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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Telecommunication Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Partnership Firm Since 2003

TECHNOIMPEX is a major global provider of products and services and solutions to the electronic component and computer product industries .The Company is stockiest & seller and distributor in electronics components since last 5 years. We deal in an (outline) Ic?S Transistor, Diode Capacitor, LED SCR Triacs Display & connectors sensors transmitters. We have one of the largest in-stock supplies of passive and active semiconductors in India. We also stock many obsolete semiconductors and transistors. This means that most, if not all your purchases can be made from one distributor--TECHNOIMPEX--saving you valuable time and ensuring quick supply. We regard our clients as partners and offer complete technical and logistical solutions including:

Supply of electronic components and equipment on predetermined dates for predetermined quantities
Back-up stocking of rare and hard-to-find parts.

We are interested to be regular supplier with your company Kindly register our name for the same.

In addition we assure competitive pricing, prompt deliveries and services. We look forward to hear from the customers with their exact part numbers with technical specification and packing specifications to enable us serve and satisfy them perfectly.

We anticipate prospective business relationship between both the companies in near feature.

Products :

Traders, Distributors, Exporters and Importers of Electronic components like (outline) Ic's Transistor, Capacitor, Resisters, Diode Capacitor, LCD, Potentionmeters, Switches, Relays, Sockets, Connectors, LED SCR Triacs Display & connectors sensors transmitters. - We carry semiconductors from the following manufacturers : National Semiconductor (NSC), Fairchild Semiconductor (FCH), Philips Semiconductor, Dallas Semiconductor, Motorola Semiconductor, Crystal Semiconductor, Cypress Semiconductor, Harris Semiconductor, General Semiconductors, Maxim Semiconductor, Hitachi Semiconductor, NEC Semiconductor, ECG Semiconductor, Sony Semiconductor, Mitsubishi Semiconductor, Lattice Semiconductor, Alliance Semiconductor, Texas Instrument Semiconductor, Samsung Semiconductor, NTE Semiconductor, Vishay Semiconductor, Dale Semiconductor, Siemens Semiconductor, Sanyo Semiconductor, Micrel Semiconductor, Sharp Semiconductor, S/T Semiconductor, OKI Semiconductor, Catalyst Semiconductor, Panasonic Semiconductor, Allegro Semiconductor, Apex Semiconductor, RCA Semiconductor, Cherry Semiconductor, On Semiconductors. We have almost every type of active electronic component in stock including: - Integrated Circuit items : Digital Integrated circuit, linear integrated circuit, analog integrated circuit, EPROMS, Opto Couplers, SRAM, DRAM, Voltage Regulator. - Transistor items : Power transistor, bipolar transistor, field effect transistor (FET), RF transistor, darlington transistor, germanium transistor, switching transistor, unijunction transistor (ujt), mosfet transistor, microwave transistor, photo transistor. - Diode and Bridge Rectifier : Zener diode, schottky diode, germanium diode, power diode, photo diode, rectifier diode, switching diode, surface mount diode, fast recovery diode, high voltage diode, high power laser diode, infared diode, microwave diode, fast recovery diode. - Power Module : SCR power module, diode power module, transistor power module. - Thyristor : - SCR : SCR high power scr, hockey puck scr. - SMD : * Stockist of Our Companes : On Semi, Motorola, IR, GI, Cedil, Fairchild, Philips, Infinion, S/T. - TRIAC : Diac triac, opto triac, scr triac, control phase triac. - Opto-electronic items : - LED : LED display, LED lighting, LED bulb, high brightness LED, blue LED, white light LED, UV LED, LED light bar, super bright LED. * Stockist of Our Companies : Agilent, Vincenc, LITEON, etc. - Display component : - Battery : Battery charger, rechargeable battery, lithium battery, notebook battery, computer battery, cordless phone battery, cellular phone battery, watch battery, digital camera battery, alarm battery, battery pack, lead acid battery, battery holder, battery tester, zinc air hearing aid battery, alkaline battery, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal battery. * Stockist of Our Companies : Nokia, Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell, Yuasa, GP. We have almost every type of passive electronic component in stock, including : - Transorb : -Termistor : - EMC line filter and suppression : - EMC filter : AC line filter (also known as power line EMI filter or EMI filter line) - Transient voltage suppressor : - Inductor coil : Toroidal inductor surface mount inductor, bead inductor. * Stockist of Our Companies : Toko, TDK, Murata. - Metal oxide varistor : - Suppressor (also known as: transient voltage suppressor) : - Capacitor : Variable capacitor, tantalum capacitor, high voltage capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, surface mount capacitor, chip capacitor, ceramic chip capacitor, ceramic multilayer capacitor, AC capacitor, motor start capacitor, polystyrene capacitor, film capacitor, mica capacitor, ceramic disc capacitor, polypropylene capacitor, mylar capacitor. * Stockist of Our Companies : NIC, Philip, Nichicon, Sanyo, Murata, Elna, Wima, Samsung, NEC, AVX, Vishay. - Electronic Resistor : Variable resistor potentiometer, thick film resistor, surface mount, resistor, resistor network, wirewound resistor, metal film resistor, carbon film resistor. * Stockist of Our Companies : IRC, Dale Vishay, Caddock, Phycomp, TRW, Yageo, Samsung. - Termistor: NTC, PTC : - Standard connector : Cable connector, v.35 connector, xlr connector, bnc connector, mini din connector, usb connector, RFconnector, s video connector, fiber optic connector, rj45 connector, audio connector, micro connector, sma connector, tnc connector, din connector, f connector, banana connector, military connector, scsi connector, power connector, D sub connector, computer connector, pcb connector, video connector, speaker connector, board to board connector, idc connector, circular connector, phone connector, automotive electrical connector, vga connector, waterproof connector, n type connector. * Stockist of Our Companies : Gold Tek, EST, ITT, Canon, TYCO, Amphenol, Molex, Phoenix, Neutrik. - Socket : Plcc socket, dip socket, wire wrap socket. Stockist of Our Companies : Gold Tek, Garry. - Switch : Micro switch, toggle switch, reed switch, rocker switch, rotary switch, foot switch, pushbutton switch, thermal switch, magnetic switch, speaker switch, tact switch. * Stockist of Our Companies : C&K, APEM, Dailywell, Marushin, SCI, Cherry. - Relays : Solid state relays, electronic relays, reed relays, latching relays, DC relays, miniature relays, PC board relays. * Stockist of Our Companies : Omron, Potter Brumfield, Teledyne, Finder, Siemens, Aromat, NAIS, Crydom, NEC, Clare, Hamlin, Magnecraft, IDEC. - Fuse and circuit breaker : Fuse holder, thermal fuse, electrical fuse, glass fuse, surface mount fuse, fuse clip, clamp clip fuse, ceramic fuse. * Stockist of Our Companies : Little Fuse, Siba, Wickman, Ferraz, Cooper Bussman. - Cooling fan : AC Axial Fan, DC Brushless Fan, CPU cooling fan, AC Fan Cord, Metal Finger Guard. * Stockist of Our Companies : Sunon, Jamicon, Papst. - Power transformer or electronic transformer : AC transformer, toroidal transformer, encapsulated transformer, low voltage transformer, variable transformer. * Stockist of Our Companies : ERA, Myrra, Hann, Dagnall. - Power supply : - Crystals : Liquid crystal, quartz crystal, clock crystal, crystal oscilator, SMD & Through Hole Crystals. * Stockist of Our Companies : KDS, Hosonic, Fox. In addition to measurement equipment rental options we have almost every type of electronic test, measurement and tool in stock including: - Electronic test and measuring equipment : Battery test equipment, microwave test equipment, computer test equipment, spectrum analyzer test equipment, audio test equipment, digital multimeter, analog multimeter, osciloscope, temperature meter, counter, clamp meter, logic pprobe, test prods, osciloscope probe. * Stockist of Our Companies : FLUKE, Tektronics, TES, AVO, Mastech , Manson, Samlex. - Electrical and electronic tool : Electronic hand tool, electronic repair tool, electronic measuring tool, electronic distance measuring tool. * Stockist of Our Companies : Cooper, CK, WIHA. - Soldering equipment : Soldering iron, soldering station, soldering tip, butane iron soldering, surface mount soldering, desoldering tools, soldering fluxes, solder paste, solder wire. * Stockist of Our Companies : Weller, Hakko, Portasol. - Wire wrap tool and equipment : Wire wrap gun, wire wrap socket, wire wrap connector, wire wrap wire. * Stockist of Our Companies : OK, KDS, PMC.

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H-No 8-3-418, Yellareddyguda,
Hyderabad - 500073 (Andhra Pradesh) India

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