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Jolly Videotronics


Jolly Videotronics

Jolly Videotronics

New delhi, Delhi, India

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1953

JOLLY STARTREK GROUP - Television Manufacturer, was started in 1953 by Sri. D.P. Jolly on a very small scale, initially to produce valve type Electric Radio sets.

Today in the field of consumer electronics the name JOLLY is synonymous with quality and reliability and has well established itself in Northern India as well as in foreign countries viz: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Ethiopia, Syria, Uganda etc.

The range of products offered by the Group today includes: Jolly Startrek Televisions - portable television sets, colour television sets, black and white television sets, and also VCDs, DVDs, 5-in-Ones, Transistorised Radio sets, Hi-Fi Systems etc. With an annual turnover in excess of Rs. 70 crores.

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of - Naan maker, roti maker, colour tv, black & white tv, portable tv sets, Transistor, battery operated tv sets, ceiling fan, table fan & other electronic items. Black and White Television:- SALIENT FEATURES FOR 36 cms (14") Black and White Television Sets Non- Remote Control 22OV A.C. / 12 D.C. OPERATION HIGH GAIN TWO TUNER SYSTEM (VHF/UHF) INDOOR ANTENNA VCR OPERATION Remote Control 36 cms. PICTURE TUBE 500 PROGRAMMES ENGLISH/ARABIC OR ENGLISH/BANGLA - DUAL LANGUAGE OSD OPTION CHILD LOCK, TUNING LOCK, PANEL LOCK TELEPHONE DIARY GAME FULL AUTO SEARCH WITH AUTO MEMORY CHANNEL SCAN REAL TIME CLOCK WITH ON TIMER / OFF TIMER AV-IN FACILITY 60W PMPO SOUND OUTPUT SWITCH MODE POER SUPPLY (130VAC - 270VAC) ZOOM FUNCTION Black and White Television Portable Black and White Television Black and White TV -44cms (17"): Black and White TV Colour Televisions SALIENT FEATURES FOR 36 cms (14") Colour Television Sets SCREEN SIZE : 36 CMS (14") FULLY MOULDED PLASTIC CABINET MENU DRIVEN WITH AUTO SEARCH, TURBO SEARCH AND FINE TUNE REAL TIME CLOCK & SLEEP TIMER 11 PP SETTING DUAL LANGUAGE OSD OPTION AUTOMATIC VOLUME LEVELLER MULTI SYSTEM RECEIVING CAPABILITY (OPTIONAL) DIGITALLY CONTROLLED BASS, TREBLE AND BALANCE CONTROLS (OPTIONAL) 6 LEVEL ZOOM BUILT IN GAMES REMOTE CONTROL : FULL FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL HOTEL MODE CHILD LOCK BUILT IN PATTERN FOR PICTURE ADJUSTMENT 500 YEARS CALENDER AV - IN/OUT RECEIVING PROGRAMS : 256 / 500 (OPTIONAL) RECEIVING BANDS : VHF, UHF, S & H BANDS CHASSIS TYPE : I?C BUS CONTROLLED POWER CONSUMPTION : APPROX. 80 WATTS AUDIO OUTPUT : 100W PMPO PER CHANNEL FOR STEREO, 80W PMPO FOR MONO Colour Television Portable Colour Television Colour TV -53cms (21") - Battery Operated Television WORKS ON 12V DC BATTERY AS WELL AS AC 130V - 270V MULTI COLOUR, MULTI FUNTION ON SCREEN DISPLAY 256 PROGRAMS I?C BUS CONTROLLED CHASSIS AUTO SEARCH/TURBO SEARCH GAME MEMORANDUM FACILITY AV INPUT ZOOM (4 STAGE) CHILD LOCK ON TIMER/OFF TIMER REAL TIME CLOCK 100W PMPO 130 - 270 VAC PRESET RGB TINT CONTROL 36cms (14") FULL FUNCTION REMOTE CTV ( THIS CTV IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN 51cms (20") & 53cms (21") Models ) AC / Battery Operated Colour Television is capable of operating on 230V as well as 12V DC Battery and is for use in markets where there is scarcity of electricity and consumer is unable to watch Television. This AC / Battery Operated Colour TV has been developed by us for the first time in India. It can be conveniently used in cars, on picnic and various other locations where normal television operation on electricity is not possible. RADIO- 4 Band - 4010/3 Band - 3030:- Plastic Moulded Cabinet with Plastic grill. 