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Puricom Water Industrial Corporation


Puricom Water Industrial Corporation

Puricom Water Industrial Corporation

Taiwan, , Taiwan

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1989

PURICOM water industrial corporation was founded in 1989. We started as an importer of whole unit of R.O. System from U.S.A. And distributed them in the market of Taiwan. We have grown to become the premier manufacturer of R.O. Units and components at the second year. We are a company with around 70 employees. Our entire worldwide customers are always confident in our R&D results as there are new developments presented in time for them marketing in their channels with the most competition. We do have our own pump factory and R.O. Units' assembly lines in Taiwan. Our products now include booster pumps, filters, components, housings, all types of ready-made R.O. Units, R.O. Drinking machines, simple water purifiers and molds. Puricom will continue to offer attractive products that cater to modern needs to improve the quality of water. We will strive for our goal to make the best quality of purification systems at an acceptable price through our innovative technology.

Products :

Importers & manufacturers of booster pumps, filters, components, housings, all types of ready-made R.O. Units, R.O. Drinking machines, simple water purifiers and molds. Main Water Filtration Product: Water Filtration System Home Water Filtration System Home Water Filtration Drinking Water Filtration Drinking Water Filtration System Osmosis Reverse Water Filtration Industrial Water Filtration System Industrial Water Filtration Osmosis Reverse Water Filtration System Water Filtration Product Water Purification Filtration Household Water Filtration System Commercial Water Filtration System Residential Water Filtration Commercial Water Filtration Residential Water Filtration System Water Filtration Accessories Water Purifier- -CP-1 Single Filter -CP-2 Twin Filter -CP-3 Triple Filter -CP-3+U.V. -3F -3F+U.V. Reverse Osmosis System- -Under Counter Reverse Osmosis System -Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System -New Design Reverse Osmosis System (with tank inside) -Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System (no need of tank) -Free Standing R.O.System Direct Flow R.O. System- -CMJ-DMD -CMG-DMD -CM-1DMD -CM-DMD -CMS1-DM -CMS-DM -CMB-DM -CMU-DMD Smart Water System- -Alkaline lonic Water Generator (EW-1) -Alkaline lonic Water Generator (EW-2) -Cool Box -Hot Box -Distiller (BW-06) -Distiller (SW-06) -Under Counter Cold & Hot Water Dispenser (CJ-301) -Demo Kit (207) -Travel Kit (207A) -Ozone Generator (208) -Ozone Generator (209) -O3 Ultrasonic Anion Machine (210) -P.O.E. Water Dispenser- -Commercial water dispenser -Residential water dispenser Booster Pumps Reverse Osmosis System Accessories- -Filters -Shower Filters -Housings -Fittings -Quick Connect Fittings -Pressure Gauge -Housing Brackets -Storage Tanks -Faucets -R.O. Installation Accessories & Components -Sensor, Tester & Control Box -U.V. Lamps Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis System- -CL-150GPD -CL-200/300/400GPD -CL-500/750GPD -CL-750 Puri-Tech High Direct Flow System -VM-2 -VM-3 -CL-800 G.P.D. / CL-1500 G.P.D. / CL-3000 G.P.D. -CL-6000 G.P.D. / CL-9000 G.P.D. / CL-12000 G.P.D. -CL-30000 G.P.D. ~ 200000 G.P.D. -CL-500000 G.P.D. ~ UP TO 1 MILLION G.P.D. -High Brackish Water System (From High Brackish Water to Pure Water) Commercial & Industroal Reverse Osmosis System Accessories- -Control Valve: Metered Valve -Control Valve: Time Clock Valve -Cabinet - Softener -Auto Filter -Accurate Filter -Accurate Filter (Stainless Steel) -Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump -Rotary Vane Pump -F-low Meter -Digital Flow Meter -4080/4040/4021 -2540/2521 -Needle Valve -Chemical Tank

Contact Info

Puricom Water Industrial Corporation

NO. 5-28 Cheng-Feng Lane, Taiming Rd. Wurih Township, Taichung County
Taiwan - 0414 () Taiwan

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