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telecommunication Member Directory(Mains Cord)

  • Ultra Isolation Transformer

    Ultra Isolation Transformer

    Range --> 10 KVA to 1000 KVA Sophisticated electronics equipment are most sensitive to line transients, spikes and notches. These Impulses are of a very short duration of the order of a microsecond to a very few milliseconds but their amplitude can range from hundreds to thousands of volts. They can be caused by lightning, mains line switching, air conditioning or switching of any heavy duty ma....

  • Projection screen Interface Model SI 1004

    Projection screen Interface Model SI 1004

    [ Low Voltage Switch ]
    MODEL: SI - 1004

    Creative Electronics introduce you with our new SI 1004. Which can control the movement of Projection Screen. It can also switch Video equipments installed in Rack, Tube Lights, in different zone.

    While doing integration with Touch Panel [like AMX and Cr....

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