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GFL Lighting Group


GFL Lighting Group

GFL Lighting Group

Shanghai, , China

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As a recognized industry leader and pioneer in the field of energy saving lighting products, the GFL LIGHTING GROUP is one of the fastest growing and most respected manufacturers in China.

GFL Lighting Group was established in 2001, formally uniting ten individual companies, which had been cooperating closely for years. Each company has its own core competency in different sectors of the industry and taken as a whole, the contributions of each member leads to a stronger, more integrated manufacturing resource. The founding of some members can be traced back to 1983, the year the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) industry began in China. Since then, many members have contributed to the advancement of the CFL revolution through new technology and the creation of innovative new products and processes.

The GFL Lighting Group offers a wide range of production capabilities, from glass tube formation, burner manufacturing, ballast design and assembly and lamp system finishing, culminating in the highest quality finished lamps and fixtures available. The Group is supported by a professional Research & Development team and a centralized Quality Control center. It has also established its own exclusive marketing and distribution company in the United States, Harmony Lighting, Inc., which provides UL Certification testing in its corporate laboratory. The GFL Lighting Group is the only enterprise within China that provides the entire range of development, production and sales to the industry. This intelligent integration of individual companies into a single unit enables the Group to have the strength and flexibility to react to the challenges of a rapidly changing market and to fulfill special requirements from OEM clients, by ensuring the delivery of uncompromising products and service to its customers regardless of production volume, product variety and delivery requirements.

Perhaps no development exemplifies the Group's expertise and experience better than CFL spirals. Members of the Group were pioneers of this product type, introducing the first spiral at Lightfair International in 1996 where it received "Product of the Year" honors. In the ensuing years, the Group concentrated on this innovation and at one point was producing 60% of all spiral glass tubes manufactured in China. Today, the Group is building on this legacy by furthering the development of this important product through the installation of China's first high-speed, automated glass production equipment for twisting spirals.

A quality lamp requires a quality ballast and GFL Lighting Group's electronic circuit capabilities include products from economical and general types to complicated and sophisticated models, using the most updated topology, with outstanding reliability and renowned light dimming technique. In addition, the Group also owns the exclusive manufacturing rights to the patented ultra-compact HPF international circuit invented by HBI. From electronic ballast technology, lamp assembly processing, and mechanical designs, the GFL Group owns more than 40 patents in China and the world that are related to the manufacturing and application of compact fluorescent lamps. Major accomplishments include:

In 1997, GFL successfully developed the first dimmable CFL torchiere and became the first manufacturer in China to be recognized as an Energy Star Partner in the USA. The Group's torchieres still include the highest luminous flux of any CFL torchieres.

In 1998, GFL was the first to introduce 3-way spiral compact fluorescent lamp to the market.

In 1999, GFL released the first double 2C (circular) lamp to the market- which was also known as the "Lamp of the Future".

In 2000, we introduced miniature and sub-miniature compact fluorescent lamps with detachable covers to the market.

In 2001, we started to export the first production of CFLs using HBI technology that had passed the European certification program.

In the same year, we had also released electronic adapters matched with our modified double circular E-2C and S-2C lamps, offering high light output in the smallest 2-piece system available.

In 2002, GFL will release KEEPSAFE emergency CFL series, the first system in the world that combines everyday CFL lighting with emergency lighting.

Among the hundreds of CFL manufacturers in China, GFL is the first and the only one who can manufacture high CRI, high efficacy, long life and full spectrum CFLs.

The GFL Group is also a leader in the field of quality and inspection techniques, some of which have now been widely adopted by other manufacturers in China. GFL is not only recognized for being an innovative group, but also one committed to quality. We are certified to ISO9001 management system standards and own our individual UL certified laboratory. All of our products are subject to serious and thorough evaluation and have been engineered to meet the requirements of world famous hotels, universities and other demanding end users.

The GFL Lighting Group is not satisfied simply being a supplier of CFL products to customers with tough requirements. Apart from providing products, the Group aims to provide services and benefits to the energy saving lighting industry throughout the whole world. Through various channels, we had promoted our products and programs to all the continents (except Antarctica) and more than thirty countries. We are a recommended supplier of the CFLs to the World Bank to support its efforts to bring energy saving products to Third World countries and we are also capable of providing the transferal of expertise, production facilities and products to developing countries.

Products :

We are manufacturers and exporters of following energy saving lighting products:- -Spiral CFL -Normal CFL -Mini CFL (T3) -Special CFL -Circular CFL -Cold Cathode -Cover CFL -On/Off -3 Way -Dimmable -Universal 40W/58W -Keepsafe -Burner -Circline Tube -PL-Tube -Reflector & Cover -Electronic Gear(Ballast) -Locking Device -Twist Glass/Stem -Lamp Base/Cap -Ceiling Lamp -Table Lamp -Desk Lamp -Torchiere -Floor Lamp -KeepSafe(Emergency) -Undercabinet -Cold Cathode Fixture -LED Lamps -HID & Others -CFL Assembling Line -Electronic PCB Assembling Line -Spiral Tubes Manufacture Line.

Contact Info

GFL Lighting Group

Room 905,
1016 Dingxi Road
Shanghai - 200050 () China

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