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telecommunication Member Directory(Public Address Systems)

Mel Systems and Services Limited (MELSS)

[Bangalore, India]
WE are offering to its customers State-of-the-art equipment and solutions; optimal, cost-effective solutions. We specializes in high technology areas of Electronics --- Assembly, Testing, Repair and Rework; Automation and Simulation; Custom Solutions and Software Development besides Training. Provides systems and solutions to Defence, Telecom, Electronic Manufacturing and Service Industry, Lab.....

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.

[Cypress, United States]
Products: Mitsubishi Electric US markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products. These include semiconductor and optoelectronic devices; high-definition televisions, DVD players and VCRs; stadium display screens; systems and components for automobile manufacturers; elevators and escalators; heating and air conditioning systems; factory automation equipment;.....

Hindustan Power Product (P) Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of stabilizers, inverters and public address systems for various applications under the brand name ?VENER 7? - Automatic Servo Controlled A.C. Voltage Stabilizer: - Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer: Vener 7 inverter:- -Lights -Fans -Computers -Television -EPABX systems -Fax machines -Security systems Public Address system:- - Mixer PA Amplifie.....


[Pune, India]
Our products & solutions:
?access control & attendance recording systems
?cctv survelliance systems
?remote video surveillance systems
?electronic article surveillance systems
?intrusion /burglar alarm systems
?shutter alarm system[battery operated]
?door alarm system[battery operated]
?car security systems
?two wheeler security systems
?luggage alarm/ anti bag liftin.....


[CHENNAI, India]
MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER OF PRODUCTS AS SPEAKER, AMPLIFERS, HOME THEATHRES, CHANNEL MUSIC, STUDIO EQUIPMENTS, PA SYSTEMS, GARDEN SPEAKER. This Company is also listed in the following categories: Audio, Video, Visual Products & Equipments Speaker Public Address Systems. Our products as SPEAKERS: Index Page Millennium Tower Majestic Tower Tripole Force II Tripole Force I Euphonio.....

Alpha Electronics Co.

[Noida, India]
Manufacturers and Suppliers of - Public Address Sound Systems and Public Address Equipments Power Amplifiers Power amplifiers are available from Professional amplifiers, Dual Channel amplifiers, P A amplifiers to Mobile amplifiers with 30 to 700 Watts. Microphones Our range of microphones are available from sing-along karaoke microphone to vocal performance with hand held, Lapel, paging, .....


[Hyderabad, India]
We manufacture and market communications and networking systems and accessories. Our product range includes:
Communications: Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4, Broad Band Communication Systems, ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems, Cable Modems & Set Top Box.
Information & Bill Payment Systems: Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media, Bill Payment Kiosk Systems.
Smart Car.....

Moonraker Australia Pty. Limited

[Tasmania, Australia]
Manufacturers and suppliers of marine, land and military communications antenna systems and related equipment. Our product includes: *Marine Antenna System: -MF/HF Antenna Systems -27MHz/VHF/UHF Antenna Systems -HF/VHF Matched Pairs -Receiving Antenna Systems *Land Antenna System: -MF Antenna Systems -HF Mobile Antenna Systems -HF Base Station Antenna Systems & Masts -27MHz.....

Merritronix Private Limited

[Hyderabad, India]
Manufacturers, marketers and exporters of communications and networking systems and accessories. PRODUCTS : ? Communications : -Optical Networking: STM-1 & STM-4 -Broad Band Communication Systems -ADSL Modems & DSLAM Systems -Cable Modems & Set Top Box. ? Information & Bill Payment Systems : -Touch Screen Information Kiosks with Multi-Media -Bill Payment Kiosk Systems. ? Smart Card.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of- Complete Range of Intruder Alarm Systems.- BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM "Tie up with one of the leading manufacturers of security Equipment's- Melcom, UK for wide range of Intruder Alarm Systems" Perimetric Protection External Infra-red Beams. Electronic Fence Guard. Sensored Barbed Wire. Security Lights. Latest 12v optical smoke ditectors for intruder alar.....


[Pune, India]
Manufacturerers of- Security Systems Burglar alarms CCTV systems Anti shop lifting systems Car security systems Access Control System. Medical Equipments Personal Health monitoring electronic systems. Novelty Items Variety of products of utility and for gifting to someone. Security Systems:- 8 Zone Security System Access Control FingerScan- Can be used for any access applicatio.....