4 Band AM FM Battery Radio. Frequency Range. FM- 88MHz. To 108MHz. MW- 520KHZ to 1620 KHZ. SW2- 3.2MHZ to 7 MHZ. SW1- 9.5MHZ to 18.0 MHZ. Audio Power Output 8 Watt PMPO. Rotary Tuning, ON-OFF Volume Control, Tone Control & Fine Tuning Control. Works on 230V AC / 6V DC (4 Nos UM-1 cells), 4.5V operation optional. Carton size: (L 310 X W 120 X H 205) mm. Qty per 20 ft. Container - 4000 Pcs. 3 Band - 3030/Radio - 3200:- Plastic Moulded Cabinet with Plastic grill 3 Band (AM/FM) Portable Battery Radio Frequency Range FM- 88 MHz. To 108 MHz. MW- 520 KHZ to 1620 KHZ. SW - 4.6 MHZ to 16.0 MHZ Audio Power output 5 Watt PMPO. Rotary Tuning& Volume control. Works on 4.5V (3Nos UM- 1 Cell) AC mains operated & 2Band AM only model also available. Carton size: (L 280 x W 110 x H 185) mm Qty per 20 ft. Container - 4600 Pcs. Radio - 1030:- Plastic Moulded Cabinet with Mesh grill. 3 Band (AM/FM) Portable Battery Radio. Frequency Range. FM- 88 MHz. To 108 MHz. MW- 520 KHZ to 1620 KHZ. SW - 4.6 MHZ to 16.0 MHZ. Audio Power output 3Watt PMPO. Rotary Tuning& ON- OFF Volume control. Works on 4.5V (3 NOS. UM- 1 Cell) 2Band, AM (MW/SW) Model also available. Carton size: (L 240 x W 95 x H 145) mm. Qty per 20 ft. Container - 7000 Pcs. 3 Band - AL 167:- Plastic Moulded Cabinet with Plastic Grill 3 Band (AM/FM) Portable Battery Radio Frequency Range : MW - 520 KHz to 1620 KHz FM - 88 MHz to 108 MHz SW - 51 MHz to 12.5 MHz Audio Power Output 2 Watt PMPO Rotary Tuning and On - Off Volume Control Works on 2 Nos. UM-1 Batteries / 3 Volt External Adopter 2 Band AM (MW/SW) Model also Available Carton Size : (215x160x102)mm Qty. Per 20 Container - 8000 Pcs. AL-201 (Pocket Radio):- 2 Band Pocket Battery Radio AM/FM Plastic Moulded attractive cabinet Frequency Range. AM - 520 KHz to 1620 KHz FM - 88 MHz to 108 MHz 1.5W PMPO Work on 2 Nos. AA type batteries 2 Band AM (MW-SW) model also available Carton size: (L 85 x W 40 x H 140) mm Qty per 20 ft. Container - 35000 Pcs. TABLE FAN - ( Model - Tiger ):- 300mm / 400mm BLACK TABLE FAN WITH SUPER ENAMEL STOVING PAINT FINISH 3 SPEED REULATOR ON BASE. VOLTAGE : 220 - 240V, 50Hz WATTS : 70W CARTON SIZE : 457x305x560mm QTY. PER 20' CONTAINER : 380 pcs. STAND FAN IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE SAME MODEL. CHAPATI MAKER SALIENT FEATURES FOR 8" / 12" CHAPATI MAKER KEY SPECIFICATION AND FEATURES ROLL & COOKS ROTI/CHAPATI IN LESS THAN A MINUTE 220/240V AC, 50 Hz POWER : 8" - 1000 WATTS 12" - 1500 WATTS NON STCIK HEATER PLATES WITH HEATING ELEMENTS ON BOTH TOP & BOTTOM PLATES THERMOSTAT FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL 'DYFLON' TEFLON COATING WITH QUALITY SEAL ROUND SHAPE WITH S.S BOTTOM & TOP COVER GENERAL USES OF CHAPATI MAKER AN APPLIANCE IDEALLY SUITED FOR MAKING CHAPATIS SAVES TIME, COOKING OIL, FUEL AND MONEY ALSO MAKES PAN CAKES, PAPPADS, TOASTS ETC. PACKING DETAILS PACKED IN ATTRACTIVE 3 PLY COLOUR BOX WITH THERMOCOL PACKING INSIDE 8 NOS. PACKED IN A MASTER CARTON CARTON SIZE : 8" - 305x220x215 MM 12" - 407x330x254 MM QTY PER 20' CONTAINER : 8" - 1800 PCS 12" - 865 PCS NAAN MAKER:- SALIENT FEATURES FOR NAAN MAKER EASY TO OPERATING NON STICK TRAY INSIDE WITH A PLASTIC HANDLE IDEAL CHOICE TO MAKE TANDOORI DISHES VOLTAGE : 230/240 AC, 50Hz WATTAGE : 2400W CARTON SIZE : 490x330x200mm QTY. PER 20' CONTAINER : 850 pcs.

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Jolly Videotronics

A-236 New Friends Colony

New Delhi - 110 065 (Delhi) India

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