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Bharat Electronics Limited


Bharat Electronics Limited

Bharat Electronics Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Telecommunication Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1954

Bharat Electronics Limited, a Professional Electronics company in India incorporated in 1954.

BEL was born to meet the growing needs of Indian Defence services for electronic systems. Employing the best engineering talent available in the country, BEL has progressed manufacturing state-of-the-art products in the field of Defence Electronics like Communications including encryption, Radars and strategic components.

Over the years, BEL has diversified to meet the needs of civilian customers as well and has provided products and network solutions on turnkey basis to customers in India and abroad.

With over four decades of manufacturing experience Bharat Electronics Limited has pioneered the professional electronics movement in India. With continuous upgradation of technology, commitment to quality and constant innovation, BEL has grown into a multi product, multi unit, multi technology company.

BEL has set up impressive infrastructure and manufacturing facilities in their nine ISO certified production units around the country.

BEL has also established two joint ventures - with General Electric Medical Systems, USA for X-ray tubes and Multitone, UK for paging systems and has a subsidiary company BEL Optronic Devices Limited for the manufacture of Image Intensifier tubes.

Bharat Electronics Limited is a major supplier of products and turnkey systems to the Indian Defence Services. Over the years, BEL has diversified into manufacturing many civilian products as well. Large turnkey telecommunication solutions are also being offered to civilan market.

Exports : Exports play a key role in BEL's strategic perspective. The ranges of products and services exported have been increasing over the years. A number of international companies are using the facilities at BEL for contract manufacturing.

Products :

Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of civilian products, products and turnkey systems to the Indian Defence Services, electronic systems. Products :- Defence : -Military Communications -Land Based Radars -Naval Systems -Opto-Electronics -Tank Electronics -Electronic Warfare -Simulators. Non-Defence : -Telecommunications -Sound Vision Broadcasting -Solar Photovoltaic systems -Electronic Components -Niche Products. Services : -Design and Manufacturing Services -Semiconductor Device Packaging -Software Development -Quality Assurance Facilities. Defence :- Military Communications : -VLF/HF Receiver (HS 495) -VLF/HF Receiver (HS 496) -20 W HF Transreceiver (LHP 259) -1 Kw HF Transmitter ( MHN 185) -Secure VHF Tactical Radio (STARS V ) -Combat Net Radio-AFV ( LVM 280) -Secure VHF Hand Held Radio ( LVP 285) -Secure UHF Handheld Radio ( LUP 291) -V/UHF Transreceiver (MUN 223) -Manpack V/UHF Transreceiver (LUP 327) -V/UHF Transreceiver (LUP 322) -UHF Radio Relay ( LUT 789) -Semi Ruggedized RAX ( SRAX) -Time Division Modular Exchange (TIDEX) -Automatic Electronic Switch ( AES Mk II) -Unit Level Switch Board Mk-II (E 962) -Burst Error Control System(BEST Mk II) -Spurt Message Alphanumeric Radio Terminal ( AS 7306) -Secure Fax -Secure Telephone -Packet Radio Interface Modem Equipment ( PRIME) -Hand Held GPS Receiver (UP 427) -Airborne GPS Receiver ( UA 429). Land Based Radars : -3D Mobile Radar (PSM 33 Mk II) -Low Flying Detection Radar ( INDRA II) -Tactical Control Radar -All Weather Low Level Air Defence Weapon Control System -Secondary Surveillance Radar (GRL 500 series) -Battle Field Surveillance Radar - Short Range -Battle Field Surveillance Radar-Medium Range. Naval Systems : -Navigational Radar ( PIN 524 ) -Medium Range Air and Surface Warning Radar ( PFN 513) -Long Range Air Warning Radar (PLN 517) -Medium Range Surveillance Radar (PIN 521) -Naval Fire Control Radar -Hull Mounted Variable Depth Sonar (HUS 002) -Hull Mounted Sonar Advanced ( HUS 003) -Towed Torpedo Decoy. Opto-Electronics : -Night Vision Goggles (BENG 9402) -Night Vision Binoculars (BENB 9404) -Weapon Sight PNS Mk I -Night Weapon Sight (BENWS 9701) -Night Scope (BENS 9304) -Laser Range Finder -Opthalmic Zoom Microscope ( BEOM 9909) -Surgical Microscope - ENT ( BEOSM 9905). Tank Electronics : -Indigenous Gunners Main Sight for MBT -Tank Intercom System ( AQ 6411) -Advanced Land Navigation System for AFVs -Tank Stabilizer -Digital Universal Control Harness for AFVs. Electronic Warfare : -Radar Warning Receivers for Fighter Aircrafts -Airborne ESM Systems -Heliborne ESM Systems -ECM Jammer Systems -Electronic Intelligence Systems. Simulators : -Driving Simulator - SIMU DRIVE -Crew Gunnery Simulator -Ship Handling Simulator -Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Indoor Simulator -Tank Driving Simulator. Non-Defence :- Telecommunications ; -Rural Automatic Exchange -Digital Switching Systems -Digital Loop Carrier on Optical Fibre (SDH) -Primary PCM Multiplexer -2/8 Digital Multiplexer -8/34 Mbps Digital Multiplexer -2/34 Mbps Digital Multiplexer -Digital Cross Connect Equipment (DCC 512 ) -Point to Multipoint Radio. Sound Vision Broadcasting : -Sound Broadcasting -Vision Broadcasting -Satellite Broadcasting. Solar Photovoltaic systems : -Solar Cells -Modules -Lantern -Home lighting -Street lighting -Pumping system -Traffic signal system. Electronic Components : -Semi Conductor Devices -Electron Tubes -Passive Components -Vacuum Interrupters. Niche Products : -Alarm System for unmanned level crossing -Vessel Identification system -GPS based Vehicle Tracking system -Electronic Voting machine (EVM) -Integrated Fish Finder and Navigation Guidance System -Simputer. Services :- Design and Manufacturing Services : -PCB Assembly (SMT, Through Hole, BGA) And Testing -Precision Machining And Fabrication -Opto Electronics Components And Assemblies -Microwave Integrated Circuit Assemblies -Multilayer PCB Design And Manufacturing -Cable Assemblies And Wiring Harnesses -Design And Manufacturing Of Professional Grade Transformers, Coils And Sub-Assemblies -Antenna Manufacturing. Quality Assurance Facilities : -Component Testing -Material Testing -Material Inspection -Electronic Measuring Instruments Calibration -Quality management services -Electromagnetic compatibility testing -Environmental Testing -Reliability analysis -TORQUE services.

Contact Info

Bharat Electronics Limited

World Trade Center , 9th Floor
Unit 1, Center 1, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai - 400005 (Maharashtra) India

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