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Instant InfoSystems


Instant InfoSystems

Instant InfoSystems

Torrance, , United States

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Services,
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Instant InfoSystems (IIS), headquartered in Torrance, California, is a leading provider of technology based communications solutions for business.

Instant InfoSystems is committed to providing excellent service, quality products, and valuable solutions that help companies achieve their corporate goals. Customers rely on our expertise and market knowledge to successfully integrate sophisticated document delivery applications into their new or existing environments.

Instant InfoSystems is the Captaris 2002 "Channel Partner of the Year", a Captaris Platinum Partner and RightFax/Production Fax Specialist, Microsoft Certified Partner, Brooktrout Worldwide Authorized Partner, Intel-Dialogic Platinum Partner and Member of the Captaris Dealer Advisory Council.

Instant InfoSystems provides the expertise to identify and integrate the best solution for many environments. IIS solutions have been the choice of top decision-makers at small, medium, and Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, and institutions. Customers include Amgen, Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loans, Kaiser Permanente, O'Melveny & Myers, Toyota Motor Sales USA, and The Walt Disney Company.

Products :

We Provide Services is a leading provider of technology based communications solutions for business. We provide fax servers and other business communications tools, in-house training facilities, a full-service help desk and 24/7 technical support to organizations that value a partnership with their vendors. We provide fax servers, document delivery, and other business communications solutions to organizations that value a partnership with their vendors. Our manufacturer partners include Captaris RightFax and Brooktrout Technology. Products :- Fax Servers :- Captaris RightFax Document Delivery Solutions :- Captaris RightFax Esker DeliveryWare Fax Server Hardware :- Brooktrout Technology Intel Dialogic Call Recording and Logging :- NICE Systems Archive Solutions :- Archive Solutions. RightFax :- Captaris RightFax is the world's leading e-document delivery solution. RightFax offers a broad, scaleable product line that leverages your existing technology infrastructure to provide cost effective and seamless fax and e-document delivery across an entire enterprise. RightFax Family of Products :- The RightFax family of products include "Enterprise Fax" and "Universal Information Exchange" solutions that allow for production fax and e-document delivery, unified communications, email integration, secure document delivery, integration with commonly used host systems and IP messaging. Fax Server Hardware :- At Instant InfoSystems, we rely on Brooktrout Technology fax boards when designing fax server solutions for our customers. Whether you require an analog or digital solution, Brooktrout Technology has a full range intelligent fax products for your needs. Brooktrout Technology is the worldwide market leader of intelligent fax technology. Since their establishment in 1984, Brooktrout Technology has pioneered the LAN fax market! They have two decades of experience in developing the world?s leading intelligent fax boards. Download .Pdf Data Sheet :- Target Applications : ? Network Fax ? Broadcast Fax ? Production Fax ? Customer Relationship Management ? Business Process Automation ? Unified Messaging ? Fax On Demand Esker Delivery Ware :- Designed to optimize internal and external information flow, Esker DeliveryWare is a business document server that enables organizations to communicate through a centralized hub while reducing the time and costs associated with document production. Today's business challenges : The pressure is stronger than ever to streamline core business processes, shorten the cash conversion cycle and increase profitability. Success-minded executives are continually looking for ways to get paid for goods and services faster. While CEOs and CFOs strive to increase profitability, CIOs are trying to consolidate and simplify the IT infrastructure - often a hodge-podge of old and new systems, along with various point-to-point solutions. Managing what they already have can be a maintenance nightmare. So how can adding yet another solution possibly be the answer? Simple. Because with a single solution - Esker DeliveryWare Platform - organizations realize all the business advantages and financial benefits of effective document management while working within the existing IT framework. Best of all, Esker DeliveryWare does this without re-programming and without adding complexity. Esker DeliveryWare has three key features that set it apart in the industry :- DeliveryWare Rules Engine Flexible output options Source application independence Adding value to existing ERP and CRM applications :- Many companies have automated some business processes such as purchasing, invoicing or cash collections through their ERP or CRM implementations. Yet many documents generated by these systems are still printed and processed manually. With a centralized, comprehensive automated document delivery solution companies can :- Automate ERP document delivery Enable faster information exchange among business partners and customers. Eliminate communication bottlenecks such as time spent manually entering information into applications or