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Mohali, Chandigarh, India

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1988

We specialize in the manufacture of toggle switches, micro & mini micro switches, illuminated rocker switches, plugs & sockets, connectors, fuse holders, terminal blocks, indicator lights, panel board accessories, etc. For the telecommunication, computers, automobiles, industry and variety of components for industrial electronics. We also have a dedicated tool design and tool manufacturing centre and have successfully ventured into making various intricate components for the telecommunications as well as the industrial electronic industry.
Soynia is one of the leading manufacturers of the above components in India and is proud to be among the best in this field. Our top management is actively involved in every aspect of the company's day-to-day working, spending a substantial portion of the working year visiting our many customers across the country and overseas.
For our ceaseless aspiration to enhance the quality of our products and our customers satisfaction, we have been awarded with the esteemed ISO 9001:2000 Certification by JAS-ANZ, New Zealand. We have also been guided by the confederation of Indian industries(CII), through the "Mohali Cluster Project" which was initiated in May 2002 and completed successfully in March 2004. The Mohali Model embraced 14 cross-sectoral companies and highly experienced and trained CII counselors imparted training on tools and techniques in the areas of Energy, Total Quality Management & Cost Management. The TQM program focused on 5S, 3M Poka Yoke, SMED, Model Machine Activity, Autonomous Maintenance etc. While it has been an exhilarating experience, it has also increased our responsibility to uphold and further alleviate our quality standards. And we are totally dedicated and focused in doing so.
To ensure that the best quality products reach the customer, we have a rigorous procedure for testing all our raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods. All the products are regularly tested and evaluated for optimum performance both in house as well as at Electronic Test & Development Centre (ETDC), under the Department of Electronics, Govt. Of India at SAS Nagar (Mohali).
We have an excellent network of dealers/channel partners in the cities of Kolkata, Vijayawada, Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Calicut, Cochin, Trivandrum, Madurai, Erode, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar besides Chandigarh.
We at Soynia firmly believe that enhanced customer satisfaction is the only way to success. We are thankful to all our esteemed customers who have held our hand while we were learning to walk and who have been the guiding light to our success. To keep the legacy going, apart from the regular customer visits across the country, our top management actively participates and contributes towards the betterment of our service policies. Little surprise then that today, Soynia Electronics has become an epitome of quality and trust, sharing the limelight with the best in industry.

Products :

