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ESD Electronics


ESD Electronics

ESD Electronics

Hannover, , Germany

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1984

Esd was founded in 1984 and has gained considerable experience and know-how in the field of industrial automation since then. Today esd is a powerful and flexible system house. Our services and products include ranges as follows:
Service : As an experienced system integrator we realize customer-specific developments in hardware and software. Special requirements (e.G. Rugged environment, explosion-proof) will be considered accordingly.
Projects : As competent suppliers to the industry we deliver turn-key systems according to the customers requirements at home and abroad.
VME and CompactPCI : As a hardware manufacturer esd offers a complete line of VME and CompactPCI products, which are sold world-wide. Esd is an active member of the VITA (VMEbus International Trade Association).
CAN / DeviceNet : esd is a leading supplier of CAN modules. This includes also interfaces to other systems such as PLC, VME, PC and CompactPCI. As higher layer CAN protocols, CANopen and DeviceNet implementations for masters and slaves are available from esd. Moreover, this software is available on source code level base for customized solutions. Esd has gained CAN experience since 1990. Esd is a member of the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association), founder member of the CiA (CAN in Automation e.V.) and is an active and competent partner in numerous committees.
Operating Systems : esd supports the real-time multitasking operating systems VxWorks, pSOS+, QNX, LynxOS, OS9, RT-Linux and RTOS-UH as well as UNIX and Windows systems. Besides support for user programming and implementation, esd holds training courses for operating systems and for the programming languages C, C++, PEARL and CoDeSys.
Training : esd offers any kind of customer and customized support in the ranges of training, workshops and engineering.

Products :

Manufacturers of :- * VME : I/O cards (digital and analog) for industrial use, motion controller, graphics, communication ports, adapter boards, intelligent subsystems. Digital I/O Boards Analog I/O Boards Communication Interfaces Motion Controllers Graphics Boards PMC-Boards System Options P2-Adapter for Force CPU Boards Options for Motorola CPU Boards VME Cases and Systems. * CAN - CANopen & Device Net : interfaces to VMEbus systems, PLC, PC (PCI, CPCI, ISA, PC/104). I/O-modules (digital and analog), control terminals. CAN-Starter-Kits Interfaces to Other Systems PCI-Bus Boards ISA-Bus Boards PC-104 Boards CompactPCI Boards Other CAN-Interface Boards PLC Interface Modules CAN/CAN Interface Modules VMEbus Boards Intelligent CAN Controller CANbloc-Mini I/O-Series CAN-CBX I/O-Series CAN 19"-Series and CAN-IP65 CAN Terminals Other CAN Modules CAN-Classic I/O-Modules Digital I/O-Modules Analog I/O-Modules Other Modules of the CAN-I/O-Series. * CompactPCI : Intelligent interfaces to CAN, ETHERNET, I/O cards (digital and analog) for industrial use. Host CPUs Digital I/O-Boards Analog I/O-Boards Serial I/O-Boards Field Bus Interfaces CAN-Bus Boards Ethernet Boards WLAN Boards Memory interfaces Graphics Boards Timer/Counter Boards Power Supply. * Embedded : Stand alone controller e.G. With CAN, ETHERNET, analog or digital interfaces in different form factors. Embedded PowerPC Controller Controllers in 19"-System Format Controller with Display and Keyboard VMEbus Boards with Local Microcontrollers. * Software : Supported systems - VxWorks, RTOS-UH, OS-9, OS-9000, LynxOS, pSOS, PxROS, UNIX systems, Windows 95 and WindowsNT. Programming languages : C++, C, JAVA, PEARL, Assembler. * Turnkey Systems : Complete VMEbus workstations, process-control systems using CAN-I/O modules and decentral control units, fermenter control systems (UBICON). Modernizing existing systems. * Engineering : Customized developments in hardware and software, special request (e.G. Rough environment, explosion protection), competent consultation and systems analysis.

Contact Info

ESD Electronics

Vahrenwalder Str. 207
Hannover - D-30165 () Germany

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