Bharat Electronics Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of civilian products, products and turnkey systems to the Indian Defence Services, electronic systems. Products :- Defence : -Military Communications -Land Based Radars -Naval Systems -Opto-Electronics -Tank Electronics -Electronic Warfare -Simulators. Non-Defence : -Telecommunications -Sound Vision Broadcasting -Solar Photovoltaic systems .....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and designers of a wide range of Burglar Alarm Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems. Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems - Active 108 alarm security systems - Active 207 alarm security systems - Active 306 alarm security systems - Active 405 alarm security systems - Active 504 alarm security systems - Auto dialer alarm security systems Electronic Timers:- - Flat .....


[Chennai, India]
I.Manufacturers of:
1]industrial ph & conductivity transmitters, digital indicators, controllers & accessories
2]industrial paging & talkback audio wired communication system, eflex horn speakers, feather touch operator console and accessories
3]custom built electronic instrumentation & audio systems
ii. suppliers of:
1]process transmitters - pressure, level, flow etc
2]pc based.....

ESD Electronics

[Hannover, Germany]
Manufacturers of :- * VME : I/O cards (digital and analog) for industrial use, motion controller, graphics, communication ports, adapter boards, intelligent subsystems. Digital I/O Boards Analog I/O Boards Communication Interfaces Motion Controllers Graphics Boards PMC-Boards System Options P2-Adapter for Force CPU Boards Options for Motorola CPU Boards VME Cases and Systems. .....

[Fairfield, United States]
Manufacturer & Exporter and Services of phone systems, conferencing equipment, voice mail, headsets, and more:- Our Provided Services Of:- The repair of most business phones and business phone systems A great price for you used equipment The use of our in-house painting facility so phones or individual plastics can be painted at a low cost Free price quotes and consultation Free handset an.....

scorpio security systems

[udaipur, India]
We provides & installs complete range of wireless networking, wireless video up to 75 Km, Wired and Wireless micro-controller based Electronic home security systems, Audio & Video Door Phones, Public Address System, Fire Protection System, Sensors and Accessories, Access control system, electronic locking systems, Attendance solutions, anti pass back facility with Electronic code operated keypads,.....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer of Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems, Active 108 alarm security systems, Active 207 alarm security systems, Active 306 alarm security systems, Active 405 alarm security systems, Active 504 alarm security systems, Auto dialer alarm security systems. Electronic Timers- Flat Timer, School/Factory Timer, Multipurpose Timer.....

Active Total Security Systems

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of Burglar Alarm Systems & Intruder Alarm Systems Active 108 alarm security systems, Active 207 alarm security systems, Active 306 alarm security systems, Active 405 alarm security systems, Active 504 alarm security systems, Auto dialer alarm security systems. Electronic Timers - Flat Timer, School/Factory Timer, Multipurpose Timer......

Telecommunication Manufacturers Directory(Public Address Systems)

eh-trading GmbH

[Raisdorf, Germany]
Traders and Manufacturer of Ship Automation and Switchboards are made in modern facilities. Our Products & Services Ranges:- Ship Equipment:- .Control and monitoring-systems .Anti heeling control systems, tanklevel-measuring systems .Bowtrhruster, control systems .Pipes, valves, pumps, hydraulic .Switchboards, distribution panels, consoles dieselgenerator sets Electrical and.....

Boston Acoustics Inc.

[Peabody, United States]
We designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, after-market and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Our Product Categories are: *Home Systems: -Big Theater -Bookshelf -Center Channel -Floorstanding -On-wall -Outdoor -Powered Subwoofers -Surround Speakers -Home Theater Speaker Systems -Amplig.....


[Melbourne, Australia]
We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of all integrated electronic security systems. Our Products are Alarm Detection Access Control Systems Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Biometrics. Our Services are :- Digital Video Surveillance Division. ADACS Systems proudly manufactures and distributes its own comprehensive range of Digital Video Recorders utilising state of the .....


[ludhiana, India]
Solar Systems like backup system, standalone system, grid tied system, solar system, solar heater, solar water heater, solar systems, solar heaters, solar water heaters, solar water system, solar energy systems, solar heating system, solar power systems, solar water heating system, solar water systems, solar heating systems, solar water heater cost, solar water heater manufacturer, solar water hea.....

Network South, Inc.

[Raleigh, United States]
We Provide Services of deliver the telecommunications services you need. We provide not only equipment solutions, but also many other services such as communications consulting, software solutions, Internet, and network solutions including local and long distance options. Our products and services :- 1)Sprint Coral :- As your company grows, you need a communications system that grows with .....

