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Tang Hill international Ltd


Tang Hill international Ltd

Tang Hill international Ltd

Taipei, , Taiwan

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Was established in 1976 and has been devoted to the sales and promotion of audiophile grade components, including world renowned speaker driver units & loud speaker kits.

Here at THL we strive to maintain the reputation we have earned for fast, reliable and friendly service. THL exports worldwide and you can be sure your order is safe with our professional staff.

The process is easy as you go. We have had much success in securing better picture image and sound quality through modifications, we are totally convinced that you will be pleased with the upgrades you can make to your DVD player, speaker system networks, TV set/monitor, CD player, Amp or DAC

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of Capacitors : BHC U.K. Black Gate Japan Jensen Denmark ELNA Japan AuriCap USA Hovland MusiCap Wonder DynamiCap / InfiniCap Solen/SCR/AXON MultiCap USA Mundorf McAp German Rifa Sweden Rel-Cap USA AudioCap USA Sprague Soshin Mica Japan WIMA German ROE OS-CON Japan OdioCap UK Cardas USA N.O.S. Caps Others Plug/Socket/Accessories : Plugs & Sockets Tuning knobs Tube sockets Termination blocks & strips Fuse & Holders Spades Chassis Case & Heatsink WATTGATE USA Power Plugs & Receptacles BRYANT USA Teflon tube & Net sleeving Cardas plug & Sockets Furutech Plug & sockets Japan WBT plug & sockets OdiO plugs Neutrik / ITT / Xhadow XLR & Phono Jack ... Connectors XLR-RCA BNC /RCA Adaptors SUPRA plugs & connectors Sweden Eichmann RCA/Banana Plug Australia Spikes & Cones Attenuators/Switches : DACT Denmark ALPS Japan Sfernice France ELMA Swiss GrayHill USA TKD/TDO Japan Noble Shallco USA Others Cables/Wires/Tubing: Cardas USA OdiO pure Silver Denmark Mogami Japan Supra Sweden Hovland USA SUPRA HDMI/DVI cables Sweden Wonder Digit Link USA RS UK Daiei Japan Teflon tubing Audio tubes : Vintage tubes Modern tube Driver Units : Vifa Denmark Scan-speak Denmark Peerless Denmar k BMS Germany Lowther UK Accuton Germany Jordan UK SEAS Norway Mundorf AMT/Mag Germany Venture Belgium Others Inductors : Solen Canada OdiO CFAC USA Mundorf Germany Erse USA Jensen Denmark IT Germany IC/DAC/O.P. Amp/Transitor/Diode : DAC Op. Amp Diode MOSFET /JFET Transistors Others Resistors : AB USA CADDOCK USA IRC USA Mills USA Holco UK TDO Japan Fukushima Japan Riken Japan Skelton Japan MEC CGS UK/Spain Vishay Dale Solders : Selected solders Books & Magazines : AudioXpress-USA MJ audio Technology- Japan Stereo Sound- Japan Audiophiles- Hong Kong Audio tech Books- English Audio tech Books- Japanese Audio tech Books- Chinese Audio DIY kits/Module: BUF-03 active buffer DACT RIAA + Line Stage Amp. SubWoofer modules Others Speaker system Kits : Vifa kit - Denmark Scan-Speak kit - Denmark Jordan -UK Accuton- Germany Lowther-UK Crossover Design & OEM Mfg DIY parts & others Transformers : James Taiwan Tamura Japan ISO Tango Japan Speaker designs & Measuring : ATB Precision Speaker Measure, Germany ATB PC Speaker Measure, Germany BassBox Pro & X.Over Pro PRAXIS AudPod Speaker designs Softwares : Transmission Line Speaker design PC-ECAP Listen Room CALSOD Others Modifications Works : CD/Crossover/Amp Photo about Formosa Audio Links

Contact Info

Tang Hill international Ltd

No. 1, Alley 5, Lane 217, Sec. 3, Jungshiau East Rd
Taipei - 106 () Taiwan

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