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telecommunication Member Directory(Yokowaga+pressure+transmitters)

Jiangmen Leader Electronic Co.,Ltd.

[Jiangmen, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Measurement Instruments and Apparatus. Our products wide series includes LD Series : -Transmitters : Pressure Transmitters :- LD200-tiny pressure transmitter (105.3KB) LD300-tiny differential pressure transmitter (151.2KB) LDN500-pressure transmitter (187.9KB) LD600-liquid level transmitter (214.5KB) LDN800-Industry pressure transmitter (110.2KB) LDN800 m.....


[Mumbai, India]
HARIS are today a force to reckon with in all kinds of sensors. Our Product range includes:- * ANGLE POSITION TRANSMITTERS * DIAPHRAGM SEAL TYPE PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS * DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS : Types :- Smart, Intelligent, Remote Seal, Compact, Differential Indicating Pressure. * DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGES :- Types :- LCD & LED Digital Pressure , LED Digital Pressure Gaug.....

PSM Instrumentation Limited

[West Sussex, United Kingdom]
Manufacturers and suppliers of level pressure and density transmitters, measurement, monitoring and control equipment. Our product includes: -Electronic Level Transmitters -Pressure Transmitters -Density Transmitters -Ultrasonic Level Transmitters -Self Powered Contents Gauges -Process Monitoring Control & Display -Flow Sensors -Bilge Switches -Electrical Indicators -Bulksa.....

ifm electronic Ltd.

[Hampton, United Kingdom]
Manufacturers of position, proximity, temperature, pressure, flow, level and optical sensors and control systems for automation, networking, photoelectric, inductive and capacitive detection. Our Product includes: *Position Sensors: Proximity switches: -Inductive sensors -Magnetic sensors -Capacitive sensors Actuator sensors: -Sensors for pneumatic cylinders -Inductive sensors for.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of pressure gauges, thermometers & industrial refrigetation products from India specialized in manufacturing all types of pressure gauges, thermometers & industrial refrigeration products. Products Pressure Gauges .Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges .Standard Pressure Gauges .Digital Pressure Gauges .Pressure Transmitters .Diaphragm Pressure Gauges .Ammonia Pressure .....


[Bangalore, India]
Research, development and production, sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for several industries.Three main business areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls.
Refrigeration and A/C: Compressors, Condensing Units, Electronic Controls, Electronically Operated Valves, Filter Driers and Sight Glasses, Line Components, Liquid Level Con.....

Protocontrol Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

[Pune, India]

Olympic Controls Inc.

[STAFFORD, United States]
Manufacturers of process and energy control instruments such as, pressure calibrators, flow computers, totalizers, process controllers, energy computers, transmitters, and custom controls. Our Product includes: -Energy/Flow Computers and Totalizers: -Energy Flow Computer/Totalizer Steam - Hot/Chilled Water (Btu) Natural Gas -Gas Flow Computer for Point-Of-Sale Industrial Gases (nitrogen, o.....


[Newton, Australia]
Manufacturers of signal conditioners and digital display units, transmitters for process, temperature, level and load cell applications. Range of digital panel meters is microcomputer-based. Our Product includes: -Temperature indicator -Transmitters -Acoustic leak detection systems -Rally Timing and Logging -Tank level Systems -Weighing Systems -Positioners/Strain Transdusers -Pressure.....

Guangzhou Senex Prussure Instrument LTD.

[GuangZhou, China]
Manufacturers of DG series common pressure transmitters, DS level indicator series transmitters, DC clean plane series transmitters, DP capacitor series transmitter......

Soham Automation

[Ahmedabad, India]
Temperature Measurement Digital Temperature Indicators/Controller Humidity Indicators/Controllers Data Scanners & Data Loggers with PC Interface Bar Graph Indicators Fix, Portable Gas Detection & Analyzer (Various Gas Detection System) PC Based Data Acquisition Module SCADA Software Customize Software Development Vibration Meters/Infrared Thermometers/Sound Level Meters Paperl.....


[Mumbai, India]
We are involved in manufacturing and trading activity in process control instruments viz.We are authorized distributor of Rotronic, Switzerland and Honeywell Sensym ICT, USA.Our products are Pressure Sensors & Transmitters,Humidity Sensors & Transmitters,Analog Micro IC,Gas Sensors,Temperature Sensors,Thermal Switches,Low Diff. Pressure Transmitter,Air Velocity Transmitter,Pressure Switches......


Manufacturers of pressure or temperature industrial measurement and control instruments. Our product includes: *Transmitters: -Pressure -Temperature -Hazardous area *Pressure switches: -Electrical switches -Pneumatical cells -Hazardous areas -Specific applications *Temperature switches -Electrical switches -Pneumatical cells -Hazardous areas -Specific applications .....

Greystone Energy Systems Inc.

