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telecommunication Member Directory(Answering Machines)

  • Telephone Recorder

    Telephone Recorder

    The Mabara Telephone Recorder is the world's first telephone recorder. It records your conversations and works as an answering machine too. The machine does not use a tape or any other device to store its conversations. It uses its memory. The main advantage in this gadget is that you can hear your voice mails form a remote telephone (This telephone can be in any part of this world). 1. R....

  • IP Industrial Telephone-with keypad (Latest phone)  SPQ-WL2

    IP Industrial Telephone-with keypad (Latest phone) SPQ-WL2

    Characteristics: 1.Electronic characteristics: Power output: 15V 3000mA DC Storage battery: 12V 3AH Alarm lamb: 12V 100mA Loudspeaker: 8ohm 15W 2. Software feature: Support adaptive echo offset, avoid to start broadcasting generates squeaking Support automatic answering Support auto hang up while the receiver did not hang up at proper position....

  • Cordless Caller ID Answering Machine Phones ( Panasonic TC 1231 )

    Cordless Caller ID Answering Machine Phones ( Panasonic TC 1231 )

    With Base Dialing Speaker Phone Extra Range Dual Keypads Caller ID Compatible 50-Station Phone Directory Digital Duplex Speakerphone Back-Lit LCD Display on Handset Lighted Handset keypad Intercom with 2-way Paging 30-Station Phone Diary Digital Answering System Voice Time / Day Stamp Colors : Black/Blue/Silver.....

  • NZA Series High-performance general inverter

    NZA Series High-performance general inverter

    NZA is basically in the fields of technological and energetic industry. According to the versatility and reliability in accordance with different requirements of the packaging machines, ventilations, ventilators, CNC machines, compressors, conveyors, etc. Technical Features Series NZA Model NZA Input Rated Voltage,Frequency 3 AC 380V. 50-60Hz; 1/3 AC 220AC 50-60Hz.; Voltage Range 3....

  • Electronic Assemblies

    Electronic Assemblies

    We have latest machines to assemble the electronic assemblies at a very competitive price. These assemblies are being made as per the specification & design of the customers. We have Wave-soldering machines, Resistant-welders, Hand-soldering Machines, Component cutting and forming machines, special purpose Automatic Dip-Soldering machines, Crimping machines and other related machines to cater ....

  • DKTi ISDN Key Telephone

    DKTi ISDN Key Telephone

    DKTi ISDN Key Telephone System The DKTi-1 is an advanced ISDN digital hybrid key telephone system employing a microprocessor stored program and digitally controlled solid state Time - division switching. The DKTi systems are specifically designed for small business as well as residential applications. At the forefront of the system design is a universal concept to adapting and connecting with a va....

  • Fax Machine - B 820/822

    Fax Machine - B 820/822

    [New Delhi]
    A stylish, affordable and easy to use plain paper fax machines model B822, you can have affordable faxing perfection from a stylishly compact and easy to use unit complete with integrated handset. A never to miss product, it comes with a large 50 page fax memory, allowing documents to be kept in the memory, so even if paper or ink run out you will never miss a fax. Not only does the FAX-B822 come ....



    We are a Dealers of Weighing Scale, ELECTRONIC WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGHING MACHINES IN Guwahati. We supply all types of Weighing Scales, Electronic Weighing Scale, Digital Scale, Weighing machines, Electronic weighing machine, Spring Balance, Digital weighing machines available for various use. the range of Electronic Weighing Scales are Laboratory Scale, Jewelry Scale, Table top Scale, Platform....



    Machines Model HDM are horizontal type universal hard bearing balancing machines provided with Microprocessor based measuring panel HDM-8500 for balancing different shapes of rotors like rotors of electrical machines, crankshafts, cylinders, gas compressors, flywheels, turbine rotors, rotors of centrifugal pumps and any other type of rotors of rotating machines. These machines features a very s....

  • vending machine

    vending machine

    E Cube India offers a vast range of vending machines, which can dispense packaged snacks, cold drinks & hot beverages. Vending Machines are ideal for large Retail outlets, Hospitals, Entertainment arcades, Organizations, Canteens, Schools, Colleges, Airports, Railway stations etc.Customized machines, which cater to specific requirements, can also be developed Features: Round-the-clock operation....



    1)Panasonic FT-25:- *Digital answering machine *Speaker phone *ADF *Memory *Copier 2)Panasonic-105:- *Plain paper fax *28 page memory *56 Auto dialer *Jog dial. Also available 27 more models.....

  • Tharmal Fax Machine - FO-51/71

    Tharmal Fax Machine - FO-51/71

    [New Delhi]
    The perfect quality FO- 51/71 has 448 KB memory and comes with 40 number automatic dialer. It has a 5-sheet auto document feeder and an automatic paper cutter that trims incoming faxes to the same length as the original transmission. The remarkable F0-51/71 has various other features like : help function, anti junk function, polling function and answering machines connection.....

  • Telecommunication Products Catalog(Answering Machines)

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