - Electronics In Agriculture

[Olsztyn, Poland]
Manufacturer and Exporter of portable devices Electronic Agricultural Products - Agricultural Thermometer, Milk Tester, Moisture Meter Animal Breeding Equipments - Animal LCD Scanner, Pregnancy Detector, Estrous Detector, Mastitis Detector.....


[Beijing, China]

  • Jb-tg-3000-s2175 intelligent fire alarm control unit for general purpose[associated output device control bus]
  • sp-820 combustion gas alarm unit
  • j-sap-m-s2114dh manual alarm button
  • s2165-100 fire display pane
  • s2121 gas extinction interface
  • jtw-zd-s2103-f intelligent heat detector
  • jtw-gd-s2102-f intelligent optical smoker detector
  • s2107-y swithing signal input module
  • s213.....

    Scientech Electronics Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- wireless home security, DIY alarm, smoke detector, gas detector, fire detector, emergency response system, telephone monitoring system, and fax interception device, electronic products, home security & safety products- intelligent security system, DIY home security, personal emergency response system, photoelectric smoke detectors, gas leakage detectors, 1-button pendant transmi.....

    Guangzhou zhi cheng industry co.,ltd

    [shenzhen, China]
    home security GSM alarm manufacturer , the GSM alarm system , MMS gam alarm system , transformer security alarm system , phone line wireless or wied alarm , PIR detector , window-door sensor , somke detector , gas detector, personal alarm , Digital Photo Frame, stun gun , .....


    [MUMBAI, India]

    Shaanxi Star Coal Mine Safety Equipment Co., Ltd

    [xi'an, China, China]
    Miner's cap lamp/mining lamp/ safety lamp/ charger for miner's lamp/ self rescuer/ respirator/air flow meter/ gas detector, gas detecting alarm, infrared thermometer, explosive -proof laser guider, anemometer, optical interference methane detector, direct read dust detector, pressure gauge, pitot gage , lithium battery miner's cap lamp, chemical oxygen self rescuer, filtered oxygen self rescuer, c.....

    AsiaLink International Technology Corporation

    [Goangdon, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of mechanical and electronic component, injection molding, metal stamping, die casting, and automatic assembly. Mechanical and electronic components- (1) mold, molding, plastic mold, injection molding, plastic molding, plastic injection molding, mold maker, mold making, metal injection molding, mold and die tooling, mold design, mold manufactures, mim, plastic extrusion,.....

    AsiaLink International Technology Corporation

    [China, China]
    AsiaLink provides high quality professional consulting with design capability. We specializes in mechanical and electronic component manufacturing. This requires expertise in the fields of injection molding, metal stamping, die casting, and automatic assembly, mechanical and electronic components- mold, molding, plastic mold, injection molding, plastic molding, plastic injection molding, mold ma.....


    [Chennai, India]
    Active Total Security Systems, ATSS, Chennai's #1 security company protecting homes, Burglar Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm, Burglar Alarms, Alarm panels, Intruder Alarm, Intruder Alarms, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, North, South, East, West, India, Manufacturers, Marketers, Installers of Security Systems, Burglar alarm, Auto Dialers, Electronic Timers, School, Timers, Flat, Timers, Multipurpose, Timers, Se.....


    [Chennai, India]
    We Manufacture Panel Boards, PC Based Soultions for Industrial Production, Electronic devices, Anti-theft products, MedicalMonitoring systems.
    We Sell Safety and Surveillance Products.
    Our Product Range :
    1.Burglar alarms for domestic, shops, banks and industries.
    2.Electronic remote controlled switches.
    3.Water level controllers for houses, farm houses, agri fields.
    4.Anti th.....


    [Delhi, India]
    We Manufacture LED Boards, PA System, Emergency Light.
    We deal in UPS, Invertor, EPABX Systems, Plan System, Push Button Phones, Transformers, Fire Alarm Systems, Confrence Systems, Digital Displays, Moving Scrollers, Lift Indication Systems, Lift Sinages, Music Systems in Lifts, CCTV and CVT.
    We provide services for the installation of all the above mentioned systems and also comprehensive .....

    Apollo Micro systems Pvt Ltd

    [Hyderabad, India]
    AMS has enormous expertise in the field of Defence Aerospace Electronics, and have established a strong position in design, development, manufacture and integration of rugged Mil grade electronic hardware and systems on turnkey basis. These include complete electronic packages for On-Board instrumentation, control systems and embedded controllers for launch platforms. Hardware Design Services .....

    Diamond Control Systems

    [Gurgaon, India]
    Manufacturers, Exporters & wholesale Distributor of - Largest range of security products 1. Intruder Alarm System: Our intruder alarm system is designed to be used in the widest of applications from a single retail outlet to high risk sites. These are available in wired as well as unwired systems. 2. Wired & Wireless Alarm Systems: We present both wired as well as wireless alarm syst.....


    [Hicksville, United States]
    Manufacturers of fiber optic transmission systems that convey audio, RS-232/422/485, ECL and TTL data, IRIG time codes and industrial control signals over fiber optics. Our Product includes: *IRIG Transmission Systems: -Analog IRIG Time Code Transmission Systems -DC Time Code (IRIG DCLS) Transmission Systems -Sine Wave Transmission Systems -Non-Fiber Optic Accessory Systems *Instrume.....

    Instant InfoSystems

    [Torrance, United States]
    We Provide Services is a leading provider of technology based communications solutions for business. We provide fax servers and other business communications tools, in-house training facilities, a full-service help desk and 24/7 technical support to organizations that value a partnership with their vendors. We provide fax servers, document delivery, and other business communications solutions .....

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