[New Brunswick, Canada]
Manufacturers of :- Temperature : Temperature Sensor, Transducer c/w LCD Readout Microprocessor Based Temperature Sensor Executive Temperature Sensor, Transducer Space, Wall Mount Probe Sensors, Transducers Options Continuous Averaging Temperature Sensors, Transmitters. Frost Protection Thermostat. Humidity : Executive Humidity/Temperature Transducer Humidity Transmitter with Temper.....

Systematic Controls Corporation

[Kennesaw, United States]
Manufacturer of industrial control instruments, ultrasonic level measurement and pressure measuring instruments. Our Product includes: -Level Switches -Level & Pressure Transmitters -Temperature Transmitters & Special Devices -Valve Automation -pH Measurement & Control .....

Delta Controls Limited

[Surrey, United Kingdom]
Instrumentation, process control, pressure switch, temperature switch, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, fibre optics, flow, switches, transmitters. Our Product includes: -Switches -Transmitters -Tempetature -Flow -Alarm Annunciators -Manifolds.....


[Vadodara, India]
Manufacturer of:- - Various Transmitters, Datalogger, Recorders-Circular, Strip Chart. - Humidity -Temperature -Pressure Indicators , Controllers. - Digital Timers, Counters, Data Loggers, Scanners Dew Point Meters. - Calibration and Validation services. , Customised Automation. - Sterilzer Automation, Customised Automation. - Loop Powered Indicators, Rtd ‘s, Indicators - EX proof as well.....


[Vadodara, India]
PC Based SCADA Systems for 16/32/64 parametersVarious Transmitters, Datalogger, Recorders-Circular/Strip Chart, Humidity -Temperature-Pressure Indicators, Controllers, Digital Timers, Counters, Data Loggers, Scanners Dew Point Meters, Calibration and Validation services. , Customised Automation, Sterilzer Automation, Customised Automation, Loop Powered Indicators, Rtd ‘s, Indicators - EX proof .....


[Chennai, India]
I.Manufacturers of:
1]industrial ph & conductivity transmitters, digital indicators, controllers & accessories
2]industrial paging & talkback audio wired communication system, eflex horn speakers, feather touch operator console and accessories
3]custom built electronic instrumentation & audio systems
ii. suppliers of:
1]process transmitters - pressure, level, flow etc
2]pc based.....

Telecommunication Manufacturers Directory(Yokowaga+pressure+transmitters)

Instrument Research Associates Pvt. Ltd.

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of agro-electronic instruments for greenhouse, floriculture & horticulture and aquamarine applications, Marketing. Products :- IRA offers Single and Multi-point Indicators, Controllers, Scanners, 2 and 3-wire Transmitters/Transducers, Recorders and Dataloggers covering temperature, pressure, relative humidity, time, count, position, level, flow, speed, RPM, voltage,.....

Elixir Electronics

[Chennai, India]
Design, manufacturer and supply of Industrial Audio Paging & Talkback Systems, Audio Racks, Speakers. Manufacturers of pH & Conductivity transmitters & accessories. Suppliers of Process Transmitters for Pressure, Flow, Level measurements. Supply of Custom built Audio & Instrumentation Prodcts......

Gems Sensors, Inc.

[Hampshire, United Kingdom]
Manufactures fluid sensors. Our Product includes: *Liquid Level Sensors: -Ultrasonic, Electro-Optic, Conductance -Float Type Level Switches -Warrick Conductivity Control Systems -Continuous Level Indicators -Continuous Level Transmitters -Receivers *Fluid Flow Switches and Sensors: Paddle Wheel and Turbine Sensors Flow Switches *Pressure Switches and Transducers: -Pressure Trans.....

A&S Transimitter Co.Ltd.

[Chengdu, China]
-Flow Meter Wedge Flowmeter Natural Gas Flow Meter Digital Flow Meter Gas Digital Flow Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter Orifice Flow Meter Industrial Flow Meter Co2 Flowmeter Differential Pressure Flowmeter Compressed Air Flow Meter -Transmitter Sika Temperature Transmitter Beck transmitter Buerkert Transmitter Prignitz Transmitters AST Transmitter Satron T.....


[Thane, India]
Manufacturer of pmdc drives, dc drives, ac drives, digital temperature scanner/ data loggers, digital temperature controllers, digital pid temperature controller, flame proof temperature controller, process indicators/recorders, portable/open loop temperature indicator, digital temperature indicator, digital pressure indicator, digital flow indicator, digital level indicator, flame proof indicator.....

Precious Instruments

[Thane, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Temperature controllers - Digital Temperature scanner/ data loggers, Digital Temperature controllers, Digital PID temperature controllers, Flame proof temperature controllers Timers/Counters - Digital Timers, Analog Timers, Programmable Timers/Counters. Process indicators/Recorders - Portable/open loop temperature indicator, Digital Temperature indicator, Digital p.....

Precious Instruments

[Thane, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of wiring & installation & commissioning, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Process Indicators, Control Panels, Drives, Sensors, Others, Assembly Job Works Temperature controllers - Digital Temperature scanner/data loggers, Digital Temperature controllers, Digital PID temperature controllers, Flame proof temperature controllers Timers/Counters - Digital Timers, Analo.....