Manufacturers of - Industiral electronic products ie connectors. Industrial electronic components at most competitive prices. Toggle switches, mini toggle switches, micro & mini micro switches, rocker switches, illuminated rocker switches, push button switches, power plugs & sockets, relay sockets, miniature relay sockets, pcb connectors, fuse holders, terminal blocks, terminal strips, indicator lights, neon lights, led module indicators, instrument knobs & handles, collet knobs, crimping lugs & tags, edge connectors, stackable terminals, battery terminals, lug strips, screw strips, John?s plug & sockets, panel board accessories, etc. For the telecommunication, computers, automobiles, ups, inverter and the industrial electronics sector.? Telecom Products- U-Link Dual Socket Assembly U-Link Plug Trimpot Base Mini Jumper 16 Pin Socket PCB (Telecom) Dual Shorting Plug Tag Block 6X10 Way 60 Pin Tag Block 12X10 Way 120 Pin Terminal Block 15 A 6 Way Instrument Knobs Handles- Knob Round Control Fine (?42) Knob Large Round Knob Large Pointed Knob Medium Round Knob Medium Pointed Knob Small Round Knob Small Pointed Kbob Single Pointed Knob Booster Large Knob Booster Small Instrument Handle Knob Medium Flat Collect Knobs- Knob Collect Type Std. Knob Collet Type Std. Knob Collect Type Knob Pointer 16mm Knob Dial Pointer Knob Number Dial Relay Sockets- Relay Socket 8 Pin Relay Socket 11Pin Retainer Clip "U" Type Relay Socket 8 Pin Rail Relay Socket 11 Pin R. Socket 8 Pin Sq. Rail Sockets & Plugs- Mini Jack 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack 3.5mm EP Mini Jack 5mm DC Computer Socket Computer Plug Male Banana Plug 4mm CRT Socket 7 Pin CRT Socket 8 Pin Computer Socket Male Power Plug & Socket 2 R. F. Socket [ SE047 ] R.F. Plug [ SE048 ] Computer Socket with Fuse [ SE049 ] Power Socket 6A [ SE056 ] Banana Socket 2mm Banana Plug 2mm Cable Balun John's Plug & Socket- Standard Crimping Lugs & Tags- Crimping Lug Open Large Crimping Lug Folded Rounded Lg Crimping Lug Folded Open Large Booster Tag With Nut/Screw Crimping Lug Round Open Large Butterfly Tag Medium Round Close Tag Large Crimping Lug Fork Open Large Solder Tag Earth Tag Hole 4mm Booster Tag Double Solder Tag Crimping Lug Male Butterfly Tag Single Earth Tag Hole 3mm Male Tag PCB Butterfly Tag Large Male Tag PCB MS Earth Tag Banana Hole 6mm Edge Connectors- PC Bellows Gold Tag 6 Way PC Bellows Gold Tag 10 Way PC Bellows Gold Tag 12 Way PC Bellows Gold Tag 16 Way PC Bellows Gold Tag 22 Way PC Bellows Gold Tag 18 Way PA Tuning Fork 12 Way Silver DAP Tuning Fork 12 Way Gold PA Tuning Fork 12 Way Gold TV Connectors- TV Connector 2 Way [ SE101 ] Miniature TV Connectors- TV Connector Miniature 2 Way [ SE117 ] Lug Strips- Lug Strip Brass Tags 5 Way [ SE724 ] Stackable Terminals PCB Mounting- PBT-2 Sleek Stackable 2 Way PUT 2.5 Sq. Mm PBT-2 Stakable 2 Way PBT-2 Stackable 3 Way Stackable Sideway Rocker Switches Rocker Switch Lg SPST 6A Rocker Switch Lg SPST 6A R. S. Lg SPST ILL. 16A R/Amb R. Switch Lg DPDT 6A R. S. Lg DPST ILL. 6A Red/Amb R. S. Switch 10A SPDT MOM R. Switch 10A SPDT O-O-O R. Switch Lg DPST 6A Rocker Neon Green Mini Rocker Switches- Rocker Switch DPST 4A (RS-2) R. S. DPST ILL. 4A Red/Amber Rocker Switch Sm SPST 4A Rocker Switch Sm SPDT 4A Rocker Switch Sm DPST 4A Rocker Switch Sm DPDT 4A Rocker Switch Med SPST 2A Toggle Switches- Toggle Switch 2A SPST Toggle Switch 2A DPST Toggle Switch 2A DPDT Toggle Switch 2A SPDT Toggle Switch 2A SPST Commercial Toggle Switch 2A SPDT Commercial Mini Toggle Switches- 3A Series [ SE672 ] Micro Switches- Micro Switch Basic M. Switch Small Lever M. Switch Small Lever w/Roller M. Switch Double Lever M. Switch Double Lever w/Roller M. Switch Long Lever M. Switch Long Lever w/Roller M. Switch Small (Finger) Act. M. Switch Large (Thumb) Act. M. Twin Small (Finger) Act. M. Twin Large (Thumb) Act. M. Switch Medium Lever M. Switch Medium Lever w/Roller M. Switch Side Clip M. Switch Side Clop w/Roller M. Switch Simulated Roller Mini Micro Switches- Mini Micro Switch Basic Mini Micro Mini Actuator Mini Micro Small (Finger) Act. Mini Micro Large (Thumb) Act. Mini Micro With Lever Mini Micro Twin Sm Actuator Mini Micro Twin Lg Actuator Push Button Switches- Illuminated Flush w/filament & Bulb Push Button Flush Plastic Push Button Rectangular Snap Mounting Push To On Small Red Push To Off Small Green Push To On Medium Red Push To Off Medium Red P. B. Large 30.5 mm 1 No/1 NC P. B. Mushroom 30.5 mm NO/NC P. Button 30.5 mm Chrome Push Button 22.5 mm Chrome Mini Push Button Switches- Mini Push Button Solder Tags Mini Push Button Solder Tags Leaf Switches- Terminal Blocks 10A- 10A [ SE354 ] 10A [ SE374 ] 10A D/Solder Fork Terminal Block 10A S/Solder Fork Terminal Block 10A Standard Type Terminal Block 10A "L" + S/Solder Type Terminal Block 10A D/Solder "Z" Type Terminal Block Terminal Strips Barrier Type- Terminal Block Open Type 15 A (Barrier) Open Barrier Type 30 A T. Block 2 Way 60 A Open Barrier Type Terminal Block 3 Way 60 A Open Barrier Type Terminal Block 4 Way 60 A Open Barrier Type Terminal Block 60 A Open Barrier Type Terminal Block Terminal Strips Close Type- H. T. 30A Close Type T. Block H.T. 60 A Close Type Terminal Block H.T. Compact 60 A Terminal Block Round Terminals Round Terminal 30A Polyamide Round Terminal 5A Polyamide Round Terminal 10A Bakelite Round Terminal 15A Bakelite Round Terminal 20A Bakelite Round Terminal 100A Bakelite Round Terminal 60A Bakelite Round Terminal 30A Bakelite Screw Strips / Antenna Strips Fuse Holder Chassis Mounting- Cartridge Type Sleek 10A Cartridge Type Large 15A Cartridge Type Small 6A Cartridge Type Large 10A Cartridge Type Small 6A Fuse Holder PCB Mounting- H/Base Small PCB Box Type Without Cover Box Type With Cover Box Type Transparent Cover Box Type Window Cover H/Base Open Type Fuse Holder H/Base 32X6.3 PCB Fuse Holder Nylon PCB Type 20X5 F. Holder PCB Screw Cap 2 Legs F. Holder PCB Screw Cap 3 Legs Fuse Clips- Fuse Clip PCB Type Mini Fuse Clip PCB Fuse Clip PCB 3 Legs Fuse Clip Small PCB LED Module Indicators- L.E.D. Holder 5mm Indicator Standard 16mm Indicator Solid 16mm Indicator Standard 22.5mm Indicator Solid 22.5mm Neon Lights- Jewel Light Neon Red/Amber Jewel Light Neon Green Neon Lamp Single 16mm R/A Neon Double 22.5mm Green

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E-63, Phase-VIII, Industrial Area,
S.A.S. Nagar,
Mohali - 160071 (Chandigarh) India

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