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Minneapolis, , United States

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1956

Minco was incorporated on October 2, 1956 as an engineering firm designing and building precision electromechanical devices on a subcontract basis.

In 1958 management decided to concentrate on the development and marketing of proprietary products. One of the first efforts was Thermal-Ribbon™ flexible wire-

In center, Founder and President Karl Schurr, 1956-1999
Wound temperature sensors for aerospace guidance systems. This experience led in turn to the development of flexible Thermofoil™ heaters, introduced by Minco in 1960.
During the 1960's the temperature sensor line was expanded to include industrial probes, bearing sensors, and stator sensors. Minco soon established a strong position as a supplier to large machinery manufacturers and energy management system contractors.

In 1968 Minco built a new headquarters and manufacturing plant in Fridley, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Thermofoil™ heaters, originally developed for aerospace instruments, soon found commercial and medical applications as well. In particular, orders for heaters used in copy machines increased to the point where factory space became insufficient. Minco then acquired a second plant across the street from the first and dedicated it to production of heater assemblies. The original plant has since been expanded with two major additions and a third plant constructed in 1996.

In 1974 the company adapted its precision etching and laminating expertise to the manufacture of flexible printed circuits. These first circuits served as interconnects in cardiac pacemakers. Flex circuit technology was in its infancy at the time, and Minco quickly gained a reputation as a top manufacturer of circuits for critical aerospace and medical electronic applications.

Temperature instruments (transmitters, meters, controllers, and alarms) were developed starting in the 1970's to complement Minco's temperature sensors and heaters.
New product development has continued over the last two decades. More recent product line additions include optically-clear heaters, rigid-flex circuits, isolated temperature transmitters, and high temperature RTD elements.

Minco has a diverse product line suited to a wide variety of industries, and has always emphasized long-term relationships with its customers. Many of the company's first customers still buy today. These factors have given Minco an exceptional record of stability and sustained growth. Sales have increased every year since 1957. Sound financial practices ensure that the corporation has the resources to carry its successes well into the future.

Products :

We Provide Services of engineering firm designing and building precision electromechanical devices on a subcontract basis. Our products :- Minco helps companies with critical applications minimize product failure with the most reliable components and expert design services. 1)Sensors :- Sensors and Assemblies :- Minco has designed and manufactured RTDs for more than 45 years. We have the capabilities and experience to put together a proven sensing solutions, at a cost-effective price, for your application. The Right Sensor :- No sensor manufacturer offers more styles and variations. From miniature detectors to 100 foot averaging thermometers, from flexible Thermal-Ribbons™ to heavy duty probe assemblies, our selection lets you choose the best model for your needs. We can supply platinum, nickel, nickel-iron, and copper RTDs with curves to match any instrumentation. Minco also offers thermocouples and thermistors mechanically interchangeable with RTD models to help you standardize installations. Single Source Manufacturing :- Minco builds sensors from start to finish. We manufacture our own sensing elements, machine our own cases and fittings, and assemble finished parts. That gives us complete control over product quality, plus flexibility in adapting designs to customer requirements. Custom Design :- Stock solutions aren’t always the best solutions. Minco has designed over 7000 custom sensors, each with unique features for better performance at a lower price. Let our engineers suggest innovative ideas to tailor a sensor to your application. Quality Above All :- Minco sensors have proven their reliability in the most critical areas. The space shuttle uses our RTDs. So do nuclear plant safety systems, rocket motors, power generators, missiles, and calibration labs. Quality comes first at Minco. Documented and audited procedures, continuous quality improvement goals, and employee involvement programs set a high standard throughout the company. Minco is certified to ISO 9001: 2000. 2)Instruments :- RTD and thermocouple Temptran™ transmitters give accurate signals over thousands of feet Select fixed range or field rangeable; miniature, "hockey puck, " and isolated versions Miniature DC temperature controller 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5 VDC output Microprocessor based controllers with optional alarm features PID, proportional, and on/off controllers Excellent accuracy and stability Optional match calibration to RTD's with free NIST traceable certification More than 100, 000 currently serving in process and HVAC / R installations Loop powered indicators Handheld and panel mount readouts Custom instruments for OEM's 3)Thermofoil™ Heaters :- Thermofoil™ Solutions for Heating :- Thermofoil™ heaters are thin, flexible heating elements consisting of an etched foil resistive element laminated between layers of flexible insulation. Since their introduction by Minco over 45 years ago, Thermofoil™ heaters have demonstrated significant advantages over conventional electric heaters. Precise Heating :- Thermofoil™ heaters put heat where you need it. You simply apply them to the surface of the part to be heated. Their thin profile gives close thermal coupling between the heater and heat sink. You can even specify profiled heat patterns with higher watt densities in areas where heat loss is greater. Faster Warmup and Longer Life :- The flat foil element of Thermofoil™ heaters transfers heat more efficiently, over a larger surface area, than round wire. Thermofoil™ heaters, therefore, develop less thermal gradient between the resistive element and heat sink. Heaters stay cooler. The result is higher allowable watt densities, faster warmup, and prolonged insulation life. Thermofoil™ heaters can safely run at wattages twice those of their wire-wound equivalents. Insulation life may be ten times greater. For high levels of reliable heat, the obvious choice is Thermofoil. 4)Flex Circuits :- Flex circuits make electronic interconnection both simpler and more reliable. They translate the advantages of printed circuits to three dimensions, replacing conventional wiring. Minco specializes in tight tolerance, fine-line circuits for the medical and aerospace industries. From guidance systems to cardiac pacemakers, Minco flex circuits set the standard for assured quality. Flexible and Rigid-Flex Circuits :- Certified to MIL-P-50884, Types 1-5 Fine pitch down to 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) lines & spaces Stiffeners or rigid zones for component mounting Up to 16 layers Impedance control with shield planes and other techniques Combine with surface mount technology for ultimate packaging density CAD/CAM interface Employment at Minco :- Updated: September 15, 2005 Minco is an established, stable company offering career opportunity, a friendly atmosphere, and a complete set of benefits. Minco is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Minco is currently interviewing for the positions listed below :- Inside Sales Engineer Territory Sales Manager Student Engineer Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt Customer Service Manager Prototype Technician- Heaters Production Assurance Technician- Heaters Category 29 Technician- Heaters Assembler Positions/ 1st and 2nd Shift Production Engineer- Sensors Industry Manager for Medical Diagnostics/Medical Implants Industry Manager for Building Automation/Industrial

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7300 Commerce Lane
Minneapolis - MN 55432 () United States

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