Precious Instruments

[Thane, India]
Manufacturing, of:- Wiring & installation & commissioning of customized instrumentation Control Panels of M.S. / S.S. Enclosures for various industries. *Temperature controllers Digital Temperature scanner/ data loggers Digital Temperature controllers Digital PID temperature controllers Flame proof temperature controllers *Timers/Counters Digital Timers Analog Timers Pro.....

Druck India Pvt. Ltd.

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers of products ranging from pressure transducers and transmitters to high performance pitot static air data instruments. Our Product includes: *Sensors *Portable Calibrators *Pressure Standerds *Aviation Support.....

Joint Sensor Instruments(shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.

[Shenzhen, China]
Auto sensors, pressure sensors, piezoresistive pressure transducers, transmitters, foil gauges, load cells and accelerometer torque sensors. .....


[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufacturers of the following Products -
thermocouple assembly - thermocouple assembly with thermowell, mineral insulated thermocouple, skin thermocouple, miniature type thermocouple, multipoint thermocouple, thermocouple assembly for gas turbine [wheelspace & exhaust systems], thermocouple assembly with 'jaeger' connectors for diesel generating sets [exhaust system - for turbo .....


[Kolkata, India]
Manufacturers Process / universal indicators, controllers, pid controllers, scanners, bargraph, data logger, transmitters humidity [rh] / temp & pressure, signal conditioners & isolators / distributors. microdas - data actuisation software. We also design and manufacture custom built controllers & display / operator interface units for oems and machine......

Micro Systems & Controls

[ Kolkata, India]
We are Manufactures, Designs and Supplies of Indicators, Controllers, Auto Manual Station, Flow Totaliser, Scanners, Data Loggers, Alarm Annunciators, RTD / PT100 Transmitter, Thermocouple, Transmitters, Pressure Transmitter, Humidity Transmitter, Signal Conditioner, Signal Isolator Distributor, Weight Indicator & Controller, Air Pollution Control Timer, Power Supplies, Industrial Printer, Th.....


[Pune, India]
We Manufacture Process Control Instruments and we are Authorised Dealers of IP Converter, Pressure Transmitter and Temperature Transmitters. Our Product Range:- Digital Indicators, Temperature Scanner, Flow Indicating Totaliser, Database Software, Isolator, Converter, Field Instrument and All Type Of Transmitter......

Meriam Process Technologies

[Cleveland, United States]
Manufacturers of instruments for the precise measurement of pressure, flow and level. Our Product includes: *MFT Calibrator/HART Comm: -Sensor Modules -DMS *MFC Hart Communicator: -DMS *Device Management System: -Software Registration -Download -Partners -Technical Support *Calibrators: *Laminar Flow Elements *Flow Products: -Laminar Flow -Accutube -Orifi.....

Meriam Instrument

[Cleveland, United States]
Manufactures and exporter of reliable and accurate process measurement instrumentation for pressure, flow and level. Our products of MFT Calibrator/HART? Communicator MFC HART? Communicator DMS Plant Asset Management Calibrators Laminar Flow Elements (LFE) Flow Products Aviation Test Equipment Manometers Gauges & Transmitters......

Electronics India Co.

[Ambala Cantt, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of electronic digital measuring, controllers, transmitters and data loggers in the field of temperature, humidity, pH and pressure Instruments......

Electronics India Co.

[Ambala Cantt, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of - Electronic digital measuring, controllers, transmitters and data loggers in the field of temperature, humidity, pH and pressure Instruments......

Radix Electrosystems Pvt.Ltd.

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of following products like: Temperature / PID controllers:- - Digital Temperature Controller - Programmable Onoff Controller - Blind Temperature Controller - Autotune PID Controller Transmitters, Isolators:- - 2-wire Temperature Transmitter - Head Mounted / DIN Rail Mounted - Linearised isolated 2-wire Temperature Transmitter - DIN Rail Mounted - Progr.....

Sunsui Process Systems

[Pune, India]
Manufacturers of Process control and measuring instrumentation. Our Product includes: -Chart Recorders Strip & Circular -Chart Recorder Microprocessor Based. -Data loggers with Monitoring Software. -Universal Calibrators and Simulators. -Temperature Sensors / Transmitters. -Process Indicator and Controllers. -Projects for Monitoring & controlling systems Our Services includes: -.....


[KARAMA, United Arab Emirates]
We are Manufacturer of following Products -Consumer Products USB Products Portable Multimedia Player Products Bluetooth -Sensors Proximity Sensor Thermal sensor Optic Sensor Vibration Sensor Pressure Sensor Ultrasonic Sensors Special Sensors Environmental Sensors Smoke & Gas Sensors Infrared Sensors - GPS GPS Receivers Hand Held GPS Systems GPS Modules GPS+GS.....


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