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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Telecommunication Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1994

Haresh Enterprises, We dealing in High Quality Electronic Components.
Our Goal to satisfy market needs in Electronic Components.

To become your best business partner, we deals Top-Quality
Electronic Components Sufficient stock Availability and ensure competitive price & goods.

We are athorzied distibutors for the below companys.

Products :

We are Traders and Exporters of High Quality Electronic Components. Products :- General Purpose Luminaires Energy Saving Luminaires Commercial / Decorative Lighting Luminaires Industrial Hazardous Area Lighting Luminaires Road Lighting Lanterns Post Top Lanterns Aviation Obstruction Lights Floodlighting Luminaires ALSILICA Range of Luminaires Fluorescent Lamp Accessories High Intensity Discharge Lamp Accessories Copper & Aluminum LUGS H.R.C. FUSE FITTINGS WIRE STRIPPER CABLE CUTTER CLIP - ON - TERMINALS BAKELITE STRIP CONNECTORS HANDLE FOOT OPERATED CRIMPING TOOLS PVC INSULATED WIRES WIRING DUCTS :- wiring duct open slot design, close slot design, flexible wiring duct, mini ducting, wiring duct (solid design), wire retainer, wiring duct, wiring duct connector, decoration wiring duct, decoration wiring duct connector, one piece wiring duct, telephone wiring duct, telephone wiring duct connector, adhesive tape, u type wiring duct, round insulating conduit, oval insulating conduit, round type wiring duct, round type telephone wiring duct, wiring duct cutter, oc type cable marker, cm type cable marker. CABLE MARKERS :- ec type cable marker, color coded, marker box, flat cable marker, marker strip, o type cable marker, marker tube, flat marker tube, marker plate, self adhesive wire marker block. CABLE TIES :- nylon cable tie, weather resistant, extra heavy duty tie, tie gun, mounting cable tie, marker tie, marker ties, releasible tie, push releasible tie, saddle mounting ties, double locking cable tie, knot tie (ball type), wire collect tie, push mount tie, cable tray fixing tie, spiral wrapping band, wrapping band, wire binding band, vinyl tie, flat cable clamp. CABLE CLAMPS :- cable clamp, self - adhesive tie mount, saddle type tie mount, wall plug, push tie mount, self - adhesive cable clamp, adjustable cable clamp, self - adhesive wire clip, catv siding clip. BUSHINGS / CONDUITS :- nylon cable gland, nylon cable gland (with strain relief), nylon cable gland, bushing gland, micro switch cover, flexible conduit adaptor, flexible conduit adaptor, flexible conduit, flexible conduit ( hard type ). BUSHINGS :- movable bushing, edging gromment, strain relief bushing, strain relief bushing assembly tool, flexible right angle strain relief bushing, right angle strain relief bushing, snap bushing, snap bushing ( open / close ), hole plug, grommet, housing cover. WIRE CONNECTORS :- closed - end wire connectors, all plastic wire connector, screw on wire connector, mid way wire connector. PVC TUBES :- vinyl wire end cap, vinyl marker cap, vinyl tube, end cap, alligator clip, tube of alligator clip, heat shrinking sleeve, heat shrinkable tube. CABLE CLIPS :- cable clip, double nail flat clip, pin plug. PCB PARTS :- locking circuit board support, miniature support post, screw fastened circuit board support, reverse locking circuit board support, circuit board ejector, blind hold circuit board support, circuit board support, push spacer, circuit board edge spacer, circuit board edge spacer, side secure circuit board support, circuit board track, hexagonal tapped spacer, snap rivet, screwon rivet, canoe rivet, door lock, round spacer, transistor housing, transistor cover, washer, plastic fastener. FASTENERS :- locking wire saddle, wire saddle, edging saddle, n type wire saddle, double routing clip, standoff twist tie, purse lock twist tie, twist tie, mounting twist tie, adhesive wire saddle, spacers ring.

Product Catalog

Vchip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
We are Traders and Exporters of High Quality Electronic Components.....

0003, 0805, 1206, Size in CFR / NFR.....

We are Traders and Exporters of High Quality Electronic Components.....

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Shop No 3, Shreeji complex, 101 Nehru Nagar,
PUNE - 411018 (Maharashtra) India

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