Caltime Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of LCD Games., Gift (calculator) : Tape measure with press up calculator, 8 digit calculator, Metal case data bank world time calendar calculator, 12 digit, World time calendar calculator with photo frame, Metal case data bank world time calendar calculator, 12 digit, Data bank world time calendar calculator, 12 digit, With FM auto scan radio, Data bank world time calen.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of "GUNJAN BRAND" HI-TECH Public Address Equipment and Systems. PRODUCTS : PA Conference Systems PA Amplifiers PA Cassette Amplifiers PA Mega Phones PA Driver Units PA Speaker Systems PA Horn Speakers PA Paging Speakers PA Microphones PA Microphone Stands PA Column Stands PA Horns PA Mixers PA Diaphragms PA Accessories......


[Milton Keynes, United Kingdom]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Hardware and Software for Healthcare facilities (nurse-call), Building Security, Educational and Correctional Institutions (prisons etc.) The systems cover intercommunication (inclusive of interfacing with PBXs), Industrial & General conferencing, Time Control & Distribution (clocks), Public Address, Electronic Bulletin and Media Retrieval. Telecor is now also producing.....

Power Electronic Industries

[Chennai, India]
We are the leading and largest service center in India, has been a forerunner in servicing every international brand of audio/video systems. We are the leading designer and manufacturer innovative quality systems. PRODUCTS : -SPEAKERS -SUBWOOFERS -AMPLIFIERS -INSTALLATION SERIES -COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS -HOME THEATRE -ACCESSORIES -NEW PRODUCTS. INSTALLATION SERIES : -T 212 (Public Ad.....


[Bangalore, India]
The Products manufactured by ASEC SOLUTIONS are being used by both Industries and Technical Institutions. Industrial segment includes the automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Package Industries and Defence establishments. Technical Institutions segment include Engineering Colleges and Universities.
Over years ASEC SOLUTIONS has gained the reputation as an organization which provides low cost and .....

Compraelec SAS

To provide solutions for machine and appliance manufacturers of all types.Electronic Systems, Water Heating, Plumbing Fittings, Electric Motors and Fans, Water Pumps, Time Switches, Shower and Whirlpool, Components, Hoses and Fittings, Flood Protection Systems, Solenoid Valves, Water Level Controls. Electronic Systems : Electronic humidity control, Electronic power supply, Customised systems, Ele.....

Inter-Tel Technologies

[Arizona, United States]
We providing simple business telephone systems, to offering value-driven communications products; applications utilizing networks and server-based communications software; and a wide range of managed services that include voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, custom application development and financial solutions. An industry-leading provider focused on the communication needs o.....


[Pune, India]

  • Manufacturers of Hifi Music Systems and Customised Music System.
  • Specialised in Music Systems for Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Hall, Public Institute etc.
  • Repairs of all types of Music Systems [ Indian and Imported ], Electronic items, Emergency Lamps, Cordless Telephone, VCR & CD Systems etc......

    Alpha Electronics Co.

    [Noida, India]
    Manufacturers and Suppliers of of Public Address Systems like: Power Amplifiers:- - Power amplifiers are available from Professional amplifiers, Dual Channel amplifiers, P A amplifiers to Mobile amplifiers with 30 to 700 Watts. Microphones:- - Our range of microphones are available from sing-along karaoke microphone to vocal performance with hand held, Lapel, paging, desktop and profession.....

    Ahuja Radios

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Public Address Systems. Conference System, Amplifiers :- Two Zone PA Amplifiers, h Power PA Amplifiers, Installation PA Amplifiers, Medium Power PA Amplifiers, Mobile PA Amplifiers, Vehicle PA Amplifier. Mixers :- PA Audio Mixing Consoles Stereo, PA Audio / Echo Mixer. Cassette Player / Cassette Recorder :- PA Center, PA Cassette Recorder Amplifiers, PA Ca.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer of speakers for stereo and home-theatre, public address systems, audio systems for homes , offices , places of worship , health spas, shopping malls , rstaurants , hotels
    manufacture of audio amplifiers and active subwoofers.....


    [CHENNAI, India]
    MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER OF PRODUCTS AS SPEAKER, AMPLIFERS, HOME THEATHRES, CHANNEL MUSIC, STUDIO EQUIPMENTS, PA SYSTEMS, GARDEN SPEAKER. This Company is also listed in the following categories: Audio, Video, Visual Products & Equipments Speaker Public Address Systems......

    In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd.

    [Taichung Hsien, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer and exporter of amplifiers, digital cameras, DVD, MP3, earphones, headphones, home theater systems, microphones and monitors, karaoke amplifiers, wireless portable public address systems, UHF microphones and dynamic microphones. Electronic products, audio & video products- (1) amplifiers- karaoke, professional stereo amplifiers, wireless portable PA amplifiers. (2) microphones- wire.....

