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Newport beach, , United States

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Products :

Manufacturers of battery chargers, power supplies and converters, electrical panels and accessories for communication, navigation and industrial applications. Our product includes: -AC/DC Monitors -AC Selector Switches -Ammeters-Analog -Ammeters-Digital -Antenna-Mounts -Antenna Selector Switches -Battery Analyzer -Battery Chargers-ABC Series -Battery Chargers-HDM Series -Battery Chargers-Phase Three Series -Battery Chargers-Phase Three Modular -Battery Integrators -Battery Isolators -Bus Bars -Cable Feed-Thru Fittings-Clamshell -Cable Feed-Thru Fittings-RG-8 -Cable Feed-Thru Fittings-Thru-Dex -Cable Entries -Circuit Breakers -Coax Switches -Connector Strips -Copper Strap -Copper Screen -DC-DC Converters-Negative Ground -DC-DC Converters-Isolated -DC-DC Converters-Isolated, Spike Protected DC Power Conditioners-NAV--PAC -DC Power Conditioners-StartGuard -Deck Horns -Digital Instruments -Dimmer, Lighting -Electrical Enclosures -Electrical Panels-Accessory -Electrical Panels-Elite Series -Electrical System Analyzer -Electronic Noise Filters -Emergency Power Relay -Enclosures, Panel -Fuses, Fuseblocks -Galvanic Isolators -Grounding Plates -Ground Strap -Hailer Horns -Indicator Lights -Instruments, Digital -Intercoms -Inverter/Chargers -Junction Boxes -Label Sets -Lamp Dimmer -Lights, Panel -Low Voltage Disconnects -Meters-Analog -Meters-Digital -Meter Panels-DC, Assembled -Meter Panel Blanks -Noise Filters -Panel Enclosures -Panel Labels -Power Conditioners -Power Function Manager -Power Supplies-Desktop (Steed-10) -Power Supplies-Desktop with Battery -Power Supplies-Mobile, Heavy Duty -Power Supplies-Rackmount -Power Supplies-Rackmount with Battery -Rectifiers (See Power Supplies) -Reserve Battery Selector -Ship/Shore Switches -Terminal Strips -Voltage Stabilizers -Voltmeters-Analog -Voltmeters-Digital -Waterproof Junction Boxes -Waterproof Fittings -Waterproof Radio Covers

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P.O. Box 1306 ?

Newport Beach - CA 92663 () United States

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