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Shenzhen century days of Technology Limited


Shenzhen century days of Technology Limited

Shenzhen century days of Technology Limited

Shenzhen, Outside India,

Telecommunication Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1998

Shenzhen century days of Technology Limited Is a professional in closed circuit monitoring, and anti-theft alarm, access systems, network transmission, remote control and intelligent residential building technology research, product development, production and marketing of integrated applications with the integration of large high-tech industries based company.

Product research and development company owned production, marketing and administrative sectors of the three major human resources management system. Its research and development department meticulously developed century multimedia digital control system to a modern industrial PC bus powerful computer processing capacity, super stability and advanced digital processing technology-based and realized a few sound strategies around real-time digital video signal processing, has an excellent surveillance monitoring, and unmanned, automatic operation, hard disk storage of digital video wave, multi-operation, mobile video detection, warning detectors trigger different video, system operation and management, multimedia information network transmission distance and more control functions.

Currently, the market for security surveillance of multimedia digital control system needs century days of the technology to their own unique characteristics, and successfully developed a series of controls that have their own intellectual property rights of multimedia products, and in a number of industries have been successful practical application. Products widely applied to the major national banks, shopping malls monitoring system, public security, procuratorial organs urban traffic control systems and monitoring systems, and other fields. Century days of the research and development of its products more super system stability in a wide range of practical applications to users praise.

At the same time, the century-day extensive search for partners to establish a sound technical product sales and service network to centres throughout the country to establish a large number of agents and project partners. To meet market needs, century days of multimedia digital monitoring products may be based on customer demand specialized customized networking big regional warning systems, large-scale system integration projects and other application software systems OEM brand products.

Products :

We are trader of 1.Hard disk video recorders:

  • TR-5000 whole hard disk video recorders immediately
  • TR-6000 whole hard disk video recorders immediately
  • TR-4000 vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorders. 2.Network video server
  • TR-2000/W
  • TR-2200/W 3. Camera series
  • Network camera - TR-900S/W
  • High-speed ball - TR-801/GS - TR-807/KQ - TR-805GS - TR-803/GS
  • Colour high resolution camera - TR-406S/Q - TR-404S/Q - TR-402S/Q
  • Night-colour camera - TR-408S/Q - TR-410S/Q
  • Color gun-type camera - TR-433X/Q - TR-442X/Q - TR-426S/Q - TR-440S/Q - TR-422S/Q - TR-420S/Q - TR-418S/Q - TR-416S/Q
  • Black and white video camera - TR-436L/Q - TR-432S/Q - TR-430S/Q - TR-428S/Q
  • Colour camera integration - TR-208S/Q - TR-206S/Q - TR-202S/Q
  • Color infrared waterproofing integrated machine - TR-302S/H
  • Color infrared cameras waterproofing - TR-336X/H - TR-359S/H - TR-332X/H - TR-330S/H - TR-328S/H - TR-326S/H - TR-358S/H - TR-322S/H - TR-320X/H - TR-318S/H - TR-316S/H - TR-356S/H - TR-312S/H - TR-310S/H - TR-308S/H - TR-306S/H - TR-352S/H
  • Waterproofing black and white infrared camera - TR-342L/H - TR-340S/H - TR-338S/H
  • Color infrared cameras hemisphere - TR-508X/B - TR-506S/B - TR-533X/B - TR-502S/B
  • High-resolution colour camera hemisphere - TR-510S/B
  • Colour automatic aperture hemisphere camera - TR-512S/B
  • Color hemisphere camera - TR-522X/B - TR-520S/B - TR-518S/B - TR-516X/B - TR-536S/B
  • Black and white hemisphere camera - TR-526L/B - TR-538S/B
  • Color flying cameras - TR-608X/F - TR-606S/F - TR-609X/F - TR-602S/F
  • Color Yingan camera - TR-530S/B - TR-528S/B - TR-532X/B
  • Color micro camera 4. Anti-theft warning system
  • Smart Anfang warning mainframe 5. Restrict attendance system
  • Single door lock - TR-1012 sensory tape access
  • Internet access attendance 6. Mobile phone signal shielding devices
  • TR mobile phone signal shielding devices 7. Building block system
  • Indoor machines installed - TR-7470 preservation of visual ext - TR-7490A an embedded visual ext - TR-7490 an embedded visual ext - TR-7480 preservation of visual ext - TR-7460 preservation of visual ext - TR-7410 non-visual extension - TR-7440 may ext
  • Phone at the Airport 8. Fingerprint attendance category
  • Fingerprint attendance plane

    Contact Info

    Shenzhen century days of Technology Limited

    Futian District Shenzhen Commercial Daily Tung Road King Island,
    industry tung -21, Building a
    ShenZhen - 518034 (Outside India)

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