    Ahuja Radios

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers of public address systems. Conference System: 30 WATTS AC & 12 V DC Operation. Amplifiers: Two Zone PA Amplifiers High Power PA Amplifiers Installation PA Amplifiers Medium Power PA Amplifiers Mobile PA Amplifiers Vehicle PA Amplifier. Mixers: PA Audio Mixing Consoles Stereo PA Audio / Echo Mixer. Cassette Player / Cassette Recorder: PA Center PA Casse.....


    [BHUBANESWAR, India]

    A-Square Technosolutions

    [Pune, India]
    Fire alarm, gas detection, Industrial communication (talkback- paging), Customized PA solutions, Voice evacuations /Public Address Systems (Security Systems.....


    [Chennai, India]
    Active Total Security Systems, ATSS, Chennai's #1 security company protecting homes, Burglar Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm, Burglar Alarms, Alarm panels, Intruder Alarm, Intruder Alarms, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, North, South, East, West, India, Manufacturers, Marketers, Installers of Security Systems, Burglar alarm, Auto Dialers, Electronic Timers, School, Timers, Flat, Timers, Multipurpose, Timers, Se.....


    [Chennai, India]
    We Manufacture Panel Boards, PC Based Soultions for Industrial Production, Electronic devices, Anti-theft products, MedicalMonitoring systems.
    We Sell Safety and Surveillance Products.
    Our Product Range :
    1.Burglar alarms for domestic, shops, banks and industries.
    2.Electronic remote controlled switches.
    3.Water level controllers for houses, farm houses, agri fields.
    4.Anti th.....


    [Delhi, India]
    We Manufacture LED Boards, PA System, Emergency Light.
    We deal in UPS, Invertor, EPABX Systems, Plan System, Push Button Phones, Transformers, Fire Alarm Systems, Confrence Systems, Digital Displays, Moving Scrollers, Lift Indication Systems, Lift Sinages, Music Systems in Lifts, CCTV and CVT.
    We provide services for the installation of all the above mentioned systems and also comprehensive .....

    Apollo Micro systems Pvt Ltd

    [Hyderabad, India]
    AMS has enormous expertise in the field of Defence Aerospace Electronics, and have established a strong position in design, development, manufacture and integration of rugged Mil grade electronic hardware and systems on turnkey basis. These include complete electronic packages for On-Board instrumentation, control systems and embedded controllers for launch platforms. Hardware Design Services .....

    Diamond Control Systems

    [Gurgaon, India]
    Manufacturers, Exporters & wholesale Distributor of - Largest range of security products 1. Intruder Alarm System: Our intruder alarm system is designed to be used in the widest of applications from a single retail outlet to high risk sites. These are available in wired as well as unwired systems. 2. Wired & Wireless Alarm Systems: We present both wired as well as wireless alarm syst.....


    [Hicksville, United States]
    Manufacturers of fiber optic transmission systems that convey audio, RS-232/422/485, ECL and TTL data, IRIG time codes and industrial control signals over fiber optics. Our Product includes: *IRIG Transmission Systems: -Analog IRIG Time Code Transmission Systems -DC Time Code (IRIG DCLS) Transmission Systems -Sine Wave Transmission Systems -Non-Fiber Optic Accessory Systems *Instrume.....

    Instant InfoSystems

    [Torrance, United States]
    We Provide Services is a leading provider of technology based communications solutions for business. We provide fax servers and other business communications tools, in-house training facilities, a full-service help desk and 24/7 technical support to organizations that value a partnership with their vendors. We provide fax servers, document delivery, and other business communications solutions .....

    time telecom

    [ambala, India]
    Epabx systems, cctv systems, biometric systems, time att machines, tele sets, fax machines, ug cables, telecom products, security products, fire alarm systems, lease lines, pri lines, mpls systems, amcS of security and communication equipments and ug cables, metal detectors, search lights, pa systems, central monitoring systems, networking jobs .....

    Data Care Systems Pvt.Ltd

    [Bangalore , India]
    Led Display Systems, Digital Clocks, Production Line Monitoring Systems, Assembly Line Monitoring Systems, Stand Alone AsciiDisplay Systems, Scrollable Multi Lingual ed Display Boards, Operation Theater Parameter Indicator, Power House Parameter Indicator, Hospital Queue Management Display Systems, Production Floor Parameter Monitoring Systems.....


    [Gurgaon, India]
    We specially Deal in Products Like : CCTV systems, CCTV with DVR card, CCTV Cameras, Remote video surveillance, Home alarm, Security cameras lens, Motion detector, Surveillance camera, Surveillance equipment, CCD cameras, Lens, DVR, Capture cards, Quads, Car cameras, Wireless CCTV Systems, Security Products, Cards security systems, Smart card security systems,Proximity cards security systems, Door.....