printing, sorting, stuffing, and mailing documents. Accelerate time to cash by getting information out faster and more accurately. Improve the bottom line. Consolidate and simplify the IT infrastructure. Nice Systems products :- NICE products enable you to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve your business interactions across a wide range of media. Our products provide you with the technology to transform every day interactions into business leadership. Interaction Recording Products include :- NiceLog: NiceLog? is a multi-user, multi-operational system that can record more input channels per unit than any other voice recorder on the market today, with an unlimited number of channels per system. With over 500, 000 channels installed worldwide, NiceLog is the proven reliable choice. NiceCall: NiceCall? is a compact and cost-effective digital voice recording system created by NICE Systems especially for smaller sites. Quality Management Products include :- NiceUniverse: The more you help your agents do their jobs, the better they will be able to create more loyal customers. NiceUniverse is a comprehensive quality management solution designed to help you do just that. NiceAdvantage: NiceAdvantage? is a comprehensive Quality Management (QM) solution specifically tailored for small-to-medium sized contact centers. Nice Universe Live: NiceUniverse LIVE? is a software solution that allows you to measure and continually improve the quality of your customer contacts. Customer Experience Management (Call Centers and Trading Floors):- Go beyond CRM with Customer Experience Management (CEM). Capture, evaluate, analyze and improve the customer experience in voice, voice over IP, e-mail and Web interactions. Bring decision-makers closer to customers. Empower your agents. Build lifelong customer loyalty with CEM solutions from NICE. Archive Solutions :- Today?s enterprises know that creating document retention and management infrastructures go far beyond simply building a network and installing a file server. The DocBox and Singularity Document Management and Archiving Solutions allow organizations the ability to accomplish the following tasks from anywhere at anytime using only an Internet browser. Indexed Document Searches User and Group Level Entitlement Structures Online Viewing and Annotations Scan and Upload any Document Type Product Overview :- Instant InfoSystems Document Management and Archiving solutions allow for the secure disbursement of mission critical files and documents across the business. They have set the standard for document management and workflow systems that adhere to compliance and regulatory issues. Up until now, this type of technology was out of reach to businesses because of software complexity, deployment costs and on-going support costs. DocBox and Singularity have been developed to provide organizations a simple, secure, reliable, and flexible document management solution at a competitive price. Our solutions are Simple, Robust and Secure and include the following features/benefits :- Easy to Use, Deploy and Maintain Provides Low ?Total Cost of Ownership? Scalability Allows for Multiple User Access and Document Annotations Multi-Document Type Storage and Versioning SARBOX, HIPPA Compliant Standards Based ensures Eager Adaptation Integrates directly with RightFax Instant InfoSystems Document Management and Archiving options :- Instant InfoSystems offers some of the industry?s most comprehensive and intuitive Document Management and Archiving options. Designed with ?ease of use? and reliability in mind, our solutions bring the promise of electronic document delivery and archival to fruition. Services :- Implementation :- Instant InfoSystems offers a team of highly skilled engineers who are experts in the deployment, implementation and integration of IIS solutions. Implementation Services include installation and configuration, upgrades, configuration review, cover page and forms services and advanced integration services. Whether it's through remote dial-in, an onsite implementation or a combination of both, the Implementation Services team can quickly integrate new product solutions with a user's existing applications. Offerings include : Installation (Core Product Software and Hardware) Configuration (Modules, Hardware, Environment Changes, Microsoft Clustered Server Migration, Active Directory Migration and Synchronization, Production Modules) Software Upgrade Software Upgrade in Production Environment (includes CommercePath Migration) Maintenance (Server Tune-Ups and Optimization) Configuration Review (Server Certification and "Tune-Up") Advanced User Deployment (beyond 5 users) Fax Forms Creation (Desktop Fax and Production Fax Environments) Consulting :- Instant InfoSystems has designed and implemented technical solutions for small, medium and Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, and institutions. We provide the expertise necessary to identify and integrate the best solutions for any environment. Let us help you by learning more about how your company is doing business and designing a solution that best meets your needs. Here are a few examples of the kinds of work we can perform for your organization : System Capacity Analysis and Planning Network and Deployment Planning Advanced Deployment Planning Project Management

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Instant InfoSystems

20000 Mariner Ave., Ste. 250
Torrance - 90503-1670 () United States

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