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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Telecommunication Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Haresh Enterprises is dealing in High Quality Electronic Components. Our Goal to satisfy market needs in Electronic Components.

To become your best business partner, we deals Top-Quality Electronic Components Sufficient stock Availability and ensure competitive price & goods.

Products :

Importers & Distributors For All Types of Electronic & Electrical Components. Item(Electronics) * Pia Industrial Corporation :- PAC(CAN Type), PEB (Box Type), PER (Round Type), DTP (Axial Type), PMB (Box Type), PED (Dip Type), PLE, PLS * Master Instrument Corporation Of H.K., Ltd. (Rectifiers /Led Lamps) :- Automobile Rectifiers, Lead Forming Diodes and SMD, Numeric and Symbolic LED's, LED Lamp, Axial Lead Diodes, T/R & T/R Packaging, Bridge * Lian Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd., Taiwan(Resistors) :- Carbon Film Resistor (CR Type), Metal Film Resistor (MF Type)(Including Precision Tol. 0.1%, 0.25%), Metal Film Resistor (Miniature Size Type), Metal Oxide Film Resistor (Miniature Size Type), Wirewound Resistor (KNP Flame Proof Coating Type), Wirewound Resistor (SQM / SQZ Mounting Type), Taping Specification, Jumper Wire, Carbon Film Resistor (FCR Flame Proof Type), Metal Film Resistor (FMF Flame Proof Type), Metal Oxide Film Resistor (MOF Type), Fusible Metal Film Resistor (FUR Type), Wirewound Resistor (SQP Rectangular Type), Enamel Power Wirewound Resistor, Lead Forming, Packing Specification * Rayex & Good Sky, Taiwan(Relays) :- PT - 080, PY - 080, PY - 140, PTF - 08A, PYF - 08A, PYF - 14A, PTF - 14A, PF - 085A, PYC - P, LD - Socket * Aritec Electronics Company Ltd.(Thailand) :- CERAMIC DISC, MLCC RADIAL & AXIAL, SAFETY DISC (AC CAPACITOR) * Elite Aluminium Electrolite Capacitors(Taiwan) :- SM, PS, PF, EX, EZ, EL, EJ, SS, SB, ND, ND-H, BP, BP-H, LB, LB-H, GM, PM, PL, PT * SMD Components :- Resistors : 0003, 0805, 1206, Size in CFR / NFR, Vchip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors All Types of SMD IC & Transistors are Available. * Uppermost Electronic Industries Co Ltd. (NTC.PTC Thermistor, MOV) :- NTC. PTC THERMISTOR, VARISTOR Item ( Electricals ) * BAJAJ LUMINARIES :- General Purpose Luminaires Energy Saving Luminaires Commercial / Decorative Lighting Luminaires Industrial Hazardous Area Lighting Luminaires Road Lighting Lanterns Post Top Lanterns Aviation Obstruction Lights Floodlighting Luminaires ALSILICA Range of Luminaires Fluorescent Lamp Accessories High Intensity Discharge Lamp Accessories * JAINSON :- Copper & Aluminum Lugs, H.R.C. Fuse Fittings, Wire Stripper, Cable Cutter, CLIP-ON-Terminals, Bakelite Strip Connectors, Handle Foot Operated Crimping Tools * POLYCAB :- PVC Flexible Wires, House Wires, Co Axial Cables, Lan / Structural Cables, Telephone Cables, Instrumentation, HT - XLPE Cables, LT - XLPE CAbles, Submersible Cables, PVC Compounds * VISHAL CABLES :- Quality is Never an accident, PVC Insylated Wires * K.S.S. CABLE TIES :- Wiring Duct, Cable Marker, Cable Ties, Cable Clamp, Bushing/Conduit, Bushing, Wire Connector, PVC Tubes, Cable Clip, PCB Parts, Fasteners

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Shop No. 3, Shreeji Complex,
Near Jyoti Engilish School,
Nehru Nagar, Pimpri
Pune - 411018 (Maharashtra) India

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