    [Baroda, India]
    We manufacture cutting edge products like the Digital and ISDN KTS, Digital PBXs, Voice Messaging Products, GSM FCT Routers, Public Address Systems, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. We manufacture PBXs for Small Offices and Residences, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Mid-Size Businesses, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, PBX-KTS for Enterprises, Voice Messaging Products[Voice mail,.....

    Ahuja Radios

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of public address systems, Microphones, Driver Units, PA Column Speaker, Conference System, PA Cassette Player, Audio Mixers, Microphone Stands, Echo Mixers, Mega Phones, Reflex Horn.....

    Ahuja Radios

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of public address systems. -Amplifier -Microphones -Driver Units -PA Column Speaker -Conference System -PA Cassette Player -Audio Mixers -Microphone Stands -Echo Mixers -Mega Phones -Reflex Horn.....

    Ahuja Radios

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of public address systems and consumer electronics. Products : -Conference System -Amplifiers -Mixers -Cassette Player / Cassette Recorder -Microphones -Speakers -Portable PA. New Products : -Compact PA Wall Speakers -Conference System -Dual VHF Wireless Microphones -Medium Power PA Amplifiers -Mobile PA Amplifiers -PA Digital Effects Processor -Profes.....

    TOA Electronics Europe GmbH

    [Hamburg, Germany]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Public Address, Paging & Background Music:- Microphones, Wireless Microphone System, Automatic Mixer, VENAS Voice Evacuation System, Network Audio Adapter, Sound Repeater, Amplifiers, Utilities, Digital PA System Smart Matrix, System Components, Conference System, Speakers, Megaphone. Professional Audio:- Amplifier, Mixers and Mixing Amplifiers, Signal Processin.....

    Harman Electronics

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers and exporter of public address systems (amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, unithorn, combinations, megaphones, decks etc.).....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Public Address Systems, Flame Proof Telephone, Telephones, Epabx System......

    Linkwell Telesystems Pvt. Ltd.

    [Hyderabad, India]
    We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of of Public/Rural telephony (PCO’s, Call Shops, Call Cabins, Attended Payphones, Community Telephones, Call boutiques), Public Utility segment (Dialers and dialing Systems, Wireless Modems, Internet telephony gadgets, GSM Gateways, Top-up Terminals etc.), Point of Sale (POS) & Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Terminals. Our Products are :- -Pay Pho.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are manufacturers of Consumer Products: Appliances:- Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Locks: Ultra Lock, Mortise Lock, Padlock, Rim Lock, Handle Sets, Furniture Lock, Cylindrical Lock, Electronic Lock, Door Closers, Premium Lock, Furniture: Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Marine Solutions, Lab Soltions, Security Equipment: Physical Security.....


    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers, Exporters of Defence Electronics and Non Defence Electronics Products.
    Telecommunications : Rural Automatic Exchange, Digital Switching Systems, Digital Loop Carrier on Optical Fibre [SDH], Primary PCM Multiplexer, 2/8 Digital Multiplexer,
    8/34 and 2/34 Mbps Digital , Digital Cross Connect Equipment , Point to Multipoint Radio.
    Sound Vision and Sat.....

    Pure Pro Water Corporation

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- Undersink RO systems: Economic RO- EC105 EC105P EC106R EC106M Typical RO systems- RO105 RO105TDS RO105UV Pump RO systems- RO101SV RO101 RO102 RO103 RO103TDS Countertop RO- ASTROBOY ET-PURE MH943 Compact RO Systems: DOUBLE STAR Unassembled RO Kit: EC105-KIT EC105P-KIT Light commercial RO: RO200 RO400 RO600 RO800 Office RO systems: .....

    Superior Electronics Corporation-Car Security System

    [Taipei, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of(1) vehicle security systems-car security system, car alarm systems, modular alarm systems, engine starter, automotive component starter, RF keyless entry systems, alarm pager systems.(2) burglar security systems- alarm pager system, alarm control panels, multi-channel transmitters & receivers, audio discriminator, minature key locks......

    Sterling Controls, Inc.

    [Sterling, United States]
    Provides manufacturing automation through process controls, specialist weighing systems, bulk handling equipment, human-machine interface, material handling equipment. Our Product includes: -Bakery Batch Controls -Batching Control Systems -Agricultural - Feed Batching Control Systems -Hand Prompt Batching Control -Micro-Processor Control -Process Control Systems -Control Panel Fa.....

