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Shenzhen, , China

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2000

Sign the high ambition to, descend the big decision, take the big responsibility- Lay the foundations to establish a career
The GDE( more electronics limited companies of Shenzhen City) establishes in 2000, being engaged in the agency distribution business of connect production and Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United Stateses of the machine, the conjunction line with the original factory electronics a machine of Chinese etc. Piece.In being supply the factory the powerful technique support and deliver goods expect wait match, more Hong Kong, Taiwans with all over business and domestic Pearl Rever Delta and east of , , north China and southwest etc. Region.In 2001, we even constituted the strategic alliance with Taiwanese company of , speeding to the investment and the business expansion of China.
At the same time the GDE also notices the development of a machine piece, look for the domestic component of some superior qualities actively, and act for to push the product toward market of Asia.The GDE has a great deal of stock on hand to supply the customer fully, deliver goods fast, on time, and can request to distinguish according to the customer in Hong Kong in accordance with China bigly sixth deliver goods, all electronics spare partses all from acquire the original factory company of the international ISO9000 series attestation provide, the quality the assurance and the world-wide locations the sale the brand standard
Company Business
Active policy of passive component
GDE with exclusively provide passive electronics component is lord, active component for assist.The business policy is very enterprising, at the standard passive component aspect, the GDE product type of the main expansion include:Connect machine, the conjunction line, switch, the electricity feeling machine, adjustable capacitor, coder, after electric appliances, a form with the porcelain and ceramics filter diapason flaps machine and lithium battery etc.S.The active component contain the IC of the special function, two, triode transistor, give out light the diode etc..
The component that we provide from possess the factory, graduate school of great reputation, or design the center profession manufacturing and develop, quality absolute credibility!
The GDE concentration expand IT and communication industry product is lord, the appliance product for assist.The product that devote one's mind mainly currently is the CARD READER, the DIGITAL CAMERA, MP3, PDA, E- BOOK, the SET- TOP BOX, FRS, we also notice the application and foregrounds of get to the Internet the appliances, so also cultivate silently with engineer in the appliance product that micro-computer control!
Successful man:Often chase the taste hurl toward future, throw the power various for now!

Products :

We are manufacturers and exporters of Electronics Products. Such as:- -Special camera series -Telescope camera series -CARD READER -DIGITAL CAMERA -MP3 -PDA -E-BOOK -SET-TOP BOX -FRS

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SHENZHEN - 518055 () China

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