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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1985

Zeebeetronics was started in 1985, with the aim of developing and manufacturing special electronic items and custom-made products.

We offer design and product development services catering to specific customer requirements. We also undertake technology upgradation of existing products in terms of improved performance, features, reduced cost and easier manufacturability.

Over the years we have designed hundreds of products - both custom-made and production items. Our strength lies in our ability to develop marketable product in a relatively short time and at a low cost. Our expertise extends beyond the electronic design to all aspects of the finished product. The principles of value engineering and erganomics are emphasised at every stage of the design process.

To obtain access to the latest technology, in 1990 we entered into an agreement with Innovative Systems, based in Washington USA for knowhow and technical assitance.

Products :

Manufacturers Of Electronic Products. Our Products : ? ESD Instrumentation / Aids used in Electronic Manufacture ? Security Products ? Air Purification Products ? Other Products 1 ? Other Products 2. ESD Instrumentation Products : ? Wriststrap Tester (Z102) ? Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester ? Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous Workstation & Wrist Strap Monitor ? Continuous Workstation & Monitor (for dual cord wrist strap) ? Static Eliminator ? Fumex Soldering Fume Absorber ? Surface Resistivity Meter ? EICDEK Solderless Breadboard ? Static Charge Meter Analog Model) ? Resistance-To-Ground-Tester ? Electro Static Alarm ? Dual Footwear Tester ? ESD Discharge Demonstrator ? Static Charge Meter ? Static Charge Meter. Security Products : ? Hawk - 500 (Intruder Alarm) ? Evenon - 500 (Automatic Switch) ? Multiguard-Z530 (NoteBook Computer Alarm) ? LPG Leak Detector ? Occupancy Sensor ? Automatic Floodlight ? Guardmon Z535 (Security Guard Alertness Monitor) ? Failon - cfl (Rechargeable Emergency Light) ? WIPAAL Z540 (Wireless Remote Panic Alarm) ? Tranzisafe Z545 (Electronic Security Briefcase) ? Statisafe - Z550 (Electronic Security Briefcase) ? 2 Zone Fire Alarm Panel - Z560 (2 Zone Integrated Fire Alarm Control Panel). Air Purification Products : ? Ionizer & Air Purifier ? Purezone ? Ionaire-Turbo Airpurifier ? Caronaire ? IONAIRE - TurboFAN. Other Products 1 : ? Varispeed (Motor Controller) ? SMPS Power Supply / Battery Charger ? Voltrip (High Voltage Cutout) ? RF Remote Controls ? Moulded Instrument Case ? Voltalarm ? 12-14 1ADC SMPS POWER SUPPLY ? MINIATURE ADAPTOR SMPS POWER SUPPLY ? Kitchen Timer Z70. Other Products 2 : ? ZEEBEE PRODUCTS ? Battery Impedance Monitor ? PIR Activiated Sound ? Animal Incubator ? Car Alarm with Remote ? Cyclic Timer ? Infrared beam alarm ? Lead-Acid battery De-sulfator ? Ni-Cd battery reviver ? Portable gas-fuel Ignitor ? Wireless data link ? DC Power Pack. Some of the products custom-developed / manufactured for our Clients : ? Overvoltage cutout for mains operated equipment ? Static Neutraliser for wrapping machines. ? High -Voltage pulse generator for cable fault location. ? Portable electrostatic precipitator. ? In-circuit PCB fault finders. ? Custom-made SMPS power supplies ? Laminar flow units for clean rooms. ? Fluorescent light dimmers. ? Dancing fountain controller. ? High-voltage security bag. ? Multiple wire identifier. ? 10KV adjustable DC power supply. ? LPG gas leakage detector. ? Air filter replacement indicators. ? General-purpose R.F and IR Remote Controls. ? Battery Impedance Testers & Electronic loads. ? Magnetic and Electric Field Meter ? AC Line Detector. ? GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) Monitor. ? Security Guard Alertness Monitor. ? Charge controller and Invertors for Solar-Powered street lights. ? Automatic lighting for Advertisement Displays. ? Traffic Policeman Kiosk Air-purifiers. Some products developed by us for in-house production and sale : ? AUTOHAWK Electronic car Alarm with shock sensor ? HAWK Home Security System. ? EVENON Twilight Switch ? CHARGEGUARD Mobile phone charger timer. ? FAILON Emergency light with CFL's (compact flourescent tubes) ? IONAIRE Air Ionizer and purifier. ? PUREZONE Ozone based De-odouriser & Air Sterliser. ? VARI SPEED Motor Speed Controller ? FUMEX Soldering Fume Absorber. In 1988, we entered the highly specialized niche market of ESD (Electro Static Discharge) test, measurement and control. Our products in this range include: ? Antistatic Floor Tester. ? Electrostatic Alarm. ? Personnel Ground Tester. ? Static Eliminator. ? Static Charge Meter. ? Wrist Strap Tester. ? Surface Resistivity Meter. ? Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor. ? Continuous Work-Station Monitor.

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27, Krishna Reddy Colony
(Opp. Rockwell), Domlur Layout
Bangalore - 560071 (Karnataka) India

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