    PT. Dhemar Nusantara

    [Semarang, Indonesia]
    Manufacturer & Exporter Of Threadless Conduit Systems, Thickwall Conduit Systems, Cable Duct Systems, Cable Tray Systems, Cable Ladder Systems, Under Floor Ducting Systems......

    Tran-Africa Projects Ltd.

    [Midrand, South Africa]
    We Provide services of engineering, design, planning, construction management, commissioning, feasibility studies and consulting work required for high voltage transmission systems. We provide services as a consultant and as an EPC/EPCM Contractor to the high voltage electrical industry for transmission lines, substations and associated installations. Products and Services :- TAP's current p.....


    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of- Security & Surveillance Systems - Access Control Systems - APR card access - Biometric access - Keypad Access - CCTV systems - Fire alarm systems - Intrusion Alarm Systems - Audio/Video door phones - Electronic Safes - Paper shredders RF & Satellite Communication Range - Outdoors/ Indoor Amplifier - Digital Satellite Receiver - Saw Filter .....

    Polatis, Inc.

    [Billerica, United States]
    Develops sub 1dB all-optical switch components for telecom equipment providers. Our Product includes: *Optical Switch Sensors -Single mode optical switch systems -Multimode optical switch systems -Optical switch systems with integrated VOA -User-assignable port reconfigurable switch systems -High port count asymmetric switch systems *Optical Switch module: -Single mode optical .....

    Chell Instruments Ltd.

    [Norfolk, United Kingdom]
    Manufactures, services and supplies products for pressure, vacuum, gas flow measurement and control. Our Product includes: -Air Ingress Monitors -Air Movement Systems -Calibration - UKAS accredited and ISO17025 registered -Capacitance Manometers -Chell Ultra-Fine Mechanism Needle Valves -Cylinder Weighing System -Data Acquisition Systems -Diffusivity Test system -Digital Displays .....

    Coagent Electronic S&T Co Ltd.

    [Foshan, China]
    Manufacture car A/V products, including TVs, LCD monitors, and DVD player/TV/monitor combos. Our product range includes: -Car GPS systems -Car DVD systems -Integrative DVD systems -Car AV systems -Car Video systems -Car Audio systems -Fittings .....


    [Maryland, United States]
    Powercon Products Powercon is well-known for it's quality products and ability to produce standard switchgear, customized switchgear, and specialized control systems to meet specific requirements. Follow the links below for more information on specific products. Metal Clad Switchgear ? Powercon's advanced Metal Clad Switchgear line is completely factory-built and wired. Each cubicle may cont.....

    Pravar Electronics

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of CCTV - Cameras Monitors, Switchers Control Equipment, Fire Alarm Systems Security Systems, Access Control Other Equipment. Manufacturers and exporters of CCTV products encompass Cameras, Single Coax Microprocessors based Telemetry Control Systems, Sequential Switchers, Monitors, Pan & Tilt Heads, Weather Proof and Bullet Proof housings, Motion detectors, Quad Mult.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufacture of - Electronic intrusion alarm and fire alarm products. * Intrusion Alarm/Detection Systems Control Panels- Defender II Defender IV Defender Auto Dialer Home Safe * Fire Safety Equipments * Control Panels- Defender FAS 200 Defender FAS 400 Defender FAS 800 * Access Control Systems- * Access Control Accessories- Door Contollers Readers Cards & Tags EM Locks.....


    [MUMBAI, India]
    Suppliers and exporters of Electronic Process Control Equipments. Developer of Wide Web Corona Treaters. Products : -Corona Treatment Systems -Pinning Units -Web Tension Control Systems -Thyristor Controlled Drives -Custom Made Products -Temperature Controllers / Indicators -Sensors / Transducers -Analog Digital Counters and Timers -Spindle Drives -Stabilizers. Standard Products R.....

    Micro Video

    [Ontario, Canada]
    Manufacturers of industry standard micro video equipment; night vision, stand-alone-video phone, wireless video systems, digital video surveillance and micro video cameras. Our Product includes: -Miniature Video Cameras -Lipstick Tube Bullet Cameras -Colour LCD Portable Monitor -STANDARD Surveillance Video Cameras & HOUSINGS -Wireless Video Systems -"Stand-Alone-Video-Phone" (TM) Sys.....

    Millitech, Inc.

    [Massachusetts, United States]
    Manufacturers of :- Millimeter-wave Products Millitech, Inc., offers the broadest line of millimeter-wave products in the industry, including components, assemblies and systems covering a range of 18 to 300 GHz. Millitech?s products serve a wide range of applications in communications, military, space, industrial and research markets, which overlap considerably. For example, a Millitech m.....


