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SELEX Sensors


SELEX Sensors

SELEX Sensors

Essex, , United Kingdom

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems Ltd (SELEX S&AS) is one of Europe's leading sensors solutions companies and the UK's foremost supplier of electronic systems for military platforms in the air, at sea and on land. With its head office at Basildon in the UK, SELEX S&AS has major sites in southern England and Scotland employing 4, 500 people.
Specialising in world-class integrated sensor solutions SELEX S&AS is a leader in surveillance, protection, tracking, targeting and imaging systems.
Key technologies include:
- Airborne radar systems
- Electronic warfare systems
- Military lasers
- Electro optical systems

SELEX S&AS has a complete capability for design, development, manufacture and in-service support.
Drawing on domain knowledge in military electronics support, SELEX S&AS has the ability to drive innovation through the support chain with solution modelling, information technology systems and technical expertise.

Products :

Manufacturers of single and multiple element IR detectors; including linear and 2-D arrays, in both cooled and uncooled technologies. Our Product includes: *BATTLESPACE AND ELECTRO OPTICS: -DRIVERS NIGHT VISION SYSTEM (DNVS) -ENFORCER SELF DEFENCE WEAPON SYSTEM -HOSTILE ARTILLERY LOCATION SYSTEM (HALO) -L3TV CAMERA TECHNOLOGY -MOBILE SURVEILLANCE UNIT (MSU) -PALS PASSIVE LITTORAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM -SURVEILLANCE SENSOR AND RANGEFINDER WITH POSITIVE -SURVEILLANCE, TARGET ACQUISITION AND WEAPON AIMING -SIGHT (STAWS) -TITAN 385 MULTI SENSOR TURRET SYSTEM -WIRELESS DATALINK SYSTEM (AIR) -WIRELESS DATALINK SYSTEM (LAND) -WIRELESS DATALINK SYSTEM (SEA) *ELECTRONIC WARFARE: -EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON DEFENSIVE AIDS SUBSYSTEM - State of the art defensive aids system for the Typhoon. Contains electronic support measures, laser warning, missile warning, onboard electronic counter measures and towed radar decoys. -ZEUS INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEM - Integrated electronic warfare system for the UK Harrier aircraft. Combines radar warning receiver and onboard electronic counter measures. -SKY GUARDIAN 200 RADAR WARNING RECEIVER -Lightweight radar warning receiver for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Widely fitted to front line aircraft in the UK and worldwide. -ARI 18241 RADAR HOMING AND WARNING RECEIVER - High sensitivity radar homing and warning receiver. Fitted to the UK and Saudi Arabian Tornado aircraft. -SKY SHADOW ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES POD - High power radio frequency jamming pod, fitted to the UK and Saudi Arabian Tornadoes. -HIDAS HELICOPTER INTEGRATED DEFENSIVE AIDS SYSTEM - World’s first fully integrated helicopter defensive aids system. Combines radar warning receiver, missile warning system, laser warning receiver, chaff and flares. Fitted to UK and export Apache helicopters. -SKY GUARDIAN 2000 RADAR WARNING RECEIVER - New generation lightweight radar warning receiver for helicopter and fixed wing applications. Fitted to UK Apache, Sea King and EH101, and export helicopters. -SKY GUARDIAN 2500 ELECTRONIC SUPPORT MEASURES - Compact Electronic Support Measures fitted to the WHL Super Lynx 300 helicopter -REWARDER RADAR WARNING RECEIVER - Previous generation helicopter radar warning receiver. Fitted to UK Lynx and Gazelle helicopters, as well as Dutch navy Lynxes. -1223 LASER WARNING RECEIVER - State of the art laser warning receiver. Fitted to the UK and other nations Apache helicopters. Suitable for surface ship use. -ARIEL FIBRE OPTIC TOWED RADAR DECOY - Third generation fibre optic towed radar decoy. Fitted to Typhoon. Previous generations fitted to UK Tornado GR4 and Nimrod aircraft. -PALS - Passive Littoral Surveillance System. Low cost naval electronic support measures with advanced recognition features. -SIREN NAVAL OFFBOARD ACTIVE RADAR DECOY - Rapid reaction active seduction decoy, compatible with modern 130mm Decoy Launcher -MENTOR NAVAL ELECTRONIC SUPPORT MEASURES -Medium capability Naval electronic support measures -ELECTRONIC WARFARE CONTROL PROCESSOR - Co-ordinates naval electronic warfare assets at force level. Fitted to UK Royal Nay ships -ELECTRONIC WARFARE MISSION SUPPORT -Systems and supporting infrastructures to optimise electronic warfare equipment for each mission -LOGISTICS AND SUPPORT - A full range of post sales support, repair and modification services available to suit customers requirements -ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SENSORS AND EFFECTORS - SELEX S&AS has a number of advanced electronic warfare programmes that are designing the receivers and jammers of tomorrow. *INFRARED: -INFRARED DETECTORS -DLATGS INFRARED DETECTORS FOR INSTRUMENTATION -THERMO ELECTRICALLY STABILISED DLATGS PYROLELECTRIC INFRARED DETECTOR -EAGLE LONG WAVE -GOLDEN EAGLE MW INFRARED DETECTOR -OSPREY-C MW INFRARED DETECTOR -STAIRS C INFRARED DETECTOR -HAWK MEDIUM WAVE INFRARED DETECTOR -UNCOOLED INFRARED CAMERA CORES -HAND HELD THERMAL IMAGES -LTC550™ INFRARED CAMERA -BURST ILLUMINATION LASING (BIL) *LASER SYSTEMS: -HIGH POWER LASER DESIGNATOR/RANGEFINDER -LANCE MODULAR INFRA-RED COUNTERMEASURES LASER -LASER INERTIAL ARTILLERY POINTING SYSTEM (LINAPS) *MISSION SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: -AVIONICS UPGRADES -HELICOPTER AVIONICS UPGRADE PACKAGE -MIL MI-24/35 MISSION SYSTEMS UPGRADE -MI-172 MULTI-ROLE MEDIUM-LIFT TRANSPORT HELICOPTER WITH ENHANCED CAPABILITY *RADAR: -CAPTOR -SEASPRAY 7000E *THERMAL IMAGERS: -SIGMAB BASED PROCESSING HARDWARE AND ALGORITHM CAPABILITY -SIGMA HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMAL IMAGER MODULE SET -SIGMA CAVEO RUGGEDISED THERMAL IMAGER -STAIRS C LWIR THERMAL IMAGING SENSOR

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SELEX Sensors

Christopher Martin Road Basildon

Essex - SS14 3EL () United Kingdom

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