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ISA Impex Private Limited


ISA Impex Private Limited

ISA Impex Private Limited

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Telecommunication Products - Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1978

ISA was established in 1978 and its objective is the development of the Indian market for leading edge industrial products from leading industrial countries. ISA is headquartered at Bangalore, the "technology capital of India", and with representative offices in major sub-markets of India. Ours is a subcontinent wide reach. ISA has had the privilege of introducing and marketing a wide range of frontline products into India.

We focus on equipment in the areas of: testing, instrumentation, vacuum, cryogenics, cooling & heat exchangers. Our product profile spans a wide industrial range. Our ability to provide applications engineering assistance, both during installation and also post-sales, ensures total support to the customer from a single agency.

Backed by a team of in-house experts and long term associates, our services group provides technical services and support for equipment installation. Our back-up is long term, including telephonic & equipment maintenance services.

Products :

Importer of:- Accelerated Weathering Testing Condensation Testers The QCT uses 100% condensing humidity, to simulate and accelerate the type of damage caused by rain and dew on metals, paints, and organic materials. So It is fast, easy to operate and also low in cost. The QCT reproduces the effect of outdoor moisture with the universal corrosion agent - Aggressive Water. UV Fluorescent Testers Accelerated weathering simulates the damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering - ultraviolet radiation, moisture, heat & spray, by using UV fluorescent lamps to provide a UV radiation spectrum, moisture by forced condensation and temperature controll. Cyclic Corrosion Testers The Q-Fog tester provides moisture, salt spray (fogging) and temperature control in the sequence that you need. Tests possible include: Salt Spray, Prohesion & Cyclic Corrosion Testing. Cyclic Corrosion tests are designed to degrade materials more realistically than conventional salt spray tests can. Current research indicates that, with cyclic corrosion tests, the relative corrosion rates, structure and morphology are more similar to those seen outdoors, than other tests can be. Xenon Testers The Q-Panel Xenon Test Chamber uses full spectrum xenon arc lamps to reproduce the damaging sunlight spectrums in a multitude of environments. It can be used to both simulate and accelerate these service conditions for research & development, as well as for quality control applications. Uses include: new material selection, improvement of existing materials, evaluation durability change with formulation. Cryogenic Coolers - IGC Polycold Systems Inc. The Polycold auto-refrigerating cycle enables refrigeration to below -160 deg. C. The refrigerant mix is combined in a single stream through one compressor. The halocarbon mixture boils or condenses over a wide temperature range, enabling partial condensation and distillation for efficient cryogenic cooling. As the Indian service representative, ISA works in partnership with BVC, the marketing representative to support Indian customers. ISA carries an inventory of Polycold parts, consumables, gas mixtures (PMR), etc? ISA provides total service support for polycold installations. Peltier Devices - Thermoelectric Modules (TEC) TECs are solid state Peltier heat pumps. During operation, a direct current flowing through the TEC, causes heat transfer from one side to the other, creating a cold and hot side. A single-stage TEC can achieve upto a 70 deg. C. Temperature difference or can transfer upto 125 W of heat. Multiple TECs mounted can be used for a system. System design literature is available at ISA. ISA provides applications engineering, design advice & prototyping. ISA supplies TECs heat sinks & other accessories needed for a complete Peltier system. Gas Leak Detectors - Murco Murco gas leak detector for roof mounted air conditioner units, large refrigeration and air conditioning applications and for air-conditioned spaces with integrated sensors along with remote sensors offering different levels of detection. Compliance to regulation like: European Community regulation No. 2037/2000 and the new European Standard EN-378 Murco - Carbon Dioxide Sensor transmitter capable of monitor ing CO2 over a large range 0-10, 000 ppm.

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ISA Impex Private Limited

56, Defence Colony, 100 ft.Road,
Bangalore - 560 038 (Karnataka) India

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