    [Bangalore, India]
    1. Security / Surveillance products Video Analytics: O Video Motion Detection O Intrusion Detection (IntruDetect) O Intrusion Tracking (IntruTrak) O Missing or Left object Detection O Intrusion Zooming (IntruZoom) Thermal imagers - Uncooled Perimeter Surveillance System (PSS) SecuPass(ALPR based Vehicle Access Controls) Key Lock Intelligent Security System (KLISS) Cus.....

    Vrinda Nano Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    [Gurgaon, India]
    Lightning & Surge Protection, Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, Safety Equipments, Telecom Power Solution, Remote Monitoring, GPRS, Power Interface Unit, Power Management Unit, Power management, meters, isolation transformers, protection devices, building protection, SPD, Telecom Site Integration, Earthing, Generator Controller, Transfer Switch, Control System, Power Supply, Solar Power Syst.....

    Controls & Schematics

    [Trivandrum, India]
    CCTV Systems Security systems Automation systems for gates Automation systems for rolling shutters Access control systems Time & Attendance systems.....

    Spaceage Security Systems Ltd. New Delhi

    [Delhi, India]
    Cctv, Security Systems, Speed Dome Camera, IP Camera, CCTV, cctv camera, IP Based CCTV Surveillance, IR Camera, DVR, dvr, Stand Alone Systems, Guard Monitoring System, Access control System, Time Attendance System, Fire Detection Systems, Barriers and Fences, Security Survey, Security Projects, Security guards, CCTV Camera installation survey, CCTV Projects, security Audit, Employee Background Ver.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Alfaa Water Purifiers specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of a complete range of UV purification systems, for drinking and process water applications. Alfaa Water Purifiers is also the No. 1 manufacturer of Stainless Steel UV water purification systems in India.Alfaa Water Purifiers offer a complete range of UV water purification systems for drinking and process water applications with.....

    Eluxury Corporation

    [lahore, Pakistan]
    I hope you are fine and well, We are Sell and Export High Quality Products. We want you sell our products in your market, You can see our new Stylish products website: www.Eluxuryco.Com We will provide to you best Quality and Reasonable prices PRODUCTS: Mobile phons and laptops, Dress shoes, Louis Vuitton Shoes, Dior shoes, Tods shoes, Burberry Shoes, Sports Shoes, Adidas, Nike, Rebook Shoe.....

    plenty world wide nig ent

    [lagos, Nigeria]
    Dear sir Pls publish me to all yr company in yr country and send me the detail To Thk Best regds Our eamil address Bavic2002@yahho.Com Address 31 ojogiwa st lagos Our good interss to general good .....

    Aceratek Industrial Co., Ltd.

    [CHANG HWA, Taiwan]
    Manufacturer of ceramic products and lamp holder. Our product range includes: Application of Terminals : Terminals of 3C Products - Computer products - A. Personal Computer: Power Suppliers, UPS B. Industrial Personal Computer: Mother boards, Control Panels. C. Computer Peripherals: Scanners, Printers, Copy Machines Communication Products - A. Control systems and devices for c.....

    PCCW-HKT Technical Services Limited.

    [Hong Kong, China]
    Manufacturer of electronics and communications engineering products and solutions. Our product and services of -Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Management Systems for Civil Aviation -Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Management System for Sea Port. -Communication, Information, and Security Systems for Public Venues (e.G. Airport Passenger Terminals, Ferry Piers,.....

    Kanoe Softwares Pvt.Ltd

    [Bangalore, India]
    Products:- ANPR Kanoe Telematics Multi-functional Kiosk for Agriculture Oracle Golden Gate Types of Kiosks that we may Offer Software Application Development Customized Integration With Various Third Party Peripherals Kiosk Design and Manufacturing Vehicle Number Plate Reader Biomteric Fingerprint Access Control System Model No- KFA18 Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System (.....


    [Delhi, India]
    we introduce ourselves as manufacturer-exporter of public address system like amplifiers, cassette amplifiers, audio mixer, digital echo, driver unit, mega phone, sound column, unit horn combination, loudspeaker, microphones, ceiling speakers, stands etc. [complete range] in the brand name 'unibex' for last 2 decades.
    we understand that your company is a leading importer of these items.

    Lucky Exports

    [Jalgaon, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Database CD's like: ' Indian e-mail CD Collection:- -NRI -Volume 1 CD B2B CD -Company CD -NGO CD -High-Society CD -WebDesigner CD -Mumbai1+2 CD -Media CD -Narimanpoint CD -IT CD -NRI-Volume2 CD -Indian Company- CD -Exporters/Importers of India -Productwise data with e mails- -Private Limited (Mumbai) CD -Public Limited (Mumbai) CD -GJEPC .....


