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Beervelde, , United States

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1978

Elektrokontakt N.V., incorporated in 1978, produces a wide range of flexible connections, conductor rails, insulators, current collectors, carbon plate shoes, contacts and accessories for electric switches and electrically powered vehicles or installations.

We produce over 10, 000 products, from any conceivable non-ferrous extrusion to any finished, uncovered, tin-plated or silver-plated and packed custom-made product.

Specialised in reproducing and reconditioning contact pieces and bases that are no longer available as original parts.

Our large stock of base materials not only allows us to supply at very competitive prices but also to reduce the delivery time considerably.

Since 1988 we are agents of Gielen & Nothnagel GmbH for the Benelux countries. GINO is a well-established manufacturer of quality resistors and crane cabs for industrial applications.

Our vision:
To respond in a flexible manner to customer demand for custom-made products ranging from 1 single item to batch production, from a draft or model to a first-rate end product.

Products :

Manufacturers of a range of flexible connections, conductor rails, insulators, current collectors, carbon plate shoes, contacts and electric switch accessories. Our Product includes: 1.Accessories usable for: I. Electric switches, type: - ABB - ACEC - AEG - Calor-Emag - Delle - General Electric - HOMA - HOLEC-SMIT - Kl?ckner & M?ller - KIEPE - Laurens Knudsen - Sac? - Siemens - Spohn & Burckart - Sprecher & Schuh - Stromberg - Telemecanique II. Electric Trucks: Switches of types: - Albright - Bosch - BT - Cableform - Cesab - General Electric - Hardellet - HB - Unilec - Sevcon III. Electric Trucks: Forklifts of types: - Clark - Fenwick - Fiat - Jungheinrich - Komatsu - Nissan - TCM - Toyota - Lansing - Linde - PEG - Still - NYK - Balkancar IV. Railway, Tram, Subway and Trolley V. Reconditioning of contacts VI. As per plan or model VII. Arc chambers and spools for solenoid switches VIII. Brackets for spotwelders 2. Flexible and solid metal connections: I. Flexible connections II. Solid metal connections or terminals III. Laminated connections IV. Special connections as per plan or model 3. Rails and accessories: I. Rails, connections, expansion joints , interruptors, II. Current and earthing collectors III. Carbon plate shoes IV. Insulators - Incomplete V. Line interruptors 4. Resistors: I. Cast or punched resistor plates II. Uncovered, cement-coated or glazed wire-wound resistors III. Starting resistors IV. Brake resistors V. Load resistors VI. Grounding resistors 5. Crane cabins and Control Units: I. Crane cabins II. Crane control unit

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Rivierstraat 72

Beervelde - 9080 () United States

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