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Stratton Technologies Limited


Stratton Technologies Limited

Stratton Technologies Limited

Bedfordshire, , United Kingdom

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Stratton Technologies Limited was founded by Chris Brady to offer a quality distribution channel in the UK and Ireland for a number of overseas principals offering innovative products targeted at both industrial and academic R&D plus OEM applications.

With over 18 years in the industry Chris has direct experience of a wide range of laboratory technologies and works with a network of experienced engineering & technical consultants to offer more complete solutions to the end user.

Core product areas include optical lab & microscopy hardware, vibration isolation of laboratory instruments, micro & nanopositioning and scientific imaging.

Products :

Manufacturer's of representative offering precision motion systems and test solutions to the laser and photonics industries. Our product includes: *Microscopy Platforms, Micromanipulators & Accessories: -Confocal Translators -Custom Devices -Headstage Mounts -Lab Setup Examples -Micromanipulator -Micromanipulator Slide -Microscope Translator -Motorized Microscope Focus Drive -Pipette Puller -Repeatable rotation Base -Repeatable Probe Clamps & Pipette Holders -Headstage Mount & Probe Clamp -Perfusion Chambers & Adapters -Tissue Slicer -Grounding Block *Laboratory Optomechanical Hardware: -12mm Posts & Holders -Adjustment Screws -Adjustable Angle Plate -Adapter & Construction Blocks -Assembly Hardware -Aluminium Spacers -Bases -Breadboards -Cable Clamp -Cube Beamsplitter Holder -Cube Holders for Rotation Stages -Custom Devices -Cylindrical Optic Holder -Digital Readout -Fiber Devices -Flexure Mirror Mounts -Gimbal Mounts -Laser Diode Holder -Laser Diode Positioner -Laser Diode Module Adapters -Lab Essentials Kits -Laser Periscope -LCD Monitor -Linear Stages -Modular Fast Travel Stages -Magnetic Bases -Mirror Mounts -Multi Axis Lens Positioners -Motion Controllers -Motorized Drives -Motorized Rotation Stage -Optics Adapters -Optic Focus Translator -Optics Holders Fixed -Pinhole -Posts, Holders & Clamps -Reverse Polarity Adapter -Rotation Stages -Rotary Lab Jack -Motorized Lab Jack -Rail Systems -Rotating Rail Carrier -Soft Touch Knob Caps -Spacers -Shutter Aperture -Spatial Filter -Thread Adapters -Tilit Bases -Vertical Platform Kits *High Resolution Digital Microscope Cameras: -Infinity X 21 Megapixel camera datasheet -DP200 1.3 Megapixel CMOS camera datasheet -DP252 - 2/3” CCD, 1.4 Megapixel camera - good fluorescence camera -DP300 - 3.15 Megapixel CMOS camera -DP350 - 3.3 Megapixel 1/2” CCD camera -DeltaVu Technology Overview *TCM Temperature Controllers: -TCM 5 TEC Temperature Control Module 5A -TCM 5 TEC Temperature Control Module 10A -TCM 5 TEC Temperature Control Module 25A

Contact Info

Stratton Technologies Limited

P.O Box 82
Bedfordshire - SG18 8ZN () United Kingdom

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