    [Nagpur, India]
    We Manufacture Industrial Auto Public Address Telephone Units used for Plant Commuication......

    Benbro Electronics Pty Ltd.

    [Brookvale, Australia]
    Design and manufacture electronic equipment including commercial public address amplifiers, power supplies and DC/DC converters. Our product includes: *Audio: -General -WM200 -Teraphone *Cellular antenna -General *Power supplies -General -Adapters -Enclosed *DC-DC converters -General -200W (1RU) -300W Eurocard -600W (2RU) -Imported *Solar products -General -Pr.....

    Guangzhou Huiying Electronics Products Co., Ltd.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers of Electronics Products. Our product range includes: -speaker -stage speaker -professional amplifier -pro sound system -pro audio equipments -broadcasting system -public address equipments -PA system -PA speaker -PA amplifier -professional Karaoke speaker -professional Karaoke amplifier -Karaoke system -cinema speaker -professional microphone -wireless microphone .....

    Guangzhou Euroshine Electronics Manufactory .

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Public address system, stage products, karaoke audio system, and Hi-Fi audio system. -Speakers -Amplifiers and Speakers -Waterproof Column Speakers -Outdoor Column Speakers -Indoor Column Speakers -Ceiling Speakers -Wall Speakers -Hanging / Point Speakers -Horn Speakers -Karaoke Speakers -Professional Power Amplifier -Garden / Rock Speakers -M.....

    Guangzhou HuiYing Electronics Products Co., Ltd.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers & Traders of Loudspeaker. - Professional Speaker - Professional Power Amplifier - Public Address System - Karaoke Equipments - Microphones - Peripherals. .....

    Guangzhou Ceopa Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Public Address System Amplifier Speaker Microphone Conference System.....

    Saatvik Communication

    [Delhi, India]
    Podium / Lecterns, Information Kiosks, Public Address system, Commercial Monitors, Touch Screens, Speakers, Multimedia Projectors, Interactive Products, Visualizers, TV Trolley, Mixers, Audio-Video Conference system, Wired & Wireless Microphones, Amplifiers, Projection Screens, CCTV, AV Acessories.....

    Guangzhou Sheng He Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Public Address System, PA amplifiers, PA speaker, Wireless Microphones, Conference System.....


    [Shenzhen, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Rugged stainless steel keyboards for kiosk, normal keypads, metal pinpad with des/tdes for atm, stainless steel trackball etc for industrial conditions or harsh outdoor environments. Public phone sets includes handle assembly, keyboard assembly, fork assembly, connector for public phone sets, pos keyboards, professional keyboards with integrated magcard r/w, ic card .....


    [Beijing, China]
    Chaliyuan public mobile phone charging station is a new product for mobile phone service market, aiming to provide timely services for millions of mobile phone holders around the world. having wined 6 patents both in china and foreign countries, it has been sold for many different countries like the united states, the uk, and some other countries scattered in europe, asia and africa. due to its un.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer, Trader of Electronic Weighing Scales & Systems. Our products are Weighing Scales: Table Top Scales, Jewellery / Laboratory Scales, Platform Scales, Counting Scales, Postal Weighing Scales, Price Computing Scales, Crane Weighing And Bench Scales, Weighing Systems: Tank Weighing Systems, Batching System, Drum Filling System, Drum Decanting System, Bagging System, Chlorine.....

    Chanakya Electronics

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of CCTV Surveillance System, Digital Instrument, CCTV surveillance systems, CCTV security equipment, digital panel meters, security alarms, intercom systems, security cameras and other Telecom Products, Security Systems, Security Cameras, Temperature Controllers and Industrial Instrumentation Telecom Products - Intercom Systems, EPABX Systems, Telephone Lock.....


    [CHENNAI, India]
    Manufacturers and Service Providers of Automatic Testing and Inspection Equipment Power Supply Systems Reliability Test Systems Telecom Test Equipment Fiber Optic Research And Lab Instrumentation SMT Assembly and Rework Data Acquisition, Automation and Control Military Systems/Projects Obsolescence Management Systems.....

    Pravar electronics

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Provider of CCTV and Security Systems. Our produucts are: CCTV - Cameras, Monitors, Switchers, Control Equipment, Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Access Control and Other Equipments, encompass Cameras, Single Coax Microprocessors based Telemetry Control Systems, Sequential Switchers, Monitors, Pan & Tilt Heads, Weather Proof and Bullet Proof housings, Motion detectors, Qu.....

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