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China Rambogames


China Rambogames

China Rambogames

Shenzhen, , China

Telecommunication Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2002

RamboGames is founded on 2002 as a professional supplier of games products like console parts and all kinds of accessories in China.
We supply quality products, competitive price and best service....

Products :

Founded on 2002 as a professional supplier of games products like modchip IC, console parts and all kinds of accessories in China. PS2 modchip: Messiah 2 pro, Messiah 3.2 advance, Messiah 3.6, Messiah 5.0, Mini 50k, Duo Chip, Blue Chip, Magic V(V5~V8), Magic V 50k, Magic V 5K6, Mini apple, Multi-blue, Mars501, Mars603, No-solder modchip, Swap magic 3.0 . Xbox modchip: Aladdin 64, Aladdin 32+, X-cutor, Apple chip 3.0. Our Products are: CONSOLE >Console Parts PS2 Slide Tool BA5947FP Laser Control IC BA5986FM Para Dream cast PS2 FLIP TOP Cover INTERNAL POWER BOARD(30000-35000) PS2 modchip link cable (wire wrap cable) PS-X-Change CD PS2 Original BA5815FM Chip PS power adaptor PS POWER BOARD 3in1 Power Adaptor PS2 cooling fan PS2 Modchip Wrapping Cable PS2 V12 Swap Console Case Rs 2004 Fs V12 flip top cover V12 Power Adaptor X-box Universal Power board (1.0~1.6) CONSOLE >Lens and Parts PS laser motor cable PS Spindle Hub PS Laser eye big motor PS Laser eye small motor PS Laser Eye Extension Cable PS Laser Gear PS laser eye wafer PS laser eye eyeglass PS Laser Eye front cover PS laser eye stand PS laser len and loop PS laser middle flat cable PS laser short flat cable PS laser eye back cover PS2 Laser Lens Dc len 3200 refurbished Gamecube len refurbished PS1 Laser Lens PS2 flat cable for laser eye PS2 Laser Lens PS2 Laser Light PS2 Laser PCB Circuit (400C) Ps2 Loop For 400c Ps2 Loop For Hd7 PS2 V12 lens PVR-802W PSP Lens SPU-3170J Xbox DVD Rom Philips Xbox DVD Rom Thomson Xbox Laser Lens Opu5161 Xbox laser lens philip Xbox Laser Lens Top 60(second hand) Xbox len Samsung new CONSOLE >Chips Apple 70K Mars 805SL for V12 messiah 3.7 for v12 Ripper IV FOR V1-V12 Aladdin Live with header pin Aladdin XT Aladdin XT rebuild PCB Blue Modbo for V1~V12 ( DVD Region Free) duo 2 modchip for v1-v10 all version Duo X2 Duo X3 Game Cube Gc Modchip GC Viper Chip With Programmer HD Loader Advance Magic 3.1 modchip MAGIC V 5K6 Modchip For 50001+50006/7 MAGIC V modchip for 50000-50004 Magic V modchip for v5-v8 Mars II MA-303 Mars III MA-502 Mars Pro GM-603 MATRIX DNS-1009(MX-L2) Matrix Infinity Se Messiah 2 Pro modchip Messiah 3.2 Advance modchip 50000-50007 Messiah Universal for V1-V10 Messiah7.7 mini 50k modchip For 5000X Modbo for V1~V12 ( DVD Region Free ) No-Solder V4 ModChip No-Solder V5, V6, V7 Modchip 3in1 Programmer for Super Aladdin Live PS2 Duo Chip for v1-v8 PS2 MagicPro Chip For V9/V10 PS2 NEO 12 Chip For V9/V10 PS2 SBOX USB MODCHIP qoob SX for gamecube Saintess Universal V1.0 SANYO LA6508 motor driver IC Slim 70K Slim Line Fix-v4 Swap magic disc newest version 3.6 The whole LA6508 ( RII ) Top-007 V12 Magic Switch ACCESSORIES >PSP PSP Leather Bag PSP Retractable Rechargeable Cable PSP Retractable USB Transfer Cable Psp 16in1 Kit PSP 3in1 Essentials Pack Psp Airform Umd Pouch PSP Car Charger PSP Carry Case Special Psp Classic Umd Case Psp Compact Charger Stand PSP Crystal Cover PSP Crystal Sleeve PSP Earphone Retractable Psp Emergency Charger PSP Light Magnifier Psp Multi Umd Storage Box PSP Power Adaptor PSP Rechargeable Cable PSP Rechargeble and USB Transfer Cable Psp Retractable Cable 2in1 PSP Screen Protectors Psp Travel Bag PSP USB Transfer Cable ACCESSORIES >Cool Stuff Ring Mouse Precision mini digital camera Car-Audio FM Transmitter US$6.0 Mini Spy Camera MP4 Player Solar Portable Recharger Wireless Headset Wireless Headset Wireless Headset Wireless Headset ACCESSORIES >PS2/PS1 PSX Joypad Universal DVD Decoder V12 Vertical Stand PS1-413 PS LASER GUN PS1-823 MULTI PLAYER PS1-850 PS ONE CONSOLE BAG PS2 Web Camera Ps2 Multitap PS2 Network Adaptor Ps2 Power Adaptor ACCESSORIES >X-Box X-BOX 8M MEMORY CARD XBOX JOYPAD XBOX LIGHT GUN X-box 2.4G Wireless Light Gun XBOX RF UNIT DVD REMOTE XBOX CONSOLE BAG XBOX CONSOLE BAG Xbox Dvd Component Cable+ Optical Box Xbox Dvd Remote Xbox RF Controller Xbox Smart Joy ACCESSORIES >Gamecube Game Cube Power Adaptor GC-002 Memory Card for GameCube ACCESSORIES >Gba SP GBA Smart Card GBA Smart Card(Build-In Download Machine Gba Wise Card with download function GBA WISE CARD 64M/128M LENS FOR GBA SP console bags GBA SP Multi-tap for 4 Player GBA SP FM Radio GBA SP Console Bag Console PVC Bag Lithium Battery Power Adaptor Solar Charger Light Magnifier Portable Handle Stereo Amplifier GBA SP Console Carry Bag Car Charger Battery pack GBA SP Earphone GBA SP 3in1 Kit GBA SP 16in1 Anti-shock Sleeve Console Case Power Adaptor Anti-shock Sleeve Console Carry Bag Mini Amplifier Handle with Magnifier Elastic Magnifier with Mini Joystick Mini Poly-silicon Solar Charger Protective Lens Handle Charger Emergency Charger 4M Memory Stick 8M Memory Stick ACCESSORIES >VGA Series 3 in 1 VGA BOX Component VGA box( Progressive VGA Box ) Magic VGA Box Multi VGA Box Multi-purposed VGA BOX PS/PS2 VGA BOX XB/GC/PS2 3 in 1 VGA BOX ACCESSORIES >MP3 Series Mini Mp3 Speaker Mp3 Watch MP3 Player ACCESSORIES >Flash Card Memory Stick 128M Memory Stick 1GB Memory Stick 256M Memory Stick 512M SD Memory Card 256M

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China Rambogames

Shenzhen - 0000 () China

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